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Event Build: Ras'lan

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    February 11, 2015

    Build Theme

    A Khajiiti Hero, descended from an ancient Mane, Ras'lan has seen the flaws in both the Aldmeri Dominion and the Mede Dynasty and looks for the means to establish a new, just empire. With powerful restorative magic and his warrior prowess, he plans to start by reestablishing peace in Skyrim; the first step in paving the way towards a united Tamriel.

    The Build

    This build is a two handed warrior, not a peaceful paladin...not "a tame lion". Though dangerous, he is undoubtedly good. Restoration makes him highly survivable as well as a lethal opponent of the undead. His powers, both physical and magical are further bolstered by Alchemy, and his manner is both frightening and awe-inspiring to those he meets.

    Race: Khajiit

    Stone: Warrior~> Lord

    Key Spells: Healing Spells, Turn Undead, Sun Fire, Stendarr's Aura, Circle of Protection, Bane of the Undead, Guardian Circle

    Key Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Animal Allegiance, Battle Fury, Call of Valor, Clear Skies, Disarm, Elemental Fury, Storm Call, Dismay

    Primary Skills: Two Handed, Heavy Armor, Restoration

    Secondary Skills: Alchemy, Speech, Block

    Abilities: Bardic Knowledge, Conjure Werebear, Dragonborn Force, Secret of Protection, Mora's Boon, Seeker of Might, Lover's Insight, Blessing of Talos

    Attribute Spread: 250+/300/150+

    Level 25 Perks

    Weapons and Equipment

    Weapons: Your weapon will be a greatsword of your choice, but try to lean toward something that looks noble, or wild, like Dwarven, Skyforge Steel, Nordic, or Elven. This will not be enchanted; Elemental Fury will take care of that.

    Armor: There are a lot of options for gear, because Ras'lan's power is rooted in skill, rather than equipment. You'll want to choose heavy armor that has a noble look, like Dwarven, Bonemold, Steel Plate or even General Tullius' armor. I favored the Bonemold Pauldron armor pictured above.

    Equipment: Together with that, use an Amulet of Talos, and any pre-enchanted ring and/or circlet that you find that compliments Ras'lan's skills. Fortify Restoration is probably the most useful effect. If you're feeling up to leveling Enchanting, or making a strong Fortify Enchanting potion, you can create those pieces yourself. Be sure to hold onto any Fortify Alchemy gear that you find.



    Progressing: Advancing through the build is fairly simple. Escape Helgen with Ralof so you can start with a set of heavy armor. Dragon Rising will be important, but after that the Main Quest is only important for unlocking all of Unrelenting Force, and later, Clear Skies. Begin the Companion's questline up through Proving Honor, so you can get a nice Skyforge Steel Greatsword (either when Farkas drops his, or once the quest is done). These weapons are the same quality as Elven forged gear, so it will tide you over very well until a better greatsword becomes available.

    That said, there isn't really an ultimate gear set for the character. Roll with what you like visually, and err on the side of noble and heroic looking weapons and armor. Keeping them tempered is a good idea, but requires no perk investment. Note on Tullius' ArmorI listed General Tullius' armor as an option because of its very fitting regal look, but it's hard to get. You have to "trade" for it, and it makes leveling Pickpocket vital. You can do this by reverse pickpocketing and retaking gold from peoples' inventory, but it will be challenging since you'll have almost no stealth to speak of. In the end you'll have to reverse-pickpocket stronger armor into Tullius' inventory before his armor becomes possible to take. It's a long process, but it doesn't have to be done all at once, and there are plenty of other good options for armor.

    As a two handed warrior with a specialization in Restoration magic, Ras'lan will benefit from being played with hotkeys. Console players only get two of these, but using one for your sword and one for your most commonly used spell should be plenty to minimize menu surfing. As a very appropriate side effect of having Restoration as his magical focus, Ras'lan is especially capable against the undead, and they will be a helpful source for leveling the skill.

    Looting and dungeons will provide plenty of leveling opportunity, and most questing doesn't have to be done in a particular order, but the Civil War is best left for last. Training can be helpful in the interim, especially for Speech and Block or Heavy Armor.

    Combat: Ras'lan is a fearsome power on the battlefield. He is an instinctive warrior, his Block skill and thick armor deflecting or avoiding damage, while his massive blade cleaves enemies on all sides. Block adds a wide range of diversity to standard two handed attacks. You can use that to change the flow of combat very quickly, combining Quick Reflexes with the two handed version of the Shield Charge to knock down certain enemies. You also make the most of power bashes with a bladed weapon instead of a shield, giving you added damage to a move that blocks and gives you an opening to attack. You get bonus points if you learn to block arrows with your sword.

    The best way to begin combat is charging in for a critical hit against the biggest threat and using Elemental Fury to follow through. Later on down the line, you can use the block technique to tackle them to the ground before handling surrounding enemies. Slow Time and Quick Reflexes are also opportunities to get your healing spells or combos in, though with careful blocking and dodging, you won't need to stop and heal as much and can focus on doing your own damage.

    Use the feral nature of the Khajiit to scatter the enemy with charges and shouts that will spread them out. This works particularly well against the undead, where you can throw in "Turn Undead" spells. If you are ever disarmed (as some undead are prone to cause), dive in with your claws without missing a beat. From there, target ranged enemies; mages and archers. Once your scattering effects wear off, the melee opponents will come to you, and you can take them all at once (a Guardian Circle is helpful for that), or continue dispersing them and taking them one on one.


    The Deep Magic


    Fire-Flower Cordial- In Elsweyr it would ease the heat of the desert sun, and grant unparalleled strength. In Skyrim, it's an ideal protection against the dragon menace, and power enough to overcome any foe. If brewed improperly it can cause madness, but the Manes and their descendants are trained to resist this effect.

    Fortify Two Handed, Resist Fire, Frenzy(until Purity)

    Dragon's Tongue + Fly Amanita + Troll Fat

    Wellspring of the Manes- There are greater stores of power and vitality in people than they realize, and this elixir allows them to tap into those reserves, to particularly great effect on the battlefield.

    Regenerate Health, Regenerate Magicka

    Garlic + Juniper Berries + Salt Pile



    The Deeper Magic

    Winds of Magic

    Calling on balancing magic known to Manes since ancient times, Ras'lan creates a zone of purity that expels undead and heals rapidly.

    Fortify Restoration (+ Slow Time) + Bane of the Undead + Guardian Circle

    Nature at War

    Ras'lan summons beasts and spirits to fight for the restoration of Tamriel, and strengthens them beyond their natural resilience.

    Animal Allegiance + Conjure Werebear+ Healing Hands + Battle Fury/Call of Valor


    Ras'lan senses the weakness of the Mede Empire, and sees it's impending fall. He also sees past the propaganda of the Thalmor and the Dominion's true intentions. He harbors his own anti-Thalmor sentiments, not only for their oppression of others, but also the perceived deception of the Khajiiti people, and he will not hesitate to attack them, particularly if they have prisoners.

    Politically, he can do little, the Khajiit being unpopular in Skyrim and having almost no influence in the affairs of the Empire. For that, he needs a native mouthpiece, someone who will be a voice for the legend, and open the door to change. There's really only one choice for this follower: Mjoll the Lioness. She has all the will to make things better, and only needs her vision broadened past just Riften's corruption. Alternatively, other noble or well-placed followers can serve the role, like Calder, or Jordis the Swordmaiden (housecarls in Windhelm and Solitude, respectively) or Ingjar from the Dawnguard.

    If possible, he will scatter his enemies rather than kill them outright, but his mood is not always so peaceful. Around citizens and civilians he is a calm presence, exuding strength to the good-hearted, and menace toward the wicked.

    • Do not commit any crimes. If pickpocketing to level the skill for getting Tullius' armor, do it by giving, never taking. Wild or not, there's no reason for this noble beast to do it.
    • "Assaults" may be a slightly different case. If pressed too hard, this character may lose patience and force an impertinent or disrespectful NPC to submit, usually simply by roaring at them. Your Thaneship in different holds allows you to get away with this now and then, so reserve it for truly annoying characters.
    • While Alchemy can be a lucrative skill, do not make or sell poisons. Only create beneficial potions where possible.
    • Leveling Speech also tends to be a prosperous pursuit, so when looting for gear worth selling, only take from enemies that you personally defeated, and don't loot urns or burials. Avoid stripping enemies of their clothes if you can.

    He wants to bring peace to the continent, beginning with the stabilization of Skyrim. The divines have given him a vision of the future Empire. The people will undoubtedly soon depose the impotent Medes, and Ras'lan must pave the way for a new ruling power that can unite Tamriel; a tetrarchy of four noble saints...

    Closing Notes: For anyone unfamiliar with the source material, this build is based on Aslan (hence the very original name. Still Khajiiti, though) from the Chronicles of Narnia.


    Recommended Quests: Proving Honor, Dawnguard, DivinesBlood on the IceMissing in ActionA Return to Your RootsAncestral WorshipRepentance, Civil War(Empire), Free Thalmor Prisoners, The White Phial (Healing Potion)

    Thanks for reading!


  • February 11, 2015

    Very Cool

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    February 11, 2015

    Dat aesthetic. +1

    Great concept and presentation.

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    February 11, 2015

    Thanks Lizard :D

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    February 11, 2015

    I appreciate it, Henson!

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    February 11, 2015

    Awesome work creating Aslan in Skyrim, three cheers for Jesus-Allegory lion! Anway, its refereshing to see a noble Khajit, we have so few of these. Love it!

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    February 11, 2015

    Also, I see you've put Aslan in the build, instead of Ras'lan a few times....

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    February 11, 2015

    Two Handed!

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    February 11, 2015

    Hm, tag-alongs from when it was going to be a regular build. Thanks, Chris.

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    February 11, 2015

    Yep! Been wanting to do a noble Khajiit since the Master Monk came out, and this one just came along before I could play that one. Thanks Chris!