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Character Build: The Knight of Onsi

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    December 23, 2015

    Hello all and Welcome! This is my First build so I am Open to Constructive Criticism and Please don't to go to hard on me... BTW This Build Uses Mods not to Heavily but to make the Character Super Cool looking. 

                                                                 The Knight of Onsi

    The Knight Of Onsi is A warrior who lives for Fighting for Honor and making Swords. Resolving Problems and Reciting  "Oblation of Onsi" To build His new Found Knightly Order.


    Race: Redguard (Duh...)

    Stone: Lady or Lord (This build Is very Health and Stamina Mixed)

        ( M:0H:1,S:1 ,)  Never Enough Stamina Here! The Build Is very Agile and need t Block, Bash and Power Attack alot with Equal amount of Health for  Survivability.


    Major Skills:

    Heavy Armor: The Only way to look that good and Defensive reasons.

    Two-Handed: Your Main source off Damage. Trained your whole life as a Redguard to wield a Scimitar. 

    Smithing: To make your weapons and Armor. Also the way you found yourself in the Favor of Onsi. 

    Minor Skills:

    Block: The Skill used to Demonstrate how Agile you are. 

    Speech (Optional)

    Sneak: Now this Isnt used at first but its a Good skill that you can pick up to Get Levels and be Even Stronger. (About Honor To the Knight Of Onsi Sneak in not dishonorable if Out Numbered or sneaking on scum that are Bellow you..)

    Link to Skills: Here (If anyone wants to make a Perkspread Then Send it to me)


      " Mother dead from Child's birth and Father a Dead Guardsman. Your Mother's Brother, Your uncle adopted you and did the best he could. He was only a Blacksmith. It was good all these things happened to you for you wouldn't be in my favor if not. On this Day I call Upon to you Redguard. You have done well by doing what I ask. You have went to the Thieves Den and Slayed them All. You have collected their Bones and took back what they stole from me. You have Taken The Materials and the Papers of How to make My Armor and Weapon. You will make the Armor and be the first to Wear such Strong Metal.

        The Armor you wear had been sprinkled with the Bone-shavings of my Enemies. White as the Sands of The Far Shores. Now Recite "Oblation of Onsi" So I can bless your Unique Blade. I taught mankind to Pull their Knives into Swords and you have done more by making a Knife Into a Greatsword! Now Go to the Land of The Nords to help your Kinsman in such Troubling times and Teach Other Redguards my ways! Go Blessed Warrior GO!" Onsi Speaking to his Champion. The Knight of Onsi. 

    Now that I got The backstory out the way, I can Show off the ARMOR!


    Weapons: Is the Great Scimitar from Redguard Armr by Hothtropper44

    Armor: Head&Chestpiece: Heavy Mithril Helmet and Armor Gauntlets&Boots: Are Silver Gauntlets and Boots.

    Gameplay: You are a Knight so You will fight with honor. Block alot and Be sure to act as if you are squishy eve though your way not. Dispatch enemies quickly and dodge attacks. You do not want to humiliate them just want to defeat them to get better as a Warrior to make Onsi Proud. 

    When using Followers spread out and only go to them when they need help. This is to show you are like a teacher to them and want them to have their share of battle for them to learn. Also dont steal their Kills but do push them away form getting yours, As if you are in a Group for Respectful Fighters. 

    Followers to get: Rayya: To free her from serving Nords and Serve Onsi by the lead of another Redguard.  Ahtar: To show this Executioner he could be so much more and Ditch his Axe for a Real Redguard's weapon, A Sword or Greatsword! 

    Recommended Quests /Factions:

    Dawngaurd: By helping Isran a fellow Redguard and ridding Nirn of Evil Vampires you can make space for the Order of Onsi! Also you find the Dawnguard warriors with potential so you will join them to teach them and to help them find honor in what they do. 

    Main Quest: You find Fighting Dragons Fun. Weird i know but as a Warrior only seeking Honor and Glory it just attracts you but DONT kill Paarthurnax you are no Monster. You Understand he wants to be atoned for his Sins. Also You find The Blades ruthless and not Honorable. 

    Dragonborn: Miraak Is a traitor and cant even fight honorably himself. he must Die for using the Innocent to do his bidding.

    Special Moves:  

     Onsi's Rage - Unrelenting Force and Critical Great Charge. ( A great way for crowd control CC and opening fights)

       Sideways Blade- Become Ethereal and Sideways Power attack (Must have Quick reflexes to enable slow time effect then use attack) 

     Desert Wind- Use Elemental Fury, Do a power attack and disarm enemy then follow up by Standing Power attacks to a Blocking enemy. 

     ~The Conclusion~

    I hope you all enjoyed My build! Leave a Like if you did and Bye!

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    December 23, 2015

    Not to shabby,but you still need a perk spread otherwise it might get featured.

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    December 23, 2015

    A Link doesn't count?  Where can I get one? 

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    December 23, 2015

    Oh..heh didn't see it,my bad.You should try to stick with 2 fonts since the sizes sometimes distract me from smaller things like your link.

    Overall it's good.

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    December 23, 2015

    Hey Thanks! Really means alot since its my 1st build. Worked hard and I feel Like I have more respect for builder on the Site because It aint easy but Its fun! 

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    December 23, 2015
    Looks good so far, but the build lacks some important stuff (in my opinion ofc), so I recommend you put it into the workshop to work on it.

    Try to get your capitals right and it will be much more readable.
    How can the player get fast, high in smithing to craft the armor/weapons? What can the player use until he gets it? You should include some alternative weapons/armor for console players.
    You say this build is very agile, but you dont take the steed stone and lvl70 in heavy armor for conditioning isn't that easy to get to, especially if you dont want to get hit & block a lot, which doesn't lvl heavy armor. Explain how to handle this.
    Same lvl-problem with block. Blocking with a weapon wont bring you to 70Block in 42 lvls.
    You should explain how to fight against different types of enemys. This character doesnt have any magic resistence without the lord, so you wont be able to do much against dragons/mages. Explain how to handle this.
    There is only block as an passive combat-skill taken. This can make the gameplay a bit repetitive. Maybe add something like enchanting-dmg for the weapon, Alchemie or even Destruction-Cloakes to make the gameplay more interesting.
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    December 23, 2015

    You are Right but to be honest I dont really need to list ways to improve Smithing when they're All over the Internet. Also The build is Supposed to be Flexible so customize at will.  To be agile you dont have to have the Steed stone its more of something to use In fighting like if you see a Power attack coming you want stand there and take it.

    But Levels dont really mean anything Because They are trainers and there is also abunch of ways to grind every skill.   But I will add ways to fight Mages etc. But I mean he doesnt need resistances because the build is about fast-paced fighting. So just rush them. Also Just because the Build Is set to 42 levels doesnt mean you will have you will be done by then its just away in a Hypothetical sense. Like he build only need 41 Perks which you should be at Lvl 42 or higher to get them all but As I said before Its a Flexible build. If you want to add Enchanting, Alchemy or anything else go ahead.

    My Builds are more of a Template with a Backstory and some goals. Not just do this and that and your done. You as a player is done who YOU say your done.    Thank you for the Constrictive Criticism! And I did have a Console armor set but I realized that this is a MODDED build so its not intended to have a Vanilla set. 

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    December 23, 2015

    Interesting build, Manni, well done +1

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    December 23, 2015
    Again, my own opinion:
    It would be nice to have a link to the guides (Mason's "Impatient Smithing Guide" for example) and ways to grind it, because the armor and the skills seem to be key-parts of the build. If they aren't that important, skip it.

    Well, I just dont know how you want to do that on higher difficultys/lvls (considering the fact that a rune on expert can do 400 dmg without magic resistence and icebolts from mages will slow you down and prevent you from running).

    Seriously... Why should "I" add anything to the build?? I'm here to play "your" build with "your" story and "your" ideas, not mine.
    That doesnt mean that you have to say what exactly is to do, but a general idea/storyline/gameplay style to follow should be there and playable without getting boring after the first 10 lvls.
    I just mentioned some "ideas" to create a more interesting playstlye, because I thought it could get repetitive. It's not something that I recommend, rather a source for inspiration.
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    December 23, 2015
    Thanks Mort!