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Event Build: The Son of Darkness

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    February 21, 2015

    This is my first build on this website, I hope that you enjoy reading and perhaps playing through with this character.

    The Son of Darkness

    The Son of Darkness is an immortal, immensely powerful being, dedicated to preserving his race of people from the new threats that they face. He is also the son of the Daedric Princess, Nocturnal, who is worshipped by him and his followers. The Son of Darkness uses Dragnipur, a greatsword which traps the souls of his enemies to please Nocturnal, while also using magic to both protect himself and fight his enemies. Although he has enormous power, the Son of Darkness does not let it consume him, acting only to defend himself and his people.


    The Goddess Nocturnal’s first child was born of Darkness, as such Darkness has shaped his entire life. Throughout the era’s he has protected and guided his people, the Dunmer, through the tragedies that have befallen them. He is armed with Dragnipur, the most powerful weapon seen on Tamriel. This sword’s blade is like an inky black stain that draws all light into it and all those that fall victim to its biting edge are drawn into Evergloam, The Night Mistress’s realm, where they are sent to be ruled over by the Blackfeather court, a group of sentient crows who view themselves as rulers of the Crow’s Wood realm inside the Evergloam. The Son of Darkness is also the leader of the Nightingales, the guardians of Ebonmere, the portal to the Evergloam. As the son of Nocturnal, he is also a fierce oppose of Azura, taking any opportunity to conspire against her. The Son of Darkness also has the blood of dragons running through his veins, as he drunk deep the blood of Alduin that had splashed onto the snow, on that fateful day when he was rent in time atop the Throat of the World. This has given him several Draconic powers, which he uses in times of great need.


    Race: Dunmer

    Stats: 1 Magicka/ 3 Health/ 2 Stamina

    Standing Stone: The Warrior Stone is taken initially as it helps raise your Two-Handed and Heavy Armor quickly, which is important for survival. After you have become settled, the Lover Stone is picked up as it increases both your combat skills as well as your magical skills, which is necessary for this build.

    Equipment: Silver and Moonstone Circlet (with Fortify Two-Handed and Fortify Alteration)

    Ebony Mail

    Ebony Gauntlets (with Fortify Two-Handed and Fortify Heavy Armor)

    Ebony Boots (with Fortify Two-Handed and Fortify Stamina)

    Silver Ring (with Fortify Two-Handed and Fortify Alteration)

    Silver Sapphire Necklace (with Fortify Two-Handed and Fortify Alteration)

    Daedric Greatsword (Renamed Dragnipur with Soul Trap)

    The Black Star

    Quests: Main Questline, Dragonborn Main Questline, Thieve’s Guild Questline, Imperial Questline, The Black Star, The Companions/College of Winterhold (Optional), Quests that assist Dunmer such as Waking Nightmare and Brelyna’s Practice.


    Call Dragon, Dismay, Dragon Aspect, Elemental Fury, Fire Breath, Slow Time, Storm Call, Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint



    This field is optional, however I recommend following some basic guidelines in how you design your character so that it not only looks great but fits the lore. You should choose one of the largest body types for your character, although he isn’t hugely muscled so the last one or two are not the best. You should make the skin colouring as dark as possible, adding dark features to the face as well where possible, to represent hi connection to Nocturnal. Try to give the face an angular feel, as he is an ancient being and has more primitive features than modern people. Eye colour doesn’t matter too much, however I went with red eyes as they give a glimpse into the inner emotions that the Son of Darkness hides with his otherwise calm visage. Finally, make sure to give your character long, flowing white hair.


    Major Skills

    Two Handed: The Son of Darkness’s main weapon is Dragnipur, a Greatsword, so it would make sense that Two-handed will play a large role in this build. Although Two-Handed weapons are slower than One-Handed weapons, their damage output per swing is greater and their critical attacks deal a tremendous amount of damage. Two-Handed weapons also cause opponents to stagger, which shows not only the Son of Darkness’s sheer strength, but also his colossal presence on the battlefield. All perks except for those relating to Battleaxes and Warhammers are taken.

    Heavy Armor: The lack of a shield and the need to put points into Magicka reduces the Son of Darkness’s durability significantly, so to make up for that heavy armor will be utilised. The Ebony armor set, in addition to fitting the theme, is one of the strongest armor sets in the game. The Ebony Mail is one of the coolest looking armor pieces in the game, with the shadowy effect fitting perfectly with the theme, as well as providing large amounts of protection and that poison effect, symbolising that merely being in the So of Darkness’s presence can be enough to kill.

    Alteration: Alteration not only increases the Son of Darkness’s armor until he becomes practically invincible, it also provides a range of useful and theme-fitting utility spells. The Detect spells, Telekinesis and Waterbreathing are all useful and showcase the magic that the Son has available to him, Transmute will be invaluable while levelling Smithing and Mass Paralysis simulates the weaker people around him falling unconscious at the unveiling of Dragnipur.

    Minor Skills

    Smithing: Smithing is needed to forge the majority of the Son of Darkness’s weapons and armor, as well as to improve it to get the maximum damage output from Dragnipur.

    Enchanting: Enchanting will greatly boost the Son of Darkness’s survivability and damage output, as well as allowing Soul Trap to be added to Dragnipur, which is vital theme-wise

    Alchemy: Alchemy, aside from providing potions that can be used in almost any situation, will increase the maximum possible benefit from both Enchanting and Smithing.

    Speech: The Son of Darkness has an almost unstoppable force of will, which he imposes on those around him.

    Destruction: The Son of Darkness is able to destroy his enemies from afar with elemental attacks, although he prefers to use Dragnipur as only then will he make the souls of his enemies serve Nocturnal.

    Gameplay: For your Greatsword, try to work your way up to the Skyforge Steel Greatsword offered to you by Eorlund as quickly as possible, to maximise your damage early. Eventually, replace it with an Ebony and then finally your Daedric Greatsword, Dragnipur. As for Heavy Armor, just work your way up the tiers until you reach Ebony. You should have all of your Armor made by the time that you can claim the Ebony Mail, after that it’s just a matter of raising your crafting skills to improve them as much as possible.

    Early Game, the majority of your damage should come through your blade, using Destruction spells against far off enemies such as archers and mages. The combination of Alteration and Heavy Armor should keep you well protected from almost everything.

    During the Mid Game, you should be starting to unlock the components required for the special abilities, including Shouts, Perks as well as stronger gear. You should also begin levelling your crafting skills, both to increase your overall level to unlock perks and quests such as Boethiah’s Calling and to be able to improve your gear to keep up with the enemy scaling.

    Once you have crafted all of your gear and have unlocked the necessary Dragon Shouts, the real fun begins. Once you reach the Late Game, you are a terrifying figure to behold, no one can stand in your path. The combination of sheer strength, speed and indomitable will causes most foes to simply flee in terror, or become so overwhelmed that they simply freeze. Your powerful magic and terrible weapon allow you to destroy those that oppose you with ease. For those enemies that dare challenge your might, you can use your ultimate power and transform into a dragon, raining terror and destruction down upon your enemies.

    A good way to level up your crafting skills is to smith Jewellery (which is very easy if you get the Prowler’s Profit power) and enchant it, before selling it. Not only will this raise your Smithing and Enchanting skills, but your Speech as well. As for Alchemy, if you buy a homestead you can plant Creep Clusters, Mora Tapinella and Scaly Pholiota, which together form a potion that will level up Alchemy quite quickly. Potions that include Giant’s Toes are great for levelling as well.

    Special Abilities:

    Charge of Darkness: Requires Whirlwind Sprint, Great Critical Charge

    The Son of Darkness uses his formidable strength and speed to seemingly burst forth from the darkness, delivering a great strike upon his enemies. Charge towards enemies from far away with Whirlwind Sprint, quickly followed by a sprinting power attack to deal massive damage.

    Tightening Chains: Requires Slow Time, Mass Paralysis, Dragnipur

    When the Son of Darkness unsheathes his fell weapon, people’s personal demons come out and assault them, overwhelming them with fear, guilt and above all terror. While drawing Dragnipur, shout the Slow Time shout to simulate people struggling to battle their inner demons. After a time, or if you are being overwhelmed, cast Mass Paralysis to simulate people being locked up, as in chains, because of their inability to deal with their past horrors.



    Death From Above: Requires Call Dragon, Mass Paralysis

    The Son of Darkness’s calls his oldest ally, Odahviing, to battle. The sight of a gigantic red Dragon appearing over the mountains is enough to cause all but the strongest of enemies to cower in fear. When Odahviing approaches the enemies, cast Mass Paralysis to simulate the fear that has fallen on them. Can alternatively use Tightening Chains. Use this after the following skill for complete destruction.



    Dragon Form: Requires Dragonhide, Dragon Aspect, Fire Breath, Ancestor’s Wrath, Fireball

    The Son of Darkness takes on his Draconic Form, given to him through the blood of Alduin. When you would otherwise be overwhelmed, use Dragonhide to give you the skin of a dragon and Dragon Aspect to gain the mind of a dragon. While in Draconic form, use Fireballs to incinerate enemies from afar and Ancestor’s Wrath on those that stray too close. If you are surrounded by great numbers, Fire Breath will reduce them to ashes.




    Although The Son of Darkness is an incredibly powerful being, he does not succumb to its lure. His purpose in life is to protect his Mother, Nocturnal, as well as his kin, the Dunmer. You are well known around Tamriel, with many speaking of you in hushed tones and either awe or fear. This adds to your impressive atmosphere, such that only the strongest of Men and Mer may look upon you as equals. Apart from your supernatural speed and strength, the true reason why you are feared is your cursed sword, Dragnipur. Its power emanates around you in the form of darkness and those weak of mind in its presence will be overwhelmed by its fell power. Nords in particular fear this blade, as being struck by the blade will keep even the strongest Nord from ever joining their brothers in Sovngarde. This is part of the reason why the Dunmer are treated so badly by the Nords.

    Despite the common perception, the Son of Darkness is a loyal and honourable Mer, acting only for the protection and wellbeing of his people. If possible, he will solve disputes with his words rather than his actions.

    Closing Notes

    This was my first build, so any and all feedback is welcome! This build is based off of the character Anomander Rake in Malazan Book of the Fallen, it turned out to be fairly easy to integrate him into Skyrim, although a few things like the design of his sword and height don’t quite match with the lore.

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    February 21, 2015
    Really great 1st build dude +1!
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    February 21, 2015
    Well done, yet all three crafting skills a?
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    February 21, 2015

    Great first build! 

  • February 21, 2015

    I do enjoy this build, it is certainly a good start and for a first build, I would say it is one of the better ones. I know nothing about the source material so I can't say how well it fits but the character does seem very overpowered. But overpowered isn't always boring and this character does seem to build up to that so it's not even a problem in the end.

    Good first build and I hope you'll stay around with new builds, I do enjoy the way you've presented it and I would enjoy seeing more. +1 from me for a job well done.

  • February 21, 2015

    The presentation is good especially for your first build. The only real issue is how overpowered this character is. You got all three crafting skills, heavy armor and alteration. Its hard to have fun with a build when its too powerful for anything to provide a reasonable challenge. 

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    February 22, 2015

    Thanks for the kind words. I know that this character is fairly OP when you complete it, however in the series he is one of, if not the strongest character. It also takes a fair bit of time and grinding to get max level enchantments (if you want to), so I decided that it would be ok. For those of you who don't like any hint of overpowered in their builds, hopefully my next one will please them more :D

  • February 22, 2015

    nice first build! :D

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    February 22, 2015

    I understand that view completely. I don't know if I'm just bad at the game, but even with heavy armor and alteration I found that it could be quiet challenging to stay alive, especially against bosses or lots of strong enemies. If anything, the most powerful aspect of this build is the sword, which was kind of the point. In the book series, the sword essentially one hit kills anything and traps their souls for eternity to pull a gigantic cart holding the warren of shadow away from chaos... yeah, it's a tad complicated. 

    Of course, if you want to play the build while still keeping it a fair challenge, you can always leave out the crafting skills or just dabble in say enchanting. You can spend the extra points in Block or Destruction or something else that compliments your skill set.

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    February 22, 2015

    Nicely done Aidan... a fantastic first build.

    While three crafting skills makes you crazy-strong, you do mention, however, that the OP really doesn't take place till the late game (when most folks are wrapping up their playthrough anyhow). OP characters can actually be a fun way to say goodbye to a build when you are ready to move on ;D

    Again, great work on this!