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Event Build: The Night Tyrant

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    May 25, 2015


    Hello guys, I'm finally back to you with a new build to join the Event Evolution.

    We'll travel through the events that brought a poor and ambitious teen rogue, on the way to become a hated power-hungry vampire lord.

    This build is made mainly for all unarmed combat/classic thief lovers and unleashes its true potential using a glitch I discovered, that we'll call "Supreme Vampire Lord "(aka SVL glitch), but also has a splash of magic and is divided in three main stages that represent the most important chapters of his life.

    So without further ado, I present you


    The Night Tyrant 



    The "Supreme Vampire Lord Glitch" is designed to obtain an effective damage in unarmed combat, I suggest you to play at least on Master difficulty, because it is very powerful. Once achieved the requirements to get this glitch, in addition to the usual daily powers, we can enjoy the following boosts in human form:

    over 120 unarmed damage, waterwalking, Mist Form, Detect Creatures, AR 375 and the VL bonuses instats (M.H.S.)

    Here there's a direct link to my discussion in Tips & Tricks Group


    The Glitch:


    Once the Vampire Lord Form is available, you can begin the companions' quest line.

    When you meet Skjor in the underforge, during "The Silver Hand" quest, you must:

    1. Select Vampire Lord (you'll need "Power of the grave", "Unearthly Will", "Detect Creatures" and "Mist Form" perks unlocked) in your powers menu, then SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Press at the same time the “action command” (to drink the blood) and the “power command” (to become a vampire lord)

    3. Once you are outside in Vampire Lord Form, return in the Underforge

    4. Select revert form, wait an hour and repeatedly activate revert form just before the loading screen.

    If you done it well, after the loading screen, you should be in human form outside Gallows Rock , so check the active effect menu and powers menu (DON'T USE BEAST FORM, NEVER!).Now you should see some new effects. Try to enter in the lake near your position.You will be no more able to swim, but have more unarmed damage and can use your night powers.

    5. Go to castle Volkihar and ask Harkon to give you the gift again. 

    As it should be, power has a price and it's something I've always loved.

    This form is obtainable only once, turning into VL it will be lost forever.

    You can never get in the water, so if you need to do some quests in water (for example, those for Neloth, Maven, etc.), complete them before you do the glitch.

    You can not even use Bats and supernatural reflexes.

    And now my favorite: the guards, the jarls, the thanes and court wizards attack you on sight, as if you were in VL Form.


    Backstory - Stage 1

    Diolinis Brandoin was little more than a child when his hated father, an outcast and drunkard altmer, died for a desease leaving him alone in the world. The only place where he could go was the city of Riften, in the northern lands of Skyrim, in which lived a friend of his father, Brynjolf an important business man. Fate would have it, however, he was captured along with a group of Stormcloaks during an ambush of Imperial soldiers.

    Our story begins here ...


    The Build


    Race: Altmer or Nord

    Altmer is the perfect race for the Tyrant theme and the role, has a starting bonus in magicka, Highborn is the perfect power for a build that sometime need to cast some spell.

    Nord is good mainly for frost resistance and Battlecry power.

    Make him slender and blond, without scars and warpaint.

    Stat Distribution: 0M-1H-0S (until lv 25)

    Standing Stones: Thief\Warrior or Lover

    Weapons: any bow with ice enchantment, Zephyr, Crossbow(you can find one in early game going to Fort Dawnguard, even without the activate the quest)

    Gear:  Thief guild\Black Guard apparel(you can steal it from Glover Mallory's house via Dungeon Backdooring Glitch by Ponty) and\or anything fine(better)

    Follower: only quest Followers 


    Major Skills


    Having grown on the street early and in the Thief Guild later, your infiltration abilities are well honed. This allows you to avoid direct confrontation and continue on your way.

    Stealth 3\5, Muffled Movement, Light Feet, Silent Roll, Silence, Backstab, Deadly Aim.


    You always got what you needed. Stealing is the only way of life that you have ever known. It's very useful if a potential enemy doesn't have a weapon to fight and his only choose is a brawl.

    Light Fingers 3\5, Night Thief, Cutpurse, Misdirection.


    You've never been a lover of open combat, from childhood you have been training your aim in stone/knife - throwing challenges. Now that you are in the Guild, you are learning how a good aim can keep you out of a fight before commencing or distract an enemy that is going to identify you.

    Overdraw 3\5, Eagle Eye, Critical Shot 1\3, Hunter's Disciplines.


    Minor Skills


    Your lies have always long legs or at least you tell people what they want to hear, that gave you access to many riches or pulled you out of trouble lot of times.

    Haggling 1\5, Bribery, Persuasion.



    Level 25 Perk Spread



    Stage 2

    During one of his "business trips" he felt in the ambush of a group of vampires, he managed to escape, not without contracting a mysterious desease, known as Sanguinare Vampiris.

    Diolinis  Brandoin is a powerful vampire, tough, charismatic, arrogant, rich, smart and mainly merciless. His only wish is ... MORE POWER. Being a vampire he's immortal, has fast regeneration and night powers, can bend the mind of the mortals at his wish but it's not enough for him, he want dominate over any creature of Tamriel and become a god. So he started an arcane study to enhance his powers and go over his nature.



    The Build


    Race: Altmer/Vampire

    His face should be wrapped in a "veil of darkness", make this changes as soon as possible while you're affected by Sanguinare Vampiris.

    Stat Distribution: 1M-1H-0S (from lv 26 to lv 55)

    Standing Stones: Lady and Ritual (Aetherial Crown)

    Weapons: Crossbow

    Gear: Unarmored Dark Brotherhood apparel (until the emperor’s death), Gilded Wristguards, Amulet of Talos, Aetherial Crown, Namira's Ring, Jester Boots, Ragged Trousers.

    Powers: Highborn, Summon Spectral Assassin, All vampire powers, Secret Servant, Secret of Arcana, Embrace of Shadows and Vampire Lord Form(only for perking).

    Abilities (after necromage perk): Seeker of Magic, Agent of Dibella, Dragonborn Frost, Lover's Insight, Agent of Mara.

    Shouts (only in stage 2): Soul Tear, Marked For Death, Disarm, Bend Will, Ice Form, Frost Breath, Slow Time (1 word in Hag's End)

    Spells: Calm, Heal and Fast Healing.

    Follower: only quest Followers


    Enchanted apparel:

    Ragged Trousers - fortify health regen

    Gilded Wristguards - fortify unarmed


    Major Skills


    your new nature has awakened ancestral powers dormant in your blood. A small study in the School of Restoration, allowed you to increase the powers derived from your immortal blood.

    Novice, Regeneration, Necromage, Recovery.


    your Altmer blood has finally revealed your dominance over the minds of others. This allows you to interact freely with the mortals, making them unaware of your nature of a wolf among the sheep.

    Novice, Apprentice, Dual Casting, Hypnotic Gaze, Animage, Kindred Mage, Quiet Casting.


    Minor Skills


    the "Way of the Voice" has given you access to a great shout, Slow Time, which, however, combined with the gift of Harkon, your skills as necromage and the school of Alteration, gradually becomes more powerful without showing even have a limit ....

    Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Stability, Magic Resistance 3\3


    through your experiments looking for more power, you learned how to enchant items and then make your already great skills, exceptional.

    Enchanter 5\5, Insightful Enchanter.


    Your immortal blood made you faster and stronger than before.

    Take them after Necromage perk.

    Power Shot, Quick Shot, Ranger, Bullseye.


    Your vampiric blood allows you to disappear even in plain sight. This combined with Slow Time, gives to your enemies the feeling you use teleportation.

    Shadow Warrior.



    Level 55 Perk Spread



    Stage 3

    After many horrible experiments, Diolinis Brandolin finally found a way to achieve his goal, by creating an arcane mixture in his own body, strengthening his "dragon"/vampiric blood with werewolf blood.

    He learns to fight using his powerful fists, a crossbow and discovers he has the “Stand”, a manifestation of his powerful soul and force of will, which is the source of his greatest power.

    “The World” is the name of Dio Brando’s “Stand”, can't go too much far by its owner, but is extremely powerful, fast and accurate. It can kill a normal man with a single hit and its power is... TIME STOP, but only lasts for few seconds at time.

    Now he can finally put his hands on Skyrim and one day on all Tamriel. 



    The Build


    Race: Supreme Vampire Lord

    After the glitch, before contracting vampirism again, go to riften, make him as much muscled as possible and uncover his face by the "veil of darkness".

    Stat Distribution: 1(M)-1(H)-0(S)

    Standing Stones: The Lady and The Serpent(aetherial Crown)

    Weapons: Crossbow (only during "Tokìyo Tomaré"), Auriel's Bow(only for the prophecy) and Fists

    Gear: Gilded Wristguards, Amulet of Talos, Aetherial Crown, Namira's Ring, Jester Boots, Ragged Trousers, Ring of the Beast, Vampire Royal Armor VL variant (you'll find it in your equipment after the glitch, has 0AR and can be equipped as a second ring, but can be enchanted as a torso), Yellow clothes (see Sven, the bard in Riverwood)

    Powers: Highborn, All vampire daily powers, Night powers, Secret of Arcana and Embrace of Shadows

    Abilities (after necromage perk): Seeker of Magic, Agent of Dibella, Lover's Insight, Agent of Mara.

    Shouts: Marked For Death, Disarm, “The World”(Dragon Aspect, used only after acquired the third word), Slow Time (all three words, College quest or backdooring glitch)

    Spells: Calm, Heal and Fast Healing.

    Follower: only quest Followers

    Enchanted apparel:

    Yellow clothes - fortify health regen

    Gilded Wristguards - fortify unarmed

    Vampire Royal Armor - fortify health regen


    Vampire Lord perks



              Tokìyo Tomaré!

     (stop the time) is the Night Tyrant's signature move, using his Stand "The World" he can control the stream of the time and dominate the battlefield.

    Dragon Aspect\Ancient Dragonborn(optional) + Elixir of fortify Alteration + Necromage Vampire + Stability + Slow Time + Shadow Warrior + 6x darts(quick reload strategy with crossbow) + Ring of the Beast + fists






    Ending Notes:


    My thanks go to the Evolution Event Hosts, Shinjin, Albino, Elysium and Noodles, that gave me the chance to release this build.

    A great thanks to BloodBane that helped me with the perk spread image and commented\tested the glitch in deep.

    Special thanks to Chris Diokno, another great fan of the character of Dio Brando and the manga "JoJo's Bizarre Adventures".

    The last thanks is for all of you readers, this is for you.

    Hope you like my build and have a lot of suggestion to make it better.

    English isn't my first language, so let me point out any nonsense I've written.






    Thank you all and enjoy it!



    Click here for more by Anderson





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    May 25, 2015

    Nice use of that glitch! Great build

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    May 25, 2015

    Looks like a great build, looking forward to playing it!


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    May 25, 2015
    "Dio Brando is one sexy man"-That blind Stand User whose name I cannot recall Anyway, glad to see it up, looks great Anderson, will play this eventually
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    May 25, 2015

    Thank you very much guys, enjoy it! Need some rest, now. 

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    May 25, 2015

    N'doul or something like that!

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    May 25, 2015

    +1 From me buddy! Glad I could be of help!

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    Thank you, hope to see some other build using it.
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    May 25, 2015
    Waiting to Know your experince with it.
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    May 25, 2015
    A great pleasure even for me, my friend.