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Character Build: Fallen Archangel

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  • October 30, 2017

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           This build is in response to Daniel Cabral's build "Archangel Michael" I figured it would be a fun and interesting way to RP as the Angel who rebelled and turned on his brothers, taking a third of Heaven with him. This build is a solo build.. except for the mandatory Serana sections and the occasional mercenary you won't be using any backup.. so be prepared.

    Lucifer is one of the Ehlnofey, a race of beings descended from the Gods themselves. Though not much is known about them, their powers were immense, as individually they were capable of many great deeds. Most of them were destroyed in the war with a group of beings called the Wanderers in a war that literally reshaped the world.. however Lucifer, and a few of his brethren, were.. in a sense.. luckier. Though scattered, hurt and alone they had survived. The Descendants of Julianos were occasionally called Angels as when using their divine powers, huge owl wings could be seen behind their backs, and so the legends spread of Winged men who could perform great miracles, leading to the nords worshipping Julianos as Jhunel, who the Nords associated with Owls as well as wisdom. Michael, descendant of Julianos like himself, thrived as a force for good, working to enact his father's will, and became occasionally called an "Angel". Lucifer chose a different path. He was created to be perfect, perfect in appearance, perfect in all respects. He even had knowledge of the world the way no mortal could hope to understand it, and as such with this knowledge and "perfection" came pride.

    He decided he was above the petty needs of Mankind, Elfkind and all other races that would ask his help, deciding not to help in their everyday hurts and pains. However, he believed his God-relatives were wrong to create Man, as with the knowledge of Julianos he could see they would fight countless wars, slaughter each other over land and worship. He asked his father to step in but received no answer from the Heavens.. they had decided to step back from the world of Man and let it run itself for the most part. Furious, Lucifer used his knowledge to create a metal that was unable to be destroyed even by the gods themselves. He slaughtered some of his other Ehlnofey and used their skin to create parchment that could not be destroyed by weapon or magic, writing using a feather of his own wings, and blood of his brethren.. he crafted hundreds of scrolls, putting all his father's knowledge down onto parchment in indestructible scrolls.. distributing them amongst the scholars of man, weakening himself greatly. These Scrolls would become known as The Elder Scrolls.

    For his crimes, he was sealed outside of time itself, stripped of his physical body, his Elder Scrolls cursed so that any who dared read them without signifigant preparation would be struck blind in penance. His remaining brethren eventually departed the world to live with their gods and the tales of him and his kind became rumors, then stories, and eventually myths and legends. Two hundred years into the fourth era, Alduin the world eater, sent forwards in time using one of the created scrolls, tore through Lucifer's prison as he reentered time, sending both of them hurtling into the skies above Skyrim. As Lucifer was weak, all he could do was fall, very much resembling one of the flaming meteors that Alduin had summoned. He summoned all the strength he had left, and plunged himself into the body of a Nord who was escaping the city, and took him over, using him to flee with the hopes of regaining some of his former strength.

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    Basic Information

    Race: Male Nord. No Scars or Dirt, No War Paint. Long Black Hair, no beard. (This is chosen for the boost to Two-Handed, and because I feel it is the Spiritual Opposite to Imperial, used by the Michael build. Lucifer is incredibly vain and keeps his face clean shaven, and washed of the stupid war paint his vessel was using. He also healed the facial scars.)

    Stone: Lover then Atronach with Serpent in Crown.

    Stats Distribution: [3] Magicka | [3] Health | [3] Stamina.

    Equipment: Early Game Hooded Black Mage Robes (Can be obtained during Mace of Molag Bal quest), Ancient Nord Boots and Gauntlets (Can be obtained from Forelhost or quickly killing the ghost at Kjenstag Ruins), Ancient Nord Greatsword. Late Game Ebony Mail, Ebony Blade, Aetherial Crown, Ebony Helmet, Ebony Gauntlets, Ebony Boots, Ring of the Erudite/Beast (use Either when needed) Gauldur Amulet.

    Shouts: Frost Breath, Ice Form, Whirlwind Sprint, Storm Call, Elemental Fury, Unrelenting Force, Slow Time.

    Followers: None, Lucifer prefers to associate with mortals as seldom as possible. HOWEVER, in the event he cannot clear a dungeon or something on his own, he will grudgingly hire a mercenary to assist him for a time. You will also be getting either the Dark Butler or the Dark Shopkeep from the Black Books to help you out with carry weight.

    Spouse/Children:If you must marry someone, probably just for the daily money and continued access to the lover's embrace, I would suggest getting Orla from the Temple of Dibella in Kynareth, or Draynea the Stoneweaver in Kynesgrove. Otherwise don't get a spouse. You may adopt children if you choose to, I usually like getting the kid in dawnstar and the kid in windhelm, mostly because they both work for their supper, one sells flowers and the other runs food to the mines.. and both are from the coldest parts of Skyrim so I always take pity on them. Even Lucifer takes some pity.. even if it's only an echo from his vessel.

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    This build will be using Heavy armor and two handed weapons, as well as Destruction magic, Restoration and Alteration. It will also be utilizing Vampirism to get the most Spell Absorption you can get, making you invulnerable to all but physical attacks. With the Dark Blade of Mephala and the armor of Boethiah, you'll find little stand against you for long..


    [Heavy Armor]: Heavy Armor will be your primary defense in this build. The Ebony Mail will be your end goal, so be prepared for a bit of a long wait for that.. you don't get it until level 32. However, it will also allow you to tank most physical damage dealt to you so it's the best choice here.

    Perks Chosen:Juggernaut (5) Well Fitted, Fists of Steel, Cushioned, Tower of Strength, Conditioning, Matching Set, Reflect Blows

    [Two Handed]: Your primary damage output will be Two Handed, as we will be using the Ebony Blade of Mephala as your late game weapon. This weapon, while unable to be smithed, is a beast if fueled by the Blood of Deceipt and Lucifer has no issues betraying pathetic mortals when it suits him..

    Perks Chosen Barbarian (5), Champion's Stance, Deep Wounds (3), Devastating Blow, Great Critical Charge, Sweep, Warmaster.

    [Destruction]: Like your brother Michael, you are skilled in using the elements to destroy your foes, however while he controls fire, you control Ice. We will be using Ice destruction spells for this build.

    Perks Chosen: Novice Destruction, Destruction Dual Casting, Apprentice Destruction,   Augmented Frost (2), Impact, Adept Destruction, Deep Freeze, Expert Destruction, Master Destruction.

    [Alteration]:We will be needing this skill tree for the Atronach Perk. Take this only after you have become a Vampire and taken the Necromage perk.

    Perks Taken: Novice Alteration, Apprentice Alteration, Adept Alteration, Expert Alteration, Atronach.

    [Restoration]: Like all ehlnofey, you possess the ability to heal any wound, be it on your vessel or someone else's. Your abilities have corrupted just slightly however, allowing you to heal the undead as well. We will be following this tree for the Healing, Magic Regen, and Necromage.

    Perks Chosen:Novice Restoration, Apprentice Restoration, Regeneration, Recovery (2), Respite, Adept Restoration, Necromage.

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    BANDITS/REAVERS/FORSWORN; These should generally be fairly easy, Pick them off with Frost magic from a distance and, once you have it, use the Frost Cloak spell to damage any who would get close enough to fight you. If enemies begin to get close to you, use your Ancient Nord Greatsword (if early game) or Orcish Greatsword (If Mid Game) and combine it with Elemental Fury to swing fast and hard until everything around you is dead. Make sure to block and move around.. archers are a pain and your face doesn't make a very good shield. To deal with archers, use Whirlwind Sprint to get close and finish them off. You can also use Frost magic to pick them off from a distance.

    MAGIC USERS; These should be fairly easy to deal with once you have the Atronach perk and Atronach stone, as they will be boosted by the Necromage perk and thus make you literally immune to magic. Either enjoy yourself with a spellcasting duel, turning their magic power against them with your own spells, or run up and run them through. Early game I suggest picking them off from a distance or moving around a lot and getting in close to finish them off.. as I've said in other builds, most mages are terrible at close combat...

    DOVAH/DRAGONS;  This one should be a fairly obvious choice seeing how to deal with magic users. Layering Atronach perk and stone after getting the Necromage perk as a vampire will allow you to be immune to their shouts.. just pick them off with magicka or run up and slash them til they die. Their physical attacks will still be pretty difficult to deal with but should be pretty good. Early game try and position a large rock between you and it when it uses breath attacks and close in to slash it to bits or use magic.

    THE BETRAYED/FALMER;These should be basically the same as your fights against ordinary bandits.. though watch out for their frequent use of Poisons. With the Atronach stone and the Atronach Perk. With Vampirism, you're generally immune to poison, or if you do get poisoned you resist 100 percent of the damage if I read that right so that should be the one area where the Vampire Lord form might be an ideal solution Speaking of this form you may also utilize the Drain Life Glitch to muscle your way through without having to change back and forth between forms all the time. Keep in mind, this disables the use of your two handed weapons so if you DO utilize this I would suggest using ward spells as a defense and extra absorption if you took ward absorb, or simply rely on the devastating attacks.

    DWEMER AUTOMATONS; You might struggle a bit with the larger ones, but generally utilize power attacks as much as you possibly can, it generally keeps them stunlocked so you can keep hitting them. Make sure you circle them.. the bigger automatons like the Centurions struggle to turn around sometimes so you can stay ahead of their blows and hit them hard and fast. Yes essentially, hit them til they break. :P This is an area where the Restoration and Alteration skill trees won't make much difference for you. If you are travelling with a mercenary, try to let them tank most of the damage for you.. no sense in having to heal your vessel more often than necessary after all..

    (  is required    is optional)

    Main Questline, Dragonborn, Dawnguard (Side With Volkihar)As your strength is weak, you will need to rely on your mortal body for a few basic things before you can even hope to stand up to your brother. FIrstly you will need to absorb the soul of one of the divine's creations.. fortunately you have heard a Dragon is attacking a watch-tower near Whiterun. It should prove potent enough to allow you to use some of your divine power.. something the Mortals call the "Thu'um" or shouting. You will also require the blood of a powerful vampire.. fortunately for you, after coming across one's daughter in a stone coffin in a crypt you were able to gain just that and allow you to transform into a more powerful form. You also heard that one of your brothers had allied themself with a Daedra known as Hermaeus Mora. You dislike competition.. and decide to take him out, gaining strength as you do so. Finally, you fight the Avatar of Akatosh, the one who tore through your prison and released you, striking a blow against the very gods themselves..

    The Whispering Door: You have felt the aura of a dark blade within Dragonsreach and feel it would be a perfect way to fuel your return to power, as it drains life from those you slash with it. You have also heard that it is strengthened by the blood of deceit.. kill mortals who are your "Friend" to make it stronger. Easy Enough... 

    The Forbidden Legend: You have heard your old favourite necklace was broken into three pieces by some idiot mages and now their undead backsides are keeping you from getting it back. Obviously this won't do.. Slaughter every last one of them and take it back to where you first made it, then use their spirits to fuel reforging it. Teach idiot mages to break your things...

    Boethiah's Calling:You have heard of a resplendant black armor gifted to her champion by the Daedric Prince Boethiah. Though you care little for Boethiah or her message,the armor would allow you to channel some of your energy into a toxic aura of shadow that would poison all who dared to approach you in combat. Certainly a useful tool to have.

    Rings of Blood Magic: Your time among the Vampires of Volkihar Castle have allowed you to learn of some rings that will allow you to channel more magical energy, or simply make you stronger in battle. Obviously such items of power belong to you by right of you say they do, and you will make it your goal to obtain them.

    Lost to the Ages: You came across a book that pointed you towards a dwemer ruin, in search of a mythical metal known as "Aetherium" From the description it sounds like the material your brothers used to use to make their weaponry, and it would be a potent resource to collect indeed. Unfortunately, there was only enough to create a shield, which you wouldn't use, a staff, which you had no use for, or a crown that allowed you to store the blessings of the Doomstones within it... a thing the local mortals referred to as a "Guardian Stone blessing" It seemed the most useful, so you kept it for the Serpent stone.. an easily accessed Paralysis and Poison ability you can use at any time sounded pretty handy to you..

    Divine Quests: As Lucifer hates the divines and all they stand for, he has decided that the best way to ensure they are not worshipped anymore is to complete their quests, then kill everyone inside their temples with his brand new ebony blade to make it stronger. As such, you will be completing the Book of Love, the Sybyl of Dibella and the Blessings of Nature, though you will be cutting the tree to get sap.. serves it right for being a tree.

    All Daedric Quests: Though you have no particular interest in using any of the other Daedric items, you don't want any mortal to have the power to contest you.. so you hoard all the Daedric artifacts for yourself, killing anyone you have to in the process. (Savior's Hide not Ring, you may choose black star or Azura's Star, kill the priest for the Skull of Corruption, kill to get Mehrune's Razor etc)

    Kohnariik: The Masks of the Dragon Priests were created by the Dragons for their most devout followers, and since the Dragons are descended from Akatosh, those who wear them would have signifigant power to contest you. You have decided to round up all the masks for yourself so that none can use them against you. You will need to kill the following undead, Hevnoraak, Krosis, Morokei, Nahkriin, Otar the Mad, Rahgot, Vokun, and Volsung. These will allow you to get the mask Kohnariik to prevent any from using it against you. You may also seek out and destroy Ahzidal, Dukaan, and Zahkriisos, though their masks offer less power against you, it pays to be thorough. Though this requires you to go through the main quest and the College.. you have time.. all the time in the world..


    This build should max out at around level 48, so if you wish to add smithing to it you do have the ability. This build is almost complete, just need to focus on some banners and tweaks. The Banners are a little bit messed up.. but they'll have to do.

  • October 30, 2017

    Wasn't sure exactly what to call this build so I called it a Knight. If you can suggest a better tag please let me know

  • November 1, 2017

    Interesting take on the elder scroll lore, and a compelling character build.  I imagined him becoming almost manic in the scrolls preparation plucking quill after quill until he was wingless, and of course he would be cast out of time and his works cursed.  I like it!

  • November 1, 2017

    Thank you :) Glad to see both my newest releases are meeting with approval :D

  • November 4, 2017

    My nose was in Skyrim for the past week. Fun build and I like that you avoid crafting. Ebony mail and Ebony blade, nice stuff. 

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    December 3, 2017

    Just saw this, and boy does it look epic. Just recently got into Skyrim again so I might play this out (after Crossworlds is over)