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Character Build: The Old Man of the Mountain

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  • June 9, 2016


    Welcome to my first build

    The Old Man of the Mountain:


    This Build was inspired by this song (my favourite version being by Cab Calloway but the Mills Brothers version is just as good):


    “Where did he come from?!... Where did he come from?

    That is something he doesn't even know 'imself.” The man said chuckling softly to himself.

    “Some say he was born right here in Whiterun, cast away at a young age, with his parents being condemned by many; they were dark, evil souls the sort that need to die a slow, painful death. They Disappeared one day never to be seen again.” He said with no change in his expression. “He was forged by that mountain bind to it, it was his soul, his source of power and meaning. He was brought up living off the land by hunting animals and selling hide,, he hated socialising as soon as he closed down stall he would go back to the mountain, no word spoken to any person or customer just incoherent grunts that sounded like an angry bear about to attack; he was friendly as anything, though it may not seem like it at first. He always protected his land and other peoples' and others themselves. He felt he had a right to. You could tell. It's strange how someone so surrounded by mystery and legend could become so well known and respected.” the man started to get up. “Where are you going? You haven't finished.” “I'm going back to the mountain.” He said with a smile on his face. “After all I did say I did not know the whole story.” He laughed and lifted his hood and disappeared into the darkness outside.



    Weapons, Race and Apparel

    Race: Nord

    Armour: Saviour's Hide, Kyne's Token, Forsworn Gauntlets and Boots.

    Weapons: Okin - Found in Volunruud, Bow of The Hunt - The bow is located on the altar at the back of Clearspring Tarn, within a cave near the location. , Forsworn and Iron arrows. Stone: The Lord stone ta is up the armour rating and gives a nice 25% magic resistance which is very good for this build.


    Alchemy: Used for poisons for when things get up close and personal. Also Magic resistance potions will be great for this build, for when mages get too close. A good example would be frost resistance.

    Archery: Your main source of power in combat. Used form afar until you have to get use melee.

    One Handed: Your defense system used for when enemies swarm you or get too close.

    Light Armour: Used to bulk up your defense against oncoming projectiles and melee strikes, all while retaining your best asset speed.

    Smithing: Steel and Arcane smithing is all we need here, Arcane smithing allows you to upgrade Okin and The Bow Of the Hunt.

    Block: Allows you to deflect attacks, stagger opponents and slow down time when done correctly - allowing you to use your speed to get behind and surprise the enemy.

    Restoration: Mainly Healing spells, but some that affect the undead fit well with the nature and protective theme of this build. Wards will be used for magic resistance. There is no need to go past Adept in this tree.





    Entering Combat: Your first act will be to take out all archers with your bow, using your speed to move out of the way and launch volleys of arrows into them.

    Initiating Close Combat: When the time for close combat occurs use your speed to out-manoeuvre infantry units, this is when the use of Ranger and Quick Shot come in - Ranger enables you to out-manoeuvre your opponent even while your bow is drawn. Quick Shot enables you to take advantage of the speed by firing masses of arrows into an in quick succession. Paralysis poison allows you to get rid of the threat of the approaching infantry and focus on the archers.

    When Melee is Necessary: When melee comes into play you notice the sheer speed this build has to offer; it gives you the ability to run rings around groups of enemies and have them all dead before they even realise what has happened. The strength of your weapon and one-handed ability makes melee a breeze to use. The speed combined with blocking enables this character dodge power attack only to then unleash a flurry of his own. 

    Healing and the Undead: Healing should be used when you have the chance to withdraw and freshen up so to speak. Spells that harm and turn the undead should be used instead of arrows at first, the Restoration spells given in the Dawnguard DLC really help this aspect. 

    Hunting: Hunting should be used with prolific speed and accuracy, but always use a sneak attack when you can.



    You should always be strongly associated with the Nord culture, and respectful of nature, although he favours the green pact, he does not agree with the cannibalistic aspect of it all, and the use of alchemy is widely encouraged by him as he believes it advances research, reveals important secrets and stops plants from overgrowing.

    Factions: The Companions would be a good shout due to their want to help and role as protectorates of the land. The decision of becoming a werewolf is up to you, personally I didn't but it is certainly a welcomed option. If you are a werewolf you can use the glitch to get both the Saviour's hide and Hircine's ring that is even better, but if you can't always choose the Saviour's Hide over it.                                              

     The College of Winterhold is a good questline to do, it also fits in with the Old Man's prowess in restoration. It will also help reinforce how wise and smart the Old Man really is as he respects and recognises the importance of magic in the world, seeing its use for good and bad but knows its deep roots are highly important for the balance of the world.                                                                                                      

    The Imperials will help restore order and culture to Tamriel and Skyrim, the intelligence will show in the Old Man as he is one of the few who knows that only the Empire at full strength can defeat the Thalmor whom he hates with a passion. Although he dislikes General Tullius recognising that he does not care about Skyrim; he respects and admires Legate Rikke's devotion to the protection of her homeland and even you know that she dislikes Tullius. This leads on to his natural distrust of High Elves, as he always thought they were a bit secluded, elitist and strange, though the difference is DISTRUST not DISLIKE.

    The Dawnguard will help stop the Vampire threat to nature and Tamriel. The Dawnguard have the people in their heart and this is why he trusts them.

    Personality and Actions: Hunting is a key aspect to this build and one that builds around the nature feel of this build and the ability to live off the land and survive where many would not. You love your people and protect them with with your life, although you do not like to socialise.

    Dragonborn is a good DLC but for the questline there is no need for as you already are knowledgeable in Thu'um but you feel and know that you are certainly are not Dragonborn. But you can do the questline if you want as defeating Miraak does get rid of another threat to Tamriel and the mountain. Always feel free to explore and help Solstheim in any way as they are still your brothers in arms. and close to Skyrim.

    The Mountain: The mountain mentioned is The Lone Mountain - which is the mountain on the furthermost left in the plains of Whiterun Hold, it is the on its own hence the name The Lone Mountain.

    Kill anything that invades or harms the mountain, mainly the bandits just outside in Fort Greymoor.


     LEVEL 52 BUILD:



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    June 9, 2016

    This seems good, but if I may give a word of advice: the perkspread isn't really all that visible, as in, the background and the font color makes so the text is almost unreadable in some parts. My two cents on this, but other than that (and some other presentation polishes here and there), this looks solid, nice job.

  • June 9, 2016
    Thanks. I will put up a Skyrim calculator link on Sunday as I am away until Sunday now, but thanks for the feedback.
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    June 10, 2016

    You did alright. However a more diverse set of equipment to complete longer more complicated questlines. may be needed ( This is a weakness that alot of builds on here have )

    Having no source of Magic Res. will be tough for this build, add wards and elemental protection to the arsenal to better defend yourself. All and All still good. Kudos!

  • June 10, 2016
    Yes I forgot to mention that. Will make some changes.