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Character Build: The Ebony Warrior

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  • September 4, 2017

    Character Build - The Ebony Warrior

    The Ebony Warrior is an orc with a drive for justice. Born in Orsinium, he is no stranger to bandits and crime, with the kingdom being ransacked constantly and highway bandits running rampage. The orc was born into a family of smithers, who as you can imagine, became extremely rich. His parents often told him and his siblings to stay inside after hours, and not go to certain areas. He had heard of a type of magic that could make flesh as hard as iron, and constantly talked to his father about it, but he always dismissed the idea. It was a boring life to live. Due to his parent's overprotective nature, the other children would often tease and disrespect him. His father wanted him to join the family business, and trained him in smithing everyday. When the Ebony Warrior turned 19, he took over the business, making weapons and armour for whoever had the coin. His life was repetitive and dull. One day, he saw a small girl being ganged up on by a couple of fully grown men. Everyone else hurried away, but not him. He donned his finest armour as fast as he could, making sure his faced was covered, and ran into the dark street. He wacked the first in the head with a battleaxe, downing him in one blow. The second was harder. They fought for several minutes before the criminal stabbed him in the gut. He ran out in the street while the Ebony Warrior moaned in pain. The attacker thought he would die from his wounds, but our character is a master smither, and his armour managed to just save him. He was shocked at the damage he had taken, but he had a new passion in his life: saving the defenceless from the scum that walks the earth. He smithed day and night, creating an armour set like no other, made from a rare ore. He decided he should take up archery in cases where close combat is impossible, and created a set of weapons out of the ore he found. He gained a new name in his hometown as the vigilante that murders criminals and makes Orsinium streets safe again. Bandit after bandit he killed yet scar after scar he gained. He knew his body wouldn't last another year of the strain he was putting on it. He decided to travel to Skyrim, a place where he had heard that a magical college exists and many enchanters lived, improving armour and weapons by double. He set out for this magical land, but on the way he was ambushed by a Redguard, and when he woke up, he was on the border of Skyrim naked. It is then that an Imperial cart picks him up and takes him to Helgen. He will embrace life as the Dragonborn, using the power of the Voice as a weapon in battle. He will try and eradicate evil from the world, no matter what. He will go to the College of Winterhold to find the magic he onced yearned for as a child, and learn the ways of the arcane arts through enchanting. Having heard word of a group of heroes in Whiterun, he will try and join the Companion's ranks, and whether or not he embraces the werewolf side is up to you. After hearing of the vampire menace the Ebony Warrior will join the Dawnguard as soon as possible. He will become Thane of every city so he can have influence regarding the law. The Redguard that stole his armour is actually the Ebony Warrior boss at the end, seeking Sovengarde after comitting the sins he has. The reason you will wear Ebony Armour and not Daedric is because Ebony ore is in a lot of Orsinium mines, so it's symbolic to your race. It also looks hella awesome. If you want Daedric gear be sure to change everything to Daedric, eg. your bow and battleaxe as well. You'll also need to expend more points on smithing, so keep that in mind as well.

    Orc Male
    Werewolf (Optional)

    The Companions
    The Imperials/Stormcloaks (Whichever you think is the most morally good)
    The College of Winterhold
    The Dawnguard
    Thane of every City

    Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!
    The Main Story
    The Dragonborn DLC
    The Dawnguard DLC (Side with the Dawnguard)
    The Companions Storyline
    All the Thane Quests

    Standing Stones:
    The Lover Stone (Early Game)
    The Lord Stone/The Atronach Stone (Late Game)

    50% Health          30% Magicka          20% Stamina

    Alteration (To be more durable in combat)     Heavy Armour (It's familiar and strong)     Smithing (It's what his father taught him)                                             Two-Handed (It's familiar and strong)     Enchanting (To improve his armour and weapons so it's easier to kill scum)                                                             Archery (Bows are strong and useful weapons)

    Alteration: For Alteration the Ebony Warrior will go all the way to Master, as you will use the strongest flesh spells, such as Dragonhide and Ebonyflesh. You'll also need to use perks that make your spells more powerful, so definitely go for dual casting and probably stability as well. If you want even more armour, go for Magic Resistance and Atronach, but definitely not Mage Armour, as you will be wearing Heavy Armour all the time.
    Heavy Armour: As an Orc and a smith, you are familiar with Heavy Armour and will obviously be using it in battle. As this build is based mainly around melee damage, Juggernaut 5/5 is a must. If you want the perks Cushioned and Conditioning, you'll unfortunately have to spend an extra point on Fists of Steel. The whole right branch is an absolute MUST for this build, otherwise you will be dying a lot.
    Smithing: You are a natural smith, and being born into the family you were just improved your skills. You will want to take the right branch up to Ebony armour, and if you want to focus on roleplaying this character, you will craft your own Ebony Armour as well. You can also improve your Ebony Armour through smithing, which is, once again from the rolplaying side and the practical side, a good idea.
    Two-Handed: Just like heavy armour, as an orc you are automatically good at two-handed, and it is symbolic, as not only do you kill criminals, you destroy them. You will want to take Barbarian 5/5, as melee weapons are your main damage output. Due to the fact that this build is mainly a head on attacker, you should probably leave out perks like Warmaster and maybe even Sweep. You'll mainly be using a battleaxe, so investing in Deep Wounds and Skull Crusher is an obvious no. You will however definitely want to take Limb Splitter 3/3. Depending on if you want to focus on power attacks, Champion's Stance, Devastating Blow and Great Critical Charge is up to you.
    Enchanting: Wanting to improve your durability and power suits the Ebony Warrior a lot, so enchanting is a good skill to invest in. The recommended enchantments for the armour is Fortify Alteration/Smithing/Heavy Armour/Two-Handed/Health/Archery. If you want to take the enchanting 100 perk Extra Effect, you could add whatever you want. For your bow and battleaxe, the recommended enchantments are Frost Damage, Absorb Health and Paralyze. Once again, Extra Effect can add more enchantments. You will definitely want Enchanter 5/5, as you need the best enchatments on your gear. In my opinion, the idea of frost and ebony seems fitting, so I went for Frost Enchanter, which unfortunately means investing in Fire Enchanter, but that perk is completely optional. Insightful Enchanter and Corpus Enchanter are definitely good ideas if you want to take up enchanting on your armour. 
    Archery: Finally, you have archery. In order to take down enemies that are impossible to kill through melee, you will want this skill for definite, but keep in mind this build is mainly focused around melee combat, so you don't want to invest too much in this skill. When I played this build, I made that mistake, and ended up dying a lot until I reached higher levels. You will want to take Overdraw at at least 3/5 and Critical Shot with at least 1/3. You could use Eagle Eye and Steady hand, and maybe even Power or Quick Shot, but the other perks are not recommended.

    Obviously, you will want to go full Ebony Armour, and if you're focusing on the enchanting aspect of this build, a necklace and ring as well. For weapons, you will use an Ebony Battleaxe and an Ebony Bow, and if you want to go all the way, Ebony Arrows as well. 

    As many flesh spells as you can metaphorically carry.
    Detect Life/Detect Undead are good spells if you want to plan ahead, but can be replaced by the Shout Aura Whisper or just not used at all.
    Paralyze and Mass Paralysis will always be hilarious, but as this build uses a lot of alteration, why the heck not?

    The Ebony Warrior will embrace life as the Dragonborn and use all the Shouts, but your main ones should probably be 
    Become Ethereal, Disarm, Elemental Fury, Frost Breath, Marked for Death, Storm Call, Unrelenting Force and Whirlwind Sprint.



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  • September 4, 2017

    I didn't know you could only have a certain number of tags on a build, so for this build the tags would be: "Race: Orc", "Rank: Bloodworks", "Character Build: Knight", "Character Build: Shouts", and "Character Build: Mage Armour".

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    September 8, 2017

    TheEvolvedHuman said:

    I didn't know you could only have a certain number of tags on a build, so for this build the tags would be: "Race: Orc", "Rank: Bloodworks", "Character Build: Knight", "Character Build: Shouts", and "Character Build: Mage Armour".

    There's a maximum of 3 class tags I believe mate, so choose wisely. It can be hard to decide exactly where your builds fits to be honest, I'm sure much deliberation goes into the decision.

    Am I right in assuming that this is your first build, Evolved? It's a great start if so. The backstory especially is very enticing, an Orc who wasn't raised to fight and fart from the day they were born? Truly a rarety, and very refreshing. What are your plans for roleplaying as this character?

    Oh, and I like the hint that the Ebony Warrior in the game is actually the guy that mugged him, thats a nice touch.

  • September 13, 2017

    You've got another interesting concept here as well.  I can tell that you enjoy crafting backstories as they are easily the strongest part of both your builds.  I'm glad to see a more fleshed out skill/perk section it goes a long way to helping me understand how the character is played.  Still some of my advise on the previous build I would offer again here, presentation still needs some work, right now you still get that unfinished vibe caused by the large block of text followed by huge empty spaces and then another block of text.  Some pictures integrated throughout the build would help break up the text in more managable bites and would help fill in those empty spaces, that block of white next to race/factions/quests is just begging for some art. 

    I would have to say that you show improvement from your first build.  This one is already better structured for the reader and it's playstyle is better explained.  I would still like to see a dedicated playstyle/gameplay section like you had in the Pandora build.  A lot can be extrapolated form the rest of the build so i think you still meet the groups requirments but a dedicated section is nice so readers can quickly find how a build plays.