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Character Build: The Scorned Warchief

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  • Rob
    April 17, 2015

    In the year 4E 176, a son was born to me, Dunsikh Fus-Yamarz, chief of the Largashbur Orsimer war-tribe in Skyrim. This son I called Yamarz. It was well-known in Largashbur that the blood of dragons flowed through our Chieftain bloodline, but Yamarz had the blood of a snake. Yamarz was firstborn to me, but it was apparent from his birth that he was a coward. He hid from small things like a mammoth hides from a skeever.

    I strongly believed in fair chance, so I did not kill the boy when he was a child out of my dislike for his disposition. I believed my younger son, Gularzob, would kill him before he could become chief. As it turned out, Gularzob was rather dim-witted and subservient to his older brother, Yamarz. I never trusted Yamarz. He was no son I was proud of, and he knew it.

    On the first day of his twentieth year, Yamarz and I left the stronghold for the traditional hunt. He was now of age to challenge me for the chiefship of the tribe but, although I was old, I had much strength left in my body, and that weakling would be crushed with my bare hands if he tried to challenge me. So we hunted much game that day, and as we were returning, Yamarz exclaimed and fell on the ground, his leg caught in his own trap, or so it seemed. As I came over to him to release it, he stabbed me in the gut with his jagged hunting dagger.

    As I lay bleeding on the ground, felled by my weakest enemy, he stripped me of my weapons and armor and left for Largashbur, leaving me naked and dying. A Cyrodiilic slave trader happened to be traveling on that road and heard my death-groans. He saw my strength and decided it worth the investment to heal me and sell me. It took 5 years to get me back to full health, and I escaped at my first opportunity to go back to Skyrim and kill my son.

    Beginning Equipment: Full orcish armor, Volendrung, enchanted orcish bow, enchanted orcish mace.

    End-game Equipment: Full Blades armor, Blades sword, ebony blade, enhanced Dwarven crossbow.

    Primary skills: Two-handed, heavy armor, smithing.

    Secondary skills: One-handed, archery, enchanting.


    As a former orc chief, your first goal is to reclaim your tribe and kill your traitor son. After you leave Helgen, you hear of a witch that can change your appearance. You go to Riften after you gain enough money off odd jobs and change your appearance so your children do not recognize you, but even the shape changer cannot hide your white hair, blind eye and various scars. You complete the cursed tribe and challenge your second son to single combat after he is declared chief. Once you kill him, you pay the bounty to the tribe and take up your mantle as chief, but you don't stop at Largashbur. You go around Skyrim and inspect the chiefs of other tribes to see if they are worthy of their position. If they are cowards like your son Yamarz, challenge them to fight you, but don't be scared to use the voice of the Dov against them. You always pay your bounty and kill no orcs beyond the chief. Gain another orc-wife as soon as possible and adopt children. Expand orcish influence throughout Skyrim by buying property in all the holds. You are still an honor bound orc, bound by the Code of Malacath, so do not kill the innocent or steal from other orcs. Join the Blades at the earliest opportunity, you do not care for the Greybeards and their cowardly approach to the Dragon menace in Skyrim, and you plan to take swift action by aiding the Blades in all they plan to do. Bring other Orsimer to join as well, there is much honor to be gained for your tribes by doing so. Before killing Paarthurnax, meditate on the word "fus." As your name suggests, you are a force to be reckoned with. 

    Honorable Picture (2d, fantasy, orc, forest, samurai, katana)

    Stat Spread

    0/1/2 (M/H/S) You will need massive pools of stamina, I upgraded stamina to 250 before I even touched health.

    Level 25 Perk Spread


    Champion's Stance

    Skull Crusher(1/3)

    Deep Wounds(1/3)


    Fists Of Steel

    Well Fitted


    Fighting Stance

    Bone Breaker(1/3)


    Steel-Orcish Smithing


    Required Quests

    Main questline

    The Cursed Tribe

    Anything Blades related

    The Whispering Door

    Destroy The Dark Brotherhood

    All Thane Quests


    Optional Quests



    Break Of Dawn

    Standing Stone

    Steed. With any heavy armor build, Steed is an excellent choice because you can move significantly faster and carry multiple sets.


    This is a heavy armor, all weapons build. You will utilize most perk trees in the warrior section, and feel free to add in something like restoration or block, both have their uses with this build, but don't invest many perks, they're not worth it in comparison to the other perks required in heavy armor and weapons. Some shouts that are useful for this build are Become Ethereal, Unrelenting Force(obviously), and Whirlwind Sprint. Agility is a big part of The Scorned Warchief, that's why so much is invested in stamina and the Steed Stone is suggested, so the Whirlwind Sprint is rather vital. I'm really not good with coming up with fighting techniques and I apologize, but my only suggestion is to collect stamina enchanted equipment and potions to speed up recovery and fortify it with extra points. This is where Volendrung is handy, because of a massive 50 point absorb stamina enchantment. I really like all the weapons in Skyrim, so I saw fit to use them all. The different enchantments and speeds are useful for different occasions, so be flexible with what you decide to use. I certainly was.

    All right, this concludes my build! Let me know if you have any suggestions on changes I should make or builds I should add! I'm a big fan of Orsimer and Dunmer, so anything that requires those are great. I haven't played far past level 25 yet, so that's as far as my perk spread goes. Please leave a like and a comment, again, any constructive criticism is welcome. I don't own any of the pictures seen in this build. They are just what I found on Google as the closest visual representation of my build.

  • April 17, 2015

    This is an interesting start to a build, but it's not quite up to standards yet.  I highly recommend first reading the Character Building Group Rules and Guide to Character Building before taking what you have here and posting it in the Workshop.  

    I know you didn't read the rules because you liked your own build, which #5 forbids.  

    Oh and of course, look at Mythic and Legendary ranked builds to see the kind of quality you should be aiming for.  

  • April 17, 2015

    I will add that at the very least it needs a Perk Spread (just check out other builds to get a better idea on what that means). Without one of them it isn't counted as a build and will get deleted, that's purely so that people can actually play your build. 

  • April 17, 2015
    Interesting concept, but I'd edit it and read the rules just like Legion said, besides adding a few more pictures and a perk spread I'd say it's a pretty good build
  • Member
    April 17, 2015

    Hello there!

    I'm Noodles and I'm one of the CB group's hosts. You have a great start here for a character build but this seems more like a roleplay profile to me.  The minimum requirements for a character build, which your discussion lacks, are a perkspread and a gameplay section detailing how to use skills in combination against different types of enemies. You give us a perkspread but you don't tell us which skills you perked, only the perks. Unfortunately, because of all this, I have to feature your build. This means you have 24 hours to bring this to the minimum standards or else I have to delete your discussion. I advise you to look at The Guide to Character Building and this character build template. Alternatively, you can post this as a roleplay profile in the Roleplaying group. Best of luck! 

  • Rob
    April 17, 2015
  • Member
    April 17, 2015
    You don't list the skills you used,mand why they matter to the build
  • Rob
    April 17, 2015

    So I need to list a reason for each of the perks used...?

  • Member
    April 17, 2015
    Like, why is this skill used, why is it important to the build
  • April 17, 2015

    It's a good idea.  It allows the readers to see the synergy between skills and their relevance to the roleplay.  For example, why did you choose to use one handed and two handed?  

    Three other things.  

    • First, while citing the sources of your pictures is good, the way you did it is a bit of an eyesore.  You can add a small note at the bottom, or even small text directly underneath the pictures.  
    • Second, level 25 is pretty low for a build.  It doesn't give enough perks to truly flesh out your character.  Level 25 is mid-game for most people.  
    • It's bad look when you mention that it's your first build.  It shows a lack of confidence in your work which stops people from reading it.  You also shouldn't ask people to take it easy on you.  Every build is judged by the same standards.