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Event Build: The Vengeful Executioner

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    December 21, 2015

    The Vengeful Executioner


    A newcomer to Skyrim, not much is known about him, other than his call for his new home’s liberty. Few have seen him fight, and those who have say the fights ended too quickly to know what happened. What is known is that he will fight till Skyrim is free and rid of those who plague and it, even if it takes him single-handedly dismantling the imposing Thalmor and Empire. Fueled by revenge for his fallen brothers, he will eliminate his opposers officer by officer and soldier by soldier.



    The Vengeful Executioner was part of a brotherhood of Breton nobles from High Rock who fought as assassins, eliminating high ranking Thalmor officers during the Great War. By the end of the war, he was all who remained of the order. He sought to travel to Skyrim, seeing new hope there to join the fight against the Thalmor and the corrupted Empire.



    The Vengeful Executioner is a one man army, taking on legions of enemies as he sees fit. He fights with his blades, his fists, and his enemies' weapons if he has to. Generally, he will wield a sword in combat the most. This allows him to block, counter, and dodge attacks with ease while outputting a good amount of damage. Uses his skills in unarmed combat to eliminate guards without so much as a sound. When overwhelmed, his hidden blades come out, clearing out enemies before they can clear him. He uses his crossbow to engage some fights, even the odds of others, or to support his allies before he can get close enough to take on the fight himself. Rarely takes more a shot at once, however, as he's not one to distance himself from his enemies. Now since the pace of Skyrim's combat doesn't allow our character to attack as swiftly and aggressively as I would like for this build, we're going to have to speed it up a bit. Slow time is going to be a key shout, as it allows him to move faster than and stay a step ahead of his opponents. Disarm/Disarming Bash can be used to take away opponents' weapons and use it against them.

    Stone - Steed. This build looks to be quick as possible in battle.

    Race - Breton. Fits look and lore. Magic resistance is useful for fighting dragons/mages, which this build isn't exactly suited to do.

    Factions: Dark Brotherhood, Stormcloaks, Dawnguard

    Stats: 0 Magicka/2 Health/3 Stamina


    One-Handed - This is where most of the damage comes from. Don't bother putting points into savage/paralyzing strike. Decapitation is too messy, and we won't really be backwards power attacking with such an aggressive play style.

    Archery - Archery is more of a secondary combat skill, but we still want to make sure we are hitting our shots and doing damage when we do use it.

    Smithing - Needed to maximize defense and damage output, especially on higher difficulties.

    Heavy Armor - Fists of Steel is what allows this character to fight unarmed.

    Block - Countering enemy attacks is essential for this build.

    Enchanting - Extra boost in combat.

    Sneak - Every perk but shadow warrior. We aren't gonna be backing out of combat.


    Crossbow (Enhanced Crossbow)

    Hidden Blades (Nordic Daggers)

    Scimitar (Windshear)

    Assassin's Armor (Ancient Falmer Armor enchanted with Fortify Heavy Armor)

    Assassin's Gauntlets (Steel Nordic Gauntlet enchanted with Fortify Unarmed)

    Assassin's Boots (Steel Shin Boots enchanted with Muffle)

    Assassin's Hood (Mage Hood enchanted with Fortify Archery)

    Ring of the Brotherhood (Silver Ring enchanted with Fortify Unarmed)

    Amulet of the Brotherhood (Silver Amulet enchanted with Fortify One-Handed)

    In conclusion, this build may be a bit lacking in terms of detail, graphics, etc.; However, I think I got all of the core gameplay/roleplay down and altogether composed a pretty interesting build for what little time I had to make it. This build is of course based off of Ezio from Assassin's Creed.

    PS: Sorry if this was posted just a few minutes late for the event. I've been working quite hard to finish this in time among other things.

    Thanks for reading!

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    December 21, 2015

    21/10 IGN.
    You should have a photo of your armor though, showing us what it looks like when put together,

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    December 21, 2015
    Why is the last picture of Altair when the build is based off Ezio?