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Character Build: The Oathsworn

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  • August 5, 2015

    Stands through time
    Dwells the proof of life
    Eternal Earth of mine

    Cleanse our souls
    No good thoughts shall burn
    Engulf the passion of life
    Eternal Fire of mine

    Carry it on
    The ancient wisdom of mankind
    Eternal Air of mine

    Renew us within
    Wash away
    The remains of lies
    Eternal Water of mine

    Beyond death and life
    The answer divine
    Eternal Elements of mine

    I found myself crawling. Can't close the Gap. I am the haunted. The abandoned. The forsaken.

    Left behind to die. Left behind to rot. Left behind to haunt. I am the forgotten. Forgotten by fate itself. Forgotten by the Gods. Forgotten by myself.

    There is only dark now. And I am the only one that can stop it. I am the only one that can close the Gap.

    Haunted. Abandoned. Forsaken.

    Left behind without you. Left behind without anyone. Left behind without myself. 

    No colours to see anymore. No fire to warm my cold body. No sky for me to dream.

    Alone in the Darkness. Treachery shadows my home. 

    I will never die. 

    Death has forsaken me.

    Race: The Oathsworn was a priest of Kyne (NOT the imperial Kynareth) living in the mountains of the Reach/High Rock. His mother was a nord while his father a breton. Pick either one of these.

    Stats: 1 Magicka / 2 Health / 1 Stamina

    Birthsign: The Serpent. 

    Major Skills: One-Handed, Restoration, Alchemy

    Minor Skills: Destruction, Alteration, Block

    Oh fair, fair Lady. Are you really there?

    I feel cold. Alone. Come close. Speak to me.

    I have forgotten your voice. I have forgotten your face. Your fire. Your breath.

    The Evil trapped me. The Evil destroyed me.

    And you, nowhere to be found.

    "Those born under this sign are the most blessed and the most cursed." ―The Firmament about the Serpent birthsign.

    I lived in the rocky lands of High Rock all my life. My ma had a beautiful garden outside the house where she was spenting almost all of her free time. My pa was working on leather pieces while not out hunting. We lived in a small cottage outside any kind of civilization. I grew up with the sky being my only friend and the stars my bedtime story. Sometimes weary travelers came by and asked for supplies and such. Other times there were just thieves trying to get their hands on our livestock. My pa always sent them running. But, as with all the stories, peace never could last for long. I saw fire in the sky, one night. 4th of Frostfall. My mother came bursting into my room, tears in her eyes, and hided me in the wooden closet. Next moment, two dark-skinned elves and an old man ran in. A green light blinded my eyes and my ma came down to the stone floor like a sack of potatoes. They grabbed her paralyzed body, covered her face with a metal mask and dragged her out of the house. I heard the clapping of horses, while the men escaped through the dark woods. 

    The house was on fire. I stayed there, in the closet, as I felt the heat in every part of my body. I didn't want to fight. I gave myself up to the red-golden flames. I felt their warm fingers on my face. I felt them until I could feel no more.

    But then, there was light. Bright, golden light. It filled every part of my body and cooled me. I no longer felt the flames, nor I was hearing their call. I could only hear the wind. Melancholic whispers and the sound of the eagle overcame my ears. I opened my eyes and saw a tall fair-haired lady, standing in front of my ruined closet. Her green dress was touching the burnt floor and birds were sitting at her shoulders. Her breath was the sound of the river, the wind, the sky. Her eyes was the clean waters of the blue sea. Her hands could reach the four corners of the earth. She gave me her love. She saved me from doom.

    I fled. Left High Rock behind and wandered the mountains of western Skyrim. There, I built my shack, in the name of the Lady, Kyne. There, I did devout my life to Her, her might and beauty in every tree, rock, river, root, wind. She gave me insights to the secrets of life nobody had ever known. Many names I had been called in my time there; Priest, Monk, Wizard, Druid, Eremite, Ascetic. I could hear the footsteps of the cat, I could see the wind passing, I could speak the language of the animals.

    And then, they returned. The two dunmer and the old man, horrifying masks on their faces. They burnt down my cabin, destroyed my shrines and offerings, killed my spirit with their vile magics. They brought me to the shrine of their Lord in the Dwemer city of Markarth. A terrible mace in hand, they broke my bones, made me bleed, pointy spikes forbidding me from moving.

    I couldn't die. No matter how deep their blades cut me. No matter how hard the rusty mace struck down my head. Their Evil couldn't touch me. They threw me in the waterfall outside the city. Broken body, I still stood on my feet. But their vile Lord had already corrupted my spirit. 

    This is who I am. Born of the Serpent. The cursed. The forsaken. The forgotten. Doomed to live for eternity, never to see loved ones again, nor feel the warmth of the fire, the coolness of the water, the whispers of the wind. 

    I am the haunted. Driven by an oath.

    I am the Oathsworn.

    Hooded Monk Robes + Monk Boots + Kyne's Token

    Iron Sword + Unenchanted Restoration Staff


    1. Since the equipment of the Oathsworn is very low-level, I'd recommend not to play this build on Master difficulty. Unless of course you are masochist. 

    2. The Oathsworn's days on the wild, meditating to the Goddess of the earth and sky Kyne, have granted insights on the world around him that few has matched before him. Henceforth, he has the potential to become a master alchemist, applying natural poisons to his weapons and making his mind go ecstatic, increasing both magical and physical defense.

    Note on Alchemy: When harvesting ingredients don't be greedy, but respect the nature around you and take from it in moderation. Don't just go wild, reaching Riverwood after Helgen, with like 45 red mountain flowers.

    3. You are going to use an unenchanted restoration staff on your left hand as your shield. Just go full Gandalf on that one.

    4. Most mages see Destruction magic as a means to destroy; not rebuild. But since Destruction is pretty much the elemental forces of nature, you are free to use it to crush the enemies of Kyne. So, use ranged Destruction attacks for foes that are either weak to it or far away from you, Restoration against undead and to heal injured animals and people including yourself and Alteration for your trusty mage armor spells and whatever else you may find suiting the character. Just for roleplaying purposes, I only ever used Oakflesh as my armor spell. But then that's just me having the privilage of pc rebalancing mods (*cough cough pc master race cough*).

    5. Enchanting, while it could be very useful here, is a big no no. There's not a soul that walks the earth, be it animal, man or mer, that deserves such a fate. I mean, seriously, you have a brave and prideful man that lives his life with honor and integrity; making him a tool to enchant some dirty old damned boots after gloriously being slain in battle is so wrong in so many ways. For the Oathsworn, that is.

    Once a murderer. Always a murderer.

    It's well known to the Oathsworn that Lady Kyne has chosen him for some reason. And after the vile magic of the Daedric Lord Molag Bal broke his close connections with the Goddess of the Wind, his purpose has become clear. Lady Kyne knew this was going to happen. That's why she prepared him, she trained him to take his rightful place as the Oathsworn, the guardian of the mortal realm. But keeping out the evil forces of the daedra is not such an easy task; rituals must be performed in timed dates of the year, so that the balance of power between the world of the mortals and the world of the daedra will stay strong. This is the duty of the Oathsworn and his burden to bear. The Oblivion Crisis shall not happen again. (Note: I'm just making this up. It's not actual lore or something)

    I posted the list of the High Moon Festivals over in the Roleplaying group. It was too big to stay here.

    Except Kyne's Sacred Trials that is essential to get Kyne's Token, you are literally free to do any quests you are fond of doing. The Oathsworn is not a good or evil guy. That makes him a very flexible character to play with. As long as you stay true to the Old Gods and keep away from Daedric Princes (both good and evil) you will be fine. Just remember to not get attached to anyone. Not just because you have learnt to be a loner, but simply because the Daedra will do anything to harm to you, including hurting those who are close to you. Like they did with your family. Nature, the Old Gods, are not all-loving. They are keeping the balance and justice in the world and they may get cruel to achieve their goal. You are following their example. No mercy for those who have the potential and mindset to do the right thing (aka the humans) but they are choosing not to. You are a deliverer of justice. Nature's justice. You care little about human laws. However, should you break them, you will pay your debts and not escape like a common criminal. That includes staying in the jarl's dungeons for a few nights. Unless there is a Festival that particular night. Then nothing can stop you from delivering it.

    Runestones - Antti Martikainen

    Closing Notes

    Wow Garthar made a build without putting 25+ screenshots in it. Extraordinary.

    This fuckin' build took me a bloody year to finish. Apologies for that, as I have been extremely busy trying to finish my book (almost did it yay). Hope you enjoyed. Skål! (cheers!)

    Check out my page for more builds.

    Disclaimer: This build was written under the effect of black metal.

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    August 5, 2015

    I'll check the build out in a bit, but could you please disable autoplay on the video? Also, what black metal do you speak of?

  • August 5, 2015

    Disable autoplay? Don't you like the music my friend?

    I was listening to Burzum, Enslaved and Bathory while writing this btw.

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    August 5, 2015

    I keep Chrome at a higher volume than Foobar (my music player) for watching Let's Plays, so it can hurt my ears a bit. Also, it interrupted Ihsahn, haha. I don't listen to Burzum (and not much Bathory in a long time), but Enslaved is awesome.

  • August 5, 2015

    Of course it is XD

    This is the first time I am putting auto-play in a build, but tell you what, if more people ask it, I will remove it. I personally think it suits the theme, with the runes everywhere and all that.

  • August 5, 2015
    Looks great, Garth! Loads of flavor behind this one.
  • August 5, 2015
    Holy shit! Your making builds again? Good job my friend, in need of some fresh gameplay. I almost always see an essence of your personality in all your builds, I'll definately have to try this once my Xbox is fixed. Cough cough console better Cough cough!
  • August 6, 2015


    That's about all I have to say for now.  I've only skimmed it so far.

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    August 6, 2015

    Love the build. Great background and the playstyle fits the RP perfectly. I even listened along while reading, and matched up nicely. Great jorb!

  • August 6, 2015

    Thank you brother, hope you have fun!