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Character Build: The Lone Vault Survivor (2 Mods needed)

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  • October 1, 2016

    The sirens suddenly were blaring so loudly that you practically jumped out of your bed in shock. Drowsee and a bit confused, you slowly regain focus and check your bedside alarm clock. 4:08. In the morning. What a perfect time for a drill.

    Except, after a few moments go by, you realize this isn't another drill. Why are there people running down the middle of the street in the morning? Is that a helicopter flying right outside your apartment? You open the window and hear a chilling message coming from a speaker:

    "Residents! If you are registered, evacuate to Vault 3 immediately!"

    The Lone Vault Survivor

    "In case of total nuclear annihilation, take shelter at your local Vault! You've won a place! - Vault Tec"

    You can hardly believe that winning that 'stupid prize' months earlier had any significance. Who in his right mind would? Quickly throwing on some jeans, a t-shirt and your favorite red Converse shoes, you dash down the staircase and burst out the door. Military personal point you in the direction of Vault 3.

    A mob of people wait at the gate, but the soldiers stationed there don't allow anyone to enter that isn't on their list. One man tries to push aside a Marine and make a break for the Vault, only to be brutally mowed down by a machine gun.

    Calmly, you walk up the the Vault Guardian, and explain you are on the list. He allows you to enter. It all feels so...surreal.

    Inside, a scientist greets you warmly as if nothing is wrong outside. He hands you a blue Vault Tec jumpsuit, and instructs you to change into it. The scientist and his personal escort you through your new home, explaining that this is one of their most advanced facilities, down narrow corridors to a very large room.
    "Please climb into the tank, sir/ma'am. The pod will decontaminate and depressurize you before we head deeper into the Vault."

    The door closes securely, and instantaneously you feel a calm flow over you. Your mind starts to wander to other thoughts, your eyes feel heavy, they close for a brief second and...


    Mods Necessary: Modern Firearms and Vault Dweller Mashup and Alternative Start

    Race: Nord

    Stone: The Thief (or pretty much any you prefer)

    Major Skills: Archery, Sneak, Alchemy, Speech

    Minor Skills: Smithing, Light Armor, Pickpocket, Lockpicking

    Weapons: Any modern firearm from the mod above

    Armor: From the second mod, take a Vault Jumpsuit, the Vault Armor (looks like strap thing with scarf), Vault Shoes and of course the Pip Boy

    Other information: No magic at start! Potions are fine because we can roleplay them as Chems and Stimpacks. However, coming from the 21st century doesn't mean you can use magic until you start the College of Winterhold quests. Put your FIRST PERK INTO STEEL SMITHING (so you can craft more bullets).

    Followers: Try to take none, but maybe buy a war dog in Markarth, a husky from the Dawnguard, or Babus.


    How to Setup this Character

    Using the mods above, you should select your character to be a Nord male or female, unless you absolutely need another human race. I chose Nord because the 50% Frost resistance makes sense after being frozen. Choose for Alternative Start to pick a random location. Once spawned, drop all your items, except the potions, and open up your console with the key left of the 1 on your keyboard. Add the Vault armors, and 1 gun of your choice and 300 bullets to be fair.



    In order to Roleplay, you're going to have to use a bit of your imagination!

    You awaken as suddenly the pod door busts open. Stumbling out, you realize the whole Vault has changed. The air hangs thick, making you cough. You start to panic from what you see next. All the other pods in this large room have their doors open, and no one is inside. The lights start to flicker, and you worry that soon you will have nothing to see. You bolt for the entrance to the tunnel leading out. In the corridor, you find 2 dead soldiers. One is holding a gun, which in your frightened state you grab off of his corpse. Both soldiers have extra ammunition, and some Stimpacks.

    Riding the same elevator that took you down, and which is miraculously still functioning, you reach the surface. Daylight blinds you, but you are relieved to smell fresh air again. As you try to step off of the platform, you nearly trip as you stumble over a skeleton in a labcoat. What's that on his arm? A Pip Boy? He won't be needing this anymore. Firing up the Pip Boy, instructions sprawl across the screen telling you to rendevous with the other survivors at a place called Helgen. Of course you say to yourself "Helgen? Never heard of it, guess I'll just follow the map on the Pip Boy".

    Absorbing the surrounding environment, you realize this isn't at all the same as when you entered the Vault. Where are all the buildings? Why are their trees and mountains everywhere? Is that snow? Is it winter? What the hell is going on here!? With no other course of action, you reluctantly decide that going for Helgen is probably the best choice right now...


    Once you start wandering around, try your very best to play this character as if he/she is experiencing this all for the first time. See some bandits? Walk up to them and try to talk to them, only to shoot them down once they draw axes or fling arrows at you.

    The mod Modern Firearms will make you Over Powered, and this is intentional. If you wound up in a medieval world with a gun, you would be OP in real life too. However, you should not just shoot everything that moves, try first to investigate it and when you realize its not friendly, shoot first and ask questions later.

    Since you are from the 21st century, your mind is much more developed in terms of science, education, and even warfare. This is why you can craft alchemical potions which replaces Fallout's science labs and perks, you have an advantage in trading because you know how to barter, and of course you've seen enough James Bond movies and Indiana Jones to know that sneaking is useful to get the drop on your enemies and survive in caves and tombs. Plus everyone knows a gun will beat any weapon from the past if used properly.

    Monsters can be roleplayed as creatures exposed to too much radiation. Walrus is a Horker. Giants are men that had to survive under atomic radiation. Dragons are a by-product of nuclear lizards that can spew fire and ice. Some humans remained above ground and over centuries evolved into Orcs, Elves, Vampires and even some Werewolves. Its all RADs damage, baby!!

    Magic is just another form of mutations. All humans that were exposed to the fallout have gotten X-men like powers which they can share to each other by explaining it. That is why only a visit to the College of Winterhold and enrolling there will grant you the ability to use magic.


    Perk Spread

    Archery aka Commando/Rifleman: Obviously guns will upgrade archery, so use this tree and buy perks here for combat. Put 1 or 2 points in Overdraw, on the right side buy 1 Critical Shot, getting bullets with Hunter's Discipline, moving around like in a FPS with Ranger, and finally get Bullseye, since in Fallout you can target limbs which is essentially paralyzing. On the left side, buy only Eagle Eye and both Steady Hands if you want to die hard roleplay VATS.


    Sneak: Put as many points as you deem worthy into Stealth. Going up the right side, get Backstab and Deadly Aim so your guns will do more damage when you get the drop on a group of enemies. Going up the left side of the tree, grab everything up to Silence.


    Alchemy aka Science: Throughout the game, always upgrade Alchemist. If you have extra points to spare, get Physician and Benefactor.


    Speech aka Charisma: From the major skills, start upgrading this one last. This is a fun tree to play around with, and since all the perks are lore-friendly to a 21st century Vault survivor, you can pretty much buy anything you want. Once you have extra perks, pump them in here.


    Smithing, Light Armor, Pickpocket, Lockpicking: These are the minor skills. I would HIGHLY recommend putting your very first perk point at level 2 into Smithing to get Steel Smithing. Without this, it will be impossible to get more bullets legitemitely. Pickpocket is totally optional if you want to make a thief character. Lockpicking is useful and super lore friendly since its almost identical to Fallout. Light armor you can put some points into, but with high Archery and Sneak this might be a waste. Its up to you.


    Ability Notes

    • You don't understand magic. This is important for roleplaying, it would make no sense if you suddenly woke up tomorrow and could spout flames from your hands. Magic is a mutation in men and mer, giving super powers. "There's a tranquility in magic, don't you think? It is simply energy, to be harnessed by those with the will and knowledge to do so." You have the will, just not the knowledge. The College of Winterhold on the other hand...
    • You have a much more advanced mind. If you think you are too OP, good, then that is correct. I would suggest playing on Legendary difficulty.
    • Try not to switch gear, stick with the Vault clothes and Pip Boy, plus guns to remain immersed
    • Listen to the people of Skyrim when they talk about their gods and culture, absorb it into your new reality. 
    • Help everyone. Don't be too much of a psycho because you are roleplaying yourself, think of how you'd act today and imagine it wouldn't just fade in 2 seconds if your environment changed
    • Helgen, as we all know, gets destroyed. That's why its good to roleplay that this is the rendevous point for all the Vault survivors, and why you're the last one. Everyone else arrived on time and got slaughtered by Alduin...


    Youtube Example of me playing this character

    Here I get a taste of my own medicine. If you want to get an idea how I do it, this is it. Enjoy :)



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    October 2, 2016

    Pretty interesting idea