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Character Build: The Vancian Wizard

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    March 5, 2016
    Others have mentioned the mod but I'm a console player myself so I'll never know. Glad you like it and that sounds like an awesome Morrowind char. The calculating wizard is by far my favorite playstyle and limiting your abilities and defense puts that much more pressure on you to plan perfectly. Cheers Dylan! Comment with any spells you make up and I'll add em to the build. I love seeing what others can come up with :)
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    November 8, 2016

    Build restored!

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    October 22, 2017

    Been reading over the comment section and it really takes me back. What a fun build! I think I'm gonna turn my next few streams into a Let's Play of this build. Also, I really need to fix some of these links :/ Also big thanks to the restoration team. I wish I had had the time to help out with the project. Great job guys and gals.

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    March 11, 2018

    Ok, so after reseting my PC (again) I decided to take this one for a ride (yet again). To spice things up instead of Dunmer I tried an Orsimer, and don't regret it one bit. In fact, I believe orcs are a natural second choice for this build from what I've played, given how insanelly powerful Berserker Rage is (in my experience, stronger than Ancestor's Wrath). Here are some combinations I've found specifically for it:

    Hircine's Bow of Fury

    Through ancient rituals, the lord of the hunt is swayed to lend it's maddening power

    Marked for Death, Berserker Rage, Bound Bow (optional Sneak and Mystic Binding)

    This was the first thing that came to my mind when I planned going for an orc playthrough rather tha a dark elf. Bound bow is a really powerful weapon in it's own right, but MfD and Berserker really push it over the top. If on stealth, you can clean rooms of enemies (unless you are a terrible shot like myself), and even when you don't, if you kite or angle correctly you can destroy almost anything in your way (I was killing Lurkers at level 5 with this one, that's how powerful the combo is).


    Malacath's Greater Enhancement

    Wrath and strength, to be used as sword and shield

    Dual Bound Sword, Berserker Rage, Ring of the Beast, Flesh Spell (or Bones of the Earth), MfD (optional Serpent Stone)

    The younger sibling of the first spell. While I mostly prefer to use the bow, there are situations when you'd prefer to be close and personal. To this end, this spell is perfect. It boosts great offense and defense in one package, and with serpent stone or MfD you can make sure the fight will be on your terms.


    Metamorphosis of the Forbidden Moon

    To taint the blood of the dragon with the blood of the curse is to go beyond both

    Dragon Aspect, Vampire Lord, Ring of the Beast, amulet of preference (Bats or Gargoyles) (optional Bloodstone Chalice)

    Since I didn't need mist form to combo with ancestor's wrath, I felt I could be more liberal with my use of the Vampire Lord Form. This culminated with this spell. Essentially, once a day you turn into a dungeon buster: drain, summon gargoyle and grip are insanelly powerful, and dragon aspect synergizes really well with the form, giving extra resistace to most damage sources, boosting claw damage if we need/choose to go melee and giving us a get out of jail card with the ancient Dragonborn in case we get in a pickle. Very powerful, but crazy fun. One side effect is that it seems to reset Berserker Rage cooldown, allowing us to "cheat" and activate it twice a day. I saw no problem exploiting this, but use at your own discretion.


    Besides that, there are two other combos I either discovered or adjusted that apply to any playthrough:

    Invocation of the Shivering Darkness

    Call the favor of darkness and madness, and wrap your foes in certain doom

    Swap Wabbajack for Sanguine's Rose and add MfD

    A bit less thematic than the first version, but far more consistent and potent. Instead of relying on Uncle Sheo's RNG, you tap on the natural synergy between Illusion and Conjuration and just slap a dremora on top of the chaos (use MfD to make sure everytinhg dies).


    Durnehviir's Word of Shadow

    Darkness's blanket be upon you, and whisper your demise

    Nightingale Strife + Soul Tear

    A swap between the spell above, but each serves a distinct purpose. If you feel the need to have a single target kill more than an AoE, choose this. It almost guarantees a kill, and leaves with an extra soul and a dead servant for 60s. All around great power to use as a panic button or to make a calculated execution when needed.




  • August 28, 2018

    I will be trying this soon, but I was thinking to go for an unarmored version -blue robes, gloves and boots (enchanted to my taste), the Aetherial Crown, the Ring of Necromancy and some sort of cool and ancient-looking necklace (either St. Jiub's or Gauldur's, the Necromancer's Amulet doesn't really give me any relevant bonus). I would also remove all non-power abilities, and use an enchanted Silver Sword, again because of looks (it's what Gandalf would use).

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    August 28, 2018
    Luck those abilities are fantastic. I like switch off from Mist Form to utilize other VL abilities. They’re so unique I really wish we couldve gotten spells for them (Im sure there’s a mod for that lolz). I really wanted to roll a human race to stay a little more true to the source material but an Orcish spell-hungry mage is significantly dope :) It’s been a few months since your comment. How did you fair?
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    August 28, 2018
    @tirrene A true powers purist playthrough, and as Gandalf, nontheless! I like your styyyle. The Aetherial Crown gives you access to an extra power and the Ring of Necromancy is just the kind of fel artifact this build would hunt down. Let me know how your playthrough goes. W/o supplementary spells it will be challenging but oh so rewarding :)
  • March 26, 2020
    Just started this build! Very fun. Any tips? And what are the parameters for making my own spells? Is using Ahzidahl’s ring of arcana cheating?
  • March 26, 2020
    Just started this build! Very fun. Any tips? And what are the parameters for making my own spells? Is using Ahzidahl’s ring of arcana cheating?
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    March 26, 2020
    The way I approached spells was you can only use a spell if you combo it with a Greater Power aside from Flames and Muffle. First priority is the Staff Of Fireballs behind the Thalmor Embassy and finding Destruction cost reduction to get the most uses out of it. This bad boy will carry you until you've amassed lots of Greater Powers. From here youre just on a hunt for as many Greater Powers as you can get so you can cast more spells daily. There is no limit to what basic spells, shouts, equipment and powers you use other than only to use the magic with a greater power. Get creative! And Ring of Arcana is fair game you just have to make a spell of it. Let me know if you need anymore help and comment you're custom spells! I love reading about them. Check other user comments for further ideas. Good luck Wizz'ro!