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Event Build: The World-Destroyer Of Alduin

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    February 9, 2015

    This build was made for two reasons. The first reason is to participate in the Crossworlds Event, the other reason is because this was a good excuse to skyrimize my favourite badass of all time. So without further ado I present to you ..

    "No mortal can destroy me" - The World-Destroyer of Alduin

    On the day Alduin returned, the Jarl of Helgen couldn’t believe his eyes. Alduin, The World Eater has returned. Too scared to react in any way, he decided to stay inside and hope that Alduin wouldn’t find him. After one hour of hearing the screams of women, men and kids and the sound of entire buildings collapsing he finally gathered his thoughts together and made his way to the outside.

    What the poor man never expected, was that The World Eater himself was right in from of him. His eyes, staring right in his. He could hear his voice inside of his head. “So you are the first to fall to the might of Alduin..” The World Eater spoke. Terrified by this situation, the Jarl simply stared into the eyes of the Firstborn of Akatosh, not knowing what to do. “Not even going to respond are you… “ Alduin continued.  “I…B….But….Wh…y….”, was all the poor Jarl could produce. “Why? To make you an offer”, The Dragon spoke, “Join me and I will grant you the same power as the power of dragons. You will rise above all humans, crush all your enemies and live for eternity!”. Completely stunned by fear, and not thinking clearly the Jarl of Helgen accepted the offer, not even realizing what he had just agreed to…

    Not even a week later, The Jarl of Helgen had transformed into a creature of night. He had become undead, simply a ghoul using the physical world to bring pain and fear into the hearts of men. Of course, he was not alone, accompanied by others who had accepted Alduins offer, all of them granted great power… but his was still the greatest. Robbed of his free will, the creature now went with the name of The World-Destroyer Of Alduin… .

    The World-Destroyer of Alduin is a powerful warrior, who uses both mace and sword to destroy any mortal that opposes him. He does this not only with his weaponry, but also with  terrifying voice which causes mortal men to flee in fear, and dragons to fall for his will. Being undead (read : a vampire) he possesses the immortality and can never be slain by mortal men.

    Race : I chose Nord. This choice is mainly because of roleplay purposes, but their Racial Power Battle   Cry is really good, as it allows you to use two fear powers without having to wait. It allows you to chain Battle Cry into the Dismay shout.

    Stats : I went with 0/1/2 in Magicka/Health/Stamina until I had about 300 stamina, after that, just spend the rest of your points in Health.

    Stone : The Serpent Stone. Being a creature of fear and despair, The World-Destroyer of Alduin has an aura of fear around him, causing mortals to become paralyzed by fear and poisoning their mind.

    Shouts : Become EtherealBend WillSoul TearSummon DurnehviirDismayMarked For DeathDrain Vitality

    Recommended Mods : Sword Of The Ancient TonguesImmersive HUD , SKSE (required for                                      iHUD), Tribunal Masks and Robes

    Not even dragons can withstand the power of The World-Destroyer in its’ Form of Power

    One-Handed : Your only damage output. By using both the mace and the sword you are able to overcome every enemy. Not only do you know how to use the mace and sword one at a time but also how to use both effectively in combat, allowing you to deal loads of damage by dual-wielding. Key perks are ArmsmanFighting StanceSavage StrikeParalyzing StrikeBladesmanBone Breaker, Dual Flurryand Dual Savagery.

    Heavy Armor : By wearing Heavy Armor, The World-Destroyer of Alduin is capable of taking various hits in combat, without having to worry about his own mobility. Heavy Armor is also the most usefull for riding dragons, as you will barely get damaged by the foe’s arrows and spells. Key perks are JuggernautWell Fitted, Tower of StrengthFists of SteelCushioned and Conditioning.


    Enchanting : With Alduins’ gift to use the Dragon Tongue also came the ability to enhance weaponry and weaponry with magical properties. This allows The World-Destroyer of Alduin to enchant his weapons and armor, making him nearly invincible. Key perks are EnchanterFire EnchanterInsightful EnchanterCorpus EnchanterExtra EffectSoul Squeezer and Soul Siphon.

    Smithing : Being the right hand of Alduin. Your weaponry and armor are all self-crafted and tempered, allowing nobody else to even touch them. Key perks are Steel SmithingOrcish SmithingEbony SmithingArcane Blacksmith and Daedric Smithing.


    The World-Destroyer of Alduin is a master in combat while wearing Heavy Armor, so Heavy Armor is the obvious choice when it comes to armor. His appearance is not only meant to protect him from blows and strikes in combat, but also to represent the master he serves. For this reason his armor is as black as the night, as intimidating as a dragon and above all, as badass as Alduin himself! Without further ado, here is a list of the armor he wears, and the enchantments.

    - Daedric Helmet of Life

    Enchanted with Water Breathing and Fortify Destruction. This last enchantment is because of the limited amount of uses on the Drainheart Sword, grating it another 8 to 10 charges. This Helmet grants The World-Destroyer the ability to breathe underwater, making him the only one who is not slowed down by water.


    - Ebony Mail/ Ebony Armor of Eternity

    Before acquiring the final piece of chestgear (The Ebony Mail) the World-Destroyer wears Ebony Armor enchanted with both Foritfy Healing Rate and Fortify Health. Allowing him to take more blows, and recover way more quickly during combat.


    - Ebony Gauntlets of Destruction

    These Ebony Gauntlets increase the damage dealt by The World-Destroyer, and reduces his damage taking. These powers are granted by the Fortify One-Handed and Fortify Heavy Armor enchantments. These Gauntlets make combat a lot easier.


    - Daedric Boots of Willpower

    This pair of boots, allow The World-Destroyer to keep fighting in combat, and allows him to never get tired during combat. This ability is gained through the Fortify Stamina and Fortify Stamina Regenenchantments.

    - Amulet of Talos

    This amulet allows Shout Cooldown Reduction, allowing more frequent use of shouts, which certainly come in handy during combat (and even out of combat).

    - Ring of Immortality

    This powerful ring increases the life power of The World-Destroyer, allowing him to become immortal on the battlefield. This is because of the Fortify Health and Fortify Stamina enchantments.

    The World-Destroyer of Alduin in full armor with his fellow companions

    As for the weapons I would highly recommend getting the ‘Sword Of The Ancient Tongues’ mod. This mod adds the Sword of the Ancient Tongues to your game. It’s base damage is highly higher than the vanilla Ebony Sword, but the looks are great and fit amazing with the central theme of this build. If this is however out of the question, you can go with the vanilla Ebony Sword for the swords. The mace is the Ebony Mace. You have, however a second sword in your armory which is the Drainheart Sword.This is the sword that is used in your Form of Power, which will be mentioned later. Here’s a list of the weapons used and their enchantments.

    - The Sword of the Ancient Tongues/ Ebony Sword of Breathless Fire

    Enchanted with both Fire Damage and Soul Trap, this sword allows The World-Destroyer to set his opponents ablaze and claim their soul after they die, so that they can be used for a ‘better’ purpose (read : to recharge your weapons).

    - Ebony Mace of Draining Force

    This mace Drains both the targets’ Health and Stamina, making you literally able to drain his life forces and make them your own. Enchanted with Absorb Health and Absorb Stamina.

    - Drainheart Sword

    This sword is supposed to exist only in stories, but when revealing his Form of Power the World-Destroyer uses this sword to execute his foes, leaving them in a pool of blood. This sword is pre-enchanted with Absorb Stamina.

    As mentioned earlier, for the stat placement, you simply have to go 0/1/2 in
    Magicka/Health/Stamina until you have 300 Stamina, all other stats are to be placed in Health after that. Here is a perk spread for the perk placement. Special thanks to Alice for the beautiful Perk Spread.

    Before skipping to the actual gameplay part, I wanted to talk about something Followers first. The World-Destroyer may be unstoppable and impossible to kill, sometimes you just need more than 1 person to get a job done. This is where the other cursed Jarls come in to help you out with the matter.

    Your Followers may not be as powerful as The World-Destroyer himself, but they’re still a big help. Armed with a Ebony Greatsword, they can help you in combat, and take some heavy blows for you. The World-Destroyer makes a perfect commander as well. For the looks, Hooded Black Robes are the obvious choice, combined with the Ebony Gauntlets and Ebony Boots, they make a huge thread on the battlefield. Using the Ebony Mask from the Tribunal Masks and Robes mod boost the looks of your followers by a ton as well, which is the reason that I strongly recommend this mod. Good followers are followers who have a high skill in Two-Handed and Heavy ArmorStenvarBenor and Vilkas are all good examples.

    As for the actual gameplay, there are quite some aspects that make this build different from your regular Dual-Wielding warrior. The most important difference is the use of dragons. By using the Summon Durnehviir shout, combined with the Bend Will shout you are able to tame this powerful dragon and use it as your ally in combat. This can be accomplished by using the Summon Durnehviirshout, waiting one hour, and after this he should be sitting in front of you. And your Bend Will shout should be off cooldown. Of course, when a dragon decides to cross your path, you can easily tame it and use it for the same purpose. This is very useful for engaging outdoors combat, like sieging a fort or a bandit camp.

    The World-Destroyer riding one of his dragons

    When you’re not able to ride a dragon, when you’re fighting indoors for example you’ll have to use your other tools of death to defeat your foes. When fighting indoors, your most powerful tool is the Dismay shout. This shout allows you to fill the souls of your opponents with fear, making them flee which makes it easy to finish off your enemies one by one. However, when fighting stronger opponents you can use Marked For Death or Drain Vitality. Another great shout is the Soul Tear shout, which will turn the enemies you kill with it your slaves for quite some time. This is really handy to finish off stronger enemies.

    When fighting ranged enemies like Necromancers or Bandits with a bow, there is a really good trick to engage combat, without taking too much damage from ranged damage sources. To do this you will require the Become Ethereal shout and the Drainheart Sword, in order to enter your Form of Power All you have to do is simply sprint to the enemy, followed up by Become Ethereal which enables you to get in close combat without taking damage. Before breaking Become Ethereal, switch to the Drainheart Sword  and simply start using you Dual-Wielding attack. With this combination you will be able to engage in combat, without using any stamina, as your Drainheart Sword will drain it back, leaving your opponent with even less Stamina, giving you a advantage before combat has even started properly.

    Now onto the next part.. .

    When playing the World-Destroyer of Alduin, you are a typical bad guy. When taking decisions you should always keep this in mind. You want to serve Alduin and destroy anything that comes in his path. This is why it is perfectly possible to do the main quests, up until the bit where you can slay Paarthurnax, just to kill him, and finish off another enemy of Alduin. 

    The rest is really up to you. You have an aura of death and fear around you, so you could also choose to use this power as you want, but never forget that you serve Alduin in all of his goals.

    Thank you to all of you for reading my Event: Crossworlds build based on the Witch-King of Angmar. I hope that you enjoyed the presentation and will enjoy the build should you decide to try it out.

    Special thanks to :

    Alice for the beautiful perk spread used in this presentation.

    Colin Van Beek for helping me out with the general concept, skillset and the concept for the Form of Power.

    Noodles for the armor choice for this build.

    Nikolaj Poulson for the amazing screenshots.

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    February 9, 2015

    Dude, I love LOTR, and this is a great Skyrimized version of the Witch-King, kudos Eowyn! 

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    February 9, 2015

    Thanks Chris! I must admit that I did tryhard for days with this build, but when I see how it turned,out, it was all worth it. Also Colin Van Beek really did help me out a lot aswell

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    February 9, 2015

    That dragon riding picture is so bad ass! 

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    February 9, 2015

    Yeah I love it, I forgot to credit Nikolaj Poulson in the credits for the amazing screenshots, just edited that in, thanks for reminding me :D

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    February 9, 2015
    Nice job! It came together well!
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    February 9, 2015

    Also, in your enchantign skill, did you actually mean invincible instead of invisible?

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    February 9, 2015

    I actually did, must've read over that one, thanks for pointing that out!

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    February 9, 2015

    Nice one! Good-looking aesthetic and simple yet effective gameplay. As well as an interesting roleplay tidbit in Form of Power 

    Check this out: Link 

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    February 9, 2015

    Been looking forward to this one for over two months! Those screenshots of the Witch-King look as if you were seeing him with the One Ring on... that's a nice touch! And dat perk spread!

    Your gameplay and skill choices really bring the Witch-King to life in Skyrim... Nicely done on this!