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Character Build: Quicksilver Archer

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    June 5, 2015

    I've just watch Avengers: Age of Ultron around 2 weeks ago, you know who I like the most? Quicksilver!!! a.k.a Pietro Django Maximoff. I don't really like how Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrayed the character (love the accent though), He should be more arrogant and impatient I think, nevertheless I am a big fan since his appearance in the marvel universe, So I think... Quicksilver really should exist in Skyrim universe, with some modification of course, thus I present you The Quicksilver Archer fastest human (or elf or mutant) ever exist in Skyrim. Hope you enjoy your reading


    I'm Pietro Maximoff a Dark Elf from Hla Oad, Morrowind, a tiny fishing village at the southern end of the Bittercoast region. My dad was a drunkard poor fisherman and my mom was a "singer" in the local tavern, I don't remember who their name was and I don't really care. All I remember that once I had a lovely sister named Wanda, we used to travel deep into the forest to hunt or gather plants for our own dinner and sometimes "borrow" some bread from peoples when we're unable to find any food out there, because both of our parents too busy with their own business, me and Wanda, we were very close...

    One day, an Altmer Mage who wears some kind of black robes come to our home and said that they were looking for a potential young blood from any race to become a superb addition to his mage guild and prepare to offer vast amount of gold to their parents. Without hesitation our parents let the altmer took me and Wanda to their guild lab. Instead of a magic education, we're actually brought there to become a magic experimentation. They tried to enchant some kind of magic material from a soulstone to my body, I don't know what they were doing but it was hurt... really hurt... F**k I hate magic...

    The experiment was successful, in short I become fast... and Wanda... well I don't know she can make people go crazy I guess. Afraid of our power, I was locked in a small cage in the lab, but Wanda, she's more fearful to them so they took her "somewhere safe" they said. One day I manage to pickpocket a careless lab guard and unlock the cage, afraid that they'll capture me again I run so fast that not even a wolf can caught me. I keep running but eventually my stamina run out. I'm fast but that doesn't mean I can run endlessly. I passed out that night... and that's where my story begin.

    Quicksilver Archer

    Pietro was an enchanting experimentation subject and in the process he gained a super human (super dark elf) speed. You can use the console command to get the slow time dragon shout and unlimited shout, if you want to unlock his super power from the start but I think that'll break the game, so I just follow the game and try to unlock the slow time shout as soon as possible, except for the last word which located in the labyrinthian, this guy really hates magic and the interaction with College of Winterhold is a big no.

    As stated in the background he's expert in using bow and arrow because he used to hunt a lot and that will be the only weapon he will use. I choose bow over dagger because it's more fun to fire 3 arrow to your enemy face before they even approach us and see the arrow stuck on their dead face.


    Race: Dark Elf

    I think the appearance of the Dark Elf matches the arrogance and impatience of Pietro, you can use any race you like actually

    Stats: 0 Magicka 2 Health 1 Stamina

    "F**k I hate magic" remember that? Magickaphobia I said, the trauma make him swear he'll never use any magic in his life. You'll be using the Stamina for running mostly because bow don't really use much stamina except for steady hands perk, I stop when I hit 250 stamina.

    Standing Stone: Warrior then Steed

    Leveling the archery skill takes time so I suggest taking the Warrior stone and then Steed stone so the armor won't slow you down.

    Shouts: Slow Time, Whirlwind Sprint, Unrelenting Force (optional)

    The first two shouts are a must (it's QUICKsilver) while the third one is not a must but I found it useful when you have too many enemy to dealt with a single Slow Time, remember no melee weapon.

    Faction: The Dark Brotherhood

    As Astrid said this is the place for a freak. He can't get along the Thieves guild rules about not killing anybody because of his impatience, yes he is a really impatience guy because of his super speed power, he once said:

    "Have you ever been in the Bannered Mare for a quick mead take away because you're running late? But you have to wait behind a traveler that ask about every single thing on the menu. It's so damn irritating! Now Imagine every single person around you are doing the same thing"

    For him everyone in this world is moving in slow motion and it drives him nuts.

    "Too slow"


    I divide the major and minor skills based on how often they'll be used not on how heavily the perk invested

    Major Skills: Archery, Sneak 

    - Archery

    Your one and only weapon, beside the super dark elf speed, I invest on almost the entire skill tree except only taking 1/2 steady hands perk, 1 is enough so far.

    - Sneak

    You hunt a lot during your childhood, it comes in one package with archery, although I only invest 4 perk points in this skill the Deadly Aim perk is your best friend.

    Minor Skills: Light Armor, Pickpocket, Alchemy, Smithing

    - Light Armor

    You'll be rarely hit, but when you have to it won't be so bad, Unhindered perk is a must so nothing slows you down.

    - Pickpocket

    No food on the table and in the forest, there must be some in someone else pocket, tough life back then.

    - Alchemy

    He used to find foods in the forest so I think a little alchemy will do, but he can't create poison because he used to look for foods in the forest, not something to kill his ignorant parents.

    - Smithing

    This is out of the roleplaying and backstory context but having a fine upgraded weapon won't be good, I only put 3 perk points in this skill (Steel, Dwarven for Zephyr and Arcane smithing)



     I don’t know about you but I don’t like to smith and enchant my armor all the way to godliness (I don’t mind upgrading though). It makes the game a little bit to easy and I got bored easily because of that. I always stick to the unique armor set that is provided from the game.

    There are two sets that I consider using for this build, each set has its own purpose:

    For gameplay purpose: Ancient Dark Brotherhood Armor set

    Ancient Shrouded Armor – 100% poison resistance (not bad)

    Ancient Shrouded Boots – Wearer is muffled and moves silently (useful)

    Ancient Shrouded Glove – Double sneak attack damage with one handed weapon (meh)

    Ancient Shrouded Cowl – Bows do 35% more damage (Yes please)

    Other than the glove this is a good armor set, especially the cowl but for God’s sake please make a better looking one. 

    For aesthetic purpose: Nightingale Armor set (acquired at level 32)

    Nightingale Armor – Increases stamina by 40 points. Increases Frost Resistance by 50% (useful especially if you’re a dark elf, 50% resistance from fire and frost)

    Nightingale Boots – Wearer is muffled and moves silently (useful)

    Nightingale Gloves – Lockpicking is 25% easier. One Handed attacks do 25% more damage (meh)

    Nightingale Hood – Illusion spells cost 17% less to cast (Rubbish, for this build of course)

    Nothing really extraordinary from this set, but coolest armor in Skyrim for me.


    Ring – Fortify Archery Ring

    Necklace - Amulet of Talos

    Since your biggest weapon is your super speed abilities, you would like to be able to use the slow time shout as much as possible, so I guess Amulet of Talos is the best choice


    As I mention before, I’d like to focus only using bow and arrow for this character, and the one and only bow we should use is Zephyr (Fires 30% faster than standard bow) because this bow makes Pietro looks faster than anyone else in Skyrim. But I always think that not the bow makes him fast, He makes him fast… not the bow!!!

    "You didn't see that coming?"


    Super Human (Dark Elf) Speed (Slow Time or Whirlwind Sprint)

    Moves faster than anything around him

    Triple Strafe (1 Word Slow Time, Zephyr, Quick Shot Perk)

    Fires 3 arrows rapidly before your enemy even raise their hand. Based on my gameplay with one word of Slow Time you can rapidly fire 3 arrows in a row before the shout effect run out.

    Arrow Barrage (3 Word Slow Time Shout, Zephyr, Quick Shot Perk)

    Fires 6 arrows rapidly before your enemy even breathe. When you have 3 words on Slow Time the duration of the skill increase but not significantly, but everything around you will move much slower than before, I count that during 3 words shout you can fire up to 7 arrows at max, 6 most of the times. 

    Arrow Shower (Sneak, Deadly Aim, Steady Hand, Zephyr, Quick Shot Perk)

    Fire a lot of arrows rapidly to kill group of enemy

    In game mechanic: This ability exploit the Steady Hand perk, yes when you use the Steady Hand perk everything slows down, including your drawing speed and arrow velocity animation, except it doesn’t slow down your mouse movement speed. Personal record: 6 Fosworns before one of them even detect where I am.

    Skyrim The Matrix style


    You can play this build anyway you like.

    Feeling sneaky? No problem, he used to sneak on a big bad bear during his childhood hunt

    You like to get up close and personal? Not a big deal, his super human speed will finish the common enemy before they even get close to you.

    So far, this build is more enjoyable for me, than the dagger-wielding assassin because this is the first time that I play a pure archer build, which yield a totally different experience than the usual assassin that I played. The downside is that the Dark Brotherhood quest is somehow a little bit too easy, because the assassination target usually dead with one shot

    For the roleplaying part I assume that his main goal is to find his long lost sister Wanda (which maybe I’d like to build later) which was kidnapped by the Thalmor, so I follow the Diplomatic Immunity questline to investigate the Thalmor embassy and hopefully find Wanda, which he didn’t of course. By the way, one tip on roleplaying this character, please don’t stop being a jerk in all of the conversation, it fits his personality :p

    So what do you think? Hope you’re enjoy your reading. Sorry if my english is not quite met the standard, I guess there are some gramatical mistakes here and there, Constructive criticism always highly appreciated… Thanks for reading

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    June 5, 2015

    "You didn't see that coming?"

     Too soon, bruh.

  • June 5, 2015
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    June 9, 2015

    Not a bad first build... a super-quick, super-stealthy archer looks like a lot of fun to play :D

    I'd be interested in seeing Wanda dropped into Skyrim as well ;D

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    June 13, 2015

    Thanks mate, it's a plenty of fun for me

    I'm still playing it, I think I'll try Wanda or other avengers characters after this play, Ironman maybe :p