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    May 24
    What’s a good build to hunt achievements with? I’ve completed some achievements unknowingly here and there but I figured it’s about time to complete it all.
  • August 6

    What are some good Cosplay builds or Builds heavily inspired anime builds? I'm trying to think of an idea based on Guts or Garriff from Berserk. Likely the first one due to no Rapiers being present in the game as far as I'm aware. I'm also looking for builds that require no mods, since I do play on PS4, creation club reccomendations could work despite their mixed thoughts. Its the closest thing I can get to mods besides getting an actual fgaming PC and rebuying it on PC. And Tod howard already made me buy it three times.


    So yeah, Moddless anime builds please.

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    August 6
    I've made a few my dude And others have made some as well. Crossworlds, an Event weve had a few times, has a few
  • August 20

    Any suggestions of a new Enairim build?  I have been playing a Priestess of Alessia recently and that I ended up finishing off the quests I wanted to do, IE Alduin, and Stormcloak side of the war.  

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    September 15
    Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for a build? I’m trying to get back into the game (no access to mods but I do have some cc stuff) I feel there’s so much I’ve not seen in the game and would like a capable build just to get out in the world and have some fun. Might try get the plat too.