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Character Build: The Daedra Hunter

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    May 2, 2015

                                             "It's only fair... I just prey on those who prey on us."

    I'm back and this time I brought you another roleplay heavy treat. My last build lacked a lot of ranged combat and to make up for it I decided to focus on a ranged character this time.

    This concept is probably not unique but I felt like still putting this out there since I'd like to add my little twist to the traditional Hunter builds, so here we go!

    Also let me say in advance that you WILL need the Dawnguard DLC to achieve the full potential of this build.


    • Combines a deep backstory with extremely fun gameplay;
    • Inspires exploration and adventuring;
    • Can be played on higher difficulties;
    • High damage combined with huge survivability;
    • Chicks dig mysterious guys.


    • Very item dependent;
    • Requires player skill in order to be 100% effective;
    • Since you mix armor sets (Light with Heavy) you won't benefit from perks like custom fit ;
    • Hot vampire chicks might bite where you don't want them to. 

    Name:  Alistan Galmine

    Race: Breton ( For the spell absorption ).

    Stats: 0/1/2

    Stone: Thief Stone until you get at least 50 sneak, Shadow Stone / Atronach Stone afterwards.

    Shouts: Aura Whisper, Whirlwind Sprint, Slow Time.

    The rain fell and the thunder echoed between the mountains... the wind cried and the leaves creaked in the forest... the sun rose and the moon laid itself to sleep... no clouds to be seen or howls to be heard... a perfect setting to fuel exploration.

    Alistan was always a cheerful, spoiled brat... his father was a great hunter and there was never a single day he wouldn't return home with a large deer or elk freshly reaped from the green lands surrounding their hometown. His mother was an alchemist and there wasn't a single potion she made that stood in the shelves for long, before it could be sold to the townsfolk.

    Some would argue that his life was perfect. He was happy, whole and loved, and that's all someone could ever ask for.

    ''Sun's cloaking itself behind the clouds Avva... I don't think I should go out there... rain makes it hard to track the deer." - Rokiir announced.

    "Do as you please dear, but remember we are running short on coin this week... if you keep up the pace there won't be enough for us to get by the month." - Alistan's mother replied.

    "You're right... I'l try, but no promises..."

    "Hey dad can I come with?" - Alistan eagerly asked.

    "I don't think that's a good idea little cub... today I have to bring something home and I can't let anything detour me off my goal. I have to be on point with my shots today." - his father answered.

    "I wouldn't let him go anyway... I need help making lunch."- Avva pointed out.

    "Bah you're the worst!" - Alistan selfishly commented.

    Alistan's father left swiftly, bow in hand and quiver on back, while he and his mother prepared the rabit to be cooked and eaten.

    "Alistan can you go outside and fetch me some leeks for the stew? The Inn should have some." - Alistan's mother said as she handed him a small pouch of gold coins.

    "Sure.. at least I can get out of the house..."

    The inn was only two houses away from Alistan's and so this walk was swift. 

    Alistan opened the door of his shack and poured the leek inside the pot. It was a few minutes before he realized something was wrong. He called for his mother, but no answer could be heard... he called his sister, yet not a single word... and it wasn't long before he decided to look around the house for them.

    The moment he stepped in the basement he saw them both... hanging from the ceiling, bleeding out with their throats cut and life missing from their eyes... who could have done such a thing? Or rather.. what?

    Rokiir came home to his son, weeping on his knees at the dreadful sight of his murdered mother and sibling... a sight neither of them would ever forget.. Rokiir grabbed Alistan by the arm and dragged him out of the house and into the inn. They didn't have much gold, but it didn't matter.. they needed a place to stay, thus renting a room at the Inn was the only option.

    Many days passed before they could muster the strength to re-enter their home... but it had to be done. Rokiir wanted to look around the room and look for clues as to who murdered his wife and child... and what he came to discover was far more disturbing than what he thought. 

    He found a strange powder on both corpses as well as many corners of the room.. but it was unlike anything he ever saw.

    Rokiir took this unique ingredient to someone he knew would be able to help... Crazy Hogg.

    Crazy Hogg was seen by many as the town's drunk, and to others as the town's fool, but many were his tales of conquest before he grew gray. He used to preach how he was a hunter, but " not a hunter of beasts... a hunter of shadows"  as he so many times underlined in his speeches.

    They all thought he was crazy.. but he was Rokiir's last chance at vengeance.

    " These are a fresh supply of Void Salts my friend... where did you find these?" - Hogg inquired.

    " At my house.. close to my dead wife and daughter. " - Rokiir answered - " What would leave a trail like this? "

    " I'm not sure you want to know... what you're dealing with is not an easy prey... It's more the other way around.. You, my friend, have stumbled on a Daedroth."

    " Daedroth?"

    " Aye... Daedroth.. some of the most evil sons of a whore I ever came across... they look like a two legged lizard with a flat muzzle. "

    " An Argonian? "

    " No, you stupid.. Daedroth are Daedra.. demons if you will... they don't step in these parts very often but when they do.. disaster is sure to follow.."

    " How do I hunt one? "

    "Take this. It's my most valuable possession, yet it has no price... This is my journal. In it is everything I know about all of these things... how to identify them, and how to kill them."

    " Thanks.. but why are you helping me?"

    " You look like a good man.. and if you're pure of heart, you'l make for an excellent hunter. Not a hunter of beasts... a hunter of shadows."

    Alistan's childhood ended on those days. His father took him with him traveling the word, while he hunted down as much evil as he could.

    Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Hagravens, Necromancers, Daedra, Ghosts, Draugr and Wraiths are all things Rokiir hunted... once in a while he would be paid for his work, yet this wasn't what drove him. What truly drove him was revenge.

    Alistan eventually grew old enough to be taught by his father and soon they became the most feared duo amongst the shadow dwellers.

    They kept tracking the Daedroth that killed their loved ones. It wasn't very hard, as these lesser daedras always leave behind a very ugly mess wherever they go.

    Their travels led them to Cyrodiil where they hoped to bring the Daedroth's life to an end.

    They were no match for the daedra, but Rokiir had a trick up his sleeve. He casted a powerful binding spell on his body and forced the dadra to possess him, making it easy for Alistan to end it all with a single arrow to his father's heart. Rokiir had to pay with his life to see his wish come true, but it didn't matter because his soul could rest at last.

    Alistan, lost in grief, found his way into Skyrim. Although a misunderstanding lead him into Helgen this just went to show him that maybe his life still holds purpose and he should still do what he does best: Hunt.

    The years spent with his father rendered him a very good tracker and he hunted deer and elk in the green plains of Skyrim until he could make enough to afford his own travels.

    After joining the Dawnguard, he became a daedra hunter again and roamed the lands, from hold to hold, looking for vampire lairs or witch dens, so he could rid the earth of these vermin, and honor his father's memory.

    1- Dawnguard Helmet (Heavy)

    2- Dawnguard Armor (Light)

    3- Dawnguard Boots (Light)

    4- Dawnguard Gauntlets (Light)

    5- Dwarven Crossbow

    6- Dawnguard Shield / Dawnguard Rune Shield

    7- Dawnbreaker

    8- Accessories are not important but here are some enchantments you might want in both of those: Better Sneak, Health and Stamina Increases, Magic Resistance, Health/Stamina Regeneration, Archery and One-Handed Bonuses, etc...


    This practically speaks for itself... 

    Always try to get the height advantage and, of course, distance.

    When at a distance shoot them with your crossbow. Prioritize the one with the heaviest armor or the ones closest to you. Basically decide which are a bigger threat to you, and eliminate them first.

    When they get too close, pull out your sword and shield and duel them.

    Also this is very important: Even if you don't perk into the Alchemy tree, alchemy is a big part of this build. Make/buy as many poisons as you can, since they'll be really useful in your crusade. Also always carry some cure disease and cure poison potions, you don't want to be infected with lycanthropy or vampirism, do you?

    When fighting magical creatures, like withes, necromancers, vampires, etc. it's wise to use your spell absorption racial ability, to soak up some damage.

    Use your shouts to your advantage. Use Aura whisper to see how many enemies your dealing with (if you can't scout them for some reason), Whirlwind sprint if you are in need to gain distance, or Slow Time to be a badass bolt shooting demon killing machine.


    Dawnguard: I think you saw this one coming, didn't you? It's mainly for roleplay purposes. Since you are a Daedra Hunter, why not join a faction where you can receive contracts? Even if it's just vampire related quests, you are still doing your duty.

    Destroy the Dark Brotherhood: This faction has been the cancer of Tamriel for long enough... why not end them starting in Skyrim? Why? Because they use black magic to receive their contracts, in which by the way, they get a name of someone to assassinate. They might look human but they're monsters on the inside.

    Main Questline: To receive your awesome Daedra hunting shouts.

    Thieves Guild: After a period of hunting deer and elk you might find yourself struggling with coin and realize selling pelts isn't making you rich. You could resort to more... illegal means to achieve the wealth you need to sustain you're Daedra Hunting job, which doesn't make you much money.

    DO NOT Join the Companions- Why? They might look and be honorable warriors... but they are also Werewolves (at least the ones in the circle).

      Alistan doesn't have anything against them since they aren't hurting innocents with their lycanthropy, but affiliating yourself with a creature of the night has a vast spectrum of outcomes, and it's simply not worth the risk (You can't help anyone if you're dead, can you?).

    DO NOT Join the College of Winterhold- Why? You hunt witches and wizards.. I think you already have enough magic in your life...

     I recommend the following mods to enhance your roleplay experience / immersion: Frostfall, Realistic needs and diseases, Project Reality - Climates of Tamriel, Heavy Rain.

    Start your journey slow... don't rush to the daedra hunting. Earlier on you are still in mourning and don't want anything to do with monsters... don't explore dungeons and caves... stick around the woods instead and hunt as many elk and deer as you can.

    Use the pelts to make leather and with that, make yourself a full set of leather armor. If you have frostfall also craft a leather or fur tent.

    Also, ask Faendal to give you some early training in Archery.

    Before these requirements are met you should stay around Riverwood and only venture as far North as Whiterun.

    Travel to Falkreath and make your way to Angi's Camp, where you can receive training with the bow.

    After that you can either travel to Riften on foot, or hunt until you sell enough pelts to be able to afford a horse.

    Join the Thieves Guild and level a bit with their quests. If you have some gold to spare, ask Delvin Mallory for some training in Sneak, though I found it more entertaining and rewarding to level it on my own.

    Join the Dawnguard when you reach level 10-15.

    As you travel the world look out for what I call ''Evil Marks'', traces left behind by evil creatures. Examples of this are as follows: Turned over carriages, blood trails, mass murders, impaled corpses, impaled heads, hanging taproots, sacrificial tables, etc...

    Once you recognize an Evil Mark on the outside of, say, a cave, venture inside and investigate. If you find anything evil inside... kill it.

    You can do the main questline whenever you want, though I decided to leave it on hold until I was level 22.

    When you see beggars give them some coin. You are kindhearted, that's why you keep doing your job despite the danger.

    If you come across Vigilants of Stendarr stop to talk with them... increase your knowledge... talk to someone that has the same interests you do (finally).

    This character led me to have the most fun I've had with Skyrim in a while. For some reason the exploring / hunting deer and elk part is a tremendous amount of fun.

    Also the fact that I need to look out for signs of evil presence make it more interesting and whenever you do come across a vampire lair or necromancer hideout, it feels very rewarding and you do feel like you are making a difference for the people of Skyrim, one monster at a time 

    This marks the end of my build! Thanks for reading this far and hopefully it was good enough to make you want to try it! If so, please let me know in the replies below! Any constructive criticism is much appreciated, so I can grow as a builder and a writer.

    See you in the next one, Shadows Hide You! 

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    May 2, 2015

    I gotta say, sir, I really like the presentation of your builds. I thought I had a thing for pics, but between you and Elysium, I'm small game. Are those .png files? I'd thought that the problem with ning automatically brightening pics was still going on, but it looks like yours turned out great. I also really liked that you threw in both pros and cons to the playstyle. One thing that I'd advise against is the extensive backstory. Obviously, it's your build, and including a detailed backstory isn't really stopping anyone from making their own, but for most players a build lays only basic groundwork that they can create their own backstory around. As a result, longer, fuller things like what you've got often get skipped.

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    May 2, 2015

    Ahahah Thanks for the kind words, as far as your thoughts on the Backstory: I sometimes lose myself and end up writing a lot more than I wanted when I started, but I guess that's a writer right there for you xD I don't think it is that big of a problem though, if the person viewing doesn't want to read the Backstory it's up to them, they can always skip it as you said 

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    May 2, 2015

    Thanks man, I tried hard in this one xD

  • May 2, 2015

    The presentation is quite unique. I assume you photoshopped these images yourself. If so I am impressed. 

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    May 2, 2015

    Yes, I photoshoped it all myself.

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    May 2, 2015

    Wonderful Build

  • May 2, 2015

    Very stylized... Like the design.

  • May 2, 2015

    I also enjoy the concept as well. Would have expected a vigilant of stenndar approach, but I like this as well.

    Also "Hot vampire chicks might bite where you don't want them to." XD

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    May 3, 2015
    I was deciding whether or not to like it but there were lots of colors and I'm a 5 yr old in a 22 yr olds body so COLORS +1