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Event Build: The Lodestone Legionnaire

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    December 10, 2017

    Hello everypony, and welcome to my latest build. Now, let me ask you a question. What do you get when you grab the Grecian hero Achilles, X-Men´s Magneto, and a smidgen of Red Vs. Blue´s Carolina and toss ´em into a blender? Well, aside from dead people soup, you my first Crossworlds 3 build, a hoplite inspired spellsword with a magnetidc personality. Thanks to 21jws10 for the name.  Welcome to...


    Magnetizing Theme Music


    Magnemancy, a subset of metallurgical magic, is the art of using magnetism in order to defeat a foe. One can use it to rip away an opponent's weapon from their grasp, cause blades and arrows to miss their mark, or even enhance or degrade the armor and arms of oneself or one´s foes.

    Once you reached adulthood you left your home to follow a life of adventure, and to help those in need. You joined up with a small band of adventurers, a young Nord-Breton knight, a quiet Nibenese man, and a boisterous Nord who had a strange obsession with hitting things with her warhammer, and lightning. You felt like they were a second family, and you fell in love with the young Breton. Not long after you joined, the four of you made a bet. Each would go to a different province and try to gain as much gold as possible. Bidding your fellows goodbye, you headed off to your chosen province of Skyrim with your loyal knight....

    download (5).jpgRace: Imperial. Not only does it fit with the backstory, but Imperials get that neat little Imperial Luck racial passive (A few extra Septims? Yes please!), and boosts to One-Handed, Enchanting, and Block. Give her the ponytail hairstyle. 

    Standing Stone: Warrior or Mage, then Ultimate Atronach.

    Stat Spread: 0/2/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. Stop perking health at around 250. We’ll need Magicka at its base 100 for the Ultimate Atronach Stone glitch to work.

    Main Skills: One-Handed, Block, Archery

    Minor Skills: Alteration, Speech, Enchanting


    At it's core, the character is a Sword-and-Board fighter with some magic. Your main form of attack, outside of your sword, will be a hybrid of Telekinesis and the Marked for Death Shout.

    Now, my dear reader(s), you may be asking, ¨Chris, you insane bastard, how in the name of God will telekinesis work as a form of combat? It would basically be like the equivalent of me chucking a bottle cap at a Deathclaw´s head.¨ Well, in response, Marked for Death, which I roleplayed as using Magnemancy to degrade the metals within the armor, making it rather poor protection wise. What would basically be several inches of steel plate become as useful to keep your guts from spilling out as a few sheets of crappy construction paper. WIth this, feel free to fling whatever metallic objects you find, whether it be plates, goblets, forks, loose weapons, or even your own shield and sword, at your foes. This will pretty much be your main form of ranged attack.

    Speaking of spells like Telekinesis, while I don’t really have too many mods to recommend, having never played this back when I had a Skyrimmable laptop, and being on PS4 for the time being, one mod I would recommend avaliable for PC and console is Phendrix Magic World. Aside from adding new locations, this not so little mod adds in tons of new spells, including an Illusion spell allowing you to disarm your opponents, and one allowing you to launch infinite Septims at your foes, which fits well within Magnemancy.

    Warriors are the easiest to fight. Simply Mark for Death them, bash them a bit to stagger, then hack them apart. Or, if you want, rip the weapon from their hands with Charm-Disarm, from Phendrix, a Disarm Shout, or Disarming Bash, Mark for Death them, wait a bit for the effect to wear down their armor rating, then slam their weapon back into them. It’s quite fun. Archers will be of little trouble, as keeping your shield up will help out, especially when crouching, as you’ll be a smaller target. Mages, and dragons, due to the Ultimate Atronach, will be rendered more or less useless, and usage of a Dwarven Crossbow and accompanying bolts will make short work of them at range.

    Normally, I don't really use the food items, but Vegetable Soup and Beef Stew, with their constant regen of Stamina and Health respectively, were useful in combat, especially when it came to Power Bashes.

    Aside from the Main Quests of the base game, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn, I joined the Imperials, Destroyed the Dark Brotherhood, did the Companions, stopping after joining The Circle, did the College until I saved Orthorn, and then did misc.

    While I started this character out alone, I soon had a little party I either swapped out who traveled with me, or, thanks to mods like Multiple Followers System, I was able to have all three of them tag along. They helped out well in dungeon clearing and whatnot.

    Now, you may be wondering ,what is the Ultimate Atronach? Well, as CB god Mason demonstrated in his Seraphim, if you take a Philter, then Draught, then Philter of the Healer, then select the Atronach Stone, you’ll be able to cast any “concentration” type (spells such as Telekinesis and Wards), will be able to be cast indefinitely, even if your Magicka bar is empty, so long as you don’t put a single point into Magicka.

    Now, onto...

    The Team

    Alongside the Lodestone Legionnaire, you’ll want to gather up a small crew of followers. Here we go!


    Golldir-While this young warrior is fairly underwhelming, and is quite cowardly, helping him clear out his ancestral’s tomb of a necromancer does give the guy some confidence, plus he isn’t the worse follower (That dishonor would be Sven). I RPed this guy as my character’s lover, and married him.




    Mjoll the Lioness-What can i say about this essential, hard hitting, skull crunching badass of a Nordic woman that ShinJin already hasn’t? Well, while she can’t use shock magic, unless you get her a Shock based staff or two, which I suggest you do, giving this woman a decent Warhammer with shock damage will see you through most encounters.



    990535_1364850339271_500_281.jpgMercurio-While not the strongest magi in all of Skyrim, and he can be a bit of a prick, Mercurio is one of the few, if memory serves, Imperial followers you can grab. Equip him with some Orcish War Axes, having the highest bleed damage of any war axes, and with his standard spells, he'll be good to go. 







    Diadem of The Savant

    Magnamancer’s Mail-Penitus Oculatus Armor w/ Fortify Healing Rate

    Gilded Vambraces - Elven Light Bracers w/ Fortify One-Handed

    Reinforced Caligae - Elven Light Boots wl Fortify Stamina Regen.

    Bond of Love - Gold Diamond Ring w/ Fortify Healing Rate

    Locket of Saint Jiub

    Milo - Dwarven Sword w/ Absorb Health

    Akouo - Elven Shield w/ Fortify Block and Resist Magic (From the Shield of Solitude)


    Level 50 Perks

    Tactics of the Lodestone Legionairre


    Richoshield - After using Magnemancy to weaken the structural integrity of her opponent´s armor, the Lodestone Legionairre grasps her shield in her magnetic grip, and hurls it with the force of a ballista.

    (Marked for Death+Dropped Shield+Telekinesis)




    Armor Busting - Huddling down beneath her shield, the Lodestone Legionnaire utilisez her magnemancy to weaken her enemy´s armor, then repeatedly smashes her shield into them. A perfect offense, and a perfect defense.

    (Marked for Death+Vegetable Soup+Power Bashes)






    • At your core, you're a good person, so always try to help out those in need.

    • While a skilled warrior, you're also humble. Choose dialogue options that reflect this.

    • As a practitioner of Magnomancy, you enjoy studying minerals and ores. Ergo, keep gems, ore pieces, Dwemer items included, and ingots around your house.

    • Always keep a copy of both Lusty Argonian Maids, and the Lusty Argonian Bard, or Mjoll, on hand for those lonely nights without Goldir.



    Thanks to the late great Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth for RWBY, Jen Brown for voicing the wonderful Pyrrha Niko's, Postman for the screenshot, and you guys for reading.

  • December 10, 2017

    Consider it done Chris (I'll fix your tags up while I'm at it) 

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    December 10, 2017

    Mega-Dragonborn-of-Doom (1921) said:

    Consider it done Chris (I'll fix your tags up while I'm at it) 

    Thanks Deeberino

  • December 10, 2017

    Should all be done now Chris. Couldn't get the images to align any better than this, but uhh, yeah tags and build are all good now :D

    I'll leave a like, not sure I've really got much to say but if I think of anything I'll drop by. As soon as I saw this I did start thinking about Phenderix's little Magnetism spells so it's cool that you included them in the end :)

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    December 10, 2017

    Mega-Dragonborn-of-Doom (1921) said:

    Should all be done now Chris. Couldn't get the images to align any better than this, but uhh, yeah tags and build are all good now :D

    I'll leave a like, not sure I've really got much to say but if I think of anything I'll drop by. As soon as I saw this I did start thinking about Phenderix's little Magnetism spells so it's cool that you included them in the end :)


  • December 11, 2017

    Very interesting and unique build.  I'm not familiar with your build inspiration but you use of the Marked for Death shout and Telekinesis use very creative and really cool. 

  • December 11, 2017

    Great build based on a great character Chris, easy +1 from me.

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    December 11, 2017

    Vargr White-Tree said:

    Great build based on a great character Chris, easy +1 from me.

    Thanks Vargs

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    December 13, 2017

    Cool skillset, and you combine two of my favorite unconventional fighting techniques: telekinetic combat, and disarming (nothing is more satisfying than blasting an opponent's weapon from their hand, having it fly straight to you and then flinging it away (or, even better, as you suggest--flinging it back in their face)). Good times!

    Also, with the exception of Mercurio, you've chosen followers that I've got a soft spot for: I enjoy having Goldir as a follower quite a bit, and Mjoll is in my top 3 favs. Honestly, this looks like a lot of fun :D

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    December 13, 2017

    BTW, The Lodestone Legionnaire is currently being featured on the TV Twitter page :D