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Character Build: The Dwemer Architect

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    February 9, 2015

    ... Welcome all! After 3 years (I know, that's a long time!) I have finally made an account and have decided to post a character build. I was always fascinated by the Dwemer ruins in Skyrim, and I always read books about them whenever I came across them. 2 years ago I decided to make a character similar to my desires, a character who was obsessed with the Dwarves and wanted to be more and more like them! He was obsessed with their artifacts and scoured every dwarven ruin he could find! Without further a do, I present...


    The Dwemer Architect

    TES: Dwemer Centurion by coupleofkooks

       A scholar from Morrowind, the Dwarven architect was fascinated with his heritage, reading several thousands of books related to the Dunmer. One day, you discover the series called "Dwarves" written by Dwemer researcher, Calcelmo. Fascinated by the power,technology,magic,culture, and eerily similar look of the Dwemer to your race, you decide to find the writer of this series to see if you can find more information on this race. You later, figure out that Calcelmo is located in Markarth, home to the Nordic land of Skyrim, and that there are many Dwemer ruins in the land. Ambitious, you gather your things and set off to the land. yo are caught illegally crossing the border to Skyrim, and are taken with Ulfric and his men. When Alduin, a dragon, wreaks havoc on Helgen, you escape. Now, extremely intrigued by what this land has to offer, the Dwarven architect sets off on his journey to Markarth, to meet Calcelmo. Once you arrive and meet Calcelmo, the architect ask him if he may see his museum. Calcelmo states that nobody is allowed in, but if you want in, you must defeat a frostbite spider in a ruin that has caused trouble. Eager, you decide to do the task, and complete it. Upon entrance to the museum, the architect is overflowed with curiosity and envy! The sight of the Dwarven centurion got the architect thinking, "How can I become one of them?" From this point of time, the architect is obsessed with becoming one of the Dwemer, and being the most knowledgeable of their race.

    The Build

       The Dwemer architect is obsessed with the dwarves, and his skillset is supposed to replicate those in which he envies.

    Race: Dark Elf, this is really the only one. Dark elf is the only race that fits if you go with the backstory.

    Stone: Apprentice, then Atronach. I chose these stones as Apprentice would represent then the architect's hunger for knowledge, while later on, Atronach would replicate the construct's resistances to magic.

    Stat Spread: 2/2/1 With the Atronach stone and ward absorb + Spellbreaker, magicka won't really be a problem.

    Major Skills

    One-handed: The architect originally never trained in combat, but in order to become one with the Dwemer, he needed to learn how to fight just like their constructs. Perks include Armsman,Fighting Stance,Bladesman, and Savage Strike.

    Block: While wandering, you come across a refugee who mentions Peryite. At his shrine, you come in contact with him and if you become his champion, he will give you the Dwarven/Daedric artifact,Spellbreaker. As a dwemer artifact, this is already enough to persuade the architect to improve his skill. Perks include Shield Wall,Quick Reflexes, and all the way up to both the right AND left side for Shield Charge!

    Heavy Armor: This should be self explanatory,Dwarven armor. Perks include Juggernaut, and all the way up the left side to conditioning.Along with all the way up the right side only to matching set.

    Archery:For use of the Dwarven crossbow. Perks include Overdraw and all the way up the left side except for Bullseye.

    Minor Skills

    Destruction: The Dwarven centurions steam does manage to set you on fire, with destruction you can replicate this. Perks include Novice-Apprentice destruction, along with all the flames perks, and Rune Master.

    Restoration: Fascinated by the ward created by Spellbreaker, the architect trains in restoration to replicate some of the abilities by this item. Key perks include Novice-adept Restoration, along with Respite,Regeneration,Recovery, and Ward Absorb.

    Smithing: Studying the arts of the Dwarven crafts, the architect learns how to craft, and refines various Dwarven armors. Perks mainly just include Dwarven smithing.

    Perk Spreads

    level 25 perk spread:

    level 57 perk spread:


    Weapons: Craft yourself a Dwarven sword and call yourself a legend! If you have Dawnguard (Which lets face it, you should) then get the Aetherial staff! This staff lets you summon that in which you envy most, Dwarven constructs!

    Armor: Craft yourself either a full set of dwarven armor or use everything but the helmet, replacing it with the Aetherial crown (Though this means you won't use any of the matching set perks)


    • To start off combat, you should begin by placing a fire rune directly in front of you, this will act as a barrier to allow you to pelt your enemy with arrows.
    • Switch to your sword and board when the enemy close in, blocking and bashing when needed
    • If its a mage, hold up your shield and let Spellbreaker and the Atronach stone work their magic (um, no pun intended)
    • When fighting dragons, use Spellbreaker to soak up their breath, the Atronach stone will handle anything that tries to get through
    • If you have the Aetherial staff, it is highly recommended that you use the summon as another means to start off a fight

    Dwemer General by Swietopelk


    Shouts will not be used in a nordic sense, but rather as another means to replicate the power of the dwemer.

    Unrelenting Force: The impact of the Dwemer spheres don't knock you down, but they really should! This shout helps replicate that.

    Cyclone: This shout will be used to replicate the steam that comes from Dwarven centurion masters.


    There are many quest that could apply to the dwarven architect and his ambitions, these are some of the following.

    Unfathomable Depths: During your time in Riften, the dwarven architect meets a panicked Argonian. The Argonian gives him the Lexicon, pleading to bring it back to the Dwemer ruins of Avanchnzel. You can take it from there.

    The Lost Expedition: When you kill the frostbite spider of the task given by Calcelmo, the Dwarven architect uncovers a journal of somebody who appears to have been part of an expedition. Will the Dwarven architect uncover the mysteries of the lost city?

    Lost to the Ages: When he reads the book "The Aetherium Wars" The Dwarven architect learns about the Aetherium Forge. There's no denying he would want to check that out!

     Dawnguard: Meeting Sorine in the Dawnguard questline just causes the Dwarven architect to find a new admirer. She may be a Breton, but her knowledge of the Dwemer is extremely infatuating, and propels the Dwarven architect to work further.

    (Dragonborn DLC) Fahlbtharz: During his/her travels in Solstheim, (Reasons being their for one reason or another) the architect discovers the Dwemer ruin of Fahlbtharz. This ruin contains a helmet that gives you the special effect of breathing steam like a Centurion! As a side note, it ties as Konahrik for highest base armor of any helmet in the game!


    • You find everything about the Dwemer fascinating, read as many books about them as you can!
    • Live in Markarth as it is as close as you're gonna get to a Dwemer home.
    • Explore every Dwarven ruin that you can, bringing back all the components of the constructs you defeat.
    • Respect Calcelmo as a mentor, always choose the respectful dialogue options when conversing with him
    • If you want to take a darker path, kill his nephew. After all, you want your mentor all to yourself.


    That about sums it up. Feel free to comment on anything about the build and give me any tips to improve my character building! I hope you all enjoy! 

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    February 9, 2015

    This is quite ok for a first build. That said, boy ow boy you did not pick the best time to post a first character build. You see from the 9-th to the 23-rd of February there will hypothetically be a flood of newly posted character builds because of the ongoing event, Crossworlds.

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    February 9, 2015
    Dang, did I really? Well anyway, thank you for the like and if you know anyway to fix the tabs please tell. It seems like they change whenever I type them in, which is not suppose to happen :/
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    February 9, 2015

    By tabs you mean the comment boxes?

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    February 9, 2015
    Oh, that's why I just got like five emails about event builds
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    February 9, 2015

    Good work on this, and a great first build. Delving into the Dwemer depths is always exciting, and you have a build based entirely around it... sweet!

    For some reason the picture in your Gameplay section seems to be broken (at least on my computer). Anybody else having that problem? Other than that, congratulations on a fantastic first release :D

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    February 9, 2015
    The anchient dwemer and the pokball picture returns
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    February 9, 2015
    Woops, I meant tags, sorry! XD
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    February 9, 2015

     You need to insert them exactly like below. Just copy and paste. Engineer isn't a tag though.

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    February 9, 2015

    Yup saw that, and fixed that, also fixed the tags :)