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Character Build: The Priest of Madness

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    July 7, 2015

    My original intent on making this build was to provide an outlet for people to play on legendary without pesky things, such as armor, crafting, followers, or any traditional combat skill. This build is aimed at both the hardcore power player (I.E. the raw power of the build) and the avid role-player ( the possibilities are endless). Also yes, this is in comic sans. Why? Because comic sans is the font of Sheogorath of course! I got the inspiration for this build a while ago looking for good armor combos in NOACC, thanks Giorgio for posting this armor combo, so without further ado…


                                               The Priest of Madness

    “Now, I know what you’re thinking. Can I still use my swords and spells and sneaking and all that nonsense? Sure, sure…or… you could use… THE WABBAJACK!”

           The priest of madness is a devout follower of the daedric prince, Sheogorath. He is a master of the arcane arts, using them only to sow chaos wherever he goes. Hailing from High Rock, the priest of madness journeyed to Skyrim to find the legendary artifact Wabbajack. The only leads he had were rumors of a madman in solitude. The Dragontail Mountains blocked his path to the city. He ventured south into Cyrodiil, crossing the border and making his way north, he was blocked by an ongoing Imperial arrest. Thought to be one of the stormcloaks he was rounded up and pushed into the cart himself.


    Stat Information

    Race: Breton, the initial boost to conjuration is a lifesaver on legendary difficulty, plus a little extra magic resistance never hurts right?

    Stone: Lord- you don’t really need to worry about those sword swinging brutes, you need to worry about mages, but you also don’t want to soak up your own summons, so lord is the way to go

    Stats Distribution: 5 | 1 | 0


    HEAD: Cicero’s hat

    CHEST: Mythic dawn robes

    HANDS: Cicero’s Boots ~that’s right, you are to wear his boots on your hands and his gloves on your feet

    FEET: Cicero’s gloves

    RING: Night weaver’s Band

    NECKLACE: The Gauldur Amulet


    The priest of madness uses diversion tactics to distract his enemies and strike while they are disoriented. Illusion magic is used to turn them on each other and conjuration is used to summon more creatures to enter the fray on your behalf. He often fights from the shadows and only exposes himself when he is not the main target of the fight. He uses the wabbajack against anything that threatens him directly, and when not targeted he uses it on the scene of chaos itself. He uses any shouts that throw his enemies about or stop them in their tracks.

    Spells: Fury, Fear, Frenzy, Rout, Frenzy rune, Soul trap, Conjure Dremora lord, Paralyze, muffle, invisibility,

    Shouts: Dismay, Unrelenting Force, Cyclone, Ice form, Throw voice

    ~you have now created the ultimate arsenal of silliness


    Alteration: Alteration is only used for one spell and one spell alone. I mean, what could be more chaotic than immobilizing an enemy in the silliest way possible? For those of you who don’t know what spell I’m talking about. It is paralyze.

    Illusion: This is your most important skill. It is used to keep you alive when you are severely outnumbered. Fury and fear spells are what you are going to be using. Initiating combat with these spells creates chaos among the ranks of your enemies, and allows you to divide and conquer.

    Conjuration:  Conjuration is another important skill. Soul trap, along with the black star, keeps the charge up on the wabbajack. This also allows you to summon more meat shields (aka dremora) to help with the killing. But c’mon, isn’t summoning demons with big scary swords pretty chaotic?

     Sneak:  Sneak will keep you alive to sow chaos another day. You should initiate combat while sneaking, watching your enemies tear each other to pieces first

    Destruction: This skill is completely optional; you would only use it to reduce the charge cost on the wabbajack. You would not put any perks into it.


    Sow Chaos

    Requirements: Frenzy+Dremora lords+Wabbajack

    Description: Against a large crowd of opponents hit them with frenzy first, then send in two dremora lords, while they are distracted continually hit them with the wabbajack.

    OH CRAP!

    Requirements: Ice form+invisibility

    Description: You messed with the wrong guy, he killed your dremoras and now he’s coming for you. Hit him with ice form, turn invisible, and run like hell.

    Fool's Paradise

    Requirements: Throw voice+ Frenzy Rune+ Invisibility

    Description: We all know that the inhabitants of Skyrim are about as intelligent as a drunk horker, violent as one too... Use this to your advantage. Turn see through (thats always fun to do right?), cast a frenzy rune in an inconspicuous location, and then use throw voice to get those great-sword toting oafs to chase after it. Watch in laughter as the idiots tear each other to pieces

    The Unbreakable shield

    Requirements: Death-brand Treasure map

    Description: I mentioned the intelligence of our average Skyrim inhabitant earlier. This one really gets them, hold the map out in front of you as you walk backwards. For some reason, enemies assume that the piece of paper is indestructible, and refuse to attack you while it is in front of you, it also seems to block arrows and spells quite effectively. Move it in a circular motion in front of you to confuse archers and mages and prevent them from firing at you.


    The DBH Quest line- this is needed to get most of your gear, it’s also nice to get paid to kill people

    The mind of madness- in a build where your combat is centered around the wabbajack, to not get it, you would have to be…mad

    The black star- Defying another daedric prince is always fun, taking their artifact and turning it into your own little abomination, priceless. Plus, it helps keep the wabbajack recharged.

    Pieces of the past- this is needed get the robes. Gather up the pieces to mehrune’s razor, and then tell him to take his razor and shove it up his big, hairy, daedric… you get the point, spare Silus.

    The book of love- Sheogorath may hinder or help any mortal he comes across, you shall do the same. This use useful for magic resistance

    The main questline- Do this up until you greet parthuurnax, it will get you all three words of unrelenting force, also, do not use fire breath on him, it will allow you to use your shouts to devastating effectiveness with virtually no cooldown.


                This is where things get fun. You are a madman. Do strange things in public. Run through a city wearing only your hat with two dremoras following. Collect human hearts and put them in with the tomatoes at Carlotta’s fruit stand, GO WILD! Oh, and also, eat every piece of cheese and sweet role you come across.

    Closing notes: all of these skills can be leveled outside of combat, meaning that the only things you really need to fight are the enemies in helgen, then just head up to the college and grab your self soul trap and muffle

    For help with leveling see these links here:





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    July 7, 2015

    Your text isnt a consistent size

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    July 7, 2015

    whoops, it did seem a little strange when i copied it over from word, some things ended up italicised when they werent before, maybe some fonts changed size, though i am happy thats all you had to complain about.

  • July 9, 2015

    Didnt you post a build like a week prior to this one?

    Anyway, Im gonna help you with the presentation first since that's usually the biggest deal killer right off the bat. That entire section where you list race stats etc should go before the gameplay section. If anything it should probably come right after the introduction. 

    The perkspread I feel takes away from the presentation as well. Make a request in the art group and we'll help you there. The image with the armor combo is way too large. I also think it was taken directly from the catalog which is fine to show off how the combo looked, but to make it so large and prominent likely means you were struggling to fill space in this build and you had a hard time finding pictures. Try searching the net again for images of Sheogorath

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    July 9, 2015

    ha, thats what i get for following the template

  • July 9, 2015

    I assume you're referring to the template guide made by Noodles. Its an ok guide, but I suggest browsing through a lot, and I mean A LOT, of builds and finding a builder whose presentation style you like, and mimic that. 

    Its how I got my start. I found a member whose presentation always left me in awe and I copied his style until it slowly morphed into something unique to me. 

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    July 14, 2015

    thanks i'll take note

  • July 25, 2015

    hahahaha "OH CRAP"  best skill ever also #relatable

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    September 27, 2015

    thanks for the likes guys.

  • September 27, 2015

    Phenomenal and goofy, just what this website needs. Could use a little more in presentation, but overall it's an interesting idea, good on yer.