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Character Build: Sister of the Light

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    February 22, 2015

    Sister of the Light

    “-And from the ashes of her past, she rose like a phoenix, unbroken and renewed. Then, in her ascent, she cleaved through the shadows, burning away the darkness, and brought the Light to those who needed it most.” –On the ascent of Knight-Sister Guinevere to the seat of High Matron 

              A Sister of the Light is a member of an all-female, all-Breton order that worships and utilizes the power of an entity they call “The Light.” Members of the Order of the Light can perform miracles from healing wounds, to conjuring magical gouts of holy flames. The Sisters of the Light make up for what they lack in offensive capabilities with their unsurpassed defenses against things of both magical and mundane natures. This is not to say they are incapable of taking the offensive when going toe-to-toe with an opponent.


              I created this character out of the fact that I had grown a bit tired of always killing everything in one hit, even when on the highest difficulty. And though the end game of this build will essentially be immortal, she will not be your standard Ultra-Tank 5000 that mows down the enemy before they can even get a hit in. No, this build focuses on survivability and defenses, allowing you to draw out a fight, taking hits as you dish out respectable damage.

              This character is not/doesn’t have to be your standard, demon-hunting paladin, instead, think of this character as focusing on helping people and doing good, but still eliminating evil whenever and wherever she meets it. Your character would be of a lawful-good alignment, thus she would not be taken to thieves or assassins or vampire-lords bent on bringing about eternal darkness. This character is also not a “mage,” despite her prowess in restoration and alteration (and dabbling in destruction), as such she would feel no excessive need to seek the teachings of mages, though this is entirely up to the player.

    Getting Started

    Race/Sex: Breton, Female

    Stone: Lord

    Your character will have a base 50% resistance to magic and 50 points of armor naturally, prior to any equipment


    • Head – Aetherial Crown (Atronach) and Steel Plate, enchant: M Regen. + Restoration

              You will need to get into the habit of switching between the two based on whom/what you are fighting (Helmet for physical combat, crown for magical combat)

    • Body – Steel Plate, enchant: H Regen. + S Regen.
    • Hands – Steel Plate, enchant: Block + One-handed/Heavy Armor
    • Feet – Steel Plate, enchant: One-handed + S Regen.
    • Ring – Any, enchant: H Regen. + Block
    • Necklace – Any, enchant: S Regen. + Resist Magic
    • Weapons – Dawnbreaker and/or Leveled Mace, enchant: Shock + Absorb/Damage Magicka or Fire + Turn Undead/Banish
    • Shield – Spell Breaker or Any, enchant: Fortify Block + Resist Magic



    Skills listed can be attained in any order

    • Stat Spread: 1/2/1
    • Major Skills:
      • One-Handed
        • Armsman 5, Fighting Stance, Bone Breaker 3
        • A Sister of the Light’s Determination takes form in her magical mace, which she wields to smite the evil
      • Block
        • Shield Wall 5, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Shield Runner, Shield Charge, Optional: Quick Reflexes
        • A Sister of the Light’s faith takes form in her shield, which she wields to protect the innocent
      • Restoration
        • Everything
        • A Sister of the Light can bestow miracles upon those who take up arms against evil
      • Heavy Armor
        • Everything
        • A Sister of the Light who has attained the rank of Knight-Sister receives a set of armor, which the Sister is expected to maintain
    • Minor Skills:
      • Enchanting
        • Enchanter 5, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, Extra Effect, Optional: Elemental enchanting skills
        • Sisters of the Light can bless mundane objects with magical powers via the power of The Light
      • Smithing
        • Steel, Elven, Advanced Armors, Glass, Dragon Armor, Arcane Blacksmith
        • Sisters of the Light are expected to maintain their own equipment, and never shirk the responsibility on another
      • Alteration
        • Novice-Expert, Magic Resistance 3, Atronach
        • The Order of the Light is composed entirely of Breton females, whose very bodies becomes holy fortresses, capable of withstanding more physical punishment than even the strongest of men
      • Destruction
        • Novice, Augmented Flames, Intense Flames, Optional: Apprentice-Master
        • Sisters of the Light can call upon The Light in a much more primal way, causing it to manifest as a torrent of fire and light that consumes her enemies.

                                        *Archery Skills and ranged-spells can be attained, though such things don’t quite fit this class

    Play-style Tips 

    Always perform benevolent tasks for individuals, and turn away rewards, when possible

    • Do NOT kill the innocent!
    • No husbands, you are essentially a nun. (Or if you do get married, just… pretend it’s a chaste marriage)
    • No performing malevolent acts such as thievery or murder without just cause, and definitely no cannibalism. (That also means no Thieves Guild and no Dark Brotherhood and no becoming a Vampire Lord)
    • Try to stick to roads and cities, helping those who need it
    • No calling upon the evils of the world for power (Exceptions include Peryite and Meridia, the latter of whom is not considered completely evil.)
    • You are no sneak, face your enemy with courage and purpose

    Now, go forth, Sister, and bring The Light to every corner of Skyrim.

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    February 23, 2015

    This build reminds me a lot of Mjoll the Lioness... a righteous sister that wants to help the people around her by bringing the pain to Skyrim's baddies. I love that concept, and your roleplay is really well thought out.

    But this build really needs a gameplay section in order to let readers see how you approach things like combat, leveling (Restoration and Destruction are ugly, ugly levelers), give us some tips and tricks for playing this character, and little pitfalls we may encounter as we try this build out. As it stands, we know what she is all about, but we don't know how you played her. Without a gameplay section, according to site rules, you don't technically have a character build.

    My suggestion, then, is to post this in The Workshop where you can get some feedback and tips on hammering out a gameplay section. Not only will that help you follow the Character Building rules and guidelines, but it will also make this a much more successful build by helping readers understand how you approached playing a Sister of the Light.

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    February 23, 2015
    this build is awesome once you add a gameplay section it will be even better #dontgetburiedineventbuilds
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    February 15, 2016

    So this never got a gameplay section did it?