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Event Build: Karliah, Barenziah's Legacy

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  • June 16, 2017

    I hate to restort to this but there is always one failsafe that can make anything canon... Dragon Break. Boom it's done, there was a Dragon Break when Alduin was brough back into the future which caused Karliah to split into two seperate personalities, changed the perk system of the game and made sure that the Thieves Guild happpened for Sheo but not anyone else. Boom there, all loose ends split up (and of course one Karliah was sent backwards in time) and you can't say I'm wrong because Lore-canony stuff :P

    I'm kidding about that, just thought it'd be kind of funny to give that a shot in a Lore argument (never tried the, but hey there was a Dragon Break so I could be right approach to Lore argument). I concede that it's most likely that Corvus removed the curse itself but not the power (the curse being the fact that part of the power was always on, shrouding him perfectly). It just seems like the most likely scenario but I haven't played the Thieve's Guild, Oblivion, in ages.

    I'm currently slightly obsessively playing Skyrim (had no gaming-capable PC for almost a year, so I have missed those mountains and stuffs) but I'm definitely intending to get back into Oblivion at some point soonish. I've still never done the Dark Brotherhood beyond the... second quest, I think, for a start.

    Oh man...the Dark Brotherhood was actualy not shit back then (though really I think all the guilds but the Fighter's Guild were better in Oblivion), and the quests were freaking amazing. I don't think there's ever been a quest as fun/entertaining as Whodunit (and do not look that up if it'd be a spoler for you). Man now I kind of feel like playing Oblivion as a Thief/Assassin character...or perhaps... a pacifist Assassin? Hmm, that bares thinking about. Anyway, you have to play through the DB at some point Gnewna.

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    June 21, 2017

    Crud. I though I commented on this... perhaps I was thinking of Breylna.

    This is a fantastic take on Karliah (a character I've obsessed over since I first took on the Thieves Guild quests--it's those violet eyes... why doesn't Bethesda let you created a Dunmer with violet eyes?).

    I'm also really enjoying the story arcs as well. It's a fantastic blend of build information and storytelling. And going after the Grey Cowl is super-cool (I love how you use it to keep your identity safe when you visit Riften... that's a pretty boss idea for what could have otherwise been a sticky situation :D)!

    Artwork and presentation is, as always, top notch as well. A feast for the mind and eyes ;D

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    June 30, 2017

    I love that perkspread, purple like Karliah's bewtiching eyes :) Ordinator adds so much more complexity and definition to a character, no? It is also a rabbit hole of procrastination, especially when interpreting an existing character. I reckon you've chosen well, although I am not as familar with this mer I could be; sneaking and theft, you know? Ain't got time, prefer to tank, then hit hard and fast. But reading this a few days back did almost tempt me... :)

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    July 21, 2017

    Looks really good DB and the presentation is also great!