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Character Build: Ethereal Blood

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    January 2, 2018

    Ethereal Blood


    This build is based off a game mechanic with the Bloodskal Blade and the Become Ethereal Shout.


    The sun was setting on the horizon as The Ethereal Blood sprinted back to his village his game over his shoulder reajusting his greatsword. Constantly glancing behind himself wary of the dangers of the woods. Suddnely from the woods a long howl sounded echoing off nearby trees. Two large yellow eyes peered from the woods. Large fangs suddenly caught his arms, he was supposed to be the hunter not hunted. A long strand of saliva fell onto his face and rolled down onto his chest. Claws found their way along his face creating trickles of blood run off onto the soggy, mossy ground. He felt two rough mouths close around his feet and pull him slowly across the rough terrain.


    Suddenly he heard a yelp and as his vision returned he saw an Imperial in Legion armour and a short iron sword buckled around his waist. 


    "Get up Breton," the man said gruffly. The Ethereal Blood steadily rose to his bleeding feet only to be knocked down unconsious by the man. Faintly he heard the man say "Filthy Stormcloak."


    Basic Information-

    Race: Breton, it fits the backstory and the 25% magic resistance is always nice.

    Standing Stone: Start with the Warrior Stone until Two Handed reaches 70 then switcch to the Atronach Stone.

    Stat Spread: 0 Magicka/2 Health/1 Stamina

    Shouts: Become Ethereal, Fire Breath, Ice Form, Frost Breath, Cyclone, Marked for Death, Dragonrend

    Black Book Powers: Dragonborn Flame, Secret of Protection, Mora's Boon, Seeker of Might, Lover's Insight, Bardic Knowledge, 

    Factions: Companions(Lycnathropy up to you), Dawnguard, Destroy the DarkBrotherhood, Dragonborn DLC, Main Story (side with Blades)

    Blessings/Powers: Lycanthropy? Blessing of Talos (don't forget to refresh once per day)

    Mods: Essential: Summermyst Enchantments. Optional: Ordinator, Imperious, Alternate start (use attacked and left for dead option)


    Perks and Skills-

    Two Handed: Wielding the mighty Bloodskal Blade is foolish without the required skill.

    Perks: Barbarian: 5/5, Champion's Stance, Great Criticl Charge, Savage Strike, Sweep, Warmaster

    Heavy Armour: You will have to wait for your Become Ethereal shout to cool down until enchanting is able to decrease that, you must be sturdy.

    Perks: Juggernaut: 5/5, Well Fitted, Tower of Strength, Iron Fists, Cushioned, Conditioning, Matching Set, Reflect Blows

    Enchanting: If you will be using the Become Ethereal Shout as often as possible then you will need a way to decrease its cooldown

    Perks: Enchanter: 5/5

    Block: If you're crowded then use block to get you out of that or stagger the opponent.

    Perks: Shield Wall: 5/5, Quick Reflexes, Power Bash, Deadly Bash



    Weapons: Bloodskal Blade, this blade will be your offensive and defensive weapon.

    Armour: Apprentice hood, Amulet of Talos, Ebony Chestplate (the Ebony Mail can be used instead) Enchanted with Fortify Shout Cooldown, Ebony Gauntlets Enchanted with Fortify Two Handed, Ebony Boots Enchanted with anything you want. 


    Basic: With the Blessing of Talos, enchanted chestplate and the Amulet of Talos your shout cooldown should be around 60% reduction, this means with all three words of the shout (which lasts for 18 seconds) the shout cooldown should be 16 seconds which means the shout cooldown is shorter than the shout itself allowing you to shout as much as you want. Upon entering combat decide if this is going to be a long fight or short. If short then use the Fire Breath shout to kill a few enemies then power attack at the further enemies to try and get them to attack you. Whenever you need to recover your health or just get to a range to use another shout undisrupted do a quick sword bash to stagger the enemies and retreat.

    If you decide the fight is going to be a long one use the full Become Ethereal shout and keep your distnce but not too far away as if you hit someone with the sword itself instead of just the read energy it will takke you out of the Become Ethereal shout and you will have to wait for it to cooldown. Now this is easier said than done, it took me a while to get in the groove of keeping my distance but after a while I slowly adjusted. If you are dealing with archers or mages this is much easier as they will try to keep their distance and you can keep advancing with your power attacks. 

    Dragons: For me in the early stages dragons were a big problem as you wouldn't have all your skills leveled and all three words of the Become Ethereal Shout but I'll get to that in a second. Dragons are a different issue as they always fly around so first order of business is to hit them with the Dragonrend shout and ground them. As the Dragonrend Shout's cooldown is already shorter than the shout itself you will be able to use another shout, Aka the Become Ethereal shout to buff yourself and avoid damage. Keep your distance same as before as if you come out of being Ethereal unexpectedly within the range of the dragon's jaws you will take massive damage. This is also for the same reason as before as you will still do the red blasts uninterrupted. 

    Early Game: This is often the hardest stage of all, there are a few weapons for staters that you could use: The Longhammer, or the Ebony Blade. These are both very good weapons but will require a different method. As neither of these weapons will have any effect whatsoever whilst Ethereal except tak you out of it I reccomend starting the fight with the Marked for Death shout which one word can be found in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary tht you can get duuring the Destroy the Dark Brotherhood or the Ice Form shout. Both of these make for good distractions and will either virtually paralyse someone or weaken someone/s in order to cut them down faster. When dealing with dragons and mages it is ofter good to have a long ranged follower to kill some people and take a portion of the damage. I reccomend Faendal as he is very easy to get of Aela the Huntress. Both are long ranged that can utilize melee when the game permits. With your follower by your side charge into battle taking out the weakest enemies first before going for the stronger ones. This will ensure that while you're going after the strong one/s the weaker ones aren't gradually whittling away at your health.


    Role Playing-

    The main roleplaying aspect of this build is to keep awareness of your surroundings because as stated in the backstory you are constantly glancing around wary of the dangers in the wild. If attacked by wolves kill them mercilessly same goes for Imperials as they took you to Helgen half dead and gnawed on. Wolves tried to kill you and jumped out biting. 




  • January 3, 2018

    How did you get through Bloodskaal barrow because I'm going to consider trying it for my pure skills build, but geez, Mr. Zahkrisos is not nice. 

    Ah, yes, you have Summermyst enchantments, was about to ask about that. You know Cloaks of Skyrim I think lets  you disenchant the Greybeard's mantle, which also has shout cool down. 

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    January 10, 2018

    The Long-Chapper said:

    How did you get through Bloodskaal barrow because I'm going to consider trying it for my pure skills build, but geez, Mr. Zahkrisos is not nice. 

    Ah, yes, you have Summermyst enchantments, was about to ask about that. You know Cloaks of Skyrim I think lets  you disenchant the Greybeard's mantle, which also has shout cool down. 


    Make sure to make use of the waterwalking potions in the ruins of the mine. They can really help you out when he's floating over the water. Also, using the Atronach stone power can really help you with his destruction magic. I'd also recommend learning the offensive restoration magic of the dawnguard, but if you've sided with the vampires, you can just use fire magic when you need to keep your distance. As for the rest, he tries to keep a distance, so you'll have to fight ranged style. Archery isn't that great as it's hard to aim in the dark ruins since he kinda blends in, so I'd recomend magic. Hope these tips help.

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    January 10, 2018
    Or use Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking