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Character Build: The Tribal Hunter

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  • October 28, 2017

                                                                 The Tribal Hunter                                                           


       Race: Breton, Gender doesn't Matter


    As a Forsworn, The Tribal Hunter fights

    for his people, and with the help of the

    Old Gods, and his Sword and Axe, he  will

    Destroy everything in the way of his

    people's freedom.


     Stat Spread:


    0/2/3 -You'll want as much stamina as

    possible, but keep just enough health to

                                                                         stay alive                                                                                     


    -One- Handed (Sword and Axe) Duel Weild

    and Center perks)
    -Archery (Damage Perks as well as Eagle Eye
    -Sneak (All left side Perks)
    -Alchemy (Just the Efficiency perks)
    -Enchanting ( fust the Efficiancy Perks)
    Stat Spread: 0/2/3 -You'll want as much

    stamina as possible, but keep just enough health to stay alive.


         I chose to use these items for looks, and they also fit roleplay;

    - A Forsworn Sword (Absorb health to make up for the lack of defense)
    -A Forsworn War Axe ( Absorb Stamina to heep those attacks coming)
    -Hunting Bow (Paralysis enchantment, to slow them down)
    -Armor of The Old Gods (Fortify Stamina)
    -Boots of The Old Gods (Fortify Sneak)
    -Gauntlets of The Old Gods (Fortify One-Handed)
    -Mage Hood (Fortify Archery)


    In the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth, a many people were sitting around the Bar, apparently listening in to a conversation between the Barman and a Man, dressed in furs and a hood. "So, You been up in the mountains again lately?" the Barman asked the man. He sat up. "Yeah, only this time I've got good news. Madanach is calling a meeting with the counsel, he is going to try and convince them to let your people stay." " So, we will share the Reach?" the Barman had a slight grin on his face, "Of course not, but you will have Markarth, we'll permit you that. But know this, as long as you don't get in our way yuo will be spared." at this he left, leaving them all bewildered.

                                      With this build I wanted to have a fun, addictive roleplay, as I did when I played it.
    Now about combat, I beleive using these tactics are very effective and quick. As you approach a bandit camp (Example), You crouch whe you find a high place, and pull out your bow and start firing arrows at the bandits, taking out the weaker ones. After lowering their numbers, run in with your Sword and Axe and kill the rest. Then if the camp has an inside, go in and sneak into the deepest part, avoiding contact with the rest of the bandits if possible. When near the Leader, try to sneak up on him, and if you can't, fire an arrow in the opposite direction and get him to look that way, then sneak up and hit him with all you got. Once he's dead, come out the way you came, this time slaughtering everyone left.

    Any of the Questlines can fit roleplay, but you will just have to alter your character. This is how I did mine:
    First do the Forsworn Conspiracy quest for the Armor and the Hideout (Drudauch Redoubt), where you can go to "relay news" to your king. Then I advise Doing the Dark Brotherhood questline, as you will make freinds with some very dangerous people, and you can kill the Emperor, as that will weaken the Legion. Then do the Theives guild, as they will help you learn the skills you need as a scout for the Forsworn. I didn't do the College and Companions Questlines, as the college is polite and the companions are too "Nordic" for your taste. Finally do the Civil war quests siding with the Legion, as you will kill Ulfric, making up for the Markarth Incident, and with the Legion weakened, by the war and lack of Emperor, your people can take over the Reach. Only after everything else, do the Main Questline, and obtain the only shouts you need, Slow time and Whirlwind sprint.

     Special Moves

     -The Shadow of the Old Gods-
                                       Fortify Restoration Glitch + Quiet casting perk + Slow time + Whirlwind sprint 

    -Fury of the Old Gods:
                                  Fortify Restoration Glitch + Storm Call + Ice Form + Unrelenting Force + Fire Breath
                                   Fortify Restoration Glich + Ice Form + Slow time + Marked for Death + Fire Breath  

  • October 28, 2017

    Okay, I know it is pathetic but hear me out, my pc is broken so I am on my tablet, my tablet needs updating, and I have had to rewrite this 7 times in the past few days

  • October 30, 2017

    Hey GW I'm glad you took the plunge and posted your build.  I know it can be daunting to take those first steps.  As you already stated you understand that this build really isn't up to the normal standards for builds on the site though I wouldn't call it "pathetic" As you discovered it probably would have been better to wait until your pc was fixed before posting this as devices tend to be cumbersome, I can't even leave comments with my tablet much less post a build.  Aside from certain technical limitations you actually have a well thought out and presented start to a build here.  The two absolute must haves are a perk list and gameplay description and you have those here, you'd be surprised how many first time builders are missing these.

    There are a few bits that I noticed could use work.  First you list the stats twice once before the skills and again after them, i imagine this is just an oversite during the editing process.  While you have the required list of perks I would suggest you actually list the perks instead of saying "left side" or "just the efficiency"  while players will most like be able to figure out what perks you mean actually listing them just looks better.  Something stood out to me in your gameplay section, you said that you wanted a fun addictive roleplay but I missed what that was, i get that it's the choice of killing the leader first and then systematically eliminating the rest of the group from the inside, which does sound fun, what I'm missing is the "why".  the gameplay is what you do and you have that, the roleplay is why you do it.  Finally the special moves section took me a second to understand.  You really should explain the Fortify Restoration Glitch and how to perform it or at least leave a link to where it is explained.  You should also explain that it is being used to attain 100% shout cool down allowing you to stack shouts.  You don't explain this in the build, or even hint at it, so when I read the special moves I was completely confused. 

    So I would suggest expanding the roleplay of this character, why they do what they do, and how being dragonborn and a master of shouts works into that character.  Some art would also be nice to break things up and creat a better presentation but I understand that right now you are probably limited due to technical limitations.

    Oh, I went ahead and fixed your tags so they link to the archives and I fixed your title as well.