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Character Build: Paladin of Sithis

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  • August 17, 2017

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           Caerwyn is a rather interesting character idea I came up with. Though she has a dark past with the DB, when she finds out she is Dovahkiin she throws herself into that role and becomes a hero, fighting to eradicate evil. I'm sorry I haven't really fleshed out her introduction as well as some of the people i've seen on this site, this is my very first build.. Be gentle! :D I make sure to include choices for ALL possible quests, not just ones specifically for the RP build... The REQURED quests will be in red, recommended ones in Orange Anything else will simply be saying how this character would react during those quests, and will be added to if people ask questions. ON to The backstory!

           Caerwyn comes from a magical family, her father was a healer and her mother was a blacksmith skilled in crafting Enchanted weapons as well. However, her father was killed in the war against the stormcloaks, having been drafted for the Imperial army and sent to Skyrim to act as a healer and support role. Her mother went mad from grief and took her own life, leaving Carwyn alone. She lived on her own for a time before a noble came to take her land. He attempted to have his way with her and she slaughtered him like a pig. That night as she was wondering what she should do, a Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood approached her in her sleep.. informing her she had a place among their ranks, an offer she accepted without a second thought. While out on a contract, her sanctuary was slaughtered, the Night Mother's tomb of Bravil desecrated and of course everyone she held dear was killed.. so she fled. cursing the Imperial soldiers who slaughtered her sanctuary, who let her father die in their pointless wars and skirmishes and caused her to have nothing. She never stayed in the same place, and though her skills grew rusty as she spent the time evading capture  until she was captured entering Skyrim illegally, her legs grew strong, and her step remained light and silent. She nearly died in Helgen but she was able to escape with Ralof, who told her to Join the Stormcloaks. (IF you are using the Live Another Life mod you may choose to start how you wish.. I'd personally recommend as a good alternative perhaps being with a group of bandits, or arriving on a boat in one of the ports.) Though this character will delve into some of the evil aspects of Skyrim, she will overall be a Good character....  That means No putting out the lighthouse at Solitude, Free Madonach Only when the Imperials control Markarth, Don't choose to become one of the Volkihar vampires. You will be getting Vampirism from Serana later, however, as it is "Intimate" to be turned by someone and you as a character develop a bit of a crush on Serana for a while.. though she rejects Caerwyn's advances. Though she sides with the Dark brotherhood.. she wants to make a difference for the new land she calls home.. The people view her as a hero, something she has never been called before. They call her Dovahkiin... She used to be in the Thief's guild as well.. but as the Thieves in Skyrim do not follow the Grey Fox she feels no particular loyalty to them and has a much easier time leaving them behind than she does with the Dark Brotherhood.. she keeps a ring she was given by Festus Krex on her finger at all times after leaving the Brotherhood as memory of home.

     (The Screenshots are only a basic female Breton I created for Screenshots. You may design Caerwyn however you like provided she is a Blonde Female Breton)

          This build is going to be a bit of an odd sounding one at first. Though you're wearing Light Armor and have a background in stealth, you're not really going to be using it much. Though you may adapt my build to your playstyle, I've chosen to use the stealth skill only as a minor part of this build. This Build relies on the Dawnguard Rune Axe to be Devastating against the undead. Though many people choose to use Dawnbreaker, I've found little to no builds utilizing the Dawnguard Rune Axe which has a very unique attribute on it... the Dawnguard Rune Axe stores energy from killing undead, increasing the sun damage it does to enemies over time. This build also uses the Dawnguard Rune Shield, which is a Light armor shield, which also is why I chose to make this a light armor build. You will have Cicero as your companion as well so if you don't like him very much this build isn't for you.


    [Light Armor]: Obviously Light Armor is going to be your defense in this build. This is chosen partially due to the DB backstory but also because the DG Rune Shield is Light Armor, so to maximize the defense bonusses I have chosen to have full light armor.

    Perks Chosen: Agile Defender (5), Custom Fit, Unhindered, Wind Walker, Matching Set, Deft Movement

    [One Handed]: Yes I know usually an assassin would use a dagger, however Caerwyn is no ordinary girl. She always felt more comfortable with the heft of an axe in her hands than she did with a little knife.. and her choice to wield an Axe over a dagger has got her out of several sticky situations

    Perks Chosen: Armsman (5), Fighting Stance, Hack and Slash (3), Critical Charge, Savage Strike, Paralyzing Strike.

    [Block]: To maximise the gain from having a shield, you're obviously going to want the perks to make yourself more tanky. Since this build relies on Light armor instead of Heavy, this is going to be a slightly more difficult task. I suggest blocking only in close quarters or to deflect arrows and move around a lot.

    Perks Chosen: Shield Wall (5), Deflect Arrows, Quick Reflexes, Power Bash, Elemental Protection, Deadly Bash, Disarming Bash, Shield Charge.

    [Restoration]: Most of what she knows she learned from her father, mostly how to treat a few wounds and the like. However she learned that Restoration magic has many more uses in combatting the undead, and as such as resolved to learn all she can. 

    Perks Chosen: Novice Restoration, Apprentice Restoration, Adept Restoration Expert Restoration Master Restoration, Regeneration, Recovery (2), Respite, Avoid Death, Necromage (get this after becoming a Vampire) *Optional* Ward Absorb

    [Alteration]:  The key reason for this skill tree is for the Atronach perk, which grants you 30 percent spell absorption. Combined with the Atronach Stone, which grants 50 percent spell absorption, and on average you're walking around with 80 percent immunity to all spells. Use the Dragonskin power to give yourself immunity to enemy magicka for a minute a day.. which can be INCREDIBLY useful against dragons.

    Perks Chosen: Novice Alteration, Apprentice Alteration, Adept Alteration, Expert Alteration, Atronach (Take this AFTER getting Necromage)

    [Sneak]:Though you are a member of the Dark brotherhood, your true calling is to be your holy mission and heroism, so you're not going to max this out. However you will want to be light footed enough to not set off floor traps.. it can be very useful when dungeon crawling

    Perks Chosen: Stealth (3), Muffled Movement, Light Foot.

    [Smithing]:   You'll want those specifically so work your way up to those particular smithing traits. You may max out Smithing for the perk points.. but only get those specific blacksmithing perks

    Perks Chosen:Steel Smithing, Elven Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith, Advanced Armors.

    [Enchanting]:  You will require this skill for money making purposes, not to mention for your end game gear. I've made sure to label clearly what enchants you will need in the equipment section for roleplay and equipment purposes. I suggest you find an amulet or circlet of Waterbreathing.. A good way to level up Alteration, Smithing and Enchanting all in one is to get the Transmute Ore spellbook, use Alteration to turn iron into silver, silver into gold, smith the gold to make bars make gold rings and then enchant the gold rings and sell them for cash.

    Perks ChosenL: Enchanter (5), Soul Squeezer, Fire Enchanter, Soul Siphon, Frost Enchanter,  Insightful Enchanter,  Storm Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, Extra Effect


    Race: Female Breton, Blonde long hair.

    Stone: Mage/Warrior then Atronach.

    Stats Distribution: [2] Magicka[4] Health[4] Stamina. (Clearly Stamina and Health are going to be your major focusses here, as the Sun Aura produced by the DG Rune Shield is fueled by Stamina, not to mention power attacks etc. Health is also equally important as this build will primarily be up close and personal. Dump the rest of your stat points into Magicka as you're going to want it for use of such spells as Vampire's Bane and Circle of Protection, healing spells etc.)

    Equipment: Full Dawnguard Light Armor (Choose the version with the single pauldron as it looks the most Heroic or you can choose the black one without the pauldrons if you want it to reflect where you came from as a DB member.), Dawnguard Rune Shield, (You may carry a second shield for use against bandits, the Rune Shield is primarily for use against the Undead) Dawnguard Rune Axe, Amulet of Talos (IF you decide to use the Stacking glitch, feel free, there are many tutorials on Youtube on how to accomplish this Alternatively you may choose to keep the Amulet of Articulation from completing the TG questline as a further reminder of where you came from)  The Nightweaver's Band, (For Reasons discussed earlier) Enchantments Chestplate Fortify Healing Rate|Fortify Stamina Regen. Gauntlets Fortify One Handed|Fortify Block, Boots Fortify Carry Weight|Muffle. (The muffle on the boots is mostly to reflect that you used to be an assassin, and as such are light and quiet on your feet. The Fortify Carry weight is because you've been running for your life for 8 years, your skills may have got rusty but your legs are strong.)

     Lycanthropy/Vampirism: Obviously with the Companions questline comes Lycanthropy... "To Join the Circle you must Share the Blood of the Wolf" or whatever it is Skjor says I don't remember anymore. Lycanthropy can be kept, so long as it is ONLY used on Vampire lairs, Bandit Lairs, Silver Hand, and during the Civil War questline against the Empire.You must allow Serana to turn you into a Vampire Lord as part of the DG questline, you must follow the exact same rules. After you get Vampirism from her, you should get the Necromage perk, to make all your spells more effective, your skills work better. You will not allow the darkness of the Vampire Blood to taint your soul... you will follow in Serana's path and seek a better path.. one where you may use your new-found dark powers to spread the holy light of day, and put the fear of the Nine back into the deviants, lowlives, and lesser vampires of Tamriel. If you dislike Vampirism, however, you may choose to remember the power you felt with the blood of the beast coursing through your veins, and retake the blood of the Wolf from Aela. Remember... Should you choose to retake the blood of the wolf you can never take it again after this.. so if you choose to have Caerwyn retake the blood of the Vampire.. you must remain a Vampire for the rest of your playthrough. Out of respect for Serana, you can't get it cured, as that would imply vampirism was somehow wrong or unclean when not being used as a force of good. You also cannot remove Lycanthropy by curing it at the Tomb of Ysgramor, as that would be an insult to the Companions who helped you follow the path of redemption. Pick a side and stick with it!

    Followers: I chose to use a few different ones over the course of the playthrough. As you start off with the Dark Brotherhood you will keep Cicero with you as soon as you unlock him, partially because Cicero is a BEAST with one handed weaponry, but also because it follows the backstory.. he is your old best friend and though he has been driven to madness and does not remember you, travel with him anyway so you get a feeling of the home you lost. When you start the Dawnguard DLC, Switch to Serana when she requests to travel with you, treat her with respect.. this is part of being a hero, treat all who would choose to support the side of light with respect and honour like they deserve. After Harkon is dead, MAKE SURE you go with her into the Soul Cairn and retrieve Valerica.. It's not right leaving her trapped there and she'd make a valuable asset if you were using a mod to rebuild Volkihar after the Vampires are all dead. After the DG is over with do not change Serana to a human, or get cured yourself, respect her right to live the life she chooses, and the gift she gave you. Once you finish the Dragonborn main questline, you can either keep Serana, Cicero or if both of these companions are too annoying.. you can choose to have Frea of the Skall as your companion. The reasoning being as a former evil person on the path to Redemption, you meet this woman who's selfless and honourable and mainly wants to protect her people and protect others. She wields magic and axes too, though she wears heavy armor I find she could make a perfect Mentor type follower, someone that Caerwyn would idolise and even have a little girl crush on. Furthermore, all three of my choices are Essential, so no matter what happens you can't kill them... though if you hit Serana too much she will start hitting back. Cicero of course will never go hostile... he is loyal to his listener to the grave if necessary, and Frea.. I'm pretty sure never goes hostile either but please don't use your companions as training dummies...

    Spouse: I would suggest either Muiri, unlocked during the DB questline, or Mjoll the Lioness since you're going to marry a female of Skyrim. Mjoll would be after starting the path to being a hero, and falling in love with a woman who was nothing but honourable, who never adventured for money, who learned her skills from her mother, who had a devoted father.. someone who was like her but better. Muiri is an option as well as she's a very attractive woman who you'd have met and become attracted to as part of the DB questline.. since she's your first major contract in Skyrim she could be someone that you could try and show how to follow the path of light as you yourself learn to walk it. If neither of those suits you perhaps Brelyna of the College of Winterhold, a woman of Education and knowledge, a dark elf who will not judge or persecute you for your past since you will not judge or persecute her as well, or Orla from the Temple of Dibella in Markarth, a woman who serves the Divines, she would be someone to confide in and seek forgiveness for the many sins that Caerwyn has committed... not to mention as a Priestess of Dibella how intriguing she is in the bedroom. As Caerwyn was hurt and betrayed by men who attempted to violate her, bandits and nobles alike, she has developed an acute distrust of men, and seeks only the arms of women for her companionship. She trusts Cicero but he's not a spouse option.. just her close friend. 

    Image result for female viking

    BANDITS; Chop everything then chop everything again! I'm kidding of course. For bandits, rely on your lycanthropy/vampire lord form if you haven't already levelled that up to the max perks. After that, use it only when you feel you're overwhelmed, and rely on the strength of your sword-arm.. or in this case axe arm. Make sure you move around a lot to keep your foes unable to snipe you off with arrows, don't worry too much about mages, the Atronach perk and stone will keep you safe from most of that damage. If necessary utilise your restoration skill or potions to heal yourself, Caerwyn doesn't rely on poisons or "Fiddly" alchemy so there's no making your own poisons etc. Of course if you decide to use Alchemy I can't stop you but, Caerwyn doesn't like Alchemy it gives her a headache.

    DRAUGR/UNDEAD/VAMPIRES; Here you should rely more on the strength of the Dawnguard Rune Axe and Rune Shield instead of your Lycanthropy. If you are a Vampire Lord you may still utilize that as you like, as killing ANYTHING in vampire lord form will help you gain power as one. However, to boost your attack against the undead, should you not have the Rune Shield/Rune Axe yet you should rely on the Restoration skill and whatever one handed axe you happen to be using at the time, should you not have the Rune Shield or Rune Axe.. If you have the Rune Axe but not the shield, you're lucky as usually you get them warhammer, shield, axe. Anyway, if you are using an axe but not the rune axe/rune shield etc you should utilize your restoration skills to get by. Things like Vampire Bane, Sun Fire and Stendarr's Aura, if you don't have the Rune Shield, are all great to help give yourself an extra edge against the undead. If you like you can also delve into the Fire perks of the Destruction skill, as most undead are weak to fire. You could also utilize Circle of Protection, Bane of the Undead Etc. Don't hestitate to use scrolls! Scrolls can save your life!

    DRAGON PRIESTS;These can be particularly tricky to deal with, as a lot of them wield powerful magic and magic staves, not to mention the Thu'um. I would suggest utilizing the combined bonusses of the Ward Absorb (Should you choose to take it, I've listed it as optional as i recently started using wards myself) Dragonskin, Atronach Perk and Atronach Stone. This will give you at LEAST 100 percent magicka absorb.. if the game doesn't cap you off at like 80 or something, so their attacks will do basically no damage and you're free to either fight them from afar with Vampire Bane, Sun Fire or getting up close and personal with the Dawnguard Rune Axe.

    MAGIC USERS; These should be fairly easy to deal with once you have the Atronach perk and Atronach stone, as you're walking around with literally 80 percent spell absorption, and therefore taking only 20 percent damage from spells at any one time. However at lower levels they can still prove somewhat tricky, so in those situations use your Dragonskin power to boost your defense, if you already have the Atronach stone but not the perk this should raise your absorption to 100 or at least to the cap, allowing you to take next to no damage from their spells, then charge in close and finish them off. Most magic users are pretty devastating from a distance, but are worthless at close combat.

    DOVAH/DRAGONS;  This one should be a fairly obvious choice seeing how to deal with their priests and all.. you're gonna wanna utilize things like Ward Absorb. Though Caerwyn distrusts the Daedra, I personally acknowledge that the SPELLBREAKER shield can be very useful in terms of the free ward, which would allow you to absorb the magicka and keep your defense against any bandits that decide you're a bigger threat than the giant flying lizard breathing fire at them... (It happens all too often) I say in my equipment section that you may have a second shield for use against Bandits.. if you wish to make that the Spellbreaker.. well Caerwyn will suck it up I suppose.. since it does save her life. Now you're also going to want to use the Dragonskin ability to make yourself absorb all the magicka you can.. if you're using ACTUAL wards you're gonna want to fuel that defense as much as possible, as even lesser wards can drain magicka pretty quickly. In combat against Dragons, you're also going to want to have used your Smithing ability to get the Dawnguard Rune Axe as high damage as possible, since you can't enchant it. Overall, Dragons are going to be tough in close quarters but of course, utilizing the Dragonrend shout will allow you to fight them on the ground so make the most of that.

    THE BETRAYED/FALMER;These should be basically the same as your fights against ordinary bandits.. though watch out for their frequent use of Poisons. With the Atronach stone and the Atronach Perk, or Atronach Stone and Dragonskin power you can deal with their shamans and other spellcasters fairly easily as well. With Vampirism, you're generally immune to poison, or if you do get poisoned you resist 100 percent of the damage if I read that right so that should be the one area where the Vampire Lord stands out over the Werewolf. Speaking of both those forms, you may also utilize your Werewolf or Vampire Lord form to muscle your way through, if you're struggling with the close combat strategies. Keep in mind.. if you're using the Talos stacking glitch you'll need to redo that glitch at some point in the future or you won't have infinite shouting.

    DWEMER AUTOMATONS; You might struggle a bit with the larger ones, but generally utilize power attacks as much as you possibly can, it generally keeps them stunlocked so you can keep hitting them. Make sure you circle them.. the bigger automatons like the Centurions struggle to turn around sometimes so you can stay ahead of their blows and hit them hard and fast. Yes essentially, hit them til they break. :P This is an area where the Restoration and Alteration skill trees won't make much difference for you. Fire Destruction is also generally unhelpful as the Automatons are resistant to Fire.. they generally seem the most susceptable to Shock damage. 

    (THAT SHOULD cover all areas of combat... if I missed something tell me. Vampires are covered under Undead)

     Main Questline, Dragonborn, Dawnguard(Side With Dawnguard)- This character is mostly leaving a dark past behind and is seeking redemption through Heroism.. and after discovering she is the Dovahkiin, pursues this whole-heartedly in the act of seeking redemption. Please Note you may NOT pursue the Main Questline or Dragonborn until AFTER you complete the Dark Brotherhood, as slaying the dragon and finding out she is Dovahkiin sets Caerwyn on her path of redemption.

    Delayed Burial (Help Cicero)- As Cicero is your friend from Cyrodil, and though he doesn't recognise you.. Help him anyway. Help him get his wagon fixed so he can transport the Night Mother to her new home... reuniting with him later in the DB Sanctuary near Falkreath.

    Civil War (Stormcloaks)-It stands to reason that the people who would have caused her the most grief in her life would likely be the Imperial Soldiers... from being responsible for her father's death to killing all the members of the Dark Brotherhood in Cyrodil, Caerwyn hates them with a passion.. so when she hears about a chance to murder as many of them as she can and get called a hero for it anyway.... You better believe she sides with Jarl Ulfric... however because I hate killing ice wraiths personally I like to add an extra twist.. She pretends to join the Empire since killing a few bandits is nothing to her... then she takes the Jagged Crown to Jarl Ulfric.. betraying those who betrayed her trust in Cyrodil.. the ones she trusted to protect her father and let him die, let her mother die, killed her family in the Dark Brotherhood...etc.

    College of Winterhold- I mostly say to join them so you can gain access to the master level Restoration spells.. things like bane of the undead, guardian circle etc. They can be very useful in a pinch. You may pursue the questline as far as you like.. the Mages are generally honourable so of course she'd have no issue with freeing the ghosts of the mages and killing Morokei.

    No One Escapes from Cidna Mine (Release Madonach)-Since you are a light armor user, it's a good way to get a decent set of enchanted Light Armor gear fairly early in the game.. not to mention it's a way to screw over the Imperials and therefore is something you're going to want to do. Plus it gives you a place to go and rest later in the game, as one location in the reach becomes home to Madonach and his followers and they will be friendly towards you, giving you another place to rest on the road if you're doing a no fast travel run. (DO THIS BEFORE THE STORMCLOAKS TAKE MARKARTH)

    The Book of Love, Sybyl of Dibella, The Blessings of Nature, The Man who Cried Wolf/The Wolf Queen Awakened- Part of her path to redemption obviously led her to the different temples of the Divines and the Jarls to seek tasks to earn forgiveness from the gods and anyone else she may have wronged. Obviously these will lead to several benefits, such as the bonus to damage against the opposite sex (since most enemies tend to be male, This is why I specify female) The bonus to restoration is also a good thing. Obviously coming from Cyrodil Caerwyn will want to stop the rising of Potema. You may choose to obtain Eldergleam sap and fight the spriggans or get the sapling for the Blessings of Nature.. up to you if her dark nature causes her to hurt the tree, or she is sufficiently "Light side" enough to take the sapling instead.

     Thief's Guild- Here you have two choices.. you can either Join, find all the Stones of Barenziah, get the Crown, and never touch this questline again, OR if you dislike unfinished questlines cluttering up your quest log, as Caerwyn does, you can finish the TG as well, Becoming the Guild Master, but leaving all but using the fences behind once you start the main questline. Once again, All of this must be completed before killing your first dragon, as that is what causes her to see that she can be better, and leave that life behind her. Make sure, however, that you don't just lock your guild master armor in a chest, or blackguards if you got it from the Dragonborn DLC, Make sure you put it on a Mannequin in a house somewhere, so any time you come home you get that reminder of what you walked away from.

    Companions- Same deal as before, she views the Companions as honourable warriors and a guide to how she should be a hero. Complete the questline, it and the Dawnguard Radiant quests will be how you earn "Workaday" job money after you leave the Thief's Guild and Dark Brotherhood behind you.

    Dark Brotherhood (Full Questline)- Out of loyalty to the Night Mother, and with hopes to see your friend again, You take a Contract from Aventus Aretino and kill Grelod the Kind, a woman you find out is named ironically, that she beats and possibly kills children. Spare Cicero, he's your companion later after Serana is dealt with. Keep the 20k from the DB... you're not gonna be using the Dawnguard sanctuary, there's not much point in upgrading it. After you get the money you end up killing your first dragon after completing both DB and TG, so you're not gonna be using either of them again.

    Retake Thirsk Mead Hall- This is one that just occured to me but if she is on a path of Redemption, obviously she would wish to give others the same right as well. With the Retaking Thirsk Mead Hall, you also gain access to tons of.. I believe.. respawning bottles of Black Briar Reserve, which both sells for a decent amount of coin and would make any drunk she encountered in the cities around Skyrim very happy indeed. It also allows you to make new types of mead and that can be a fun little side quest to do to help the people celebrate their newfound path to redemption.

    Black Star-Black Star- Enchanting requires souls. The Black Star allows you an infinite use black soul gem which means you can kill any random bandit and make a killer enchant.. no pun intended. Not to mention with her distrust of the Daedra, the Black Star allows her to make use of a Daedric Artifact and, in essence, give them the middle finger at the same time.

    The House of Horrors- Retrieval of the Mace of Molag Bal is useful as a way of getting a soul trap enchanted item. You may alternatively choose to get the Steel Battleaxe of Firey Souls from Ironbind Barrow and disenchant it to make an axe of Firey Soul Trap and Fire Damage or sometihng like that.. really capitalize on the burning damage. Also fun fact.. if you kill the priest immediately upon entering the house you can use the Abandoned House just as it is when you enter as a little temporary living quarters. I suggest you get the mace before you meet Serana just because there's extra dialogue to say you're the Champion of Molag Bal and have her impressed with you.

    Other- Other than these you may do any questline you desire. IF you do choose to get Dawnbreaker you can't wield it.. Same with all other Daedric artifacts.. Caerwyn distrusts the Daedra in general, however she acknowledges some of their earthly artifacts may possess some use and entrusts such distastful tools to her companions (Equip Serana/Cicero with Mace of Molag-Bal and if you like, the Ebony Mail as well. All other Daedric artifacts you retrieve you can put in a chest or on a display but not use)

    Image result for female viking

    Image Creidts Viking Female and Viking Female 2 by Raph04art on DeviantArt, Screenshots from SSE, First picture from Google BANNERS BY DRAGONBORN. Special Thanks to Paws, Dragonborn1921 and Legion, the Damned Faithless Imperial that he is, For making this build possible. If you have any questions about quests that I didn't list, PLEASE feel free to message me and I'll add a section for you, and like minded individuals, just so you can stay within character and build. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and Hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did creating it.

    (For Anyone who is Curious as to the name "Paladin of Sithis" Sithis is neither good nor Evil, he is simply the Void. As someone who was part of the Dark Brotherhood, She would naturally worship Sithis over any other Deity, hence the title, Paladin of Sithis. It also draws the eye, as it is different than the normal Crusader titles you would see, such as Paladin of Meridia, Paladin of Mara, Paladin of Akatosh, Paladin of Auriel etc.)

  • August 17, 2017

    *Edited for Consistency, Spelling and a few other quests and decisions to the mix. Right after you think it's perfect you notice all the errors you missed am I right?*

  • August 17, 2017

    Right on Baldur, looking really good overall. Obviously, it could use another image or two but that's pretty minor in the long run and you've broken up the text rather nicely. Congratulations on a great first build Baldur. 

  • August 17, 2017

    Dragonborn1921 said:

    Right on Baldur, looking really good overall. Obviously, it could use another image or two but that's pretty minor in the long run and you've broken up the text rather nicely. Congratulations on a great first build Baldur. 

    IF I could find any extra images that would suit this character I would have uploaded them..

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    August 17, 2017

    Hey, impatient pup :D Images tell a thousand words, we coulda got the art group to help get you some banners, and sourced you some nice pictures to help break up the text - Workshop is a good place to store and work on the build. What level is the complete build? Somewhere in the mid-fifties it seems - sometimes it pays to note the level of the complete build so that players know how much of a time investment the build will require.

    Overall, really cool build, especially for a first! There is a nice story of redemption, a good mix of dark and light quests so that both can be experienced equally in order to enjoy that story, and the skills and equipment make for an exciting playstyle. Good work, Baldur :)


  • August 17, 2017

    Paws said:

    Hey, impatiant pup :D Images tell a thousand words, we coulda got the art group to help get you some banners, and sourced you some nice pictures to help break up the text - Workshop is a good place to store and work on the build. What level is the complete build? Somewhere in the mid-fifties it seems - sometimes it pays to note the level of the complete build so that players know how much of a time investment the build will require.

    Overall, really cool build, especially for a first! There is a nice story of redemption, a good mix of dark and light quests so that both can be experienced equally in order to enjoy that story, and the skills and equipment make for an exciting playstyle. Good work, Baldur :)



    Currently working on using the PC edition of Skyrim to create screenshots.. It's not as easy as I would have liked but I have a couple here I could add.

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    August 17, 2017

    Nice, get at me when you're done so that I can looky :)

  • August 17, 2017

    Paws said:

    Nice, get at me when you're done so that I can looky :)


    How are those? I don't have any pose mods so I made do with TFC and some other boring vanilla stuff.. posing in a dungeon etc.

  • August 17, 2017

    Nice first build Baldur.  Well structured and very easy to follow the growth of this character.  I like builds that tell a story as the character progresses through the game.  I find it hard to believe that you find pictures that suited this character!  It seems a google search for female viking would have netted you hundreds to choose from.

    Oh I took the liberty to fix your tags as well.  You are allowed three playstyle tags from the archives, i went with the three that seemed the most like this character but you can change that if you like.  Anyway for future reference, since i hope to see future buids from you, the proper playstyle tag is Character Build Warrior that way it will show up in the archives.

  • August 17, 2017

    Looking good, Baldur. I like how you presented Caerwyn as a hero, and teased out various aspects of her personality, like not touching Daedric artifacts, saving Valerica, and being respectful to those on the side of light. Those are nice touches. My biggest suggestion is to cut down your word count and write in a less colloquial voice. 

    She nearly died of the Headsman's Axe until of course Alduin came along

    Sentences like this. It's not a huge deal, but I think it would really help improve readability to write this as if you were telling a tale rather than explaining to us over coffee how the build works. I'm glad I could help though! Just let me know if I can continue to.