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Character Build: The Imperial Templar

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    June 20, 2016

    Hey everyone and welcome to my first build here on the Vault. I have played Skyrim since shortly after it’s release and have some new found energy and love considering soon we will be getting a remastered version of the game. For the last few months though I have been on a Dragon Age kick and have decided for my first build I would try to bring the Templars to Skyrim. So guys and gals kick back, relax and enjoy as I present my first build.

    The Imperial TemplarBackground

    After the events of the Oblivion Crisis and the dissolution of the mages guild, the Empire sought to look elsewhere to defend itself from magical attacks both from Nirn and Oblivion hence the Imperial Templars were formed. Their mission is to seek out all those who would attempt to dominate and harm the innocent using vile magics. Their prime focus is on Necromancers, Vampires, and of course anyone who threatens the unity of the Empire.

    Unlike the Battlemages The Imperial Templars are not trained on how to use offensive magic, but do receive some training in the Restoration School, and the process of enchanting for their weapons and armor. It is most common for Bretons and Imperials to serve in these roles. Upon graduation a Templar is assigned a permanent duty station as a final test of unwavering loyalty, leaving behind all he has ever known and thrown into the vastness of the Empire as a force of good against the evils of the world.

    Journal of Iustum Manibus

    4E 201 1st of Last Seed

    After five long years of hard work and training day and night I finally am going to become a Templar. I have learned that my final test will be the untamed north known as Skyrim. The Nords are some of the fiercest warriors in Tamriel, hopefully I will be able to help end this civil war and bring them back into the Imperial fold.

    4E 201 12th of Last Seed

    I have sworn my oaths on bended knee at the Temple of the One and have risen as an Imperial Templar. I leave tomorrow at first light. The Lord Commander has warned me about the perils of the Jerall Mountains. Staying on the road seems to be the safest route, however given the status of the war in Skyrim it may be best to find a trail less traveled to avoid the Stormcloaks.

    4E 201 16th of Last Seed

    For the first time in days I can see a way down the blizzard was unforgiving, and not only impeded my progress but I have ran out of foo, surely though there will be some game to hunt once I get low enough and out of the mountains...


    I have set up a camp and am happy to say that everything seems better with a belly full of venison. Not far off there is another camp of Nords in blue armor. They fit the description of Stormcloaks. Tomorrow right before dawn I will begin my duty and ambush them while they are still groggy. FOR THE GLORY OF THE EMPIRE.  

    The Build

    Race: Imperial or Breton. There are pros to each race. The imperial gets bonuses to 5 of our starting skills, and is in my opinion the most lore friendly. Voice of the Emperor also works very well in the early game as a last ditch effort to stay alive. The Bretons offer very little in starting skills but the 25% resist magic and the racial power Dragonskin also fits the theme very well. I went with the Imperials for the boost.

    Stone: Warrior then Atronach. I chose the Atronach over the Lord due to already having maximum physical damage reduction, and enchants that took care of the magic. So the 50 extra magicka was the main point.

    Stat Spread: 1/3/0 Not a lot of magic is needed and stamina is taken care of via Restoration.

    Major Skills: Block, Heavy Armor, One Handed, Two Handed

    Minor Skills: Enchanting, Restoration

    Weapons: Silver Greatsword, Silver Sword, Skyforge Steel sword, and Greatsword.

    Early Game Armor: Full Dawnguard set

    End Game Armor: Blades Armor  Helmet enchanted with Fortify Restoration  and later fortify magic. The chest piece enchanted with fortify Health and Fortify Healing rate. The Gauntlets enchanted with Fortify One and Two Handed and the same enchantments apply to the boots.

    Spells: Close Wounds, Heal Other, Greater Ward, Poison Rune Stendarrs Aura, Vampires Bane

    Shouts: Battle Fury, Clear Skies, Dragonrend,  Whirlwind Sprint

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    The Imperial Templar being based on the Templars of Dragon Age is a master of armed combat, but with some specializations to make him extremely effective against even the most powerful of mages. With the addition of limited shouts and a dash of Restoration he also makes a great support character. The ability to take unimaginable punishment and keep going is a key part of the build as there are very few options for ranged combat.

    To make up for the lack of ranged combat we focus on being able to close the gap as quickly as we can and reduce the damage taken while doing so. In some situations the shield is just as if not more useful than the sword. Once we are within striking range though, our versatile arsenal comes into play.

    Originally I wanted this to be a no crafting build but the possibilities of really bringing the pain were just too good to pass up and also fits the character quite well as I looked at soul gems as Nirns form of Lyrium. Even though enchanting is one of the more “grindy” skills it fits in perfectly in every way.


    The Imperial Templar is more than just a Knight, but lacks the religious aspect of a Paladin. Instead his zeal is focused on pure unrepentant patriotism. So looking after the best interest of the Empire should always be the first question you should ask yourself when doing a random quest. The 4th Era is full of dangers, dissention, and daedric influence. It is going to be your job to prevent and eliminate any of these threats.

    The children of Molag Bal are the perfect example of a daedric threat that should be eliminated. That being said the Dawnguard fits perfectly with the theme and also provides us our early game armor which fits the look very well. The one thing that I would like to mention is Serrana. A anti evil mage hunter paired with vampire was a bit tough so just keep it in your head of what she is and be ready to kill her if she steps out of line. Also after the completion of the quest line you should have her cure herself.

    The main quest and Dragonborn offer great roleplay based quests as well. Each of them deals with a serious threat and while the Dov may not be “evil” they could still pose a serious threat to our beloved empire and must be eliminated. Along the way you can make a few friends that could become very useful. Reforming the Blades and Skyhaven Temple with you in command also plays into the later stages of the build as “The Lord Commander” of Skyrim.

    Those dirty Sithis worshipers known as the Dark Brotherhood our out to kill the Emperor. This one should be obvious, lay waste to each and every one of them.

    The Wolf Queen Awakened not only fits the theme of preventing evil mages from doing any damage, but also is the key to the Shield of Solitude, which as most of you know is the more powerful enchantment of Resist Magic which we will be using on our armor to simulate the suppression of enemy magic.

    Being a faithful servant of Solitude and the Empire it should come as no surprise that we will be putting the Civil War to rest in short order. After everything we have accomplished we will break those rebellious Stormcloaks with very little effort, considering we sided with the Empire of course during the Season Unending peace talks.

    Any additional quest can be done but should always serve the empire in one way or another. Daedric quests should be avoided whenever possible. Further roleplay points I would like to make are no alcohol or Skooma, in order to deal with some of the forces of evil and magical traps you will need a sharp mind at all times.

    Think of taking on followers as taking on a squire. Once you decide they have earned it buy them a matching armor set and enchant it to best suit their skills and name them Templars. These will be the same people you use to reform the Blades.

    Skills and Gear

    Skill wise this is a very straight forward build with everything you would expect but with a bit of an inspirational spin. Being able to not only take huge amounts of punishment but being able to deal it right back is the cornerstone of this build.

    Two Handed weapons have an insane damage output when fully perked. Our go to two hander is a called Defilers Judgment and it tears through the undead like no other. A silver greatsword enchanted with fire damage and later on absorb health. You have the base damage which is good on it's own, then silvers +20 damage to the undead makes it that much better. Stacking fire damage something else the undead are weak against as well and absorb health on top of the gives us a weapon that would make the Vigilants of Stendarr envious. Dragonbane is also a go to when we go out Dragon hunting.

    One Handed weapons allow us to better protect ourselves when combined with a shield and still be able to deal out the pain. Enemy mages don't stand a chance when Mages' Blight enters the fray. A Blades sword enchanted with Shock damage and later own absorb magic ties perfectly into the suppression of magic. Not only does it increase damage

    Restoration is the perfect supporting skill for this character. Healing yourself and allies and once the Respite perk is taken we can keep everyone going the hardest. Always being able to boost your stamina allows you to block and bash at will.Block in most builds is a supporting skill but here it takes front stage. Being able to move faster with a shield, deflecting arrows, providing protection against enemy magic and letting us rag doll our enemies how could we not love all this? As far as shields go Auriels Shield is a great go to for ragdolling opponents, but the main shield once acquired is a Blade Shield enchanted with Resist magic and Fortify Block.

    Heavy Armor & Enchanting Combined with our block skill we are pretty much unstoppable as far as physical damage reduction. In the early game the Dawnguard set will do just fine and looks great. The late game we will be using the Blades armor.

    Necklace and Ring There are two separate(the normal one and the one from the Shield of Solitude) resist magic enchantments and can be double stacked on each for virtual magical immunity.

    Hand to Hand: Against enemies that want to engage you in armed combat at close range Sword and Board is the way to go, but keep in mind should the opponent be undead switch up to two handed and finish the battle as quickly as you can. Clear Skies is used for staggering multiple en

    Ranged Combat: Archers and mages should be treated the same way raise your shield and close the distance.

    Dragons: Simple enough use Dragonrend to bring them down and then finish them off.

    Special Abilities

    Spell Purge -Requires First word of Clear Skies+3 words of Battle Fury and a Scroll of Call to Arms.

    Stagger the enemies and boost your allies.

    Wrath of the Emperor -Requires Defilers Judgment+Sweep and Sunflare.

    Surrounded on all sides channel your love through your sword setting enemies on fire and unleash the Wrath of the Emperor in a fiery explosion.

    Shield Of Nirn -Requires Shield Charge+Whirlwind Sprint

    Close the distance and send your enemies flying.


    Well everyone that's it. Any feedback would be welcomed as this is my first build. I hope you all enjoyed the read and give the build a shot. Have a great days guys.

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    June 20, 2016
    Pretty solid for a first build
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    June 20, 2016

    I think this is a good first build, but I would recommend moving the gears(armors, enchantments, etc) from the "Skills and Gear" section to the "The Build" section under your weapons. It would be a lot easier for people who just want to briefly skim through the build to get a general idea of it and then read it later on. Also, I think it'll be good to add a description to your special abilities so we can get an explanation of what it does and maybe you could bold the requirements for your special abilities or put it above/under the description rather than right after your description making it seem like it's together, so it's easier to read. For example, from Soneca the Exiled's The Swordmaster build,

    [Picture] Vantage

    Requires: Quick Reflexes

    The Myrmidon always attacks first, even when the enemy has the upper hand and initiates the assault. With his lighting reflexes he is able to move faster than his opponent’s eyes can follow, dealing death before his opponent can react.

    other than that, I like the build, +1

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    June 20, 2016

    Not bad, particularly for a first build. The big thing that sticks out at me is that the special abilities seem rather tacked on, particularly the last one. Are you shield charging into the enemy and using Whirlwind Sprint, or is it the other way around? Regardless, this is definitely worth a like.

  • June 20, 2016

    This is pretty nice, overall. My advice would be to elaborate on how your special moves are used in combat, as well as what, if any, synergy they have among themselves.

  • June 20, 2016

    Props to you mate, this is a really interesting (and direct) translation of the Templar Class and I love the way it turned out. The presentation is excellent, you've sectioned everything off perfectly, have pictures where they fit in and the different texts (Bold, italics) are really added in great places. They might be little things overall but it's still excellent to see from a first build.

    You know, I was wondering if you'd thought about adding in Alchemy, or poisons in general to the build. I could really see a few different poisons (specifically ones that do Magicka damage) really altering how the build functions, and would work really well to fit in with the overall theme of the Templars (which for me was always, great at fighting Mages and Demons and just kind of alright in general combat). On top of that Potions of Fortify Restoration could really boost the power of your Sun Spells.

    Anyway, overall your build is pretty awesome mate, definitely gets a like from me and I hope to see more builds from you later. Oh and by the way, if your hooked on Dragon Age at the moment you should consider posting a build in the RPG Group  

  • June 21, 2016

    Definitely not bad for first build, mate. +1

  • June 21, 2016

    Very very,  nice for a first build well done mate, and yes please, feel free to post a Dragon Age build over at RPG be great to see you, definitely worth a like +1

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    June 22, 2016

    Very good for your first build. Congrats! I would take up Smithing to get the full potential out of my moderately tiered equipment. Very important.

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    June 23, 2016

    "...pure unrepentant patriotism." This build's tagline.  Great stuff Lord Necron!