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Event Build: The Bow-Knight of Auri'El

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  • April 3, 2017

    So a quick question for you, whan Resto spells does Apocalypse add? I'm curious as I'm considering whether or not an Ordinator/Apocalypse grouping fits a build that I've got in the back of my brain. 

    I agree, though, I've got to try this build to check out the archery mechanics for Ordinator. Thank you so much for participating in this event. Hope to see you building more. 

  • April 5, 2017

    Thanks Shin! Heavy Archery has a different vibe to Sneak Archery, and feels incredibly badass to my mind. When I've dabbled in playing Hardcore I've ended up with Heavy Archers!

    I've spent years going 'meh' about the Bosmer, but am now on a bit of a Bosmer thing...there might be a Bosmer mage coming up if I can figure out a few things.

    Lis - the Resto spells of Apocalpyse are a real mixed bunch. There are more agressive uses of Restoration: curses, disease, death spells. There are also more healing and protection spells that work a bit differently to standard heals: like Tree Rings and Sealed Resolve. It allows magical protection without dipping into Alteration (although I did for Ocato's). I'd check out the full list, because depending on what you're thinking about there's probably one or two quirky spells in there that would fit! The Restoration tree in Ordinator is a thing of joy. 

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    April 5, 2017

    BTW--I started playing this a couple days ago... it's been a lot of fun so far :D

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    April 20, 2017

    I just "finished" playing this build (I'm actually going to keep a save so I can revisit it when I feel like playing a tanky archer). I took it way past the level cap (close to level 40) because I just couldn't put her away xD

    Again, thanks for a great build... it was a lot of fun! :D

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    April 23, 2017

    I really like this!  Playing my own bow-Elf right now and looking around for builds of an Elven perspective, so this was a nice find.