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Event Build: The Daughters of Magnus

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    February 10, 2015

    *Utilisez Dawnguard and Dragonborn Content*


    Well, here it is, my surprise Crossworlds build. If you know me well, you might guess who these two are based off of. The characters’ backstories may not have much basis in lore, but here we are.


    Long ago, in the Dawn Era, when Mundus was new, Magnus took to wife a young Aedric Spirit, Merid-Nunda, a spirit of light, who was corrupted by Molag Bal in the guise of her husband, into becoming the Daedric Prince we know as Meridia. She bore Magnus two daughters before her fall, one born in the last minutes of sunlight, and the other born minutes later during the night. Both girls were in tune with the innate magics of Aetherius, one controlling Dawn magic, and the other gaining power from Masser and Secunda, and from the stars. These two daughters have taken on many forms over the centuries, but all lore on Nirn refers to the two as.....




    Solar Leitmotif



    The firstborn was brilliant, kind, glad-hearted Celeste Solaires, harbinger of the Sun and of the dawn’s first light. She had her mischevious side, playing small jests on her followers, but in all, her legends paint her as noble woman, skilled in the art of diplomacy, and in battle. She is as bright and terrible as the dawn, and she burns away all those who would harm the living of Mundus.....


    A hybrid of a Miracle throwing Cleric, an undead slaying Paladin, with a bit of spellsword thrown in, the undead, and to an extent, the living, stand no chance against The Solar Regent. Very few enemies have a resistance to fire magic, and undead take a good amount of damage from both sun spells and fire spells.


    Race: Female Breton, light skinned, preferably a pale blonde color for hair, long. They have an innate 25% Magicka Resistance, Dragonskin, and bonuses in Restoration, Speech, and Illusion.

    Standing Stone: The Lord Stone. Combined with their demigod like nature, the Lord Stone boosts the Solar Regent’s magicka resistance so she is 50% resistant to magical attacks, alongside more AR. Combined with Agent of Mara, you’ll be at 75% Magicka Resistance.

    Stat Spread: 4/2/2 in Magicka, Health and Stamina. With three of our seven skills being skills that use Magicka, we’ll want a lot of Magicka. Stamina we can drop once it reaches around 400 or so, Respite will help with regen.

    Major Skills: One Handed, Restoration, Destruction, Speech.

    Minor Skills: Illusion, Enchanting, Light Armor

    Equipment: Gilded Elven Armor, Light Elven Boots, Light Elven Gauntlets, Gold and Ruby Circlet, Gold Diamond Necklace, Gold Diamond Ring, Dawnbreaker, Auriel’s Shield, Silver Sword.

    Recommended Quests-Man Who Cried Wolf/The Wolf Queen Awakened, Civil War (Empire), Main Quest, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, A New Source of Stahlrim, Retaking Thirsk, Neloth’s Quests, Book of Love, Heart of Dibella, Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, Unearthed, College of Winterhold.



    With this build, I wanted to not rush to get my items, considering most of these you can’t acquire until later on, I spent my days wandering Skyrim, helping out the townsfolk when possible. This character is capable of doing morally ambiguous acts, but she didn’t make a habit of it. Do Bounty Missions, try and persuade, or if need be, intimidate your foes instead of drawing your blade. With this character, undead were probably the easiest to take down. Wrapped in either a Flame Cloak or Stendarr’s aura, wielding Dawnbreaker or my enchanted Silver Sword, Lightbringer, and a flame or sun spell in the other, I would go toe to toe with undead, using Circle of Protection or Guardian Circle if I was ganged up by a large group. Fire spells also work well with Frost Dragons that are out of melee range. Fire Dragons you’re gonna have to shoot at with fire spells until they land.

    When surrounded by various melee combatants, I equipped Auriel’s Shield in one hand, and a fire spell in the other. Using small bursts of the basic flame spell, I waited until the shield was charged, before sending them flying with a bash, taking the opportunity to heal up.

    I recommend taking a follower along as backup, like Mercurio or Mjoll.

    The best part of this build? Combined with both Dawnbreaker or Lightbringer, Sun and Flame cloaks and spells to Undead, as well as enchantments, we also have the Agent of Dibella, which gives us a 10% melee damage boost to members of the opposite gender.



    Lightbringer-A gilded blade, forged from the core of a dying star. The crafting of this sword was said to be the cause of the sundering of Yokuda, ages ago. (Elven Sword enchanted with Fire Damage and Banish)


    One Handed-Celeste has been often seen wielding a blade that glows with the fury of Auri-El himself.

    Light Armor-Clad in golden armor, the Solar Regent strides into battle, confident.

    llusion-Lady Solaire was said in myth and song to calm the most furious of disputes, and rally her allies to valor with her mere presence.

    Restoration-With the power of the sun’s brilliance, the Firstborn of Magnus heals all wounds, and burns away the unholy.

    Enchanting-The Solar Regent is able to imbue her arms and armor with her own quasi-divine power.

    Destruction-Like a walking inferno, this solar maiden is able to harness the powers of heat to blast away the living, and the undead.

    Speech-With a gilded tongue, Celeste is a master at diplomacy, and haggling.


    • Give a septim or two to any beggars you come across, in general, help people with their problems.

    • Try and use the persuade option before all else

    • Never needlessly kill a civilian (Grelod, with her near torture of children, is the exception)

    • Make small donations of gold at the various Temples, and leave empty soul gems at Meridia’s Shrine.

    • Eat any sweetrolls and boiled creme treats you find, Celeste has a near obsession with them.


    Wall of Light-Erecting a barrier of light around herself, the Solar Regent buffs her allies, keeping any foul beings away.

    (Stendarr’s Aura+Guardian Circle/Circle of Protection+Courage) 

    Solar Radiance-Celeste cloaks herself in the fury of the sun, her uncle Auriel’s Shield raised in one hand, as she heals her wounds, or that of her allies.

    (Flame Cloak+Auriel’s Shield+Healing/Healing Hands)

    Mana Burst-Lady Solaire momentarily shifts into the Aetherial Plane, before reappearing, in a burst of fire and light.

    (Potion of Fortify Destruction+Become Ethereal+Fire Storm/Scroll of Fire Storm+Vampire Bane)


    Supernova-The most powerful move of the Solar Regent. Her body bursts with light, before she explodes into a blast of holy fire. Reassuming physical form, she charges, blade drawn.

    (Potion of Fortify Destruction+Stendarr’s Aura+Fire Storm/Solar Flare+Dawnbreaker/Lightbringer)


    The Solar Regent victorious over a fallen wyrm.


    Luna Theme 01

    Lunar Theme 02



    ....Then came into the world the powerful, yet kind, Amaris Lunarinia. Due to her birth, she took on aspects what early mortals perceived as vampiric in nature. She was sealed away when Molag Bal forced corruption on her, but was cleansed by the sundering of the Amulet of Kings. Aloof, yet warm hearted, she guards the dreams of mortals, defends the children, especially orphans, and is sovereign of the moon and stars.


    Whereas the Solar Regent was much more focused on healing and buffing allies while overcoming her enemies, the Lunar Regent is much more head on than her elder sister.


    Race: Breton Vampire. Dark hair, preferably black. If you have RaceMenu, I recommend making her look like the picture above. The boosts to Conjuration and a Conjure Familiar spell, alongside 25% Magicka Resistance and Dragonskin, they work well for this race. Dunmer also works, for skill bonuses, and skin coloration.

    Standing Stone: The Ritual. Amaris utilisez necromancy, which, contrary to popular belief, is merely a darker form of Restoration. Whereas the former is the maintenance of life, necromancy is the restoration to life of those who deserve it.

    Stat Spread:  4/2/2 in Magicka, Health and Stamina. With three of our seven skills being skills that use Magicka, we’ll want a lot of Magicka. Stamina we can drop once it reaches around 400 or so, I dropped it at 420.

    Major Skills: One Handed, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting

    Minor Skills: Light Armor, Restoration

    Gear-Morag Tong Armor Set (Sans hood), Silver and Moonstone Circlet, Silver and Sapphire Necklace, Silver Amethyst Ring, Ebony Sword, Silver Sword, Bound Swords.

    Recommended Quests-Man Who Cried Wolf/The Wolf Queen Awakened, Civil War (Empire), Main Quest, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, A New Source of Stahlrim, Retaking Thirsk, Neloth’s Quests, Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, Unearthed, College of Winterhold, Waking Nightmares


    Unlike her sister, the Lunar Regent prefers more of a “Lightning Bruiser” style of gameplay. Quick, yet armored, I would cast a Lightning Cloak, and fire off any Shock Spells I had from range, such as Chain Lightning or Thunderbolt, while advancing toward them. Once I was within melee range, I would switch to Duskbreaker and Night’s Guardian, my ebony and silver sword, or Bound Swords if they were Necromancers/Conjurers, if I had Magicka left over.

    Dragons were quickly forced to land due to my barrage of Shock Spells (And use of Storm Call if we were outdoors and as far from towns as possible), draining their Magicka reserves. With Dragonskin and 25% Magicka, Shouts and spells would do lessened damage to me, and the rest would fuel my Magicka reserves.

    Two and One handed “chargers” or heavily armored opponents in general are pretty tough to take down, even with our decent health pool, we’ll still be in light armor. Use Become Ethereal, Slow Time, or timed dodges to evade their heavy hitting attacks.

    I recommend taking a ranged follower, such as Faendel, Mercurio, or J’zargo to back you up as you go into melee mode.

    If possible, summon a Storm or Frost Atronach, alongside your raised undead, if you are facing either a Legendary or Revered dragon, or a boss level enemy.




    Conjuration-Amaris utilisez necromancy, which, contrary to popular belief, is merely a darker form of Restoration. Whereas the former is the maintenance of life, necromancy is the restoration to life of those who deserve it, alongside atronachs.

    One-Handed-The Lunar Regent utilizes twin blades, whether they be physical or mystical in nature.

    Light Armor-Clad in armor as black as the night she protects, Lady Amaris marches into battle, unafraid.

    Enchanting-Like her sister, the Lunar Regent can imbue her arms and armor with her power.

    Destruction-Lady Amaris utilisez the power of storms to overwhelm her foes, and drive them back from whence they came.

    Restoration-While not as talented as her sister, The Lunar Regent has the capability to mend wounds.





    •  Like her sister, Amaris can do morally ambiguous things, but unlike her, she is more willing to do so.

    • While Celeste may have an addiction to sweetrolls and boiled cream treats, Amaris can’t resist Honey Nut Treats and Garlic Bread (Hearthfire players)/Long Taffy Treats (Non Hearth-Fire players), consume any you find/make.

    • Kill any necromancers attempting to use the art for selfish reasons (Which is pretty much all other necromancers)

    • Adopt a child or two if you own Hearthfire, the Lunar Regent is a guardian of orphans, as well as the night and dreams.




    Dreamfade-Crackling with eldritch energy, the Lunar Regent fades into the dreamscape, damaging her foes, yet being unable to be damaged.

    (Potion of Fortify Destruction+Lightning Cloak+Become Ethereal)

    Mana Shield-Wrapping herself in high speed winds, and a coat of magic, Aramis fires off shock spells from afar,then summons her blades, charging in.

    (Whirlwind Cloak+Flesh Spell+Chain Lightning+Bound Swords+Critical Charge)

    Shadow Exorcism-The Lunar Regent fires a bolt of energy at a thrall, striking its masters, then extracts the soul from the poor raised one, destroying the body. This can also be used while the Necromancer is raising a corpse.

    (Chain Lightning+Raise Undead/Dread Zombie spell x2 in succession)


    Lunar Beam-The Moon rises early, as the abilities of Lady Aramis grow in power. Her body crackles with energy, as she fires off a beam of Aetherial energy. 

    (Auriel’s Bow+Bloodcursed Elven Arrow+Potion of Fortify Destruction+Lightning Storm)




    Well everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my surprised build for Crossworlds. If you haven’t figured it out already, I have based these two wonderful playthroughs on the Royal Pony Sisters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna of Equestria.

    Thanks to Morta for screenshot two, and Golden Fo

    ol for the perk and equipment spreads.

    The fun hath been doubled!

    Recommended Mods

     Skyrim My Little Pony Mod - Playable Pony Race - Mounts - Summons - Followers-Allows you to transform into, among other characters, Celestia and Luna.

    You spilled your rainbow in my Skyrin-Rooserteeth shows off MLP based weapon and armor mods

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    February 10, 2015

    Finally, my surprise build is up!

  • February 10, 2015

    That's quite a surprise build! I was ready to end this day when I noticed your new entry and got curious. I like the yin-yang (well, close enough) feel of the sisters, even though i know nothing about the source of inspiration. Now I wish there was a mod who let you shapeshift into a horse!

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    February 10, 2015

    There is an MLP mod that adds spell tomes that allow you to shift into the ponies, including Celestia and Luna. Thanks for the like Gentleman.

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    February 10, 2015

    I want to roll my eyes and shake my head, Chris, but you did a good job here. These are well grounded Skyrim characters, and I couldn't help but smile at some of the detail you went to. 

  • February 10, 2015

    I think I'm going to be saying this a lot over the next 2 weeks, but I really dislike the canon (and have never even seen My Little Pony) however, the build is well put-together and I like the day-night contrast in the characters.

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    February 10, 2015

    Two quick suggestions: Try to make the Lunar Regent heading the same size as the Solar Regent one, so it looks more like a separate character, rather than a subheading. Also, the abilities heading for the Lunar Regent says "Luna" Regent.

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    February 10, 2015

    Thanks Elysium, you should give MLP:FiM a try. But yeah, I loved having a contrast between night and day, which reminds me of a certain Daedric Prince the Dunmer worship....

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    February 10, 2015
    Aw b-b-b-b
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    February 10, 2015
    At the beggining I thought about "Leona" and "Diana" from "League of Legends". I was surprised later on the close notes about the inspiration source. It looks enjoyable. +1