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Character Build: Crux of Orkey

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    April 12, 2015

    Crux of OrkeyBorn to unknown parents, the Crux of Orkey was taken by a Wise Woman from a fringe tribe in Orsinium. 

    The Crux of Orkey had shown a savagery and bloodlust not present in the rest of his tribe. He was once found tearing off the arm of one of his clanmates at the age of six.

    Physically, he was bigger and stronger than all of the other orcs, able to swing warhammers faster than someone twice his age. His skin was as hard as diamonds, swords bounced off and chipped when they made contact. 

    When the Crux of Orkey came of age, legend has it that he slaughtered everyone in his tribe for fun. He took the head of his "chief" and shoved it on a pike in the ground. 

    From there, he went east, and commenced to saturate his savagery.

    The Basics

    Race: Orsimer. Orc is the only race that fits here roleplay-wise. Also, Orcs have bonuses to 2 out of the 3 skills used and they have access to the extremely useful racial, Berserker Rage.

    Stone: Warrior/Lord. The majority of the skills used fall under the Warrior category, so choose this for leveling. The Lord Stone will bump up your AR from 300 to 350, and your magic resistance from 30% to 55%. Absolutely essential late game.

    Stat Allocation: 2:2:1. All stats are important. You need Magicka to cast flesh spells, Health to take more hits, and Stamina for bashing and power attacking. Once I got to 180 Magicka and 140 Stamina, I went pure Health.

    Major Skills: Two Handed, Alteration

    Minor Skills: Block

    Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Elemental Fury

    Spells: Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh

    Weapons: The Longhammer

    Apparel: Nothing at all



    The gameplay for this build starts the same way it ends. No grinding for certain spells or weapons and no real need for high level equipment. Just cast a flesh spell and go berserk with whatever colossal weapon that is in your hands. Block (or sidestep)any hard-hitting attacks, bash dragons in the snout to interrupt their breath attacks, you know the drill.

    On the topic of dragons, I just hid behind buildings or terrain until they landed. Once they did land, though, I mainly used 3 words of Elemental Fury and pounded their face in like a woodpecker does to a tree. If you feel like you don't need Elemental Fury, Become Ethereal is a useful shout for keeping close to the scaled beasts.

    Great Critical Charge is great for closing the gap on (and one-shotting) archers or mages.

    Once you have the Quick Reflexes perk, you can sidestep enemies and perform a crushing sideways power attack or a defensive bash. The Sweep perk is extremely useful for the Civil War or facing multiple opponents. More often than not, you'll have two or more soldiers trying to bum rush you at the same time. With the Sweep perk, you will obliterate all of your oppositions.



    Golden Fools epic perk spread


    These are some techniques I used to make Two Handed weapons more effective. Some of these may be common knowledge, but perhaps not. Here they are:

    The 360:

    You know how the Great Critical Charge perk works, right? Sprint towards an enemy, hold your attack button down, and then the game makes you keep sprinting forward against your will (unofficial patch fixes this problem)?

    Well, I figured out a way to "fix" that glitch. If you do a 360 (I'm serious, spin in a full circle as fast as you can) right after your Great Critical Charge, it will stop your sprint. Your enemy is most likely staggered after the GRC, so you get free reign to crack open their skulls.

    Here's how it should look: Perform the Great Critical Charge, do a 360 (ending the forced sprint), and when you are facing the enemy again, they should be staggered, so start spamming away with your extremely fast warhammer.

    Rapid Swing:

    Have you ever had an enemy so close to death, but you couldn't swing fast enough (or your Elemental Fury wore out)? I figured out a way to do two weapon swings in a double attack that staggers the enemy.

    So say you swing your Longhammer twice. It's pretty fast for a warhammer, but it is like 1~~~~2. With this method, your swing speed will be increased to a 1~2, if you catch my meaning. Simply swing your weapon once, and while it is in midswing, initiate a power attack. Timing is key. If you did it right, you would have hit them once with the normal attack, and once with a power attack right after. If you do the power attack too fast, it will eat up your normal swing, so be careful. This move can be used with One Handed weapons as well.


    On his travel eastward, the Crux of Orkey was spoken to by Malacath in a dream. 


    Needless to say, he won. The Crux of Orkey almost succumbed to the giants wrath, but his heart was still beating. 


    After being spoken to by Malacath, the Crux of Orkey went looking for an Orc stronghold. Once he found one, he accepted the invitation to go inside and studied the Code of Malacath. Here is what he learned:

    • Don't steal. An Orc that follows the Code of Malacath doesn't resort to stealing.
    • Avoid killing giants, trolls, or other orcs. They are other creatures of Malacath, try not to kill them unless the situation calls for it.
    • Don't kill without reason. Only attack someone if they are aggressive (AKA going to attack you). If that's the case, this rule and the rule above don't apply.


    The Crux of Orkey isn't some hero. He's a brute. Here are some fitting quests:

    The Companions: Join the Companions as a hired mercenary. The Crux of Orkey could care less about all of this werewolf business, although it could be useful. He gets paid to kill people, why not join?

    Civil War: The Crux of Orkey has no allegiances. He joins because he gets to kill swaths and swaths of soldiers dying for what they believe in. As they say, "The more, the merrier".

    The Cursed Tribe: Yamarz is a coward. Show those Orc wannabes in Largashbur how a real Orsimer deals with problems. Kill Yamarz to please your lord Malacath.

    Closing Notes

    Thanks to all the CB hosts for creating those rank posts and inspiring me to fix my builds!

    Thanks to Todd for creating the site.

    Thanks to Paul for creating Skyrim Character Building.

    Thanks to Golden Fool for the awesome perk spread.

    And thanks for reading.

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    April 12, 2015

    This is a nice build, very inspiring. For who cannot love the rampaging Orc with such a streamlined set up?  I've been wanting to play a Two Handed warrior armoured only in Flesh Spells for some time now, this build may scratch that itch.

    Good work, +1

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    April 12, 2015

    Wow, thank you very much

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    April 12, 2015

    Very simple yet very interesting, I like it, good job.

  • April 13, 2015
    Sometimes less is more, short, simple, effective and not overpowered by lots of grinding, i like it. I have yet to play an Orc or use that awesome special ability. I have been getting wrapped up in complex characters that in combat I'm wondering "which one of my super special combos should I use now" by the time I decide I'm dead. +1
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    April 13, 2015

    +1 from me. A very simple and powerful build.

    Berserk Rage + Elemental Fury + Rapid Swing is quite a devastating combo.

    Berserk Rage + Werewolf is pretty powerful.

    I do highly recommend taking the perk "Deadly Bash" as Two-handed weapons benefit more from the perk than shields and will grant the ability to have a greater defensive and counter-offensive capability for damage output.

    Great build otherwise!

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    April 13, 2015

    Thanks for the feedback everyone

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    April 13, 2015

    The LONGHAMMER!!! My favorite hammer in the game by far, so it's nice to see a little love go out that way :D

    I have to agree with everybody else. This is a straightforward, fun build: no drama, no intricate maze of quests, levels and objectives to take in a very specific order... just jump in and start playing. I like that you also include just enough roleplay to keep this from being a generic archetype; you are an orc, so make sure to play like one.

    Nicely done!

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    April 13, 2015

    Yeah, after my last build I just wanted to play something simple and easy to pick up, and this was both!

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    April 13, 2015
    I really like the idea of using the long hammer, although. Do have one critique. A bit of a role play contradiction. First he killed his tribe FOR THE LOLZ and now he suddenly respects the don't kill without reason rule? Other than that though, a nice short and sweet build!