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Character Build: Hunter of DragonKind

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    September 1, 2016

    I got the idea to make this build after I read the second meaning of Dovahkiin. I've seen builds on Dragon Slayers in the past, but not Dragon Hunters. Learning about all the different types of Dragons, knowing their strength and weaknesses. Learning how to give yourself a advantage while fighting these beast instead of charging in just like they do.

    Overall, I hope this is a playstyle throws a new spin on being Dovahkiin. Treating Dragons like you've never done so before. You will treat dragons differently: as dangerous prey that should not be taken lightly. I picked the skills based off of what an average man, that has a fear of using magic would use. He makes use out of everything he can. He likes to keep distance from the enemy, but he is not scared to get in someones face if he is backed into a corner. He doesn't use sneak at all and likes to face things head on from a long distance.



    Table of Contents

    I: Lore

    II: Backstory

    III: Gameplay

    IV: Character Customization and Quest

    V: Honorable Mentions


    I. Lore

    Dovahkiin actually has two meanings. The first is wide known as Dragonborn, and the second is Hunter of Dragonkind. Dov is short for "Dragon", Ah meaning "hunter", and Kiin meaning "child" or "born". You're the only chance that Nirn has for survival, only you can kill a Dragon permanetly by devouring it's soul. With that and the power of the Th'um, you must hunt down Alduin and kill him for eternity.



    II. Backstory

    I am Fenrik, son of two traveling merchants. They are greedy, never helping those in need. Their only saving grace is they are kind loving parents. They spare me not their ideals though, they have tried to turn me into duplicates of them. They've tried to turn me as greedy as them, teaching me how to sell and trade for gold or items. I never really cared for coin or trinkets, I cared for the people that my parents would ignore because they had not a coin to their name. I however did spend a few coins on myself for books, I loved reading. It's easier to spend time reading then staring off into the distance while traveling after all.

    My father is acting strange today, he seems fidgety ever since we stopped for supplies in Bruma and I bought a few tomes from a vagabond mage. I was just curious about magic is all. I started to read the tomes on the way to Skyrim, I actually cut my finger to try the healing spell. I was surprised at how little time it took to learn. I was so excited I spent all night learning the flame spell, until I passed out right after crossing the border.

    I had a nightmare in my sleep of dark sky's, the sound of wings, screams of women, children, and men, then a sudden roar that startled me out of my sleep. I awoke with flames flowing from hands, the smell of burnt flesh, and screams of my mother and father. After clinching my hands shut I take a look around and with relief my parents are fine. A imperial soldier however, is not fine. My eyes widened as I looked down at him, my ears heard my father yelling at the horse to move. We rode away from the corpse, as my eye caught a glimpse of the entire scene, I could tell I just killed a Imperial soldier at a road block. The other Imperials gave chase galloping closer every second towards us.

    I heard screaming of many more men in front of us there was a battle, Imperial soldiers fighting men in chain mail and blue cloaks. Arrows were flying everywhere my head was spinning, Mother let out a awful scream, I looked over as she fell over with a arrow in her back. My father wailed as I sat there in terror. My father in a rage tried to run over a man wearing a black tunic, the man...yelled at us and set the horse, the cart, everything flying into the air. I hit the ground with the cart flipped over on top of me, I was lucky....father wasn't the horse landed on top of him. I passed out.

    I awoke on another cart, being drove by a Imperial soldier. I was in chains and rags, but was not alone. A man in chain mail and blue cloak, A man in rags, like myself, then the man in a black tunic with his mouth covered in cloth.


     III. Gameplay


     I thought long and hard about what skills would best suit someone who Hunts Dragons. Well they fly out  of your reach with any Two-Handed weapons. So he needs something that will give him range, It's hard  to hit something that Fly's around all the time, so when he can hit it, hit it with something that will hurt it  even when flying around. He needs to be able to survive that Dragons breath, some fire and frost  resistance, or maybe Elemental resistance all together. When it lands it will want to land near him and  chew his head off. He needs close combat skills to survive a up close battle. If it is close enough to him  he can interrupt it's breath and stagger it. He also needs damage to put it down up close, ranged abilities  won't be of much use if it's in his face.

     When facing other foes besides Dragons you should use your potions and poisons sparingly. No need to  hit that average bandit with a Lingering poison. The only time you really want to use poisons against  anything besides a dragon is when they give him a run for his money. When this happens a simple  paralysis potion will suffice usually. If not unload that damage to heath poison and watch their health bar  disappear.


    -Dragon Hunting

     When he comes across a Dragon resting on top of it's word of power. He doesn't go charging in or simply  get a quick sneak shot off. He surveys the area, finds something that could put him at a advantage. Lure  it somewhere or lure something to it. He also look to see what kind of Dragon it is. Like if it has Bronze-  scales, it's a Elder Dragon, If it is blue with a snake head it's a Serpentine Dragon. Learn the  characteristic's of each type of Dragon, don't approach a Legendary Dragon like it's a Blood Dragon.  Remember he's a Hunter, not a Slayer.

    -Protecting the people

     The only time he abandons his normal way of Hunting Dragons is when a Dragon attacks a hold or a  village. He lures it away from the innocent and then reevaluates the situation. At worst if he doesn't  know the area he will jump on his horse and try to find a open area to shoot it down on horseback.  Same when it comes to Vampire attacks. He just wants to keep people safe.

    -Skill Challenge

     Instead of just going straight for archery or Alchemy try to find someone that can teach you about it  first. he is a novice as everything combat or crafting after all. I came up with reasons behind every skill.  Early on after Helgan I got lost after splitting up with Ralof and ended at Angi's camp. Later on I  delivered frost salts to Arcadia for Farengar and ended up spending all my money on Alchemy lessons  because he fell in love with the idea of mixing ingredients together to make something useful.





    Archery: This is his main form of offense. He will use it as much as possible. He uses this in combination with Alchemy to apply poisons. He always has his bow equipped, never know when a dragon might show up. This skill is amazing for thinning out multiple enemy's and weakening strong foes before things get up close and personal.

    Priority: Highest



    Alchemy: This is his favorite skill, if he is in town you can usually find him at the Alchemy table. He hands out cure disease and health potions to anyone who might need them. More importantly he crafts potions and poisons to fight against Dragons. This is a man that is always prepared. He makes sure he pays attention to his surroundings never know when he can come across another ingredient.

    Priority: High


    Light Armor: He prefers to be light on his feet. He would wear no armor at all, but he is not stupid and won't take the chance of being a Dragons dinner. I don't as much about the armor cap as the stamina and role play though. Fighting a Dragon with their friends skin wrapped around him is one way of intimidating one.

    Priority: Medium


    Block: This is how he survives Dragon Fire and Frost. Also this is his close combat life saver. He stun His enemy's before landing his Waraxe on top of their head. It will shield him from Magic spells cast his way and arrows wanting to pierce his skull. Make sure to bash the most dangerous opponent before the other enemy's.

    Priority: Medium


    One-Handed: When things get close and personal, He swings out his Waraxe. It's damage is better than a sword and it's practically just as fast. He will rarely power attack with it, because he needs his stamina to bash them to stun. He use a axe over DragonBane because of the bleed damage, when Dragons fly away they will continue taking damage. Never attack while being attacked, thats a sure way to lose a limb or worse.

    Priority: Low


    Smithing: You need this in order to put all those Dragon corpses to use. What better to pierce a Dragons scales than Dragon Bones. Plus you don't ever want to be short on arrows, so you make more than enough for yourself. Same thing I said about Alchemy, he is always prepared.

    Note: Level smithing at your own pace, there are plenty more important skills listed above.

    Priority: Low


    Speech: He doesn't buy much, but what he does buy cost a ton of coin. He buys houses and smithing materials. He also often gives to the poor. Plus being able to talk himself out of trouble is better than spilling blood for no reason.

    Priority: Very low




    -Shout Recommendations

    Unrelenting Force: When enemy's get close and he has his bow out. He will charge Unrelenting force while drawing back a arrow, When he releases the arrow the shout will activate throwing his foes to the ground. He doesn't use this on Dragons all it does is stagger them briefly.

    Marked for Death: This shout makes those Ancient Dragons creep back into their graves. This shout makes whoever is hit lose armor every second. He uses this early on against heavily armored opponents to do some massive damage over time.

    Storm call: If he ever finds himself out numbered and without companions he will use this shout. It will chip away at all enemy's in the surrounding area. Very useful against multiple Dragons, they do not have a resistance to shock.

    Animal Allegiance: If he is ever fighting a strong foe that he may need help taking down this could be a life saver. He makes use of those Giants and Mammoth camps near by to increase his odds.

    Battle Fury: If he has a strong Melee follower this is the shout to use. Use this to increase his allies attack speed. Also this can be used in combination with Animal Allegiance to give those Mudcrabs a little more Dps.


    -Potion and Poison Recommendations

    Weak Blood: Makes the targets blood thinner, future poisons will flow quickly. Death Bell, Bleeding Crown, Sabre Cat Tooth.

    Inevitable Demise: Attacks the organs of the target making them dissolve from the inside. Imp Stool, Mora Tapinella, and Slaughter Fish Egg.

    Water Shield: Makes him sweat profusely practically covering himself in water. Useful against fire. Bone Meal, Snow Berries, Elves Ears.

    Afflictions Curse: Use this to cure him or others of afflictions. Hawk Feathers, Mudcrab Chitin, Vampire Dust.

    Reverse Injury: He gives these away to people in need, then use them when he is in need. Blisterwart, Eye of Saber cat, Wheat.

    Patient planner: When in dire need this will buy him time and restore his strength. Lunar Moth Wing, Vampire Dust


    IV. Character Customization and Quest


    Race: Nord is what I rolled with, but you can roll with any race for this build. Personally I think Bretens make for the best Dragon Hunters, because of their all around resistances and Dragonskin ability.

    Gender: Male was my pick, but the Dragon blood is not sexist.

    Stones: I started out with the Warrior stone, then grabbed the lover stone till I felt confident in my skills. (Around level 27 for me) Then grabbed the Lord stone.

    Stats: 0 Magicka, 2 Health, 1 Stamina.

    -Recommended Quest:

    Main: He wants to save everyone from the Dragon threat. He can't sit by and watch innocent people die.

    Dawnguard: Same as the Main quest, Vampires are roaming the land killing innocent. He must stop this.

    Dragonborn: Miraak has sent his Cultist to kill him, but they are getting innocent people involved. He must go face him so no one else gets hurt because of him.

    College of Winderhold: He doesn't play around with magic because it's what got his parents killed, but he still likes to study and learn. There is no finer library in Skyrim, so this is where he spends his free time. (Besides going dragon hunting of course.)

    Companions: After all is said and done he will want to continue helping people. So he joins the only faction that reaches out it's hand to help people all thoughout Skyrim.

    Civil War (Stormcloaks): After noticing all the wrong the Thalmor have done to people in Skyrim. He wants to kick them out, they're bullying innocent civilians and torturing people just because they know someone that joined the Stormcloaks. He fights for the side that will get them out of Skyrim fastest and by any means necessary.

    Blades: After he has saved Skyrim even from itself, he will live out the rest of his life, killing off all the Dragons that Alduin has returned.

    The White Phial: A potion that refills itself daily would come in handy. He picks to make it resist magic.

    A Return To Your Roots: 25% chance of making duplicate potions? He loves this.

    (Plus any quest that involves helping people or anything that could lead him to new discoveries in Alchemy.)



    -Followers and Marriage

    Personally I like bringing Aela and Meeko along. Aela is a strong Nordic Hunter like me and Meeko helps keeps those pesky Bandits out of my face. As far as a wife goes I went for Temba Wide arm. I always marry her on all my Nord characters.

    (Note I do use mods, Temba is not as ugly as she is in the base game)


    V. Honorable Mentions

    I would like to dedicate this part of the build to the people who took time out of their day to help me out.

    Ajani was the first one to lend a hand, he had a part in practically everything. He gave me the base idea of the backstory. Then I ran off with the base idea and somehow it turned out like it did.

    Warlord helped me out a ton as well. Without him I wouldn't of noticed a lot of the mistakes I made along the way. He also made the Equipment and Skill sheets for me.

    Noodles helped me get things more organized, without him it would of turned out looking cramped and all over the place. I was very confused all together about the Gameplay section then sent me his template and a example. It all started making more sense after that.

    I would like to thank all of you for helping and Also everyone else that stopped by my WiP. ^_^

  • September 1, 2016

    Monday, I think, we're going to have a lot more functionality to Character build editing, approaching that of the blogs, so if you've made any errors (haha typos plague me all the time) or want to just improve on something, or add links, you will be able to. Right now, tis a bit on the tricky side, but doable if you make a reply to the topic and then copy/paste the reply onto the discussion. That being said, great being the first to step up to a new platform and just posting away. Wasn't too active in Workshop lately to notice this as I was working on this new site, but it is looking good. I used alchemy and smithing in my Exterminator build. Nice to see a build where you really can be any race or gender. :)


    Lol, I guess, a +1 from me? Is this how we do it now? LOL, I think we'll be able to like this in the more old-fashioned sense down the road. But yes, I like this build. Official. I like this. 

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    September 1, 2016

    Yeah I had issues with one of my pictures, I just removed it. Glad I will be able to put it back later! Thank you Lisette! :)

    Btw Great job on the site, you guys did a hell of a good job!

  • September 1, 2016

    I can't claim anything. The admins really worked hard.  I just fiddled around with blogs and shit.  I am excited to post my own build. :D

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    September 1, 2016

    Thank you for the "Like"! xD

    I'll be looking forward to your next build! 

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    September 1, 2016

    Glad to see this guy up! Nice job! we cant like things yet, can we?

  • September 1, 2016

    Ajani said:

    Glad to see this guy up! Nice job! we cant like things yet, can we?


    And I ask you this? Does we need a clicky button to tell somebody we like something? :) If you like it, just say so. :D I did.

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    September 1, 2016

    Not yet unfortunately. Thank you though Ajani! :)

    (edit) +1 to Lissette, that food for thought though.

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    September 2, 2016
    Interesting! I like also. One thing you may want to take into consideration for your character's roleplay is that Alchemy is actually acknowledged as a form of magic. This helps explain why chugging mixed Nirnroot and Vampire Dust turns you invisible. It would give your character a reason to be at the College of Winterhold. Another thing is that you may want to check out CACO on the Nexus. It's a mod that redoes cooking and Alchemy to give a more in-depth gameplay experience. I'm using it for a slightly similar build to yours (only more focused on all monsters/melee than Dragons/archery), and it's a blast. Literally a blast, since you can make bombs.
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    September 2, 2016

    Thanks Mercurias!

    I view Alchemy as I do smithing. If you really think about it, magic in the elder scrolls is like our science. So I view smithing as a form of magic as well when playing. Mixing elements together to create weapons and armor? Yep witchcraft. xD 

    I will definitely check out that mod after I get home from work. ^_^