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    January 22, 2021

    How would you build Umbacano from TES: Oblivion, or one of his descendants?

    Also, is there something resembling (in appearance or enchantments) the Nenalata Crown (it has Reflect Spell and two random Fortify enchantments.)

    I am seeking help with the items he wears and weapons he wields, more than appearance (I believe I can get appearance right.)

  • January 30, 2021
    In both Morrowind and Oblivion his class is mage, so basically all schools of magic (+ short blades in Morrowind's case). As far as gear goes, some mage (maybe college) robes, or upper class clothing. And you'd be looking at magic resistance or absorption for enchantments, since reflect just isn't a thing in Skyrim. In Oblivion he was an Ayleid enthusiast, so maybe his descendant might be a dwemer or nordic enthusiast (what with Ayleids being absent from Skyrim), then maybe Kahvozein's Fang or Keening for a dagger. Or if that strikes your fancy, a glass dagger, as in Morrowind he can be found inside a glass mine.
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    February 18, 2021
    I would almost take that to a route of being a Snow Elf fanboy. Have him start off using spells, Alchemy, and a poisoned crossbow while selling his alchemicals or enchants or what have you for make his fortunes, then establish his fancy household and go after Auriel’s bow with a hired helper.
  • February 22, 2021
    But there's not much you can do with Snow Elves outside of Dawnguard's Forgotten Vale and Auriel's bow/shield. Besides, I don't think Umbacano would want to become a vampire or vampire hunter
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    February 23, 2021

    Cannon said: But there's not much you can do with Snow Elves outside of Dawnguard's Forgotten Vale and Auriel's bow/shield. Besides, I don't think Umbacano would want to become a vampire or vampire hunter

    That makes sense. I spend too much time considering the middle and end without considering the beginning. :P

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    May 22, 2021

    Can anyone think of a build that could be either Tir McDohl (the McDohl scion from Suikoden I) or Jowy Atrides from Suikoden II?


    I already understand that a Tir McDohl build would involve modding - Tir's primary weapon is a staff (which he uses as a weapon, rather than shooting magic through one.)  A Jowy Atrides build would involve the same weapon.


    Also, I believe I might need a mod or two to make a staff into a primary weapon, rather than an implement for throwing magic.

  • March 21, 2022

    Good evening everyone,

    i have recently felt the need to replay skyrim and i've installed a mod pack called septimus 3 through Wabbajack. It basically makes modding quick and easy. The mod pack is based around simonrim mod (from what i've read, in opposition to enairim). The mod list adds a lot of side quests/content such as faalskaar, etc... I've played the modded game for a few days, just to get the hang of it, and i am now ready to start my real playthrough. 

    I'd like to play a build that can do pretty much all content. My favourite part of Skyrim is exploring dungeons, finding random elements/encounters in the game. I know the game quite well but i don't remember everything since i haven't played for a while. I'll try to make a list of the most important elements (in my eyes) that will lead to the right build.

    - My ideal build should revolve around one of the human races, preferably Nord or Imperial.

    - Female character

    - The character must be neutral. No villain, nor hero. He has no master, he makes his own choices. He is a free spirit. I feel like this is me in real life ahah. I think a right alignment for him would be true neutral. 

    - She is an explorer, a wanderer, a pilgrim. 

    - She travels alone and doesn't like the company of others (beside a pet maybe)

    - She is especially interested in rare and valuable items.

    - No vampire or werewolf


    As for her arsenal, iam not completely sure about it.

    - One handed + Shield or 2handed staff 

    - A bit of stealth, but only a few perks.


    - Magic or archery for dealing with tougher enemies/dragons.

    I've spent countless nights reading through the forum and the build that seems to be the closest to what i've described would be the "Treasure Hunter" I find the build a bit too simple though. No range abilities (magic/archery), no profession. 

    Therefore i need your help to determine what build could partially/completely please me.


    Thank you !


  • September 28, 2022

    Hi all. Looking to play a Skyrim modlist that has Legacy of the Dragonborn, and I've always found it difficult to play LoTD and play through the main quest without metagaming. Any suggestions for a build that incorporates LoTD or would work well with it? 

    Many thanks!

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    April 15

    I have been recently considering this character:


    Name: Does-It-All

    Race / Sex: Argonian / IDK right now

    Primary skills: 2-H Axe, Heavy Armor, Heavy Smithing, Restoration, Illusion, Stealth

    I want Does-It-All to literally do it all.  Join the Companions (and become Harbinger), join the College (and become Arch-Mage), join the Thieves' Guild (and become Guildmaster), join the Dark Brotherhood (and complete the whole quest-line plus the additional quests), join the Dawnguard and defeat Harkon, defeat Miraak, all before sending Al Du In to his new home.

     No Mods except Shadowfoot Sanctum (gotten via Creation Club.)

    I've got two questions:

    First, am I spreading myself too thin by doing all that?

    Second, would a male or female Argonian work better?

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    October 28

    After trying (and enjoying) plenty of other builds, I have come to love the illusion stealth build.


    I would to try a Mythic Dawn Agent:


    Illusion - Quiet Casting and Expert Illusion - this is his or her first like of attack (or defense.)  Manipulating the mind of foes always works.

    Destruction - Augmented Shock and Rune Master (Rune Master + Quiet Casting; I'm imagining the possibilities!)

    Conjuration - Summoner (both),Atromancy, and Twin Souls

    Alteration - All three Mage Armors (he or she will be wearing only Mythic Dawn robes.)


    Sneak - Stealth and Assassin's Blade


    One-handed - Armsman


    At first, join the College and work toward Arch-Mage, while training Illusion, Destruction, Conjuration, and Alteration.

    Then, join the Thieves' Guild and work toward Guild Master, while training Sneak.


    Question one about this build: Would the Mythic Dawn work with the Dark Brotherhood or destroy it?

    Question two about this build: what house befits a Mythic Dawn agent (it needs to be some place he or she could live and store stuff safely.)