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Character Build: Aegis of Light

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    February 15, 2016

    So this build has been in the Workshop for nearly four weeks now since I spent less time playing Skyrim and more time taking screenshots and looking at lore (and also micromanaging my characters). But I decided to get my lazy digital butt up from lore-reading and just make complete it for fun. So without further a due. I would like to present a three - part series build called Guardians of Tamriel.

    Lorkhan was the Spirit of Nirn, the god of all mortals. He convinced the et' Ada to bring about the creation of Mundus. When his trickery was revealed, Auri-El slew Lorkhan at the apex of the Adamantine Tower and lauched his Heart across the Heartlands of Cyrodiil towards what is now known as the Red Mountain in Morrowind with his bow.

    In Cyrodiil, he is known as Shezarr. It is said that a group of heroes and avatars throughout history have been claimed to be Shezarrines, incarnations of Shezarr and thus, Lorkhan himself. Now, a new Shezarrine is about to be born...

    "A living tower of light.... No magic could harm him and blades shatter as they strike his invulnerable armor. He is the Shield that wards off the Darkness"

    "He... is the Aegis"

    This idea was stuck in my head for a very long time after my first build. At first, It was a single build but after seeing Mortiferous's Dragon Priests of Solsteim series, I changed it into a 3 build series. Oh and yes I played Destiny. (Until I quit playing after The Dark Below DLC)

    Race: Breton

    Stone: Advanced Atronach Stone

    Stats: 0/3/2

    Major Skill: Two-Handed, Heavy Armor, Block

    Minor Skill: Smithing, Alchemy

    Shouts: Whirlwind Sprint, Become Ethereal, Slow Time

    Breton is probably a no-brainer due to the Dragonskin power and 25% magic resistance. Advanced Atronach Stone will grant us 55% - 100% spell absorption at a cost of nearly no magicka regeneration. We won't be needing magicka for this build as it is solely a melee tank build. The guide to acquire AAS is shown in the gameplay section.

    Shouts used are fairly simple and easy to acquire. Whirlwind Sprint is used to conserve stamina during long treks or closing a gap between an enemy. Become Ethereal can be used to get some breathing space along with Slow Time.

    For equipment, it's best to find/ create enchanted heavy armor with Fortify Health/Stamina Regen, Fortify Health/Stamina, Fortify Two-Handed, Fortify Heavy Armor and Fortify Block. This would make you nearly invincible to all attacks.... minus physics.

    Two - Handed

    We're gonna mainly use Greatswords and Battleaxes. The main perks to acquire here are "Sweep" and "Devastating Blow".

    Heavy Armor

    While the Advanced Atronach provides us with full magic protection, there are still enemies that are very deadly with melee weapons like Briarhearts, Karstaag etc. The perk we need to reach is "Tower of Strength". This allows us to avoid getting staggered too much especially by dual - wielders.


    Block is a key skill in this build. Thanks to the explanation of bash damage in the Tips and Tricks section, an Elven Greatsword can do 75 bash damage with "Power Bash" and "Deadly Bash". Combined with a 105% Fortify Archery potion, and it'll do a whopping 153 bash damage, way more than a damage rating of a legendary Elven Greatsword.


    Potions are used to boost your heavy armor and damage rating while restoring stamina and health. It is also the key skill to acquire the Advanced Atronach Stone early in the game. We'll take the usual perks which are "Alchemists", "Physician", "Benefactor" and "Poisoner"


    Main perk here is "Arcane Smithing" so that we can upgrade our "exotics". We can also go for other smithing perks like Dwarven, Ebony or Advanced.

    The Aegis charges into battle with his greatsword or battleaxe and heavy armor. Mages are cannon fodder as the Aegis has 100% spell absorption, thanks to the Advanced Atronach Stone. Melee attackers can be troublesome in groups, so funnel them in a narrow passage and use a side power attack. The "Sweep" perk allows you to hit everyone in front of you when you do a side power attack.

    Alchemy is crucial for the Aegis. With the heavy armor and constant power attacks draining his stamina, a few potions of stamina would be needed to keep him attacking. Fortification potions and poisons are also useful when facing multiple high level enemies.

    Smithing is a minor but important skill in the build. The "Arcane Smithing" perk is required for tempering "Exotics" which we will talk about later. If you have some spare perk points, you can invest them on other Smithing perks to further increase the value of your weapons.

    Against Dragons, the Aegis is somewhat at a disadvantage as he has no ranged weapon (unless using a certain weapon). However, the spell absorption fully protects him from the Dragon's breath. 

    Mages as I said before, are cannon fodder. Malkoran, Orchendor and Dragon Priests could be taken down in no time. Orchendor may require more time due to his teleportation.

    Elixir of Rejuvenation (Restore and Regenerate Stamina) - Bear Claws + Bee + Mora Tapinella

    Stalwart Potion (Fortify Heavy Armor and Block) - Slaughtherfish Scales + Bleeding Crown

    Bastion (Regenerate Health and Fortify Marksman) - Elves Ear + Juniper Berries + Garlic

    Armor Breaker (Damage Health and Lingering Damage Health) - Slaughterfish Eggs + River Betty + Imp Stool

    So if you haven't read about Bash Damage, read it now. Now, I'm gonna give a chart showing the bash damage of different types of weapons before and after acquiring "Deadly Bash", "Power Bash" and drinking a Fortify Archery Potion (100%). Here are somethings you should remember.

    1. Shields - 8 AR contributes to 1 Bash Damage
    2. Weapons - 4 DR contributes to 1 Bash Damage
    3. With 100 skill in Blocking, shields bash for 12.5% of their BASE armour rating (AR) and all weapons bash for 25% of their BASE damage rating (DR).
    4. Deadly Bash (DB) and Power Bash (PB) multiplies the bash damage by 15

    Note: the numbers are from ADEPT difficulty.

    Imperial Shield:

    • Base AR of 20 
    • Bashes for 2.5 damage/ 37.5 with DB and PB / 75 with DB, PB and Fortify Archery 100%

    Glass Sword

    • Base DR of 12
    • Bashes for 3 damage / 45 with DB and PB / 90 with DB, PB and Fortify Archery 100%

    Ebony Greatsword

    • Base DR of 22
    • Bashes for 5.5 / 82.5 with DB and PB / 165 with DB, PB and Fortify Archery 100%

    It was first introduced by Mason in his Obsidian Sentinel build. By consuming a potion of fortify Restoration and potion of fortify Restoration and frost weakness, we can obtained a small stacking bonus and double the power of the Atronach stone thus giving 100% spell absorption and 100 Magicka as well as 100% Magicka Degeneration.

    A Fortify Restoration potion can be crafted using Abecean Longfin and Cyrodilic Spadetail while a poison of Weakness to Frost and Fortify Restoration can be crafted using Abecean Longfin, Cyrodilic Spadetail and White Cap. All three ingredients can be found easily once you escaped Helgen.

    Exotics are very rare items you'll acquire during your travels. Most of them have special abilities or buffs to enhance your player. For gameplay reasons, you can only equip ONE Exotic weapon and ONE Exotic gear.

    Bloodskal Blade

    The Bloodskal Blade is acquired from "The Final Descent" quest in Solthiem, which requires the Dragonborn DLC. It's special ability is that it fires a red beam depending on your power attack movement. This can actually be useful as a ranged weapon for the Aegis. Killing Zahkriisos to get out is easy as your nearly invulnerable to magic.

    Ahzidal's Armor of Retribution

    Another item available for Dragonborn DLC users. The armors effect is invaluable to the Aegis. As he gets constantly attack by melee enemies, they will have a small chance of getting paralyzed. Dual-wielders (mostly Forsworns) will get the most out of the armor's effect as they constantly use their power attacks.


    The bane of the elves. This battleaxe can be acquired by starting "Glory of the Dead", the last quest in the Companions Questline. Note that Wuuthrad's bonus to elves does not apply to Orcs (who are elves if you haven't realized yet and elven vampires) unless you use the Unofficial Patch (which will ruin the build). Also, you can use the "Elemental Fury" shout with Wuuthrad to maximize your DPS.

    Visage of Mzund

    Found in the Dwemer ruins of Falhbtharz, this helmet grants to wearer the ability to release a powerful steam attack at the cost of stamina. You can extend the usage of the Breath of Nchuack by tweaking the stamina bar with a few potions and a power.

    Whirlwind Charge

    By timing your forward power attack when you use Whirlwind Sprint, you can close the gap between your enemies and immediately take him down.

                               (Results may vary based on frame rate)

                               [Whirlwind Sprint + Frontal Power Attack]

    Aegis Codex

    A passive buff that allows the Aegis to absorb all manner of offensive magic at the cost of stunted magicka regeneration.

                               [Advanced Atronach Stone]


    The Aegis initiates "Lockdown" mode. He will receive an increase boost in bash damage and armor rating for 60 seconds and all incoming attacks will slow down time.

                               [Quick Reflexes + Power Bash + Deadly Bash + Potion of Fortify Archery and Heavy                                   Armor]    


    By extending the stamina bar through Alchemy. The Breath of Nchuack can be used for a extended period of time 

                               [Visage of Mzund + Potion of Fortify Stamina]

    As Guardians, your task is to eradicate the Darkness that threatens Tamriel, be it necromancers, undead, or even Daedra. You're main hubs will be the main cities of Skyrim, Whiterun, Markarth, Solitude, Riften and Windhelm.

    Fast travel is restricted to the main hubs. For example, if you're traveling in The Rift, you can only fast travel back to Riften.

    The Companions are the Vanguards of Tamriel. They provide quests for guardians and train them. Join their ranks and receive rewards as you ascend.

    Most of the quests the Guardians do involve killing undead, necromancers and bandits. They do not take sides in any war nor claim any properties. Only titles and rewards. Some of the primary quests include:


    The Man Who Cried Wolf - There has been reports of strange activities going on in Wolfskull Cave. Search the area.

    Discerning the Transmundane - Rumors claim that an old man has found the Heart of Lorkhan somewhere north of Winterhold. Go there and recover it so that the Darkness could not corrupt it.

    The Wolf Queen Awakened - Potema, the Wolf Queen is planning to return to the land of the living. Do what ever it takes to stop her or Tamriel will fall into darkness once more.

    Kill all the Dragon Priest (including Solstheim) - A wanderer passed by and gave us a wooden mask he'd found in the old city of Bromjunaar. The wooden mask appears to be a relic from the Dragon Cult. The Vanguard has asked all Guardians to search for more of these masks should they ever stumble upon them.

    Final Notes:

    I finally finished my build after nearly a month of my brain jamming out of ideas. Art-wise, it may be my finest but content-wise, I don't know.

    1 down and 2 more to go... This is gonna be a painful job.

  • February 15, 2016

    I don't play Destiny, so most (...all) of this probably (definitely) went over my head but this is a well put-together build with a great presentation and it's own inspiration and spin behind a classic class, so here's a +1 for you. Using the Shezzarines as a lore base to make a Destiny build is also a neat idea. I'm not sure how well it really translates, but I like crossover builds in general. I'm also a huge fan of Bashing mechanics--many cool mechanics I feel are under utilized in pure warrior builds, so that's cool. Alchemy's also pretty badass.

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    February 15, 2016
    I love Destiny! I play it a lot nowadays so may I suggest something being a diehard Titan myself? Perhaps you could add in a small amount of destruction for fireballs to replicate the Hammer of Sol ability. May I also suggest something else? Get back into Destiny. Some of the weapons may have been nerfed but the Taken King DLC makes up for it with new exotics and subclasses.
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    February 16, 2016
    Mate, there is a shout to bind dragons to the ground. That can be included when dealing with dragons. I don't play destiny, but a quick look at the wiki reveals a few things to me: This build seems like a Titan archtype, defender subclass. Whilst armor is a focus of the subclass, they posses minimal offends capabilities Given the ranged ability of all classes in destiny, you'd probably benefit equipping a crossbow as opposed to a 2 handed sword. This will help mitigate the issue when dealing with dragons and ranged attackers up front. That said, I believe the core feature if this build is the pure shield tank play style without weapons... Which is awesome Given no magic involvement. Kudos to you.
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    February 16, 2016

    Thanks but my days with Destiny are over since I played it on PS3. I did try to find a combo that could imitate the... *roll the trumpets* all mighty Gjallarhorn but can't find the right combination.

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    February 16, 2016
    I have yet to get a Gjallarhorn yet so I currently can't help there but if it's like a normal rocket launcher I would use a dual castes fireball with destruction potions.
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    February 17, 2016

    Congratulations on your first build! I found the bashing guide to be a nice, new once in a lifetime twist that I've been looking for ages now. I was always curious about how it worked for weapons and shields. I agree with Warlocksg, A ranged weapon is all this build needs to become a perfect warrior build. Great work. 

  • February 17, 2016

    I like this build, but one thing you ought to do is try to skyrimize this more. Im aware that this class is based on Destiny's Sunbreaker, and while the images used look very nice it would be best to "Skyrimize your choice of images more.

    By this I mean use TES related images, and if you cant find those use fantasy images. A warrior wielding a fiery hammer shouldnt be too hard to find images of, but if youre having trouble you could ask for help in the Art group. 

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    February 18, 2016

    Thanks for the advice Curse. I'll try to think of something Skyrim-y before asking the Art Group

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    February 18, 2016

    I don't play many games other than Skyrim, so I can't really appreciate what you've done as it relates to Destiny. But, I CAN appreciate what you've done in the context of a Skyrim build. The presentation is nicely put together, and the playstyle looks like fun. What's not to like?

    Nice work! ;D