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Character Build: Raging Wolf

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  • April 10, 2015

    Long ago, before the dawn of the first era, Red Man was sent by his village to find a new place for his people to live. He traveled to the great forest that would be called "Valenwood", and saw that it was a beautiful land inhabited by a great many animals. But among these animals was the predator Raging Wolf, who ruled the forest alongside of his own tribe, and so Red Man decided that if he was going to protect his people from Raging Wolf, he would need to learn how to evade the predator. He listened intently to the trees, as they could warn him of danger... but Red Man's ears were small and round, and so they could not hear what the trees said. He traveled deeper into the forest and met a small white Hare, whose fine fur coat stood out among the dark leaves and trees. Curious, Red Man approached Hare and spoke.

    "Why do you dress in white?" Asked Red Man, "You cannot hide from Raging Wolf this way."

    "I do not need to hide." Hare responded, "For the trees speak of his approach."

    "How can you hear them?" Red Man asked.

    "With my long ears." Hare explained, "They can hear many things in this place."

    Following Hare's advice, Red Man's ears became long and pointed as well. And he beheld the voices of the trees, as they guided him through the wilds and taught him how to live among the animals. When night fell and Raging Wolf prowled the forest in search of prey, Red Man followed the voice of the trees and took aim with his bow, then shot an arrow into Raging Wolf's heart. When the deed was done and Wolf was no more, Red Man returned to his village and told his people of the Hare's wise words, and their ears also became pointed. And in honor of Red Man's victory over his enemy, his people bestowed upon him the name of his fallen foe:

    Hello, everyone! With the success of the Whispering Death and Daedric Doctor builds, both of which derived inspiration from real-life historical figures (the ninja and the plague doctor respectively), I've decided to introduce yet another unique concept that I've been exploring to a degree with my fan fiction: combining the Tamrielic Bosmer race with real-world Native American culture. I've been going over this build concept in my head for a while now, and the end result has proven to be both dynamic and very fun to play. So without further ado, let's explore the character in question...

    (And before you ask, no, Raging Wolf does not exist in the Elder Scrolls lore, nor is his story supposed to be taken as the canonical history of Valenwood. It's the 4th Era of Tamriel, so naturally there's gonna be some folklore about things like this that, while conceivably grounded in historical figures, are exaggerated and should be taken with a grain of salt.)

    Who was Raging Wolf? According to a number of Bosmeri tribes in Valenwood, he was simultaneously a heroic figure and a vicious warrior that existed long before King Eplear ushered in the 1st Era of Tamriel.. In fact, after slaying the mighty beast that guarded Valenwood from outsiders, it was Raging Wolf himself who fathered Eplear and indirectly laid the groundwork for what would become the first monarchy of the nation. From that point onward, Raging Wolf built a legacy for himself and became a national hero to the Bosmer of Valenwood, and was primarily reputed for his prowess in battle as well as his leadership abilities; ask any of the elders in Valenwood, and they will relate to you a number of accounts detailing how Raging Wolf fought and killed numerous threats to Valenwood, himself, and his people.

    As a person, Wolf was often described as being fierce and vicious, but also very wise and spiritual; as he was the first to hear the trees of Valenwood, he developed a strong connection with the spirits of the forest and, consequently, held a better understanding of their ways than even his own kind. When he fought, he fought because the spirits willed it. When he prayed, he thanked them for the wisdom they had imparted upon him. And it is even said that Raging Wolf spoke on occasion with what he called "The Creator", a deity whom modern-day Bosmeri scholars presume was, in fact, his interpretation of the god Y'ffre.

    According to legend, it was The Creator that gave Wolf visions of the things to come, including future confrontations with what he called "the white man". Upon perceiving these visions of the future, Wolf discouraged the Bosmer of Valenwood from maintaining any relations with the lands beyond the wilderness. His son Eplear, now fully grown, adopted many of his father's ideals as the first monarch of Valenwood, and it was his choice to listen to Wolf's vision that brought the Bosmer closer to "The Creator", who made His true identity as Y'ffre known at this time.

    It is unknown to this day how much of Raging Wolf's story is based in fact, versus how much was either exaggerated or made up completely. There are many different accounts of what feats he accomplished, as well as what he was actually capable of; some legends describe how he would command the wilderness itself to carry out his bidding (a trait seen in modern Bosmer to a degree), and others describe how he would listen to the world around him in order to find prey, elude danger, and take his opponents by surprise. Some of the more consistent abilities seen in his legends are his uncanny strength, his lightning-fast speed in battle, and his indomitable will to best his enemies.

    So varied are these myths that even Raging Wolf's death is unknown to recorded history. Some say that he was slain in battle with the forces of Cyrodiil (which, if true, would potentially make him the longest-lived Bosmer ever known to Tamriel), while the elders of Valenwood tell a different tale: that, in what would be Raging Wolf's final days on Tamriel, the spirit of the great beast that Wolf slew to earn his name had returned to Valenwood to challenge its mortal enemy, or else forfeit the lives of every Bosmer in the province. Raging Wolf gathered his weapons and fought the great beast with as much ferocity as his weary body could muster. For 40 days and 40 nights the enemies did battle, until at long last the great beast could fight no more. But so bitter was its hatred for he who had stolen its name, that the beast did curse its adversary.

    "Once, every Era," the beast said, "Both of us shall rise from the grave and do battle with one another. Where the red skin walks, so too shall I. And where I walk, none shall be safe." The spirit of the beast then faded from view, and the wounded Raging Wolf died peacefully in his village the following night, but not before making a promise of his own:

    "If my enemy speaks truthfully, I shall rise from the realm beyond to seek him out and meet him on the field of battle. Whatever form he chooses to take, I shall find him and I shall slay him."

    Ever since, it has been said that, just as the great beast promised, both itself and Raging Wolf have returned to Tamriel in one form or another, to do battle until one bests the other. This brings us to his presence in Skyrim: in an age where dragons have returned to the realm of men, when brothers wage war against one another, this is the age of the great beast's return. And the warrior that will face him, the great hero of song and legend who will rise from the spirit world to save mortalkind from the clutches of the beast...

    ... IS YOU.

    Race: Obviously, Bosmer. Like the Nerevarine before him, Raging Wolf is a heroic warrior reincarnated in his time of need. And in accordance with his heritage, he has consistently been portrayed as a Bosmer.

    For his appearance, this character has some specific rules: his hair must always be black, and his face must always be painted. Also go for the darkest skin color available, and have his complexion look slightly older than the default. Also: no facial hair allowed (as a callback to the fact that Native Americans don't grow facial hair).

    Stat Spread:

    0 Magicka 3 Health 2 Stamina

    Raging Wolf, even in his mortal days, was a strong and imposing warrior in his own right. It was said that he could fight his adversaries for days, and take blows that would have killed lesser Bosmer or even humans. So when we're actually playing as him, we'll strive to make him as tough as possible on his own -- to say nothing of his armor.


    One-Handed (dual-wielding): According to legend, Raging Wolf wielded twin knives in combat, even when faced with adversaries carrying far more imposing weapons. In the blink of an eye, Wolf would decimate his enemies before they could even manage to react. It was also said that Wolf carried with him a pair of tomahawks, specially fashioned to complement his imposing strength. This will be the primary focus of Raging Wolf's combat style.

    Archery: It was an arrow that struck the heart of the great beast, and it is this same arrow that has come to represent the one who slayed it. However, Raging Wolf was no coward; he would not simply hide in a dark corner and shoot arrows until his enemies died, unless he had neither the patience nor the ability to face them directly. And for those rare individuals worthy enough to fight Raging Wolf head-on, he would put away the bow altogether. Though Bosmer have a natural affinity for the bow, it is to be treated as a secondary weapon.


    Sneak: When he was not slaying beasts and writing what would be the chapters of his own legend, Raging Wolf was a highly talented hunter. This is primarily what he would rely on his stealthy abilities for, aside from (allegedly) leading guerrilla raids in Valenwood's many clashes with the white man's Empire. Only a few select perks shall be put to use here.

    Light Armor: There are stories suggesting that Raging Wolf was capable of taking potentially fatal blows and still walking away from the battlefield with his life. Whatever the case may be, if someone wishes to challenge the mighty warrior, he'll have to get through his armor first.

    Animal Allegiance: Now this might seem a little redundant at first; what use would a Bosmer, who can control animals from birth, have for a shout like this? But remember, that special ability can only be used once per day; in contrast, the Animal Allegiance shout can be used as often each day as your heart desires.

    Aura Whisper: Staying true to the Raging Wolf mythos, speak these words and you will be able to discern where both your friends and your enemies are. This is handy for a number of different situations: hunting prey in the woods, finding your way safely through an enemy fortress, picking out a potential attacker in a crowd, etc.

    Bend Will (DB): Another notable factor of Raging Wolf's character is his charisma as a leader and a warrior. This shout lets that charisma shine through in full, bending your enemy's will to your own.

    Cyclone (DB): Being so attuned with the forces of nature, some stories tell of Wolf commanding them to smite his enemies where they stood. This shout lets you do just that.

    Dismay: Test your opponent's bravery by meeting his challenge with a promise of doom that shall leave your enemy in awe of your might.

    Elemental Fury: The wind shall guide your blades at your command, enabling you to strike your enemies faster than they can even see.

    Kyne's Peace: No warrior is without his sense of fairness and diplomacy. If you are threatened by an opponent that you do not have the heart to kill, simply speak and let him go in peace knowing that you spared his life.

    Storm Call: Speak and the clouds shall gather, decimating your opponents with searing bolts of lightning as the spirits beat drums of thunder to your mighty battle.

    Whirlwind Sprint: Let the wind carry you forward at unfathomable speed, so as to outmatch your adversaries.

    The great beast has risen again, and it has fallen upon your shoulders to face it in mortal combat. As ironic as it is for you to be summoned to the white man's province, there is no question in your mind that the spirits have guided you here for the purpose of meeting your enemy once more... but what wretched form has he taken this time around? Is he the mighty Alduin? The warlord Ulfric Stormcloak? The calculated General Tullius? The vile Miraak? The devious Lord Harkon? Or is he hidden elsewhere in the wilds, waiting for you to make a wrong move so that he may strike a blow before you even see him? Questions spin through your head, but they will not deter you; the spirits have a job for you to do, and for the sake of your people you must honor your duty.

    This is perhaps the very first time I've built a morally grounded character; while the Whispering Death and Daedric Doctor builds lived by morals ranging from grey to downright black, this is a firmly heroic sort of character with a mythical edge and a long, storied history. He's designed to go through each of the main quests of the game, though for a more specific reason: to find and kill the great beast in its most recent form. This is part of the fun; the identity of the beast is all up to you. It could be a primary villain, a member of the Silver Hand... heck, it could even be Paarthurnax! Or it could even be none of these guys, and this whole "eternal battle" thing is more of a symbolic/open-to-interpretation matter instead of literally having the same two warriors fighting every era.

    Despite being a Bosmer, this isn't a character that will rely on sneak-archery as his main method of combat. For most enemies, Raging Wolf will rely on twin knives. For the especially tough enemies, he'll be wielding twin tomahawks war axes to even the odds. Sneak-archery will mainly be used to gain a strategic edge over your enemies, as well as for things like hunting for sport and food (because as I'm sure we all know, the novelty of sneak-shooting your enemies can wear off eventually). There is also a heavy emphasis on shouts in this build; they can pretty much let you command the world around you, and this in turn gives a distinctive sense of power unmatched by virtually anything else in the game. He has a very simplistic style to him; one set of armor, one arsenal, and little else. But on the plus side, it keeps the gameplay fast-paced with little reliance on menu screens for things like smithing.

    But the real novelty of this build is the role play; you are playing as an old and wise warrior who is out of his element in this new era, who is destined to seek out and destroy an age-old enemy who threatens to tear at the heart of the Bosmer people just as its own heart was torn open by your own arrow. You face the uncertainty of not knowing where your enemy will strike or what face it will wear, yet you cannot falter on your oath to the people of Valenwood. You are honor-bound to face and defeat him... however long it takes. But what if you never find him? Or what if you fail? And after you've beaten him, how will you spend the remainder of your time spent in this era? (Since the game never ends) There's a lot of room for creativity here, and that's always fun.

    There's really only one suggested guild I can think of for this build, and that's The Companions. They're your go-to guild for a morally good character who's more interested in fighting than he is in sorcery (ala the College of Winterhold, the only other "good" guild in Skyrim), plus it lets you become a werewolf. And for a character with a name like "Raging Wolf", it couldn't be more appropriate.

    Want your warrior to wield tomahawks that he can actually throw? Then check out Throwing Weapons Redux by Madrilous, which introduces a number of new weapons to the game that you can throw at your enemies.

    Well, that's pretty much it for this build. Thoughts? Comments? Opinions? Let me hear them down below! And as always, adventure awaits!


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    April 10, 2015
    Awesome work as always Markus, can't wait to see what else you got cooking.
  • April 10, 2015

    Thank you, Chris.  Can't wait to see what else I come up with!

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    April 10, 2015
    Sweet build and really awesome presentation!! Big like from me!
  • April 10, 2015

    Much obliged, Henson!  The presentation is half of the fun!

  • April 10, 2015

    I'm mega impressed, actually. I love that story at the top (I think it's a reference to the story of Ysmir being almost tricked by a fox/rabbit/thing to becoming an elf) and the lore feels really right for the Bosmer. I approve a great deal and I like the focus on being a very woodsy hero, especially one who is starting to be left behind in the modern world. +10 if I could.

  • April 10, 2015

    His story is indeed influenced by the story of Ysmir.  I was inspired by how real-life folklore tends to share many common elements and even stories, and decided that if Tamriel was a real place (which it's practically inches away from being anyway) then the same sort of thing would happen. Glad you like it so much! 

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    April 10, 2015

    I like that you gave The Bosmer their own Nerevarine. Great Backstory and awesome build!

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    April 10, 2015

    This is awesome!

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    April 10, 2015

    Really nice build and great presentation. I love the small tale at the beginning. Though I have to ask, as a hero of the bosmer people, what does he think of respecting the Green Pact outside of Valenwood?