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Character Build: Imperial Blade of Talos

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  • April 29, 2012

    Arcaeus, of House Valores.

    The Dragonborn, Imperial Blade of Talos.


       I am Arcaeus Valores... the last of my name. I am all that is left of a once great and noble family of Imperials. My house always stood firm beside the Empire. The Empire which was founded by the mighty Talos, may he be praised! Both my mother and father served the Empire as Blade spies... that was before the Thalmor... Before they killed them. I would have perished too, were it not for our Blades swordmaster. He helped me escape and brought me to Hammerfell. There I continued my education under the Blades discipline until I became of age. When I was old enough, I made my way north to Skyrim.

         Although the Empire has weakened and the Blades have disbanded, I will uphold the honor of my house. There are still many sons of the Empire who fight for the glory of Talos. I vowed to serve Talos, and to serve the Empire which he founded. I will aid in the destruction of the Thalmor menace, and all who oppose the Empire!... The Blades were the elite protectors of Talos's Empire, and I will live to see their honor restored as well. I know this will come to pass. For I saw it in a divine vision... In the vision I could see Talos, he wore a burning red Amulet, and there was a great dragonfire. I was surrounded by the dragonfire, and I could feel mighty words rising from deep within me. This happened near the border of Skyrim, at a small Shrine of Talos. While I was still in a trance from the vision I was captured, bound, and thrown into a cart with the rebels who call themselves Stormcloaks. When I awoke I had no fear, for my destiny was just beginning... and from the vision, I knew Talos was with me!.........

    Race: Imperial

    Stone: Lord Stone

    Magic/Health/Stamina: 300/500/300


    Melee Perks (39/80):As a a Blades master who was raised under strict discipline, you are fierce in up close combat, steady and strong. Although you are well defended with heavy armor and shield, you are by no means slow or clumsy - you are both swift and silent in combat, never staying still for your enemy to strike you. Although a Blade is no blacksmith, you know the difference between well crafted armor and poorly crafted armor. You take well made armor and perfect it using an ancient Blade method of steel tempering. This method takes a great amount of time, patience, and focus.

    ----->Take all perks in Heavy Armor, Block, and One-Handed (Except for maces, axes, or dual wielding, as Arcaeus is purely a sword user.)

    -----> Level your Smithing to 100, but take only the Steel and Arcane Blacksmith Perks. (Since you will only wear Imperial Armor and Blades Armor, there is no need to take any other perks in the smithing tree.)

    Magic Perks (21/80):You are also versed in the healing magics, as well as enchanting magics. You use your vast knowledge of enchanting to augment your armor and weapons.

    -----> Take all perks in Enchanting, and all perks in Restoration (except for the Ward Absorb, Necromage, Dual-Casting, Expert, and Master perks, since you will only be using restoration to heal yourself after/during combat.)

    Stealth Perks (20/81): As many blades were spies, a knowledge of stealth and disguise is invaluable. You are strategic in your speech, which gives you the ability to keep your identity hidden when the need arises.

    -----> In the Stealth tree take only 5/5 Stealth, Muffled Movement, and Backstab. (A blade is also a strategist, and knows that the element of surprise is often invaluable, you are arrogant, but not foolish! Besides, you can fight a dragon head on... you don't need to prove yourself to low life bandits!)

    ----->Take all perks in the Speech tree! (Bribery and intimidation are sometimes necessary evils in order to keep your identity as a blade a secret. Wear your Imperial Armor while in towns, especially if you live there! Your status as an Imperial soldier also serves as your disguise. Avoid unnecessary attention!)

    ***Follow this link to skyrimcalculator for the complete perk plan.


    The Imperials: The Emperor was reluctant to disband the Blades, and equally reluctant to accept the White Gold Concordat, but there was little choice in the matter. Although the Valores House was officially branded outlaws and treated cruelly by the Thalmor, the Imperials will harbor you safely in Skyrim. They will stand behind you should any Thalmor trouble come your way. Your father was a well respected man, and your family's reputation for their unwavering loyalty precedes them, which is why General Tullies, a fellow Imperial, places his confidence in you.

    (Spoilers) The Blades: The blades were establish by the Septims at the beginning of the Third Era when the Empire was first united. Both the Imperial Legion, and the Blades exist because of the will of Talos, and by strengthening these factions, you strengthen his name and extend his glory. There are two known members of the Blades in Skyrim... With Arcaeus having been trained in the way of the Blades, that will make three. You will join the two other blades and become the champion you were destined to be - A Champion of the Talos, master of the voice, renowned dragonslayer, and high ranking Imperial Soldier. When the time comes to rebuild the Blades, you will choose three warriors (preferably housecarls or other one-handed, heavily armored warriors) whom you trust absolutely.

    Solitude and Markarth: As you progress along your journey, you will acquire great wealth and fame across Skyrim, and you will have many friends and loyal followers who will honor the Valores name. You will even be named Thane of many holds. You will have many properties, as is custom for a noble, but you will primarily reside in Markarth or Solitude - Imperial Holds of great luxury... that is, of course, when you are not living in Sky Haven Temple...

    Some Extra Tips to have the most fun (if you enjoy this kind of Role-Playing style): Walk everywhere, no carriages or horses. Sleep every night and eat at least one cooked meal per day, drink, and bathe privately in rivers. Don't carry a ridiculous amount of gear. Try to play as realistically as possible! I found this link to be very helpful and the tips really did enhance my gaming experience!

    Arcaeus's Enchanted Blades Armor

    (My opinion on best enchants for this particular character build, and optional armor names in Japanese!)

    Katana (Sword): Lightning Damage & Frost Damage

    Kabuto (Helmet): Fortify Restoration & Regenerate Magic

    Kubiwa (Necklace): Fortify One-Handed & Resist Magic

    Do (Breastplate): Fortify Restoration & Regenerate Magic

    Tekko (Gauntlets): Fortify One-Handed & Fortify Unarmed

    Yubiwa (Ring): Fortify Restoration & Resist Magic

    Suneate (Boots): Resist Frost & Fortify One-Handed

    Tate (Shield): Resist Frost & Resist Magic