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Character Build: The Stormrider

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    June 15, 2015




    "Maw unleashing razor snow, Of dragons from the blue brought down, Births the walking winter's woe, The High King in his Jagged Crown." - Ancient Nord Verse





    The legends tell of a time when Skyrim was thrown into darkness and the skies were torn asunder. The dead roamed the land in droves spreading famine plagues and death wherever they went. All at the behest of the one known only as the Stormrider. 


    The story of the Stormrider begins with a man who was betrayed by the priesthood of Talos when the White-Gold Concordat was signed. His fellow brothers at the temple bent knee to the Thalmor invaders and when he would not, they exiled him. In his anger he flew into a rage and slew them one by one for their treachery, leaving the temple in flames he headed north through the Jerall mountains to Skyrim. Upon reaching the border he was ambushed by the Imperial legion and ordered to be executed for his crimes. He prayed to Talos for help but there was no answer, and still closer he drew to the headsman's axe begging for mercy from any who would hear it. His answer came as dark whispers of Molag Bal who offered him vengeance if he would do his bidding and be his vessel to bring doom and destruction unto the lands of man and mer.  The Stormrider accepted Molag Bals terms and as he did his blood boiled, his consciousness waned and he felt the power inside him grow. When the Stormrider awoke, Helgen lay in smoke and ruins, he the only survivor with corpses piled around him and the taste of blood in his mouth…... 

    The Stormrider is commanded to travel to the Island of Solstheim to seek out visions that will fulfil part of the pact he made with the Molag Bal and bring him closer to his vengeance. Molag Bal shows him the power that lies within the Black Books scattered across the island. He must steal the knowledge from another Daedric prince Hermaeus Mora, in Molag Bal’s name. The Stormrider then set forth to conquer this newfound power and crush all in his path. After conquering the final book he received another vision. He saw himself wearing the fabled Jagged Crown, leading an army of vampires and undead against the living. Feeling the power inside himself grow as well as his ambition he no longer just wanted revenge against the empire; he wanted all of Tamriel to know his wrath. 

    Upon returning to the mainland he began his quest to divide and conquer the land, where he would rule with chaos and fury for several years under an apocalyptic darkness. With the land now in ruins and his quest for vengeance fulfilled, Molag Bal came to him one last time. With satisfaction he stated "I gave you what you wanted in your mortal life and your soul is now mine". Infuriated by the final betrayal the Stormrider tries to resist but is overwhelmed by Molag Bals power and he is dragged into Coldharbor for eternity. 

    Overtime, order is returned to the land. The Stormrider is all but lost to history, save for a few who were touched by his evil and know of the cold-blooded legacy he left behind....



    Nord Vampire -  As you need to have an influence of dread over your opponents the inborn trait of the Nords best fit this requirement (Battle Cry – Fear). And being a vampire suits the feel of the build.








    Daedric Quests: Most are fine to do. Just role play that your'e working against the other Daedric Princes to steal the artifacts for Molag Bal. "House of Horror's" is an obvious one to do and good to pick up early on as the Mace of Molag Bal has some pretty powerful enchantments on it and looks pretty sinister to boot. You will not do Meridia's quest however as you are opposed to her ideals.



    The Jagged Crown: You infiltrate one of the two opposing factions and use their information to find the Jagged Crown for yourself. Once the crown has been found you should slaughter all who remain in the barrow, and leave Skyrim to it's infighting with the empire (The more chaos the better). The Jagged Crown will be a symbol of your dominance over the people of Skyrim. You can also obtain the first word to "Slow Time" on this quest.


    Lost to the Ages: You do this one basically to gain the Atherial Crown. The Atherial Crown lets you store a standing stone ability, for The Stormriders purpose it will be the the Ritual Stone. This will make a start to your un-dead army. 

    Dragon Born Quest Line and Black Book Quests: At Molag Bals behest you set out to the island of Solstheim in search of the elusive Black Books, eliminating any opposition in your quest to domination. The forbidden knowledge in the Black Books are essential to gain as they will unlock true  power and potential of the Stormrider.


    Dawnguard Questline (Volkihar Side): You hear whispers of vampire hunters banding together to deal with the growing menace. As a newly turned vampire yourself you are just gaining an appetite for the new powers you have inherited and have no want of any pesky humans foiling your plans of chaos. You go to their fortress to speak with their leader who does not seem to recognise you for the beast you are. He tells you to seek out Dimhollow Crypt and that the vampires seek something within. With a toothy grin you depart for the crypt, where you find Serana and learn of a prophecy to send the world into darkness.....



     Stormrider calling on the power of thunder and lightning to destroy his foes. 




    You will use a vast array in your arsenal to power you through your quest of destruction. Including the power of Lightning and Frost (You are the Stormrider after all), the art of necromancy to raise the fallen to do your bidding. You know your way around the field of battle and thus have experience with martial combat, the upkeep of armours and how to brew healing potions and other helpful concoctions. Your dark grasp of forbidden arts allows you to use the souls of your enemies to enchant your weapons and armor making you a true force to be reckoned with. 


    You will often use a shield in one arm and spell in the other. Power bashing a charging bandit then hitting him and his comrades with a bolt chain lightning is quite satisfying. and when your magicka is running dry you can always switch to your melee weapon or guzzle  back a couple of magicka potions to loose even more elemental fury on your opponents. See a bunch of dead bodies on the ground? They're no use just laying there, hit them with the ritual stone so they can be used as fodder against your foes. Remember you are inherently evil, your not here to coddle the people of Skyrim your here to enslave and destroy them. Any opportunity to divide the land and sew the seeds of discord should be made paramount.


    This character has an insatiable hunger for power and is never truly satisfied. Whether it be learning new shouts to increase the effectiveness of your Thu'um or searching Apocrypha for forbidden knowledge you are never truly satisfied.





    Dawnguard provides you with the ultimate line up of sinister looking characters to accompany the Stormrider on his quest to annihilate and dominate Skyrim.



    Death Hound 





    The Stormrider makes good use of all those bodies left lying around 






     Jagged Crown  (Head) - You get this during the quest "The Jagged Crown". 

    Aetherial Crown – With Ritual Stone. Obtained by completing Lost to the ages quest. You can start the quest by reading Aetherium Wars book.

    Enchanted Ancient Nord Armor (Torso, Arms and legs) -  You can find a few full sets of armour at Forelhost along with the first word to "Stormcall". 


    Enchanted  Iron Shield/Targe of the Blooded - You should be able to get a lot of armour points out of these if you use potions and enchantments to boost smithing skill). 

    Enchanted Honed Ancient Nord War Axe or Sword -  I called mine Soul Storm (enchanted with lightning and soul trap).  

    Mace of Molag Bal - Evil sinister and the artifact of your lord, it's a good option if you want to crush some skulls. 

    Auriel’s Bow - Obtained through the Dawnguard questline use this with 'Blood Cursed Arrows' to darken the skies. 


    Talos Blessing and Amulet - A trinket of a simpler time, The Stormrider keeps this to remind that what was can never be again. 

    Enchanted Necklaces - Used to supplement crafting, combat and magickal abilities. 

    Enchanted Rings - Same as above 

    Mage Stone - This will help to level magickal skills faster. 

    The Lord Stone - This will further help to supplement armour as well as a descent boost to magick resistance. I used this one after reaching level 20. 

    Ritual Stone - Used in Conjunction with Aetherial Crown. 

    The Black Star -  Take every opportunity to send the souls of the vanquished screaming to the Soul cairn, letting their pain and agony fuel your enchantments. 

    Secret of Arcana - No Magicka costs for 30 seconds. 

    Mora's Boon - Fully restores health, magicka and stamina. Very useful in a pinch.






    Will of the Fallen - Luna Moth Wing, Salt Pile and Garlic (Regenerate Health and Magicka).

    Will of the Fallen is best utilized before going into a battle, to ensure a steady regen is in effect from start to finish.

    Torpor - Large antlers, Deathbell and Skeever tail. (Slow, Damage Health and Damage Stamina Regeneration).

    Torpor is good to use against high level warriors ensuring that they will run out of stamina quickly.


    Mage Bane - Trama Root, Hagraven Feather's and Salt pile (Weakness to Shock, Damage Magicka and Slow). 

    This potion syncs very well if you enchant your weapon with lightning, ensuring you decimate wizards or dragons mana pools stopping from being able to use spells or thier breathe.

    Stalwart Medicament - Wheat and Blue Mountain Flower (Fortify Health and Restore Health).

    Good to use in any situatiuon where your health needs supplementing

    Dragons Spite - Snowberries, Fly Amantia and Thistle Branch (Resist Fire and Frost).

    This is a very important potion to be aware of. The Stormrider is a powerful character but must be wary of fire-wielding adversaries as he has  a strong weakness to fire. High-level dragons and wizards can prove fatal if unprepared.

    These are just a few potions and poisons that I found useful, as you become more familiar with ingredients you'll be able to start crafting some of your unique concoctions. If you have Hearth Fire installed I highly recommend building the Hjaalmarch homestead as it has the potential to be an alchemist's dream home.



    •   Storm Call
    •  Marked for Death
    • Slow Time
    • Drain Vitality
    • Soul Tear
    • Summon Durnehviir
    • Cyclone
    • Unrelenting Force
    • Dragon Aspect
    • Bend Will






    Final Stat Distribution: 3:4:(When magicka reaches 300 divide stats into stamina and health as you see fit)



    Major Skills



     Destruction magick is the most outward way of channeling the Stormriders chaotic tendencies. His mastery over lightning and Frost  shows his complete supremacy over the weather. 

    One Handed: 

     The Stormrider is quite competent in combat and can just as easily fell foes with a blade as he can with spell 


    This is how the Stormrider ensures that his victims can never find peace even in death. By banishing them for an eternity of pain and misery to the Soul Cairn he can use their agonized souls to fuel his own twisted venture for dominance.


    With this skill he can inflict grievous wounds with the his shield. Deflect any arrows to mitigate damage taken and keenly defend himself from physical blows.


    Minor Skills: 




    Able to raise powerful undead minions from from fallen enemies which gain various buffs from his dark knowledge. 

    Heavy Armour: 

    The Stormrider's vast experience of war has given him a few tricks on how to make better use of his armour. 


    Able to make armour tougher than dragons hide or a weapon sharper than the edge of a razor, he has no problem charging into the thick of battle. 


    Through the study of alchemy he has found he can unlock even more power, greatly boosting his combat prowess.  




     Death comes with the cold breath of winter's winds










    Storm's Fury 

    Fortify Destruction potion, Stormcall, Secret of Arcana and Lightning Storm. 

    This is great for smiting dragons from the sky and often by the time they have landed you have depleted most of their health and magicka so they can be dispatched with relative ease. 



     Winter's Wrath 

    Fortify Alteration potion,  Fortify destruction potion, Amulet of Talos, Blessing of Talos,  Frost Cloak, Deep Freeze, Slow Time, Ice Storm cast in several volleys, closely followed by your axe. 

    Send Storms of bitter ice hurtling towards your helpless foes. Any who escape or survive the initial volley of ice will soon fall to your axe.




    Unholy Terror 

    Marked for Death and Battle cry. 

     Enemies flee in terror only to have their life force sapped away from them. Those who return will be scarred from the last conflict and will quickly fall to your relentless onslaught.  Works best in cramped spaces. 




    Call of the Abyss 

    Dark Souls, Aetherial Crown, Ritual Stone.

    Raise legions of powerful un-dead minions to sew destruction and disarray amongst your enemies.  





    The story behind this character is largely based off of the album “Night of the Stormrider" by “Iced Earth”.


    I'd like to thank Dragonborn1721 for designing the banners for my build and lending some helpful advice as well Curse Never Dying and Albino and many more of you for providing me with some good feedback and tips throughout The Stormriders creation you guys were awesome.


     I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did. Please give me your thoughts and feedback, I would love to hear what you think about it.




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    June 16, 2015

    You've got all the essentials here, Furrion. Right now my suggestion would to go more in depth in the Playstyle section, or at least move it down below the quests so it segues more smoothly into your other gameplay details. You mention the use of potions and poisons, so maybe outline a few useful ones, or vital ingredients. And as a minor editing nitpick, I recommend going through and make sure your "your"s and "you're"s are all straight.

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    June 16, 2015

    Thanks for the feedback man. I shall make a few tweaks to the playstyle and grammar.

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    June 20, 2015

    The reorganization flows much better, and the potions list will be quite helpful.

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    June 20, 2015

    Thanks man, this helped out a lot.

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    June 23, 2015

    I actually saw Iced Earth live a little over a year ago. Found out that one of my old friends from high school is second cousins with the drummer. That was surprising.

    Anyway, this is quite nice for a first build, so I gave it a like. The main issue I see though, is the perk spread. Even if you don't have a perk spread image (for the time being, anyway), condensing the entire perk se/ction would make it a lot nicer. Also, like Ben said, you should trim the fat some. Cut what you don't need to say out of the build.

    Finally if you're looking to make your build not merely good, but great, then try and make the writeup sound more exciting; make the reader enthusiastic about the build. Admittedly, I'm terrible at this myself, but if you want an idea of how to talk about your build, then take a look at any of No snakes Alive's builds. All of his builds are great examples of how to make your character build sound like the most exciting thing in the world.

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    June 23, 2015

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my build. All the support and suggestions have been really helpful in making it better. I'll try and cut out some of the fluff in it to make it flow nicer and will add explanations for perks chosen.

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    June 23, 2015

    Thats wicked about Iced Earth man. I missed their concert in New Zealand last year was so gutted, hopefully they come back again soon . And thanks for the +1. I'll have a look at No snakes Alive's builds to see how I can improve mine, I played his Demon Hunter Build a while back and had a blast.

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    June 24, 2015

    I like the picture of Agandaûr.

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    June 24, 2015

    Yea, it took me awhile to find one that would suit the build. I was going through some of my games the other day and saw him on cover of War in the North and I just had to use him, he just looks so evil. Especially with a ball lightning in his hand.