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Character Build: The Dragon Monk

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    June 5, 2016

    +1. This build is pretty good, however I think that just going through it and polishing up your spelling will really help it.

  • June 6, 2016

    As I said, tags are pretty much the worst, really just suck you dry when your trying to figure them out. That is an interesting problem, no harm done then, that was probably the most minor of minor things that I mentioned anyway 

    I actually think in general that your presentation is pretty good, I'd personally do it differently (I pretty much only use images that are wider than they are tall, and have them take up all 750 pixels of space I can) but it still allows us to read through the build without it being too much of a text-wall, or too displaced by pictures.

    Hmm, thinking about it, I think you've got pretty much all of the major Shouts that this build would use, but I would recommend adding in Become Ethereal during the early stages, it gives you an early option for dealing with Dragons (and considering you'll be needing a fair few Souls, it might not be a bad option) plus it can really improve your mobility by letting you jump of cliffs with no problem (easy escape if needed). Because your taking Stability, I'd add that the duration is enhanced by the perk, which can be really awesome (you could essentially be in Ethereal form all the time).

    On that note, Slow Time is also effected by Stability, so since you've got the perk it could be interesting to add that in. I could see it working particularly well with Dragon Aspect because it would improve your ability to get off power attacks which are boosted by DA.

    I did have a quick question before dropping in some combinations, did you grab the Amulet of Talos to hit 100% Shout Cooldown or just operate at 90% with Dragon Aspect, that mod and the Blessing of Talos? 

    The answer would basically determine whether I would recommend combining things with Dragon Aspect or with other Shouts (for instance, Slow Time + Storm Call is pretty cool, as is Whirlwind Sprint + Become Ethereal) but just combining them with Dragon Aspect has some pretty solid options.

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    June 6, 2016

    I absolutely went with the Amulet of Talos. haha.