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Character Build: The Dark One

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  • December 12, 2017

    The Dark One

    "I was known to them as The Elder, the High Dragon Priest, Konahrik. In the time, now known to the Men and Mer as the Merethic Era, I joined my fellow Dragon Priests, Hevnoraak, Krosis, Morokei, Nahkriin, Otar, Rahgot, Vokun, Volsung, Vahlok, Dukaan, Zahkriisos, Miraak, and my half brother, Ahzidal. Together we set out to unravel the secrets of Oblivion and Aetherius. We succeeded in opening portals to the planes of Oblivion, Aetherius and The Void, but not all were able to complete the tests laid out before them by the Daedra, Aedra and the Void now called Sithis. Morokei failed to retrieve the Sanguine Rose from the Misty Grove, one of the many pocket realms ruled by Sanguine. Otar found two of the Black Books of Hermaeus Mora but was unable to comprehend it's knowledge and went insane. Miraak   he who believed himself superior to us all, traveled with Otar and became a slave to the Lord of Knowledge. My brother, Ahzidal, son of my father, a High Elf, and of a nord woman, had become corrupted. He believed that his power was superior to mine. He failed to overthrow me on Solstheim, and in turn I left him half alive within his own tomb of Kolbjorn Barrow on the island, and buried it in a hill of sand and rock. I was the last one standing, all the others had fallen and I continued on my path, claiming powerful gifts not of this mundane world. The soul of the fierce dragon Numinex! He was a mighty foe but he was no match for my power and will; I took his soul for my own and left his soulless, weak body to wonder Tamriel. The blood of Molag Bal granted me immortality, powers of the night, and increased not only my physical strength, but my already dominating will.

    I walked into Aetherius itself and stole both The Staff and The Eye of Magnus! I then traveled to the Soul Cairn where I tricked the Ideal Masters themselves, taking thousands of souls and gaining the power to summon wrathmen, bonemen, mistmen, and their prized soul and guardian, the Reaper! I became a legend amongst the people of Skyrim, they soon forgot the name given to me by Alduin, and instead gave me the name Faal Vul Gein, The Dark One. I continued gaining power from all the planes of Oblivion, but my conquest came to a hault when my wife Muiri, and my daughter Umbra, were kidnapped by the insolent fool known as Ysgramor! He, and his band of "Companions" stole them from my palace of Labyrinthian, and demanded that I surrender to him and his army . . . this was unwise of him.

    I arrived at Windhelm, a city still under construction, then I saw him. Close to the doors of what I assumed to be his palace, Ysgramor stood with his men at his back and my daughter and wife in chains crying and bruised. He raised his hand in the air and called out, 'Konahrik! The Elder and High Priest of the Dragon Cult! I knew you would come oh Dark One!' I glared at him and shouted, 'Release my family and your death shall be quick!' Ysgramor laughed as he drew his axe, Wuuthrad, and pointed it at me. His soldiers charged at me, swords drawn and shields raised. I quickly destoryed them, devouring their souls and consuming their warm hearts still filled with their sweet blood!

    All had fallen except Ysgramor and two of his soldiers. I stretched forth my hand and his army raised, prepared to fight for their new lord and master! I started walking towards Ysgramor who stumbled back in terror. 'NO!' Muiri screamed at me, 'Please, do not do this my love!' I stopped   and bowed my head . . . the soldiers' lifeless bodies fell as I released the spell I held over them. Ysgramor chuckled and walked over to Muiri, 'Well well. Who knew that the wife of the High Dragon Priest wishes for her love to show mercy? How sweet' he snapped his fingers and a hundred more soldiers came out through the palace doors and surrounded me. They clasped steel shackles over my wrists and ankles, then proceeded to put me into a standing sarcophagus with eye holes so I could see out. Ysgramor walked up to me and spoke, 'Now you see don't you? That no matter how much power you have, no matter how strong your will is, you can be controlled   it just takes the right leverage.'

    He turned and walked towards the doors of his palace and stopped as he gripped his axe, spun around and decapitated Muiri! 'NO!' I screamed as I tried to break free of that accursed prison, but it was no use, the shackles and sarcohpagus were enchanted and warded against all magic. I struggled to break free then witnessed my daughter Umbra's power awaken as she screamed and a burst of dark energy threw Ysgramor and his soldiers back. She ran to the sarcophagus to try to free me but was captured, and a piece of cloth was wrapped around her mouth to keep her silent. 'Take her away' Ysgramor demanded, 'She'll be made an example of.' I watched as the soldiers approached the palace doors with my daughter, then a burt of fire destroyed the westside wall and a figure ran through, grabbed my daughter by the arm and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Ysgramor and his men stood up and looked around frantically . . . then turned to me. 'Know this' he said 'whoever stole that whore from us will die, and when we retrieve your daughter, you will be forced to watch as she is tortured, beaten, raped, and finally gutted like the creature she is!' My eyes felt like they were burning, burning hotter than the fires of the Dead Lands, 'YOU, AND ALL OF YOUR DESCENDANTS WILL DIE!' I screamed. Ysgramor laughed and slowly turned to face me, 'You can do nothing to me Konahrik, you are nothing but a foolish   ' he stopped and stared in horror as my eyes glowed with burning hatred. 'I PLACE A CURSE UPON YOU AND YOUR KIN YSGRAMOR! ALL WILL DIE AND YOU    YOU WILL DIE IN BOTH LIFE AND IN DEATH!' Although my prison kept me from using my powers, my words broke through the wards and I knew my curse had been enacted as the sun turned as red as blood and fire rained down from the sky setting everything in Windhelm ablaze.'Take him away!' Ysgramor cried, 'NOW!'

    8 years they searched, but never found my dearest Umbra, and for that I was greatful. I know the nords and their vile ways, and I could never have been able to bear seeing Umbra defiled and gutted. A week after the search was called off, I was placed on a boat and taken to the Red Mountain where I was then hung over the boiling lava, still in the sarcophagus. For millenia I was trapped in the sarcophagus, stuck in a prison of intense heat where I could do nothing but sweat, burn, heal, and repeat. Then it happened, some of the runes on my prison were damaged by the heat, allowing me to use my magic once more. I had been out of practice and very weak from my imprisonment, but my will and determination was enough. I gathered what strength I could and forced the magma deep beneath the mountaint to rise up as fast as lightning. The amount of force I exerted to do this sent a shock wave through the air and earth, and the so called 'Ministry of Truth" plummeted to the ground. The volcano, which like me had remained dormant for millenia, erupted and sent me and my sarcophagus flying through the sky. I landed on the outskirts of Riften where I remained for 196 years, still weak but slowly regaining my strength. When I was finally strong enough I broke the chains and threw the lid of sarcophagus off. I looked around and recognized the terain. I was in Skyrim, my homeland but something didn't feel right. The weather was cooler, their was no scent of dragon in the air, and   I felt a sharp pain in my neck; I felt around and pulled an iron arrow from my neck. The tip was laced with nightsahde, everything got dark, and I collapsed.

    I awoke on a cart and was soon placed at a chopping block, I thought to myself, 'No, you cannot kill me. I will return from the void again, and again.' Then he came, the World Eater, Alduin. He still lived, which means that the nords succeded in their quest to banish him; who knew they would actually manage on their own? Perhaps this great dragon was always nothing more than a worm. None the less, Alduin destoryed Helgen and I was able to escape.

    Now I am free, and my powers are growing ever faster. Soon, I will show Tamriel how weak their gods truly are, for nothing can destroy me. They will all kneel to me, or I will devour their souls!"


    I appologize for the long backstory, but there's a lot more to this character than just killing and conquering, there's a reason he does what he does.

    This is a vanilla build but mods help a lot (the mods used are atainable on PS4)

    Mod List:

    Disenchanting Overhaul, Enchant it All, Phernderix Magic Evolved, Phenderix Magic World, Meteorkinesis, Vampire Lord Perks Expanded, Vampire Powers, Conjuration Tweaks- No More Sumon Absorbtion, Necromancy Overhaul, Resurrect EVERYTHING, Unlimited Summons, No Helmet Required, Resurrect, Unlimited Shouts, and Alidon's Ultimate Armory.

    Race- Altmer Vampire Lord

    Stats- 2 Magic, 2 Health, 1 Stamina

    Stone- The Dark One used the Mage Stone to replenish his arcane powers and knowledge, after that he saught out the Ritual Stone so he could start contructing his army of the dead.


    Major Skills:

    "The Planes of Oblivion hold creatures with unimaginable ferocity and strength, I'd be a fool not to bind them to my will."

    Conjuration- The Dark One summons seekers, bonemen, mistmen, and flame atronachs for ranged attacks, while using wrathmen, lurkers, and frost atronachs to deal large amounts of melee damage to those pesky mortals who aren't worthy of dying by his blade.

    "Freezing enemies only to hit them so they shatter, striking them with lightning to turn them to ash, both are loveley and powerful but there's nothing better than the smell of seared mortal flesh."

    Destruction- A good blast of ice will freeze The Dark One's enemies, while a powerful lightning bolt will disintegrate those foolish enough to stand against him, and a good old fireball will cook the flesh of his enemies in seconds!

    "Mortals, Daedra, the Undead, even Dwarven Centurions, there's nothing outside of my control!"

    Illusion- The Dark One uses spells like frenzy to force his enemies to fight each other. He also uses magic to calm his enemies so they don't raise arms against him. However, if all else fails (unlikely) then he just strikes terror into their hearts with a terror speel to make them flee!

    "After proving myself in The Dead Lands, Mehrunes Dagon himself crafted me a set of Daedric Armor    didn't take long to figure out how to wear it properly."

    Heavy Armor- The Dark One uses heavy armor to stand tall and strong, his very presence intimidates the weak mortals of Tamriel.

    "I was 5 when I first wielded a sword . . . the troll never had a chance."

    One-Handed- The Dark One is very skilled in hand to hand combat, use your blade to spill the blood of your enemies . . . their sweet, sweet blood.

    "The blood of Molag Bal runs through my veins, nothing can stand in my way!"

    Vampirism- The Dark One uses the power of the Vampire Lord frequently, using the dagger like claws to spill the blood of his enemies, and the powers of night to drain the life from his prey.

    "With Alduin's return, it's only a matter of time before his brothers are raised . . . finally, I can harness the power of my dragon soul!"

    Shouts- The Dark One uses his voice to shout the very soul from his enemies and to bring them back as his undead servants. He also projects his very will into a shout to command everything from the Guardian Stones to Alduin himself!


    Minor Skills:

    "What's better than stealing the souls of my enemies? Using their souls to fuel the very power that destroyed them!"

    Enchanting- The Dark One knows magic, inside and out, and has even taken the power of the Ebony Mail to suit his own purposes.

    "I become one with darkness and move as silently as the shadows."

    Sneak- The Dark One sneaks up on his prey and before they know what's happening, he's already torn out their heart and devoured it!

    "Not all of my allies are as powerful as me, some may require healing to continue to fight."

    Restoration- The Dark One uses Restoration to heal his weakened allies, and to heal himself should an enemy get a lucky hit."

    "My power is so great, that now I am immune to all magic."

    Alteration- With his vampiric blood along with the Atronach Stone and the Atronach Alteration Perk, The Dark One became immune to all forms of magic.

    "If there's one thing I learned from my step mother, it was how to temper armor and sharpen blades.

    Smithing- The Dark One uses Smithing to strengthen his armor to protect him more effectively, and to sharpen his blade to make his enemies die quicker.

    "My power grows ever stronger! Soon NOTHING will stand in my way!"




    "After I slew my old brother in priesthood, Morokei, my beloved daughter Umbra appeared to me in the form of a spirit. She told me of how the witch, Naenra Waerr, had fused her soul into a mighty sword for Clavicus Vile. She said that the witch then took some of Vile's power to finish the blade, and while inside the sword Umbra took the power into herself and was eventually able to break free of the blade and of Clavicus Vile. When she had finished telling me what had happened she knelt before me, crying, and said that she felt my presence and saught me out. She said that she desired to serve me and that she would not accept 'no' as an answer, so I finally broke and accepted her service. She thanked me and told me that she would be of the most use to me if her power was focused. I inquired as to what she ment, and she said that the sword that Naenra forged was strong and able to focus Umbra's power, but not strong enough to both focus and contain it. The excessive use of the blade broke it allowing Umbra to be set free. She said that only I could command her, that I was and am, her Lord and Master. She asked me to forge a new sword for her to be fused into so that she could serve as my sword and protector for all eternity. After moments of pondering I accepted and began forging a new sword . . ."

    Umbra is not only The Dark One's sword, but his daughter as well. The blade he crafted to contain his daughter and focus her power is made of common steel, crafted in the way of the ancient nords. A long, Black Soul Gem runs through the full length of the blade, and the ancient runes carved on the blade and handle are what contains Umbra and focuses her power. With the soul gem, the runes and Umbra's powers, the sword is truly a force to be reckoned with as it surpasses the ferocity of the Ebony Blade, and the dominating power of The Mace of Molag Bal!

    (with mods, enchant it with Soul Trap, Absorb Health+Magica+Stamina, along with Flee and Paralysis. If you aren't using mods just use Absorb Health+Soul Trap).


    The Armor of Darkness

    "Mehrunes Dagon was greatly impressed with my power that he himself fashioned me a set of Daedric Armor from the very fires of the Dead Lands. A week after recieving the armor, I travelled to Boethiah's realm and fought at Snake Mountain, defeating all who rose against me. However, Boethiah would not grant me her favor and denied me the power of an artifact . . . I took the Ebony Mail from her and absorbed it's power, placing it into the armor granted to me by Dagon."

    The Armor of Darkness was forged by Mehrunes Dagon himself with fire from the very pits of the Dead Lands. The Dark One then took the armor and infused it with power he stole from Boethiah after she denied him her favor. This armor has the ability to protect The Dark One and to inflict damage upon those foolish enough to attack him.

    (with mods, enchant with Boethiah's Embrace, Health+Magica+Stamina, Healing+Magic+Stamina Regen, Fortify Conjuration+Destruction+Illusion, Dremora Guards+Dark Bond. Without mods, just use Fire Resistance+Healing Rate)


    Boots of Gravewalking


    "Part of the armor set that Dagon gave to me, these boots I infused with power derived from the darkest souls in the Ideal Masters' soul vault."

    The Dark One took the most powerful souls from the Soul Cairn and fused them into his boots allowing him to walk across the planes of Oblivion safely and through the Void itself without plummeting into the emptiness.

    (with mods, enchant boots with water walking, stamina+stam regen, muffle, and sneak. Without mods, just use muffle+stamina regen)


    Claws of the Damned 


    "Another piece of the armor which I recieved from Mehrunes Dagon. The gauntlets were poweful deadly with sharpened fingertips, but not quite what I expected. I took these gauntlets and endowed them with strands of silk and chunks of bone from the Spiral Skein, or Mephala's Web. They strike like the fangs of Spider Daedra, and weave the fate of my enemies when they grip Umbra or hold a ball of fire."

    The Claws of the Damend, like the rest of the Daedric apparel, were forged by Dagon but improved with the power The Dark One recieved from the various realms of Oblivion. Due to these gauntlets being endowed with chunks of bone and strands of silk from the Spiral Skein, they have the ability to weave the fate of The Dark One's prey, whether it be to destory them or to raise them from the dead, these gauntlets are immensely powerful.

    (with mods, enchant gauntlets with amplified Unarmed attacks, stamina+staminag regen, and Fortify Destruction. Without mods, just use Unarmed+Fortify Destruction.)


    Faal Vul Gein

    "Faal Vul Gein, crafted based on my old mask when I was but the mere High Dragon Priest, Konahrik. But now I am stronger and far more powerful. It retains the same enchantment as my old mask but I enchanted it with more. I poured the powers of Evergloam, Coldharbour, The Scuttling Void, Quagmire, Apocrypha, and The Shivering Isles into my new mask! Nothing can stand in my way!"

    The Dark One crafted a mask based on the design of his old one, Konahrik, and laid within it the powers of Darkness, Domination, Decay, Nightmares, Forbidden Knowledge, and Madness. This mask is pure evil and only The Dark One can wear it without dying or going insane.

    (with mods, enchant mask with Konahrik's Privilage, Dremora Guards+Dark Bond, Magica+Magic Regen. Without mods, just use Konahrik's mask.)



    When it combat, The Dark One uses a variety of powers to destroy his enemies. Seekers, Flame and Storm Atronachs are the best for ranged, Wrathmen and Dremora Lords serve as mighty soldiers and Frost Atronachs are living shields and war hammers.

    When it comes to interacting with the insignificant specs that wonder the land of Skyrim, The Dark One will do whatever he can to gain supporters. From helping an old woman to find a missing ring, to slaughtering a hag at an orphanage, The Dark One does whatever he can to increase his popularity and influence. However, not all can be tamed with words. For the bandits that stalk the forests of Falkreath, to the Forsworn who ravage the hills of Markarth, they stand against The Dark One as they see him as only a sack of gold or a walking dummy for target practice. These kinds of people The Dark One will destroy by uttering a single word, or waving his hand so he can watch the fools slaughter each other.

    When talking to regular people, The Dark One is rather respectable . . . unless he finds himself running out of time and patience. He usually uses calm dialogue to get what he wants, but when that fails he brings his darkness into view for them to see, making them submit and obey him . . . those who resist are cut down, and all witnesses dealt with!


    Main Quest: "The Power of the Dragons is at my finger tips, their souls are mine for the taking! As for Alduin, slaying the World Eater will be a mighty feat in the eyes of the fools of Tamriel, for in truth, Alduin is no more than a toothless worm who's head will be crushed beneath my heel!"

    Dawnguard Questline: "My time encased in the warded sarcophagus slowly drained me of my Vampiric Powers. There's still enough of Molag Bal's blood in my veins but it needs to be awakened by the power of a Pure Blooded Vampire Lord . . . I wonder if dear Serana and the rest of the Volkihar clan resides in Skyrim."

    Dragonborn Questline: "Miraak seems to have formed his own little cult on the island of Solstheim . . . he slew many dragons in his time before pledging his service to Hermaeus Mora; he'll either serve as a great servant or a mere receptacle full of Dragon Souls ripe for harvest!"

    Dark Brotherhood Questline: "I was walking through the streets of Markarth when I sumbled upon an apothecary called the Hag's Cure. I walked in and began looking around when I heard a voice, a voice that I had not heard for millenia. I turned and there before me was Muiri, my beloved wife! She did not know me and my heart fell heavy with grief. I continued on my way and killed a wretched hag named Grelod, this lead me to encounter a group of assassins called the Dark Brotherhood. While working for them I was given the task to speak with Muiri, she told me what had happened and I did not hessitate to slaughter those who had wronged my wife . . . . . weeks later we were remarried. She may not remember me anymore but at least we will be together forever; with the help of my vampiric blood."

    Civil War Questline (Imperial): "I doubt he thought I'd join the Empire when he cut the ropes that bound me, but here we are, his blood dripping from my blade and his soul being consumed by my beloved daughter Umbra. Ralof was a fool to have ever trust me. However, I did not fight for him in Helgen nor do I fight for the Empire; I fight for me. All the soldiers that lay dead on the battlefield will be raised as part of my Army of Darkness. I will lay dormant within the ranks of the Empire for a time, but when I attack . . . they will kneel or they will die and their souls will be mine!"



    "Their souls will be mine!"

     Soul Syphon- Shock Cloak+Slow Time+Umbra.


    "I will drink their blood and dine upon their charred flesh!"

    Bleeding Flame- Slow Time+Fire Storm+Vampire Lord Form


    "The sun will be tainted by blood and my army will decimate those who stand against me!"

     Army of Darkness- Ritual Stone+Summon Durnehviir Shout+Summon Wrathmen+Summon Arvak


    "My army rose and all of Tamriel fell to their knees, pleading for their divines to save them . . . but no help came, and the people looked to me as their new god!"

  • December 12, 2017

    Holy shit...I was honestly just blown away by how well written and interesting the backstory for the character was Darkness, all of the written elements and roleplaying elements of this build are just kinda perfect. Even the length is bearable just because it's constantly interesting. Man I'm going to need a couple minutes to get my thoughts down properly, but I'm definitely liking this for the backstory alone. Be back with another comment in about 10 minutes :)


    EDIT: Oh and the title should be Character Build: The Dark One, just keeps everything neat and makes it easier for people to quickly see that it's a build. And if you want I can help with the tags soon, get the build archived properly so people can find it easier.

  • December 12, 2017

    Thank you very much Mega-Dragonborn-of-Doom (1921), glad you enjoyed the backstory. I wanted to add the details of the character's past but when I tried to shorten it . . . it just didn't sound right. I corrected the title and I think I corrected the tags. This is my first build so I'm just trying to get the hang of it.

  • Member
    December 12, 2017

    Also, a few of your pics appear to be broken 

  • December 12, 2017

    Thank you very much Mega-Dragonborn-of-Doom (1921), glad you enjoyed the backstory. I wanted to add the details of the character's past but when I tried to shorten it . . . it just didn't sound right. I corrected the title and I think I corrected the tags. This is my first build so I'm just trying to get the hang of it.

    Hah, I definitely understand that all of it really :D I've come across the same issue a couple times with the backstory and I think I've messed up my tags about a dozen times. I managed this really fun problem where my tags were wrong and every time we tried to fix it they'd just multiply and be wrong. Ended up with about 30 incorrect tags somehow.

    Ah, anyway. I do think your presentation could use a little work. A lot of the images are broken (and not sure why...) but the ones that aren't are just a little bit small, generally they're good for breaking up the text, and while I think your backstory would be hurt by adding stuff in between it, you could definitely use a bit more to break up the other stuff. But I'll wait to see if you can fix up the images before judging that too much, it might've been fine before. 

    The major thing that I think could be improved on is perhaps the gameplay section, which is just kind at the moment. I think it's a bit of a shame because I'd really like to learn how the enchantments effected your character, and the combination of Illusion and Conjuration alone is just really, really fun and there are some fun tactics that can be made with them. I'm a pretty big fan of Fear + Flame Atronach because of how ridiculously accurate they are at hitting moving targets (or just the PC). Just including some quick combinations in the gameplay section and explaining them, and what type of enemies they are, then that would add a lot to the build. Oh and I haven't seen any sort of Perk Spread/List (so basically just listing each perk that you've taken) which is one of the few requirements for builds.

    Yeah, great backstory but there are a few things in the other sections that could make the build even better :D

  • December 12, 2017

    Hmm . . . the pictures seem to be showing up when I look at it . . . I don't know what that's about.


    The pictures I got, I couldn't make them bigger 'cause they ended up being too pixelated (blocky). I know the gameplay has to be worked on a bit. I'll change that momentarily.

  • December 12, 2017

    Hmm, that's strange. I've got the first one, another between Combat and Quests, a final image and then it looks like there's supposed to be one for each piece of equipment and another under skills? But I can't seem them, just a little image indicating that there's supposed to be something there. I'll see what I can do about finding some replacements/larger versions which might work better. If it helps, the maximum is 900 pixel width before it has to be shrunk, and if your uploading images, JPEG just doesn't work very well, it tends to distort them for some reason so I use PNG images, even sometimes editing them with paint just to save them in a different format.

    Replacement/New Images

    Here's an interesting looking Flame Atronach that might fit fairly well.

    Here's something more similar to the current Flame Atronach image. Might just be a larger version.

    Here's an image that I think matches up with the bottom one, but is larger (by far).

    Here's a larger version of the first image.

    Another Image that might work well. 

  • January 24, 2018

    This...this here is something so epic, so well-thought out, so diabolical that there is no word in neither the English nor Dragon Language I can use to properly describe just how much I love this build. Even when I re-read it I get these chills down my spine. It is very hard to give me chills, so +20 points right there. I can see The Dark One possibly geting his hands on dimensional rift-creating magic and taking over other dimensions/alternate universes once he grows bored of Tamriel. In any case you've created something far beyond the word 'Masterpiece' and I must give you not only a round of applause, but a bow in respect as well. 

  • January 24, 2018

    I'm very glad that you like the build Vipermourn. Like you, it was a personal character build and I had no idea others used the 'loved one bound to a weapon.' And if I had the right computer I'd make a mod for this character where you actually travel to other realms, defeat the owners of them, then merge them into your own created realm (it's pretty much you defeat one lord of a realm and a door unlocks connecting the realms together). Again, I'm glad you like it.

  • January 24, 2018

    The Darkness said:

    I'm very glad that you like the build Vipermourn. Like you, it was a personal character build and I had no idea others used the 'loved one bound to a weapon.' And if I had the right computer I'd make a mod for this character where you actually travel to other realms, defeat the owners of them, then merge them into your own created realm (it's pretty much you defeat one lord of a realm and a door unlocks connecting the realms together). Again, I'm glad you like it.


    Odd, I seem to have edited out the character that I was thinking about. The wonders of browsing at 2 to 3 am in the morning when you should be sleeping but your mind is just like "No, just a bit longer" and it turns out to be more like two hours later. I'll just add it in my reply then I suppose. Yeah, my character (Who for now I'l just name Mozetal) was originally designed to sort of be a mortal who ended up being used as a "host" for an undead spirit, but instead of beconing possessed the two souls bonded and became one. His personality twisted from its once peaceul attitude to a much more sadistic yet calculating. Mozetal kills the ritualgoer, leaving behind the dark caverns in search of the lost  soul of his son who he had lost to pestilence. Upon finding his son's spirit -who for the record was around 23 years old- the two have a surprisingly heartfelt moment before binding his son into a battleaxe which he names Nightflare.  Unlike some of my other characters he doesn't really have a goal since he found his son's soul. Instead he generally wanders wherever he pleases. If possible he will gladly turn an entire city into a ruin where the undead prowl every corner. Magicwise he used some calming/mind-bending mgic, but preferred to gut or decapitate his enemies via Nightflare. He's like the mold of a different character that was much more fleshed out. 

    This has inspired me to maybe bring out the new villian into Tamriel, or maybe create a villian combining attributes of some of my own short stories that I've wrote but never published. I've done a lot of wriitng but never was confident enough to publish them for all to see. One thing that I will say is that there is a mod I intend on using called Daeric Armor & Weapon Glow Replacer by Cancrena. It not only lets you mix-and-match (For example if you wanted purple weapons but blue armor, you can do that) but the Daedric Arrows themselves glow at the arrowhead plus the feathes. Its a neat mod that really makes it (to me anyway) worth making/finding Daedric Armor. That will actually probably be my first build on here. Maybe. We'll see in time. 

    If Ihad the computer and skills to create a mod, I'd make two mods: One would be a player home which at first appears to be a worn graveyard, but a coffin in the preperation area reveals an underground home. A unique forge called the Soul Forge allows you to craft Soul Gems via sacrificing a raised zombie/reanimated corpse, and give you either a Greater Soul Gem or a Grand Soul Gem depending on the level of the sacrifice used. The would include a necromancer/skeleton follower who would be partially inspired by the Inigo mod by Smarbluecat. Rich backstory, non-repeative dialogue, decent skills (Though he'd start at whatever level you are when you discover him) and a short quest involving a weakened Dragon Priest guardian (Level would be one level lower than yours, meaning you'd obtain the quest at the least level two. Still a challenge and makes it rewarding to unlock the home) Would make him compatable with most follower homes and perhaps even having custom spells. 

    The second mod would be a necromancy mod which 1. disables the annoying noises reanimated corpses make (I tried two mods from Nexus that did this but neither worked for me) 2. allows you to store bodies of your choice in a pocket dimension (useful for Mod 1's Soul Forge) 3. Adds a gate/portal ccessable only via a Master-evel Conjuration spell that not only drains your entire mana pool but half your health as well. Will kill you if you're below half your current max health. With the portal you can create a skeleton with weapons/armor/magic of your choice. You'd be limited to two skeletons at a time but they'd level up with you indefinetely and if killed you can just raise them again by activaing the remains. 4. Makes you able to permanently become a lich. Unlike the Undeath Mod by Antioch08, you have to sacrifice your skeletons to craft a limb for your new body. That's right, you have to make your own Frankenstien. You'd have a choice in appearance, bone types, what material the bone is made out of (Let's say you want a lich made of sweetrolls? Done!), even special weapons that never run out of charge but eat away 20% of your health while in use. 

    Anywho, that's enough rambling from me. I apologize for the long post; I just really enjoy finding someone who seems to have a similar mindset when it comes to evil characters. I shall take my leave with this image: