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    May 24, 2019
    What’s a good build to hunt achievements with? I’ve completed some achievements unknowingly here and there but I figured it’s about time to complete it all.
  • August 6, 2019

    What are some good Cosplay builds or Builds heavily inspired anime builds? I'm trying to think of an idea based on Guts or Garriff from Berserk. Likely the first one due to no Rapiers being present in the game as far as I'm aware. I'm also looking for builds that require no mods, since I do play on PS4, creation club reccomendations could work despite their mixed thoughts. Its the closest thing I can get to mods besides getting an actual fgaming PC and rebuying it on PC. And Tod howard already made me buy it three times.


    So yeah, Moddless anime builds please.

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    August 6, 2019
    I've made a few my dude And others have made some as well. Crossworlds, an Event weve had a few times, has a few
  • August 20, 2019

    Any suggestions of a new Enairim build?  I have been playing a Priestess of Alessia recently and that I ended up finishing off the quests I wanted to do, IE Alduin, and Stormcloak side of the war.  

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    September 15, 2019
    Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for a build? I’m trying to get back into the game (no access to mods but I do have some cc stuff) I feel there’s so much I’ve not seen in the game and would like a capable build just to get out in the world and have some fun. Might try get the plat too.
  • December 14, 2019

    Hello everyone, I plan on trying a combat archery build (non-stealth) using Ordinator soon, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a god to serve using Wintersun, and a mage skill to specialize in?  I am heavily considering going Redguard as I think the RP of a spell-bow instead of their traditional spell blades would be interesting.  

    Mods: I have an obscene number installed but the primaries would be the full Enairim set.  Imperious, Andromeda, Ordinator, Apocalypse, Wintersun and Sacrosanct?

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    December 14, 2019
    Of the choices Wintersun gives you for Yoku gods (which for some reason is only 5), Satakal could be very thematically appropriate for Skyrim. I can picture a calm but fatalistic Redguard archer, entering into a trance after every fight to heal his wounds, and who understands the world must end and the nature of the cycle. Maybe he's there because only Satakal has the right to decree when that happens rather than some simplified, Nordic imitation in the form of Alduin. The bonus to strength and duration of blessings received from other shrines is very versatile and powerful, allowing you to acknowledge whatever other deities you find appealing or useful without sacrificing your faith in The Worldskin. Auriel's archery bonus would be great to have as well as representing your character's innate connection to the Dragon God and his understanding of the importance of time in that moment when the arrow is about to be loosed from his bow.
  • December 24, 2019

    Hello all, I was just wondering what type of character build you would all recommend for killing Dragon Priests?  I have been playing a spellblade focusing on poison/disease magic and frankly the damn undead have frustrated me enough that I need some cathartic revenge.  

    I am mainly interested in an Ordinator (enairim) valid build, I am also running Kohnarick's Accoutrements (spelling?).  

    Thank you all for your help in advance.  

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    February 2

    Looking for a good shield-mage build for a complete run. I've seen the Nord Warmage, and right now I'm planning on using that, but I just wanted to see what other options there are in case another peaks my interest.