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Event Build: The Knights Mentor

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    July 31, 2015

    Welcome to the most fulfilling playthrough of Skyrim I've ever had! But I like to get right down to business, so here we go...

    The Knights Mentor are those bound to follow the call of Julianos, the God of Wisdom and Learning. While the School of Julianos is responsible for the scholarly work, the Knights Mentor protect the sages of the school and fight the ubiquitous forces of ignorance.

    As Julianos is the God of learning, I thought it fitting that the Knights Mentor would be forever learning. Something along the lines of "life is just one big lesson".

    My theory for it's name is that they are an order of Knights who are always learning, and teaching others; setting an example for the rest of Tamriel. Thus, the Mentors

    Race: Breton. What with the school of Julianos being based in Daggerfall, it makes the most sense roleplay-wise. The +10 boost to Conjuration is also immensely useful (as is the +5 to Restoration). Other noteworthy candidates are the Altmer (for their Magicka boost and skill boosts, the Imperials (boost to One-handed and restoration) and the Redguards (adrenaline rush power, boost to One-handed and Destruction).

    Skills: Enchanting, Destruction, Restoration, Conjuration, Starting skill

    Starting path skill (choose one): One-handed, Two-handed, Archery, Block, none or sneak.

    Elemental specialization (choose one): Fire, Frost or Shock.  You may put augment perks into this element and no other. However, if your starting skill is none (ie, you specialize in destruction), you may master all three elements.

    Stone: Steed and Lord (in Aetherial Crown). The steed enables us to carry multiple copies of armor with the same armor rating, enabling us to carry multiple sets of armor that can be swapped out for different forms. The Lord grants us a nice bonus to magic resistance and armor rating. This stacks with the Breton 25%, granting us a total of 50% passive Magic resistance. Nifty, eh?

    Followers: Up until you become a Knight-captain, use a follower to represent your Master. Their fighting style is irrelevant as long as they are of the human races. I recommend Belrand.

    As a Knight-captain onwards, take a follower of your choice and give them the gear of an Initiate. When you rise in rank, they also rise. So when you become the Grand Chevalier, they become a Knight-captain. You may also choose to promote them for other reasons.

    Good companions are Celann, Mjoll, Uthgerd, and All of the companions.

    Conjuration: Conjuration is the backbone of this build. It acts both as a defensive skill and an offensive skill. Defensive in that you can allow your atronachs to keep the enemy's attention whilst you pelt your foes with spells or arrows from afar. Offensive in that we will solely be using Bound Weapons. So naturally, this skill is rather important (And will level quickly too).

    Destruction: Destruction allows us access to the Spellblade and Scholar forms. Not only that, but the Cloak spells we gain access to are also extremely useful. We will be perking all the way up to Master destruction, but only one element will have the honor of being augmented (unless you choose no starting skill).



    Restoration:. The ability to heal is always a nice one to have. Restoration also provides us with the Necromage perk and Sun spells, to allow us to absolutely screw undead over. Not only that, but with the Respite perk, there's almost no end to the power attacks!

    Enchanting: Enchanting allows us to create multiple sets of the same armor, each enchanted differently, allowing us to have multiple forms which we switch between.  Enchanting keeps our unperked skills viable.



    One/Two-Handed/Archery/Block/Sneak/None:  Whichever skill you choose will affect how you play the rest of the game. It will dictate your starting path; thus, the difficulty of your playthrough revolves around your chosen starting skill. You could be a master of the elements, a battle-hardened warrior, a master marksman, or an assassin.




    This build involves an optional ranking system to further immerse yourself in the roleplay and to lend a sense of progression to your hopeful playthrough. It also adds some restrictions based on rank, making it a much more fun playthrough.

    There are five ranks, each with their requirements listed here:

    1. The Squire
    2. The Knight - Complete one of the emboldened questlines listed below.
    3. The Knight-Captain - Complete two of the questlines listed below.
    4. The Knight-Lord - Complete four of the questlines listed below
    5. Grand Chevalier - Your master dies, you have completed "Lost to the Ages", and you are a Knight-Lord.


    • College of Winterhold
    • The Companions
    • The Civil War (Either side)
    • Dawnguard (Dawnguard side)
    • Main Quest
    • Dragonborn
    • Destroy the Dark Brotherhood and Sabotage the Thieves' Guild
    • Shalidor’s Insights, Shalidor’s Maze, and Arniel’s Endeavour
    • The Book of Love, The Heart of Dibella, Kyne’s Sacred Trials and the Blessings of Nature

    Your rank also has a slight effect on gameplay:

    As a Squire, you may only follow one path.
    However, once you become a Knight, you may follow another path.
    When you become a Knight-Captain may follow three paths altogether.
    When you become a Knight-Lord, you may follow four paths.
    When you become the Grand Chevalier, you may follow all paths.

    Note that your master must die for you to become the Grand Chevalier. This means you may not become the Grand Chevalier at all...or you may become corrupted and power-hungry, and slay your master for your own purposes.

    An alternative ranking idea is to be promoted as you become thane of more holds in Skyrim. Eg, you rank up from Squire to Knight upon becoming thane of one hold, and become a Knight-Lord once you are Thane of all holds. (The same conditions must be met to become the Grand Chevalier).

    To add a further sense of immersion and progression, each rank has a different armor set. As the Grand Chevalier, the Aetherial Crown serves as your symbol of status. Wear it proudly.

    The hoods (and eventually the Mage's Circletgrant us an increasingly useful boost to magicka! (30, 40, 50, 70). Note that the Mage's Circlet gives the highest magicka boost only after level 25. 

    You ought to have 7 copies of your chestpiece, gloves and boots. It's also good to have 7 of the exact same rings/necklaces (the choice is yours). Having 7 of the same armor set will not hinder our carrying capacity due to the amazing Steed Stone. I recommend naming each piece for the Path for which it is used. Eg, Marauder's Grips. When you unlock the extra effect perk, the second enchantment is written in brackets. The enchantments are as follows for each different form (explained later): 


                           Necklace                    Cuirass                   Ring                       Gauntlets                            Boots    

    Spellblade     1H/Magicka               Destro/Resto          1H/Destro              1H/Magicka                         1H/Stamina  

    Marauder       1H/Stamina               Health/Stamina      1H/Stamina            1H/Heavy Armor                1H/Stamina

    Guardian       1H/Block                   Health/Stamina       1H/Block                1H/Block                            1H/Stamina

    Barbarian       2H/Stamina              Health/Stamina       2H/Stamina            2H/Stamina                        2H/Stamina


    Marksman      Archery/Stamina     Health/Stamina       Archery/Stamina   Archery/Heavy Armor      Stamina/Carry Weight

    Shadow          Sneak/Archery         Health/Stamina      Sneak/1H                Sneak/Archery                  Sneak/1H

    Scholar           Resto/Magicka         Destro/Resto          Destro/Magicka     Magicka/Carry Weight      Resist Fire/Resist Frost



    Archery (Stamina)

    Sneak (One-handed)

    Destruction (Magicka)


    Archery (Heavy Armor)

    Sneak (Archery)

    Magicka (Carry Weight)


    Stamina (Carry Weight)

    Sneak (One-handed)

    Resist Fire (Resist Frost)

    In Helgen, the Novice Hood and Robes can be acquired. As soon as you're out of Helgen, you can pick up the Bound Sword and Conjure Flame Atronach spells from Farengar, and you can begin to level your conjuration. If, however, you did not pick One-handed as your starting skill, use any normal weapon of the correct type until you can cast your chosen Bound Weapon comfortably. 

    Progress through each set of questlines to unlock each form. Save the Lost to the Ages quest until last, to roleplay it as a "trial" of sorts, whence you prove your ability to be the Grand Chevalier. The Forgemaster is definitely a challenge on harder difficulties! Do not wear the Aetherial Crown unless you are the Grand Chevalier, for it is blasphemous to do so! My master, Belrand, disappeared from the game somehow (he probably died) after I became a Knight-Lord

    For each skill, perks differ: Archery, Block, Two-handed, Sneak, Destruction

    When I finished enchanting all of my armor, I used the respec ability from Black Book:Waking Dreams to remove my enchanting perks, which I then used to perk Block (Read: Choose a second skill to specialize in). This explains the lack of enchanting perks. There are 8 perks assigned to each skill you may specialize in. Links to each calculator (differing with the skill) follow (the perk assignment for One-handed is above): BlockArcheryTwo-handedSneakDestruction

    You'll notice that the enchanting perks are still mentioned in the above perk spread, but this is merely to show which enchanting perks should be taken. To find out which perks to take in your second specialized skill, I refer you to the perk calculators above for each skill. (or the perk spread for One-handed).

    There are 7 forms for a member of the Knights Mentor to master. Each, bar one, revolves around a bound weapon, giving all of these forms a unique combat style. The 7 forms are listed here, each with their pros and cons for combat. You will switch between these frequently during combat (or infrequently, it's your call) - these have no effect on anything apart from combat (and roleplay, to an extent).

    1. The Spellblade - For me, this was my go-to fighting style (as it was my starting form). You can use any spell in your left hand, and the Bound Sword (or Dagger if you want to be weird) in your right.

    Pros: Well balanced

    Cons: Lacks the specialization (off/defense) of other paths


    2. The Marauder - The next logical form to mention is that of the Marauder! In this form, you're a wrecking ball. But prepare to be the wrecked ball, for you have almost no survivability! Use a Bound Sword and a Bound Dagger in your off-hand for speed, or just use two Bound Swords if you want more power (but less speed).

    Pros: High damage 

    Cons: Fragile, No spells 

    3. The Guardian - Well, we've had the wrecking ball and the all-rounder. So of course, next up we have the tank. In this form, you're using a Bound Sword coupled with your ShieldNo fool is getting past your impenetrable defense!

    Pros: Durable, Can Block and Bash

    Cons: Lower damage than other paths, No Spells


     4. The Barbarian - There's more than one way of being a Wrecking Ball, you know. If you happen to feel the need to use an axe (swords are so mainstream), then become the BarbarianHere, we use a Bound Battleaxe.

    Pros: High Damage, Long range, Can Block and Bash 

    Cons: Slow, Vulnerable to Attack

    5. The Marksman - Pelt your foes with a barrage of arrows from afar! Because Archers rule. We use a Bound Bow here. 

    Pros: High Damage, Good at long range

    Cons: Not as strong in melee, No Spells

                      6.The Shadow - There's nothing more exhilarating than sneaking around a bunch of heavily armored foes, after which you slit their throats with one well-placed Bound Dagger (or you pierce their eye with a bulls-eye from your Bound Bow). Note that to remain undetected, you will need skill, enchantments, and Vampire Dust. 

    Pros: Good for starting fights, Strong

    Cons: Can be OP and boring, No Defence

    7. The Scholar - When you get bored of hitting people with physical manifestations of pure power, burn them to dust, freeze their blood, or electrocute them! Sounds fun, right? No bound weapon is used here.

    Pros: High Damage, Long Range, Can heal, Can use Spells

    Cons: Prone to running out of magicka, Lack of Defence, Costly




    Combat is as simple as casting a cloak spell and your summon(s), after which you enter a chosen form and kill your enemies. However, if starting combat in Shadow form, do not cast a cloak spell or your summons, as these will compromise your sneakiness. 

    Good forms to initiate combat with are Shadow form, Marksman form and Scholar form. When your enemies enter melee range, it's recommended that you switch to a melee form. Marauder form is best for quickly destroying powerful enemies; if you're in Marauder form, allow your Atronachs to tank the enemy before you attack, or risk dying. Guardian form is best for wearing down your enemies or for fighting multiple enemies at a time. While in Guardian form, you're the tank! Not your follower, or your Atronachs. Barbarian form is best for the same purposes as Marauder form, but is better for staying out of the reach of your enemy's weapon. Spellblade form is good whatever the situation - you've got a combination of ranged and melee attacks!

    In terms of Atronachs/Thralls, I recommend a combination of a Frost Thrall with a Storm Thrall - Both are good for taking hits and blocking chokepoints, and both are good at dishing out damage. However, it can be quite annoying. Other options are to go with dual Thralls of your chosen element, so that you won't harm them with your spells.

    Charge: Rush into battle!

    Whirlwind Sprint + (Great) Critical Charge

    Use to initiate combat in a melee form. As you sprint, start running and activate Critical Charge to perform a strike!

    Unleash: Eradicate Ignorance!

    Cloak spell + Become Ethereal + Master Spell

    Use to gain some breathing room to cast a master level spell. Even while ethereal, your enemies will take damage from your cloak, allowing for some enemies to be crowd controlled or killed easily. 

     Arcane Brilliance: Bedazzle foes with Julianos' Glory!

    Dragon Aspect + Slow Time + Secret of Arcana + Volley of Spells

    Your "ultimate move", per se. Use against the strongest enemies, such as Miraak. When Secret of Arcana expires, let loose with a flurry of melee strikes!

    The Knights Mentor is in Skyrim to "fight the ubiquitous forces of ignorance". This translates to enlightening the people of Skyrim and eradicating evil (they are ignorant, as they know not of their foolishness). 

    Learning Paths as you go along also makes sense, as Julianos is the God of learning, thus his followers would strive to always be learning - to understand their mistakes and never make the same mistake again.

    This translates into three Roleplay Objectives:

    Decapitating a foolish bandit...

    Roleplay Objective One: Eradicate all ignorance from Skyrim. In a sense, Bandits are the most ignorant of all, for their lack of ability to earn a proper living. You could say that the Knights Mentor and the School of Julianos are to usher in a new, utopian world through the eradication of ignorance.

    Roleplay Objective Two: Collect knowledge from all around Skyrim and Solstheim. Solve puzzles, find all the black books, delve into tombs, learn all words of power. These are some of the things that you will be doing - this includes repeating Shalidor's Insights. Pick up every book you find.

    Roleplay Objective Three: Create a School of Julianos in Skyrim - build a Hearthfire house and equip it with bedrooms and a library* (and a third wing of your choice). Start a book collection with the books you find in your travels. Bring the Knights Mentor to Skyrim by marrying, having kids, obtaining a steward and follower, and inducting them all into the order.

    *Or, if you have problems (like me) and need your house to be symmetrical(-ish), build an armory instead.





    Thanks to Golden Fool for the killer equipment spread and his input on ranks.

    Thanks to the Character Building Hosts for hosting this event.

    Thanks to Borommakot for discussing the concept with me.

    But most of all, thanks to you, the reader!

  • July 31, 2015

    Oh I like it!

    Me and Teccam were producing a VERY similar build to this a year or so ago! I love the equipment ranks, that's a really nice RP/Progression touch...(dammit Teccam! Wish we'd pulled our fingers out our asses and just posted....procrastination is a bitch! May-Tec is dead!)

    With the ranking system you've currently got it based on what quests the character takes, what if you could change that into a specific perk order instead? This move would dramatically change it from RP to CB and create one hell of a character build!

    I'll admit, once I started getting to the Gameplay/Paths of Knowledge sections I just started feeling really confused and couldn't take much of it in...

    ...but your concept here is amazing and really unique! I really hope you add more clarity to this idea and make it work!


  • Member
    July 31, 2015

    Wow, thanks Mason! 

    I was worried that the whole idea of the paths and such might be a little hard to understand. I'll need to try and re-write those sections. Maybe changing it from "paths of knowledge" to "forms" might make it a clearer? Also, what exactly was it that you found confusing?

    I know how annoying procrastination can be, I've got an unfinished build from 2 years ago now that I really need to get round to playtesting. Though, if you ask me, you should totally finish that build. Was that your Shadow Legion? 

    That idea of the perk order is great. I'll think about what I can do with that, it could be really interesting.

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    July 31, 2015
    This build is really cool, I'll give a try sometime.
  • Member
    July 31, 2015

    Thanks! Have fun with the playthrough, and keep us posted on your adventures! 

  • July 31, 2015

    Yeah it was the Shadow Legion! That's the one that ended my skyrim building career, I put so many hours into that build and eventually seeing it go nowhere made me have a good think about how I was spending my time

    Well, path builds usually suggest that you have a choice of making several different builds under the same roof, and they have always been a risky thing.

    Me and Teccam were doing it a little differently. We wanted to make a character that would always eventually end up exactly the same no matter which path you chose to take. So we basically split the build into (I think) three or four different paths/grades.

    So we decided that because the Shadow Legion was an offshoot of the Imperial Legion the character would need basic martial training first (One Handed/Block/Heavy Armor) then (at around level 25) select a career path from:

    Conjurer - Conjuration

    War Mage - Destruction

    Healer - Restoration

    ...and focus specifically on the perks related to each field for the next 10 levels or so.

    Your concept here has basically the same wrappings of what we were trying to do but Teccam kept masturbating so we never got to get it done! 

  • July 31, 2015

    Dude I'd give a lot to see you get back into Skyrim character building. I think all you need is a fresh idea to get you motivated. 

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    July 31, 2015

    Your concept here has basically the same wrappings of what we were trying to do but Teccam kept masturbating so we never got to get it done!

    Can confirm.

  • July 31, 2015

    Can also confirm this.

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    July 31, 2015

    Your concept here has basically the same wrappings of what we were trying to do but Teccam kept masturbating so we never got to get it done! 

    More than you know; I'm still nagging him to do that Stormchaser update that he's been talking about but he's too "busy" to get around to doing it. 

    EDIT: I forgot to mention this earlier but Elysium made a really cool Shadow Legion build; you should check it out.