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Character Build: Namira's Basilisk

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    February 20, 2015

    Greetings, one and all! For this build, I decided to take a look into making a draconic character. Something that could spew breath, not in the sense of a shout, but in a long and steady stream, much like that of Skyrim's dragons. Finding it in the Breath of Nchuak, I played with the power for a little while, trying to find a way to use this ability without its respective helmet...and, well, I found it! Mixed with the aesthetic of both Dragon Aspect and the Ebony Mail, I soon found that I had created something both impressive in looks and fun in playstyle, feeling akin to a small imitation "Dragon" of my own! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

    Namira's Basilisk

    The Basilisk

    "You do not even know our tongue, do you? Such arrogance, to dare take for yourself the name of Dovah!" ―Alduin

    Much is known about the origins of the dragons: created in Akatosh's image as winged sons, second only to the Divines themselves in glory of their eternity. A popular subject between historians and scholars alike, the events - and their proceedings - behind their continued existence all but succeeded in eclipsing the other...prominent achievements made in light of the era.

    Yet today, it is within the twilight of such an eclipse that our story first takes place.

    When Akatosh first created the dragons, eternal creatures immune to the rot and decay of time, the Daedric Princes grew…jealous. To them, the dragons were abominations; untouchable terrors that reigned supreme outside of their spheres of influence, weakening them and threatening their very existences with their presence. Put to shame in their tyrrany, even the mightiest of Princes were left at the mercy of the Aedra they had so wished to defy, and for that, they were hated.

    Yet, even amongst their collected hatred, there was one particular prince that had grown more jealous, more spiteful of Akatosh in her wrath than the rest:

    Namira, the Mistress of Decay. 

    Unwithering? Eternal? The creation of something tailor-made to spit in her face was unimaginable. To her, the gesture of Akatosh was a challenge to a power, and a claim of dominance over everything she held dear…and though she lacked the power to do so alone, she knew that the tyranny of the Divines had to be stopped.

    She Needed a Champion.

    And so, striking a pact between Boethieh and Hermaeus Mora, she dreamt up the perfect vessel for their powers. A being that could stand to challenge – and kill – Akatosh's mightiest creations through knowledge, deceit and decay. Something that, so to speak, would eat the world eater, and bring time back to the timeless. Bring mortality back to the immortal. Something that would drain power from the very earth it walked, and which fooled the Divines, drinking deep from the goblets of their power and favour in the process.

    The Basilisk.

    Made in mockery of the forms of those that dominated the skies, the Basilisk was a creature that fought not by word, but through intent and ability alone - cast from the time-wound and pressed onward by will of its creators in its quest to consume earth, flesh, and spirit alike. A Daedric creation, and their magnum opus...this was to become the First Son of Oblivion that would one day kill the First Son of Akatosh upon the Aedric plane itself. 

    The power and life force that spewed from its mouth was nameless, a blessing of Namira herself - incomprehensible to the dragons of old who had believed in words of power alone…

    …The bones of the beast were made jagged, forged under the cast of a forbidden element by Hermaeus Mora’s guidance, their intangible construct immune to the breath of its enemies…

    …Its ebon scales and claws were toxic, bathed in a treacherous, sapping poison that only Boethiah’s cruelty could scheme, drawing from Mundus, and becoming stronger per each passing step…

    …And above all, the more it consumed, the more it became like that which it was sent to destroy – a cruel irony for the Divines that would one day grant paradise to the being that had so ravenously devoured that which they had wished to create. The historians had gotten it wrong. This was no son of Akatosh. This was not the hero talked about in prophecy and legend. No…this was...

    A False Dragonborn.


    This build will be warrior-centric, making use of the Infinite Dragon Aspect glitch (Aesthetic only), the Advanced Atronach exploit, and the Helmless Breath of Nchuak glitch to achieve its full potential. As such, it's a build that requires a lot of stamina to function, both for mobility and for its own combat purposes.

    Race: Argonian (Vampire Optional)

    Made in likeness - and in mockery of the dragons of Akatosh, the life force pulsing within the Basilisk's scaled form has also been granted extended regenerative abilities that allow it to rapidly molt off external damage, and thus thrive in battle amidst death and decay itself. This allows it to challenge the so-called "eternal" dragons with a pseudo-eternity of its own throughout its youth, until it has grown the scales, body and breath to face the creatures in its matured form. 

    Stats: 0/1/2

    The life source of the Basilisk - as well as its energy - is granted within it by the blessings of its creators, providing it with all that it needs outside the plane of Aetherius. By feeding off the earth and its denizens, it is up to the Basilisk to nurture this gift and make it grow, that it may one day spout a limitless flurry of tooth, breath, and poison upon its enemies. 

    Stone: The Serpent, The Advanced Atronach/Atronach

    In its youth, the Basilisk will be unable to externalize the brunt of Namira's breath (glitched breath of Nchuak), and will only be capable of spitting a small ball of paralyzing acid from its stomach after a day of rest and regeneration. However, once it matures it can retool its physique, drawing extended power from the earth to grant its bones an immunity to magic

    Blessing: Blessing of Boethiah

    A user of tooth, claw and fang as well as a benefactor of Boethiah herself, the Basilisk will find its claws...sharper, after praying to its creator. A worthy boon for both prince and serpent alike. 

    Black Books: Seeker of Might, Lover's Insight

    An instrument of revenge, Hermaeus Mora has allowed the Basilisk to drink deeply from the cup of knowledge, granting them understanding in anatomy and the workings of the soul. However, this knowledge will only be granted, supposing that the Basilisk is strong enough to handle the knowledge itself - something that the Prince will ensure in order for his creation to succeed.

    Shouts: Dragon Aspect

    The Basilisk does not shout. It does not use the words and magic of the Dragons that it so despises, as it has neither the ability - or need - to do so, being fully capable of breathing a form of "Dragon Breath" of its own. However, Dragon Aspect - as taught by Hermaeus Mora, still remains an option for the creature, allowing its bones to gradually - and more prominently - externalize as its power is slowly unlocked. (This will be explained in detail later).


    Do keep in mind that you DO NOT need all of these skills to properly play the build, and that they have been selected for optimization. 

    One Handed

    The teeth and claws of the Basilisk must be nurtured, that they may become tougher, sharper, and deadlier over time. It is also important for the Basilisk to become accustomed to fighting in this fashion, requiring a degree of ability and finesse to defeat - and consume - tougher foes in its travels.

    Perks: Armsman (5/5), Dual Flurry (2/2), Dual Savagery, Savage Strike, Critical Charge

    Optional Perks: Bladesman (3/3), Paralyzing Strike (Substituted with poison)

    Heavy Armor

    The scales of a Basilisk must be tough - tough enough to withstand even the heaviest of blows and dragon attacks. without even so much as a scratch. Though cumbersome at first, the Basilisk's large pool of stamina will easily offset the speed and mobility issues brought on by its scales, over time becoming agile in its weight as it matures. It is said that one of the Basilisk's greatest abilities was to turn a Dragon's own attacks against itself with its rough skin, tenderizing its enemy's hide in the process before shredding them with its fangs.

    Perks: Juggernaut (5/5), Well Fitted, Fists of Steel, Cushioned, Conditioning

    Optional Perks:  Tower of Strength, Matching Set, Reflect Blows


    Poison claws and poison fangs. By consuming the gifts of the earth and returning them as one vile substance after another, the Basilisk develops itself, strengthening and purifying its poisons as well as immunizing itself against the poisons of others (Although this is not featured within the perks due to the Advanced Atronach). Dreaming of secreting poison from its body and exhaling poison from its breath, the Basilisk's desire to devour and consume a dragon in but a single bite continues ever onward.

    Perks: Alchemist (5/5), Physician, Benefactor, Poisoner, Concentrated Poison

    Optional Perks: Purity, Snakeblood (If no Advanced Atronach), Green Thumb


    To sharpen one's claws and skin using the very bones of Mundus. Ah, how poetic. By crafting items of your likeness, you will learn how to temper your limbs and your claws, as well as the toxic scales of your serpentine body. Folded into the mastery of your movements and poisons, your jaws will soon become tools of draconic might, capable of slicing through even the thickest - and most resilient - of dragon skulls. 

    Perks: Steel Smithing, Dwarven Smithing, Orcish Smithing, Ebony Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith

    Optional Perks: Advanced Armors tree, Daedric Smithing

    Vampire Lord (Optional)

    Sometimes, the Basilisk's Daedric roots get the better of it, finding the whims and powers of other like-minded kin. Would it be a good idea to stray away from the loyalties of your creators for the taste of fresh blood? Or will you embrace the blessings of Molag Bal as a benefactor of yet another Daedric Prince in your quest to do their bidding?

    Recommended Perks: Blood Healing, Poison Talons, Night Cloak, Detect All Creatures, Mist Form, Supernatural Reflexes

    Final Note: If you're itching to use a trainer, I would suggest levelling Restoration for the Avoid Death perk as an extra boon from Namira. Furthermore, depending on your racial preferences, you can also choose the Necromage perk, fitting for a creature blessed and strengthened through the influence of Molag Bal. Keep in mind that your low base magicka won't allow any form of practical use in this tree, however, and that you may be making things more difficult for yourself in the process.



    As the champion of three Daedric Princes, you probably would know what to expect. Nonetheless...

    The Jagged Crown

    No Additional Effects

    Why the Jagged Crown? The Jagged Crown represents the slow but steady evolution and maturity of the Basilisk, growing additional horns and becoming even more resilient due to the crown's defense being on par with an unupgraded Daedric helmet. Not to mention that it provides a wonderful silhouette, especially when coupled with the next item on the list...


    The Ebony Mail

    Quiet movement, with a poison cloak that activates when sneaking or around enemies.

    Ah, the Ebony Mail. These are your scales, blackened and frothing with poison, that you will gain upon maturity. Dripping with Boethiah's favor, it is both lighter than other types of "armor" and protective, its muffled movement both testament to the tight knitting of your scutum as well as to your serpentlike agility.

    Double Forsworn Swords

    No Additional Effect (Unless Enchanted)

    The fangs of the basilisk, these toothy mandibles will be your staple "weapons" throughout the playthrough, used to tear apart both dragon and human alike. Coated in your poisons, and sharpened by the metals of Mundus, these steel-tempered jowls will easily shred through skin and bone with a bit of well-tempered care, turning a slick and shiny black upon acquisition of your fully grown "scales". (These may be enchanted with a single second of Soul Trap if you wish to devour non-dragon souls as well for any reason. Of course, a more practical option would be to put a single point of stamina drain on one of the swords with the use of a Grand Soul Gem for rapid power attacks when you do run out of stamina for the Breath.)


    The Ring of Namira

    +50 Stamina, allows you to feed on corpses for +50 health and +50% health regeneration.

    The ring of your first mother and lifegiver and the essence of your existence as a Devourer. Health and Stamina are both valuable stats to have for you - fueling both your breath and your power attacks, and the extra regeneration granted from Namira's blessing doesn't hurt either. Feast, my child, and grow ever stronger!

    Gloves and Boots of Choice

    No Additional Effect.

    Yes, dear reader. I bequeath to you a choice once more, based on availability and your desire to head out of your way for armor. Gloves and boots that go well with the Ebony Mail include those from the Blades as well as the Nordic Carved and Daedric sets (Though those won't grant you the perk), as well as the obvious Ebony set. I personally enjoy the Falmer Heavy armor variant due to the overall "spikiness" of it, enhancing your silhouette whilst sneaking. 

    The Gauldr Amulet

    +30 health, stamina, and magicka

    A practical choice, the Gauldr amulet is a forbidden charm, renowned for its powers. Offering both health and stamina, this trinket will increase the extent of the Basilisk's abilities as well as maintain its resilient exterior.


    The Visage of Mzund

    +60 Stamina, enables use of the Breath of Nchuak

    The best for last! Namira's final "gift", this constitutes the Basilisk's poison breath, allowing it to fight and breathe on equal footing with the dragons! You might notice that there are two articles of headgear in this list, both of which would - in most circumstances - get in the way of one another. After all, how would you be able to breathe out poisonous gas (or steam) without breaking the Basilisk's horned aesthetic, right? 

    Well, not to worry! Follow these steps and you'll be breathing like a steam dragon in no time!

    • Equip the Visage of Mzund as well as your Breath of Nchuak power.
    • Put both the Breath and the Visage in your "favorites" menu.
    • Open your favorites menu, and unequip both the Visage and the Breath. 
    • Without closing the menu, re-equip the Breath.

    Now, you'll be able to spew steam whilst being able to equip any and every other sort of helmet available, creating an even more beautiful aesthetic with the Ebony Mail's silhouette accenting the outlines of all caught within it. You may have to do this whenever you reload a save, by the way. Just so you know.


    Gameplay, Combat, and Recipes

    Combat, for the pain part, is straightforward as the Basilisk - dodge, power attack when possible to flinch, and use your Breath when applicable as well, making sure to augment your attacks with poison for tougher encounters. Combat is stamina intensive, so if you can help it, try not to sprint too much in a dungeon, regaining stamina between encounters. Nonetheless, even without stamina, your perks and natural damage will allow you to hold your own quite well, with your magicka absorbing capabilities handling a fair chunk of what Skyrim has to offer. Try not to power attack when it isn't needed!

    You'll probably notice that your Breath may be activated even in the middle of an attack animation, such as a power attack and can be used to pile on extra damage, as stamina intensive as it is. It's also good for using if you need to back off and gain a bit of distance - say, if the enemy is about to attack or power attack, or has a friend coming up to help. It's also good to pile on damage if the enemy is blocking, due to the breath bypassing block as a whole. I like using it when there's a lot of enemies present, as the damage over time effect - when stacked with the Ebony Mail - can prove a formidable means of crowd control on its own. 

    The Breath of Nchuak can also catch fleeing enemies with an incredible degree of effectiveness, killing them before they can get out of its fairly generous range. Also noteworthy is its ability to cause a dragon to flinch if used during their own breath, which, as magic resistant as you are, is nice for clearing your vision, or forcing a shouting dragon to fly off and land somewhere where you can melee them. You can also use your breath to hurt low-flying dragons if they are in range.

    Remember to feed. The Ring of Namira is more than a pretty stamina buff, and, considering your lack of Restoration, you will need all the health and regeneration that you can get. Avoid bounties if possible, of course...but nonetheless, be sure to keep your Namira buff active at all times. 

    Additionally, remember that when all else fails or you run out of potions, you still have your histskin ability to recover, even if it does mean internalizing Namira's life force and depriving yourself of a breath attack in the process. You WILL need to heal when the going gets tough, so a few power swapsies won't hurt anyone. I've chosen not to include Restoration into the build for a higher stamina base, and simply because repeatedly swapping in and out of combat tends to break the flow, becoming a chore in the process. Also, don't forget that you have Dragon Aspect on hand, if you're lacking on damage and bulk, or if you need assistance! 

    Potions and Poisons

    Before progressing, I would like to thank these pages for their assistance in this. I'm terrible with potions as a player, and these really did prove to be lifesavers, through and through. These aren't meant to be your be-all-end-all potions, mind you - go ahead and use your standard health and stamina regeneration potions as much as you like. All these are just a few combinations worth mentioning, should you so wish for it:


    Blood of the Serpent (Power of Nature)

    Utilizing the poison within you as an antivenom, the impurities within your blood are purged, forcing you to molt and granting you new strength.

    Garlic/Slaughterfish Egg + Boar Tusk (DB) + Yellow Mountain Flower (DG) = Fortify Health + Fortify Stamina +Resist Poison (Helpful for non Advanced-Atronach)

    VariantCharred Skeever Hide + Eye of Saber Cat + Hawk Feathers = Cure Disease + Restore Health + Restore Stamina


    Namira's Surge (Adrenaline)

    A ritualistic recipe in honor of the Mistress of Decay, drinking this concoction will grant you an extension of her blessing, causing your scales to toughen, and your blood to work in overtime.

    Torchbug Thorax/Large Antlers + Boar Tusk (DB) + Bear Claws = Fortify Health + Fortify Stamina + Restore Stamina

    Variant: Bear Claws + Charred Skeever Hide + Wheat = Fortify Health + Restore Health + Restore Stamina

    Boethia's Stimulant (Draught of the Myrmidon)

    More of a hallucinogen than a potion, this stimulant deceives its drinker's mind into uncapping the boundary between "safe" and "unsafe"

    Bear Claws+ Small Pearl + Yellow Mountain Flower (DG) = Fortify Health + Fortify One-Handed+ Fortify Restoration + Restore Stamina



    Serpent's Fang (Serpent's Fang)

    A quick bite causes the enemy's arms to fall limp, unable to attack with their full strength as their health slowly drains.

    Deathbell + Imp Stool + Scathecrow (DB) = Damage Health + Lingering Damage Health +Ravage Stamina

    Variant (Warrior's Demise): Deathbell + Scathecrow (DB) + Skeever Tail Ravage Health Ravage Stamina + Damage Health

    Variant (Soiled Sundries): Deathbell + Scathecrow (DB) + Giant Lichen = Weakness to Poison + Ravage Health + Ravage Stamina


    Mind Drain (Spider's Bite) (Non Advanced Atronach users) 

    A sacrifice to Hermaeus Mora himself, this poison drains the very knowledge from the target, rendering them unable to cast spells.

    Cyrodilic Spadetail / Giant Lichen / Jazbay Grapes / Skeever Tail + Orange Dartwing + Scathecrow (DB) = Lingering Damage Health + Ravage Health + Ravage Magicka

    Variant (Mage's Demise): Red Mountain Flower + Skeever Tail + Scathecrow (DB) = Ravage Magicka + Ravage Health +Damage Health

    Inner Rot

    A poison formed of pure malice, its sole purpose is to simply slow, or shut down its target's body to secure a kill.

    Human Flesh + Imp Stool + Slaughterfish Egg = Damage Health, Lingering Damage Health, Paralyze

    Variant: Canis Root + Imp Stool + Orange Dartwing = Lingering Damage Health + Paralyze

    Variant: Deathbell, Red Mountain Flower, Salt = Damage Health + Slow

    Variant: Deathbell + River Betty + Pine Thrush Egg = Damage Health + Slow + Weakness to Poison

    Namira's Grasp (Barbed Quarrel)

    Force your opponent's body to rapidly wither and decay into a terrible weakness, tenderizing them for easy pickings with your blade.

    Imp Stool + Skeever Tail + Scathecrow (DB) = Damage Health + Ravage Health + Lingering Damage Health

    Variant (Ravage Vitality): Skeever Tail + Scathecrow (DB) + Spawn Ash (DB) = Ravage Health + Ravage Magicka + Ravage Stamina


    Your standard, go-to poisons when you want something dead and nothing more. 

    Deathbell + Giant Lichen + Skeever Tail = Damage Health + Ravage Health + Weakness to Poison

    Variant: Imp Stool, Orange Dartwing + River Betty = Damage Health, Lingering Damage Health




    How exactly does one roleplay an all-devouring lizard devotee of a trio of Daedric princes? Let's take a look, shall we? 

    What to Kill

    I think that it goes without saying that the Basilisk can and will take the lives of dragons as highest priority, killing anything and everything related to them and their glory without second notice, such as dragon priests, shout-wielding draugr, and...Paarthurnax. Additionally, the Basilisk would find it within their interests to kill the people of rival princes (Werewolves and Vampires, for example, as well as the Afflicted.), as well as those working in conjunction with the Divines - priests of Akatosh in particular! By killing them, looting their amulets and "sanctifying" them in either the Aetherium forge, or the seas off the cost of Winterhold, you'll be lessening the influence of that which you seek to destroy! 

    Who to Help

    A fairly obvious choice, your priorities are to assist your creators and masters, Namira, Boethiah, and Hermaeus Mora both in their glory, and in their advances against their rivals, be it dragon, divine, or daedra. Eat people whenever you can. Lie, scheme, and deceive, when and if possible. Betray others, and cast away their loyalties to you should it further your goals. Obtain rival artifacts of power and knowledge, and cast them into the icy waters North of Winterhold or into the pits of the Aetherium Forge, killing and denying scholars and followers of the Divine the right to life, power, and knowledge in the process. Anything to gain their favor and maintain their glory. 

    Don't forget to help yourself as well. You must feed, you must consume, and above all else, you must become stronger. Rip plant and ore liberally from the earth. Augment yourself, or waste the resources on experiments for power. Drink greedily from the blessings given from the Standing Stones, and use their powers liberally. Every slain person, every corpse consumed, every claw remodeled will make you stronger, and you must not treat yourself in moderation. This is your mission. You have been chosen. And you must become worthy to fulfill it. 


    Skyrim Main Questline: "To eat the World Eater, to spit in the face of Akatosh himself and deprive him of his first-born son, and all others beneath him. To serve my Masters. To fool mortals and Divines into the belief that I am the Last Dragonborn, and that I deserve an eternity within the confines of their paradise, amidst the petty heroes and warriors of their age. There could be no greater honor."

    Dragonborn Main Questline: "A fallen - and redundant - champion of Hermaeus Mora, Miraak has recognized me for what I truly am: A False Dragonborn. In my quest to silence this truthsayer, I have been informed that I will be receiving help, as well as a forbidden "shout", to assist me in my duties."

    Boethiah's Calling: "One of my masters, Boethiah, has finally seen me both fit and strong enough to behold her blessings. She promises me growth - evolution - and will grant me my true scales, should I retrieve them from the fool that stole them."

    The Taste of Death: "My Mother wishes to instill the full breadth of her blessing and presence on Tamriel upon me. I am to seek out an individual within a Hall of the Dead, who will guide me back to her abode and teach me the taste of my Mother's nourishment."

    Discerning the Transmundane: "To release an artifact belonging to one of my masters and obtain an Elder Scroll filled with knowledge, I have been instructed to cowtow to the whims of a scholarly fool, far North within the ice fields of Winterhold. I have been told that I need not worry about the knowledge this man may gain in the process, and that the endeavor will ultimately bolster my strengths."

    Black Book Quests: "Upon entry from the Time Wound, I was instilled with the knowledge of the Black Books and their presence upon Solstheim. I have been informed by Hermaeus Mora that I should seek these tomes out when I am strong enough to obtain and handle the knowledge within them, and that this is my rite of passage as his champion."

    The College of Winterhold Questline: "I've been sent by Hermaeus Mora to the College of Winterhold, under promise that my path will lead me to the death of the Archmage and the loss of his knowledge, as well as the confiscation of a certain piece of important and forbidden power. He has promised the presence of both a dragon and a dragon priest along this path, as well as a piece of forbidden knowledge obtained from a particular draugr that will make manifest along the way. I have been instructed to drop all artifacts obtained into the depths North of the College itself, draining them completely of their power beforehand."

    Forbidden Legend: "As benefactor of Hermaeus Mora, I have been told of a trio of brothers, erased from the records and ledgers of time. However, the memory of my masters is long, and I have been informed that these brothers - whilst users of the Voice - each possess a piece of forbidden power as well. By forcing them to relinquish these pieces, I will be doing both myself and my masters a valuable favor."

    Dawnguard Questline (Either Side): "A chance to defeat the clan of a rival Prince, the opportunity to consume an Ideal Master, cast the artifacts of a Divine into the depths of the ocean / Aetherium forge, as well as to obtain and read an Elder Scroll, have all been presented to me. However, the opportunity to pledge my body to yet another Master - and to better consume flesh and blood the way his sons do - intrigues me. Perhaps I should take advantage of his gift instead?"

    The Jagged Crown (Civil War Questline): "Yet another step to grow my horns and toughen my scales, at the expense of a dragon sympathizing draugr. I leap at the opportunity."

    A Scroll for Anska: "A Dragon Priest - and a free meal - lie in wait within this cave. Both of which will soon become mine for the taking."

    The Blessings of Nature (Partial): "To kill the Eldergleam, disgrace Kynareth, and murder her people would truly bring glory to my Mother. I will take its sap and drink it for myself, leaving both trees to rot and die in time whilst I use Nettlebane as a reference for my claws.  There will be no renewal for Whiterun today. No life...and certainly no maintenance."

    Rebuilding the Blades: "To ensure that Akatosh's grasp upon the world remains weak and insubstantial, I must leave behind a legacy. Followers, that will continue my work both in and out of my presence for years - no, centuries - to come. I am sure they will come to me of their own volition if I spread the word that I am Dragonborn, and, by filling their heads with naive ideals of righteousness and justice, I will cement within them their sense of duty, creating a clan that will grow ever larger with the passing of time."

    A Return to Your Roots: "I have found out that there is a woman that is capable of doubling the potency of my own poisons, maximizing my ability to drain power from the earth. All she needs, of course, is a little push..."

    Personal Quests

    A Purged Legacy: Kill all the high-ranking Dragon Priests for their masks, truly killing off the legacy of the Dragons by obtaining the "timeless" Konahrik from Bromunjaar Sanctuary and casting it into the depths.

    To Eat a Language: Absorb/"Eat" the knowledge from as many Word Walls as possible. Even if it can't learn it, the Basilisk can still take its power so that none other may have it. The language of the Dragons will die out with them! 

    An Imperfect Master: To kill an Ideal Master within the Soul Cairn itself, is to show those ascended into "eternity" that there is no place to hide. Death may not have been their end, but what about one that can make their presence fade away?

    Weakening the Competition: Obtaining other Daedric Artifacts and casting them off the edge of the frozen Winterhold wastes (The Sea of Ghosts) or the Aetherium Forge will both lessen and severely weaken the grip of other Daedric Princes in the area. As a Basilisk, and a personally-created champion of three other Princes, your soul has already been pledged in its entirety to others, and cannot be taken - or pledged - to any other. 

    The Flesh of Kings: As much as the souls of Dragons may nourish you, the souls of great men - leaders, both large and small - fulfill and strengthen you even further. (You'll have to duplicate / glitch / pickpocket your Jagged Crown back if you wish to kill Ulfric / Tullius).

    The Favor of Boethiah: An optional quest to "summon" a Wraith of Boethiah, you require a Scroll of Dead Thrall (Black book: The Sallow Regent), a mannequin (To duplicate the Ebony Mail), and a follower for this to become possible. Sacrifice/Murder/Betray your follower in the Sacellum of Boethiah, equipping their corpse with a duplicate of the Ebony Mail as well as any other items that take your fancy, before raising them with your scroll. Alternatively, you may use your Scroll on the former Champion of Boethiah himself, as he is automatically granted a second set of Ebony Mail.  


    Still with me? Excellent! To wrap things up, I'm going to show you an interesting aesthetic and an extension of the Basilisk's spiky exterior, utilizing both Dragon Aspect, as well as the Vampire Lord form. I call it: The Bones of Miraak! 

    • Cast Dragon Aspect at whichever stage you prefer. 
    • Transform into a Vampire Lord.
    • Wait until the Dragon Aspect expires (Your Vampire Lord outline will stop glowing when it does).
    • Transform back.

    Congratulations! You'll now permanently have the visual effect of Dragon Aspect until the next time you cast it, including whether or not you wish to cure your vampirism afterwards! Mind you, the Ebony Mail, coupled with the effects of Dragon Aspect and your Breath of Nchuak will make for an amazing aesthetic in combat.

    What this means for the Basilisk, of course, is that it has fully matured, its toughened scales and bones of forbidden, magic-resistant construct available for all to see. And if you do this early, you'll even be able to visibly "see" the evolution process of the Basilisk as each word is learnt! 




    That's it! Have fun playing! 

    (Interested in trying another build? Why not check out The Kinetic whilst you're at it?)





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    February 20, 2015

    10/10 Will play. This is fantastic, Halifax. You had me with the Lizardmen art, but this just knocked it out of the park. Great job.

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    February 20, 2015

    Is this... an Argonian build?

    This is great, Halifax. +50 points for being an Argonian. 

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    February 20, 2015

    A big thank you to Dragonborn1421, Albino, and TwistedOrthus for their support during the creation of this build! 

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    February 20, 2015

    omg, this build is great.

    I would love to have mine Eat the leaders of his enemies, the Commanders of the War and their leader.

    like in Fallout series, and the Warhammer 40k's Kroots

  • February 20, 2015

    I had no idea you could use the breath ability with any helm you want. Awesome. 

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    February 20, 2015

    Amazing build! Defiantly trying this 

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    February 20, 2015

    Impeccable presentation, and some nice mechanics. Well done, Hal.

    I've always wanted to incorporate the Breath of Nchuak in a build. I once spent the better part of an afternoon looking into various ways to try to increase its power/utility, but I never found a way to use it without actually wearing the helm. Very cool discovery there.

    My only real critique is that the writeup as a whole is overwhelming. You could probably cut this down by about 50% without sacrificing anything of import. A paragraph on every single item, passive, skill, potion, and quest is overkill to me. You could remove half the potions/poisons entirely, without detracting from gameplay or tactics. It's hard for people to play a build that requires them to constantly revisit the writeup to make sure they're incorporating everything.

    As someone who also struggles with making cuts, a good philosophy is to try to limit it to the bear essentials -- let people add their own bits of flair to suit their interests based on the template you're providing. People can probably figure out why you chose certain quests and gear pieces without you needing to explain it, especially as context is picked up from reading the rest of the build writeup.

    Personally, my priority when reading a build is the gameplay, and I feel like you're letting a lot of other elements overshadow that here.

    The backstory is interesting enough, to be sure, but it could be condensed too. Cutting some of the fluff would help emphasize the gameplay and make it easier for people to properly take away the core aspects of the build. I'm already feeling like I've forgotten a few things, and it hasn't been ten minutes since I finished reading. You can fix that pretty easily, and it'd take this from a very good build to a great build!

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    February 20, 2015

    Aheh, I actually made a gameplay-oriented build for my last build, so I wanted to try something that focused heavily on the roleplay and immersion aspect instead! I'll definitely keep your advice in mind the next time I make a build though! 

    Still, it's a bit *too* painful to cut chunks out of something like this now that it's up and running, of course, so maybe I'll do that at a later date when I'm a bit more impartial to what I've created. 

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    February 20, 2015

    Brilliant! I had been looking for a build that focused on emulating dragons, and you done did it! The incorporation of the Visage of Mzund and Dragon Aspect were excellent ideas.