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Character Build: The New Tribunalist

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    December 9, 2015

         Hello all! this is my first build to the community, and if I may say so myself, a very powerful build. With this build you will crush and slice anything in your way. I hope to get great criticism because my writing ( especially in this format ) isn't very good.  So without further ado I present you with...

    The New Tribunalist:


    No one knows where exactly he was born, only that it was on Solstheim. He did cruel experiments to become immortal, so that he could challenge the original tribunal. The Morag Tong killed his parents because they actively encouraged the government to seek out and destroy the killing clan. After that the now orphaned boy never say the world the same.  He found their dark assassins guild and their unworthy temples weak and cowardly. He began thinking to make a new tribunal. He choose Molag Bal instead of Boethiah, Namria over Azura, and Mehrunes Dagon rather than Mephala. These are the deities that make up The New Tribunal. He headed to Skyrim in search of the shrine to Mehrunes Dagon. While he was looking in the Jerall Mountains he was caught by the Imperials as they thought he was a mercenary. Your story starts here.

    General Stats:

    Race: Dunmer Vampire

    Stone:  Warrior/Mage Then Lady/Atronach

     Stat Spread:                                   4/3/Magicka/Health/Stamina until level 9 then 2/2/2

    Powers: Sun Flare, Secret Of Strength, Mora's Boon, Bardic Knowledge, and Seeker Of Might.

    Shouts: Bend Will, Cyclone, Dragon Aspect, and Dragonrend.

    Major Skills:

    One Handed is for your Mace of Molag Bal and Mehrunes razor. Without this your attacks become weak and only by the luck of the razor could you survive on expert+.

    Heavy Armor is for your chitin armor. This shows you know how to properly use your equipment, and again you need this in order to survive expert+.

    Enchanting is to enchant your heavy chitin armor with enchants I will cover later. I highly recommend this as the enchants for alteration reduction are daedric godsend.

    Alteration: This is used for the magic resistance perks and flesh spells/paralyze which are a huge part of this build.

    Minor Skills:

    Restoration is for grand healing and very handy perks. Not much else, but since we put less stats in stamina we need respite.

    Smithing is required to increase the damage of your weapons even further. Also your armor rating without perks will be somewhat low so you will need to smith them as well.


    Heavy chitin armor enchanted with Alteration/Restoration reduction, One-Handed damage, and Health/Magicka/Stamina fortification/regeneration. The order depends on how you play.

    Image result for skyrim chitin heavy armorImage result for skyrim chitin heavy armor

    As for weapons Archery is not used AT ALL. I never even picked up a bow. the weapons are the Mace of Molag Bal and Mehrunes Razor. The ring and amulet are the Ring of Namira and the Locket of Saint Jiub, both of which assist with stamina. Until you get your gear just use a dagger and mace of the best quality you can find.


    The quests that are needed are the Dragonborn questline, the Dawnguard questline, the Main questline, The Black Star, Boethiah's Calling, The House of Horrors, A Taste of Death, Pieces of the Past, The Dark Brotherhood, The College of Winterhold, The Civil War, and The Companions.

    " Miraak is trying to take control of Solstheim, a place that belongs to the New Tribunal."

    " These vampires are creatures of my lord, Molag Bal. I must join them."

    " Eternal creatures? Such an idea spits in Lady Namira's face. They. Must. Die."

    " A chance to corrupt Azura's artifact is one I must take."

    " Killing all of her followers would limit her reach on Mundus, but I will not get her artifact."

    "  A daedric shrine? Must be Molag Bal's. I will do what he asks."

    " Lady Namira will be pleased I helped her cult."

    " Mehrunes' weapon of destruction must be reborn into this world."

    " This faction relishes in killing. I will join and kill for The New Tribunal. I am no coward though, so i will attack my marks face to face."

    " Lady Namira said there will be an undead dragon to kill. They also might help me with my spells."

    " Revolution and change are virtues of Mehrunes Dagon. Helping these rebels with please Dagon."

    " I may worship daedra, but i'm no coward. These honorable fighters will help my train my combat skills. It turns out these are werewolves. I will join the circle until I become a vampire.  "

     Do the Companions before Dawnguard and cure your lycanthropy.


    As you charge into battle, cast ebony flesh and then paralyze your enemies. Focus your paralysis on the ranged enemies since you don't have and ranged offensive. Dual power attack the enemies still up. If your low on health then use grand healing and back off. Use Dragon Aspect as much as possible and Dragonrend because you won't have a bow. Cyclone and Bend Will will help conserve magicka and stamina. Since you don't have a bow try and dodge archer's arrows and mage's spells.

    Image result for rage symbol Pure Rage:

    Requires: Dragon Aspect, Dual Flurry 2/2, Dual Savagery, Secret of Strength.

    You are filled with a rage that no one can stop, and you become one with the thing you swore to kill, a dragon.

     The Tribunalist's Blessing:

    Requires: Mora's Boon, Sun Flare, Bardic Knowledge.

    The Tribunal's gods smile upon you and release a power fire wave while restoring your health and regenerating your stamina.

    Image result for mythical signs Dragon Destruction:

    Requires: Dragonrend, Dragon Aspect, Dual Power attacking.

    You are fulled by your will to destroy dragons. You release energy so powerful it forces the dragons to land. While taking their power you attack with devastating force 


    Only use followers that are in your cult. This means Eola, any vampire followers, or other cultists. On legendary this may be hard so if you have trouble use one but after the quest dismiss them. Also the Companions follow you for their quest line go along with it. 

    Role Playing:

    • Never sneak, use archery, or disgrace the Tribunal as doing so means you are worthy of death.
    • Use any chance you get to disgrace Azura, Mephala, or Boethiah.
    • Kill any who worship the original tribunal if possible.
    • Never help the aedra, and try to kill their priests if possible.

    Closing Remarks:

    Special thanks to Lee Fiskilis for the perk spread.

    This is my very first build and I like it a lot. I hope you enjoyed it and i'm looking forward to great criticism. Have a good one and bye!! 


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    December 9, 2015

    Congratulations on releasing your first build. I can see you had a challenge posting it up on the site but, he pulled through! I hope that this makes the cut with all the others. It seems good enough to me. I would though encourage a ranged attack or spell to defend against range attacks. One question is, in order to get the Mace and the Razor, you can't be a low level so. . Question is and on your opinion good sir is, what do use until getting up to that point?

    I think another good suggestion would be onto describing this characters motives a bit more. Why does he want to start a new Tribune?

    This kind of build is not my strong suit but hey, I still give ya a like in effort. Good work.

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    December 9, 2015
    I would echo Ry's kind words. The first thought I had was that the build sort of skips right into end stage, high power weapons and spells. Paralyze, ebony flesh, the razor etc are al later game gets. What happens in the meantime and why? Answering these and keep fleshing it out a bit and itI think you'll get a good response. Obviously you put some time into this so kudos. Keep at it.