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Character Build: The Saxhleel Guerilla

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    May 9, 2015

    This here is my second and last contribution to the Argonian week, it is basicly the other concept I thought of when creating my Miredancer build, and thus can be considered it's sister build and I heavily recommand giving the Miredancer a read.

    Whereas my Miredancer was really based on the argonian lore and history, especially anything concerning the Hists, with this build I would like to show an interesting gameplay style that I have been having lots of fun with. Is it entirely new? probably not but I sure aim to tickle your curiosity bone, let's hope that just like argonians it will make your jaws drop.

    Character Build: The Saxhleel Guerilla

    If there are two things the Argonians are quite famous for it would be the religious fervor that pushes them to defend their homeland and the way they do that. This is where the concept of the build came from. And it is exactly what I want to emulate.

    The Saxhleel Guerilla is a strong argonian warrior, that relies both on a stealthy attacks and brute force. As a protector of the argonian realm he has vowed to protect not only the black marsh and the hist but also it's people: the Argonians themselves. To do this he calls upon quick movement and preparation.


    Of course yet again, just like the Miredancer, we are going for an Argonian as far as the race is concerned. The stats for this build will be one point in magicka for every two points in both health and stamina, you will be using a greatsword so the stamina will definitively be useful, we will also be using light armor so the extra health will help as well. The preparation I mentioned before will be consisting of certain runes, and thus the increase in magicka will ensure that we will be able to cast said spells. The stone we will be going for is the serpent stone.

    So, that would lead us to:

    Race: Argonian

    Stats: 1/2/2

    Stone: Serpent stone

    Shouts: Dismay, Disarm, Elemental fury

    Spells: Rune of Frenzy and Rune of Poison



    As for the Equipment, we will be using the savior's hide, the morag tong boots and bracers (chitin is fine as well, I just don't think the color matches as well), a falmer helmet and the nordic greatsword. At first you may think that I have come up with yet again a completely mismatched armor set, look again. All of the chosen armor will be Under the effects of the light armor perks, this is one of the perhaps buggy features of the Falmer helmet, a helmet that gives heavy armor skill experience but does not benefit from said skill but rather from the light armor skill.

    The weapon will be a greatsword, I went for the nordic one because I like the tribal-ish look it has, and it's also not really overpowered in the way dragonbone and daedric are, so you'll still have to rely on stealth and preparation, even on the higher levels.



    Two Handed:

    "The hist gave you two hands, and you use them both to hold your weapon" Guard references aside, this skill will be your main damage output. And thus will be quite heavily perked. After the Guerilla is detected there will be no other way than to go completely berserk, a few perks in this skill tree will help you out on that front.

    Perks: Barbarian 5/5, Champion's stance, Great critical charge, Deep Wounds 3/3 and Sweep



    You are a stalker, not the creepy socially awkward kind, but rather the dangerous one. You are capable of hiding in every shadow, and behind every tree and bush. You are patient, knowing that your prey will come when it will come and that when that moment arrives you better be ready to show them the fury of the marshes.

    Perks: Stealth X/5, Muffled movement, Light foot, Silent roll, Silence and Shadow warrior


    the trick while wearing light armor is not to get hit, the best ways to prevent that from happening is to either dodge or use timed blocks, when blocking just before the strike lands you block more damage than if you would be forming an improvised shield wall.

    Perks: Shield Wall X/5 and Quick reflexes



    Light Armor:

    The Saxhleel Guerilla exchanged protection for agility and freedom of movement, be sure to use it. Thanks to the falmer helmet's weird glitching behavior all the perks of this tree should affect all of your armor pièces and takes these into account as well.

    Perks: Agile defender X/5, Custom fit, Unhindered, Wind walking and Deft movement




    While not essentially a mage of any kind, the Saxhleel Guerilla's tactics depend a lot on the fear and Frenzy effects, through the use of both the dismay shout and the Frenzy rune spell. The use of the invisibility and muffle spell may come in handy as well on more than a few occasions.

    Perks: Adept Illusion, Hypnotic gaze, Aspect of Terror and Rage




    Sometimes you will need to heal, but that is not the main focus of this skill for the Guerilla, I mainly chose to perk this skill albeit lightly to be able to cast the poison rune spell for a half it's cost. Making this skill entirely optional, after all to get to the adept restoration perk you will need to use 3 points and get your restoration up to level 50, if that is notyour fancy, just don't do it.

    Perks: Adept restoration


    Sorry for the non-concordance with the represented armor, this pic was made earlier in development.


    Ambush: Sneak+Silent roll+Great Critical Charge+Disarm

    Your preferred way of opening the hostilities, it should allow you to take out at least one target while taking the others by suprise, who in horror forget to draw their weapons.

    Art of the Trap: Poison rune+Serpent stone power

    While you lose a bit of the effect of the surprise you incapacitate one of your foes, giving you free range to attack his allies and once finished plunge your blade into his guts.

    Wild Dodge: Quick-Reflexes+(Shadow Warrior)+Silent Roll+Great Critical Charge

    It is a bit tricky to pull this dodge off, but when you do your opponents are shortly left in awe of your skill, giving you the chance to strike.


    Blessing of the Hist: Histskin+Elemental fury+Secret of strength+Rapid Swing (see here)

    During the oblivion crisis the Argonian warriors were blessed by the Hist with extreme speed and incredible regenative abilities. A blessing you possess.


    This build is all about preparation and skill. First of all, assess your situation, are there any mages? any archers? If yes, look for some sort of cover and ambush from there or use the art of the trap to disable them while you get rid of their allies. If there are no ranged threats, proceed to either ambush or trap (be it with art of the trap or with the aid of a Frenzy rune). Once the hostilities start, keep out of range and hit as much of your foes as possible, if you manage to pull it off try going for a wild dodge, hitting either the person behind the guy that is trying to hit you or said guy (it can be quite tricky with a mouse to succesfully do the 360° turn but it is so worth it when you have shadow warrior). If you think you need that extra little punch to get you to the victory, I suggest using your blessing of the hist, as it allows you to become one hell of a threat. However if you ever run into trouble and need some time to recuperate don't forget to use the Dismay shout. It is a lot easier to heal or to replan the battle if your foes are running away.You will encounter problems with non-human or non-animal foes though, devoid of any ranged attack dragons will become a threat, that one way or the other you''l have to face, after all they are as much a threat to you as to the other argonians. Automatons and Undead are immune to both poison and illusion effects, keep that in mind at all time, avoid them if possible or be swift and merciless in your ambushes and wild dodges.


    You were born in a small Tum-Taleel village, it had been built upon the ruins of a Xanmeer, your tribe, while despised by the other tribes, lived in a relative peace.However one day, even though the Dunmer had been pushed back during the invasion of their lands by your people, you were attacked by Archein remnants trying to capture as many hatchlings as they could and sell them as slaves in whatever remained of Morrowind. You were captured, but managed to escape thanks to an An-Xileel patrol that happened to pass by.

    The other Hatchlings were brought back to the Xanmeer, but you prefered staying with the soldiers. And as the years went by they learned you the ways of the An-Xileel, to fight from the shadows but with the unmatched wtrath of the greatest orc warriors. However one day, you ventured too far over the borders and you were caught near Leyawin. There the count decided to send you north, to skyrim. Your group was to join the legion and basicly serve as canon fodder in the war. Your whole group was slain in a skirmish near the border when they got trapped between the stormclaoks and the wrong end of imperial bows and crossbows. You were the only to find cover in time, however once you reappeared a strange glow of rage shimmered in your eyes, suddenly your skin started glowing and you engaged into combat.

    Many legionnaires fell that day, not by the blades of the stormcloaks, but by your own, but you were eventually put down like a crazed dog and were carted off to helgen.

    Recommanded Quests:

    I recommand finding and using Derkeethus as a follower, equip him with some nice looking armor and a bow, position him far from your enemies and make sure he has enough ammo. Why should your foes be the only ones with ranged allies?
    The companions questline, they are an old order of warriors, you respect that and wish to learn where they get their strength from, cure yourself afterwards though.
    The Dark Brotherhood, they fit your methods quite nicely and of course represent a religious interest to any argonian originating from the marshes.
    The civil war, side with the stormcloaks. You do not appreciate the empire, but that is not the main reason why you joined the stormclaoks, you intend onshowing them the advantages that accepting argonians into their cities and respecting them could bring to their rebellion or perhaps even their kingdom.







  • May 9, 2015
    This has to be one of my favorites.
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    May 9, 2015


    You guys are fast! Here I am already getting likes and comments while I'm still figuring out the tags to put onto this. Not that it's a problem though, likes and comments are always appreciated.

  • May 9, 2015
    The miracles of email told me of this build.
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    May 9, 2015

    Ah, understandable, but still you managed to read through that fast? ... Well I gues it can be done. By the way, who or what are you following? The group or me?

  • May 9, 2015
    I'm following character building group and that's it. Right now I'm working on a argonian shaman build for argonian week, so look for that in character building.
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    May 9, 2015

    Definitively will.

  • May 9, 2015
    I just need to work out a few things, make it presentable, and figure out tags.
  • May 9, 2015
    Dude, I can't believe this is your second build. This is really nice.
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    May 9, 2015

    Well to be totally honest, this is my fourth (although I'm not as happy with The western Wind as with the others, feels like a lot of missed potential to me). However it is indeed the second build I posted in the last few days. Glad you like it!