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Character Build: The Midas

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  • November 28, 2016


    One of My favorite Myths growing up, how could I not?




    Since You were a Child, You have been painfully Aware of the Power of Wealth. Growing up in want, You became dedicated, even obsessed, with all the finer Things, especially the Glitter of Gold. You turned to Thievery, taking that which You did not earn. However, the Great War destroyed your Hometown, and your Stash of ill-gotten Goods with it. You fled; ran until your Feet went Raw. In the Wilderness, You found an abandoned Shrine to Clavicus Vile. Greed once more filled your Head, and You prayed for limitless Wealth. And so, He gave you the Power of Aurification. It is limitless. . .after all, there's no Way You could possible kill Everything. . .right?



    Unlike my last Build, Ahzidal, this Build has need for several specific Mods.

    -Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim; Enai Siaion

    -The Golden Touch - New Spells and Effect Shaders; BrotherBob

    -Gold Coin Smithing and Smelting; chasewj1

    -Insanitys Goldbrand; InsanitySorrow


    The Build

    Race: Any; Greed doesn't belong to any Nation, but the Imperial passive Ability is fitting.

    Standing Stone: Start with the Mage Stone until Alteration is at 80, then switch to the Lord Stone for some extra defense, as none of the others are terribly useful.

    Stat Distribution: 2/1/0; Stamina is useless to us, not even for carrying capacity.

    Skills; Level Irrelevant:

    Alteration: Aurification requires Blood; make sure It's not yours.

    -Alteration Mastery 2/2: Literally All our Spells are Alteration, and there's no such thing as too Much.

    -Mage Armor 3/3: This will buff Goldenflesh, and help make up for our Lack of Armor.

    -Geomancer: Simply helps us survive in drawn out confrontation.

    -Philosopher's Stone: Use as often as possible.

    -Alter Self (Resistances+Attributes): Make one of your Resistances to Fire to help offset Goldenflesh's drawbacks, and the other depends on your racial Resistances. For Attributes, Magicka of course.

    -Spellblade: Just a Bit of extra Damage.

    -Command Lock: Do not, no stop skimming look at Me, DO NOT use This for the intended Purpose.

    -Energy Roil: Helps offset our fewer One-Handed Perks

    -Aurification: The Name of the Game, use this as often as possible; It's more Valuable than Turn to Gold.


    Lockpicking: The best Things are locked away, in Homes and Tombs. Seek Them out.

    -Lockpicking Mastery 2/2: Let's just say it; lockpicking sucks. This makes the Minigame more bearable.

    -Game of Fate: These little Gifts are just fun Surprises with a big Payoff. Plus, the free Perk Points make our level for the purpose of this build irrelevant. I think if You leveled Nothing but these Skills to 100, You would be around Level 40.

    -Robber's Eye: While useful if You decide to join the Thieve's Guild, This gets better with Dungeoneer.

    -Gone in 15 Seconds: A 50% boost is HUGE, and You'll probably end up doing this Half the Time by Accident.

    -Nose for Treasure: Choose Gold, of course. It may not be worth more in the long Run, but it's Thematic.

    -Dungeoneer: Think about It, how much of this Game do You spend in Dungeons?

    -Golden Touch: Basically Imperial Luck's older Brother, and is always useful.


    One-Handed: So what if It's made of Gold? A Sword's a Sword.

    -One-Handed Mastery 2/2: Helps Goldbrand stay potent, yet weak enough to not accidently kill Something too soon. You'll see what I mean later.

    -Clash of Champions 3/3: Doesn't add Damage, but instead helps You tank. Perfect.


    Pickpocket: You've always been a Thief at Heart.

    -Pickpocket Mastery 2/2: This is why You don't need Stamina for Carrying Capacity

    -Blood Money: You have to kill your Toys eventually, why not take advantage?

    -Death's Emperor 1/2: A very useful Tool, but greatly risks losing some Gold.

    -Doomed to Plunder: More Money, more Perks.

    -Dragon Hoard: Should be used sparingly at first, but You'll quickly have an obscene Amount of Gold.


    Sneak: Scurry and hide; there's always Someone after your Gold.

    -Sneak Mastery 2/2: Frankly put, You're squishy. This helps you from getting hit.


    The Gear

    Goldbrand! And. . .that's It. Only wear Clothes, preferably Noble's, and whatever enchanted Jewelry You find. Try and wear only Gold, but so what? This Build doesn't craft.



    AKA: How to Midas Properly


    Remember the Three H's: Hide, Hunt, Hoard.

    Hide: Midases (Midai?) are pretty easy to kill without Goldflesh, so You're going to want to sneak around. When facing a Group, plant your 'Death's Emperor' on the Toughest of the Lot, otherwise just on Whoever You want to kill. Keep in mind, You can't paralyze everything, and for these occasions, consider avoiding the fight.

    Hunt: Cast Paralysis (or Mass Paralysis on a group). Use Goldbrand, and CAREFUL, You don't want to just wildly swing. Get your Target(s) down to Half-Health. Prioritize using Aurification, as it gives more, and you can do it twice a day. For the rest, use Epidermal Suffocation. Against larger Groups, some People will likely start waking up while You're still suffocating Foes, so just cast Goldflesh and tank through it.

    UH OH

    You fucked up. You accidently swung twice, or Goldbrand's burning Damage was unexpectedly effective, or Something else. The 'Why' doesn't matter, the Fact is that Something is dead, and You didn't get Gold from It. Never fear! For while not as valuable, the Golden Touch Spell will allow you to recoup some of those Losses! It's also good for scripted Deaths, Civil War Quests, and some Foes that can't be paralyzed or suffocated. ANYWAYS.

    Hoard: Collect all this Gold. Open every Container, Look Everywhere, LOOT EVERYTHING. Gold Ore and Bars will be semi-common Drops, as well as the occasional Iron/Silver Ore, which You should pick up the vanilla Spell Transmute Mineral Ore. Smelt your Ores into Bars, and use the Smithing Mod to make Bars into Coins. And ALWAYS keep your Gold on your Person, lest Someone steal It from You. You're suspicious, conniving, and overall greedy. Act like It.


    Thanks for reading! If You'd like to try my last Build, Ahzidal, look here. Otherwise, enjoy!

  • November 28, 2016

    Wheeler, can you do me a favor?

    Can you list in your build title in parentheses (Ordinator) as those are the perks you are using. It'll help Ordinator players find your build easier. I'd also actually consider tagging your build with Ordinator as well.