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Character Building Group Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

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    August 25, 2016

    You've just joined a group, and groups have rules for members to follow. If you don't follow the rules, your build could be deleted or worse, you could be banned from the Character Building group or the site itself. All of these rules are really very simple to follow so make sure you take a moment to read and understand them.

    1. Title your work properly.
    To keep the discussion thread tidy, all builds must begin with the 'Character Build:' prefix. For example...

    Character Build: The Destroyer

    Please also keep these titles neat and free of unnecessary bits like 'Super Cool Assassin's Creed Build' or 'Awesome Warrior Level 81'. Improperly titled builds will be adjusted accordingly.

    2. Completed builds only.
    The group is not your personal word processor, so you can't post unfinished builds and say that you'll 'finish this later' as an excuse. If you would like to post any work in progress builds, you can do so in The Workshop. Incomplete builds will be recommend towards the Workshop, and possibly deleted if left in the group.

    3. Minimum group standards met.

    This is a group for builds and as such we do not accept rough concepts or basic blueprints. At the very foundation of a build there should at least be perks and a gameplay section so someone can actually play your character. Remember that what you're ultimately creating is a guide, so make sure it's usable by others. Builds which lack either of these things will be featured.

    4. No bumping builds.
    The group is organised by a ranking system. Commenting needlessly on your own build to 'bump' your post to the top of the discussion thread is unfair to other builders. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

    5. Don't 'like' your own build.
    Not only does this make you look a little foolish, it disrupts the groups ranking system. If you do it, you will be asked to remove the like. If you fail to comply, your build will simply be deleted.

    6. Do not troll builders or post off-topic comments on their builds.
    When commenting on builds, your comments should not be cruel or mean to the author, even if you dislike the build. We do not tolerate trolls and will not hesitate to kick you from the group if we see you harassing other builders. If criticizing a build, try to not be too mean. Consequences for this can range from a warning to removal from the group, depending on the severity and frequency of the comment(s) in question.

    7. Do not upload content that is not yours.
    Basically, we don't tolerate thieves. Builders come from all over the net and we welcome them all, but sometimes builds don't get posted here, for whatever reason. If you wish to upload a build that is NOT yours, please state that you have gotten permission in the foreword of the build and send a screenshot of the original author giving you permission to one of the hosts of the group, otherwise it will be deleted.

    8. Do not post threads that are unrelated to Character Building or ones that can be posted as comments in other threads.
    Looking for a build? Use the Build Recommendations discussion. Need some help? Use the Character Building Help Desk. Have a suggestion? Use the Suggestion Box. Got an unwanted build idea? Use the Character Building Recycle Bin. Unnecessary discussions clog up the group and will be deleted accordingly, so use the proper threads and think before you post. That being said, you may post discussions that aren't character builds, provided that they pertain to character building in some way.

    9. Please playtest your build before posting.
    We will not delete builds that have not been playtested or are in the process of being played, but we highly recommend that you do so. Posting a build without playtesting means you are risking posting untested concepts that may or may not work when a reader decides to play it.

    10. Do not close comments on your builds.
    We do not allow character builds to be closed as it disallows commenting and prevents everyone's thoughts being heard on it. Builds with their comments closed shall have them reopened.


    Q. How do I post a build?
    A. The Character Building Guide will show you everything you need to know in order to make a character build, including how to actually post it.

    Q. I don't like what someone said on my build! What do I do?
    A. First of all, calm down and step away from your PC or mobile device. If you are angry about the comment, you will probably say something you regret. Take a breather for five minutes and reread the comment. We are a very helpful community here and you may have misread the comment as mean instead of constructive criticism. However if you feel like the commenter is deliberately trolling or being very unhelpful then please let one of the hosts know and we'll sort it out.

    Q. Do I need to give credit for any images I find on the internet?
    A. It's not required, but we recommend that you do so. To find who posted an image, simply go the the main Google Images homepage and drag the picture into the search box. It should search the image and come up with the original artist. Another way is to click the 'Visit page' button on the Google image search rather than the 'View image' button. If you wish to use another image from a build, such as a original screenshot or photoshopped work, you should always ask before you take!