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Event Build: The Augmented Agent

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    February 8, 2015

    *Utilizes Dawnguard and Dragonborn content*

    Two of the things I love in Skyrim is being quick footed, moving quickly through my enemies, and the Blade’s Sword. This was originally not a Crossworlds build, but then I saw the Event, and thought, "Why not?" With that, I bring you.....

     Augmented Leitmotif



    Upon hearing my story, you might think I’m one of those saps who moan “Oh, the Thalmor killed my parents”, or “My father left us and my ma was a drunk”, but, to tell you the truth, I never knew my birth parents. My father was battle, my mother blood. For as long as I could remember, I had been a member of a faction of Imperial Officers, who were desperate enough to draft children, during the Great War. Our training was a living hell, by age ten, we were expected to have already killed. I only went by my name, Jacob, no surname. When I came of age, I found myself as an agent working for the Emperor, my mission, end the Civil War in Skyrim.....


    At this point, the Augmented Agent seeks to move unnoticed through his foes, only killing his targets, and using paralyzing poisons or his Peacekeeper to incapacitate foes, though he will mainly sneak by them, choosing to avoid unnecessary combat if possible. Undead are felled by a mix of oil traps, fire pots, and the Blade’s sword, or just by sneaking past. With dragons, even though they are resistant to Paralyze, bolts will allow you a ranged attack, then you can keep firing until you get close, and hack at them with your blade.

    Whenever you go through a dungeon, try and scope out the area first, what races make up your enemies, what weapons (or lack thereof) are they wielding, armor, etc. Don’t just blindly rush in. your low health with get you downed if you do so, even quicker if you play on a high difficulty or with difficulty enhancing mods. If the fight seems too tough, run like hell!


    Race: While Redguard might seem like the obvious choice, due to racial bonuses. I went with Breton, due to the increased survivability given to the character by the 25% innate Magic Resistance, and Dragonskin.

    Standing Stone-With the very little health pool, then either The Lord or The Lady, one for the extra AR and Magic Resistance, and the other for increased health and stamina regen.

    Stat Spread-0/2/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina, until  Health reaches 170, and place everything else in Stamina. This build uses no Magicka until later on.

    Skills: A lightly skilled build, utilizing only Light Armor, One Handed, Archery, Sneak, and Speech.

    Equipment: Shrouded Armor, Shrouded Gauntlets, Shrouded Boots, Silver Sapphire Necklace, Silver Ruby Ring, Blades Sword, Advanced Dwarven Crossbow

    Recommended Quests-Civil War (Imperials, up to the Siege of Whiterun, Main Quest (Up to A Blade in the Dark), Dawnguard (Up to Chasing Echoes, complete all Ancient Technology quests), Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, Ancient Technology, Frostflow Lighthouse, Laid to Rest, Delayed Burial, Waking Nightmares. the Companions (Up to the Silver Hand)

    The Augmented Agent will use unarmed combat, combined with Mark for Death, in order to “knock out” enemies.

    Shouts: Marked for Death. Throw Voice, Aura Whisper, Become Ethereal, Fire Breath

    Faith: Like his forefathers, The Augmented Agent worships the NINE Divines.




    Shrouded Set (Sans Cowl)-The customary set for Imperial Agents, based off salvaged Dark Brotherhood armor, dark to conceal us for a time in shadows, the crimson of the Imperial Legion, and the only markings would incriminate the Brotherhood, not the Empire.

    Peacekeeper-A lightweight firearm based off of Dwemer design, the Peacekeeper has been modified to only take in paralyzing bolts. (Enhanced Dwemer Crossbow enchanted with Paralyze)


    Blade’s Sword-I was given to this by my mentor, a man only going by the name of Daividh Smythe, and even then, I don’t think that was his real name. In fact, I think his last name was Baelish.


    Combat Enhancer-A spellsmithed ring increasing the strength of the wearer’s hand-to-hand combat abilities. (Silver Ruby Ring enchanted with Fortify Unarmed.)

    CODEX Communicator-An enchanted necklace, it stimulates the wearer’s brain cells, allowing them to open a telepathic connection with anyone who has one, namely their superiors and the Emperor. (Silver Sapphire Amulet enchanted with Fortify Healing Rate)


    Curse the Stormcloaks! Curse them to Oblivion! In their fruitless Siege of Whiterun, adding up to wounds I had received throughout my life, my body was heavily damaged, and I lose consciousness. When I came too, I had found, as one of the Children of Mara, a group of Maran Healers, had told me, much of my body had to be replaced or reinforced with artifical components, based off Dwemer schematics, increasing my speed, strength, endurance, and agility.  I had also found my blade augmented, on order by the Emperor. It hummed with a blue glow, and, upon testing it, cut through a dense steel block (And the fruit on it), I discarded my old name that day, and took on that of the Akaviri god of thunder, for I moved like electricity  and my blade like thunder, my mission the same. I had been reborn as lightning, the rain transformed.....

    Stats: We’re gonna be adding in Magicka, so now, its an even 2/2/2, until Magicka reaches 220, since we’ll be only using two spells, and cost reduction enchants.



    Block was taken to boost my defenses, as well as pull off some of the special moves my character undertook to fell his foes with speed and fury. If you go past 64, then feel free to perk Destruction with Novice, Augmented Shock 2/2, and Disintegrate.  Smithing was taken, and quickly re-speced, for the crafting of a Dragonscale Helmet and Gauntlets. If you do not have Dawnguard or Dragonborn, I suggest going full Dragonscale.

    With Enchanting, I pictured it as the augmentations enhancing his abilities, requiring Aether, liquid mana, to keep functioning.

    With here, we drop sneak and archery entirely, focusing on lightning like speed, and the strength of a typhoon.


    Same: Blade’s Sword, unenchanted.

    Artificial Musculature-Based of Dwemer designs for an “exo-skeleton”, the artificial muscles make me more durable, more agile, and increase my strength ten-fold. (Grey Dawnguard Armor w/ pauldron enchanted with Fortify Healing Rate and Fortify Stamina Regen)


    Surge-Release Boots-Reinforced scale boots that increase one’s speed and agility, letting off a lightning discharge. (Morag Tong Boots enchanted with Fortify Stamina Regen and Resist Shock)


    Kinetic Force-Enhancing Gloves-Mesh and plate gauntlets increasing the strength of blows dealt by the wearer, and block strikes to the wrists and hands. (Dragoncale Gauntlets enchanted with Fortify Block and One-Handed)

    Targeting Visor-A helmet that is interwoven with the wearer’s thoughts, it sends information on an individual to their eyes, alongside allowing the user to breath underwater. (Dragonscale Helmet enchanted with Fortify Magicka Regen and Waterbreathing)


    Rosalind’s Locket-This locket belonged to Jacob’s wife, before her supposed demise at the hands of robbers. (Gold and Ruby Necklace enchanted with Fortify Healing Rate and Resist Fire/Fortify Destruction)


    Bloodied Wedding Ring-Jacob’s wedding ring was bloodied over his years of wandering, the diamond never stained once, though. (Gold Diamond Ring enchanted with Fortify One Handed and Resist Frost/Fortify Destruction) 


    Crimson Tide-An Akaviri sword, obtained from one of Jacob´s kills, an assassin known only by the moniker, Gradient Winds, its blade forever stained crimson with the blood of Jacob’s foes, haunting his every waking moment. (Blade’s Sword enchanted with Absorb Health and Fiery Soul Trap)


    The Tonal Cleaver-My original Blade’s Sword Smythe gave me, but, it seems its been enhanced. According to the schematics, the Dwemer were working on manufacturing weapons that caused noise vibration around the blade, which would slowly erode stone and iron, allowing it to slice through any material, perfect for warfare. (Blade’s Sword enchanted with Shock Damage and Paralyze)


    Combat as The Augmented Agent is all about speed and mobility. Light Armor, coupled with the Unhindered perk, allows us full speed. With the technique I’ve given the name of Chidori Raikiri, or A Thousand Birds Lightning Cutter, when the effect of Quick Reflexes is about to end, ingest a Fortify Alteration potion, then quickly activate a single word of Slow Time. This, coupled with the Fortify Alteration potion, Amulet of Talos (Only used for Chidori Raikiri), and Blessing of Talos, extend the effects to over a minute, and allows it to recharge the cooldown before it ends.

    With the low health pool and light armor, it is best to stay on your feet, striking with your blade, use Quick Reflexes, and either side-step, power bash, or, even better, get behind your foe, and laying a power strike to their back.

    The main bane of this build were dragons. With no ranged weapons or spells to speak of, I was forced to either dodge or take cover while the dragons breathed, or used Dragonskin to weaken the damage from their Shouts, waiting for them to land.With that, I charged in, dealing as many strikes with my blade as possible, the shock enchantment destroying their Magicka reserves.

    With mages and archers, it is best to use Slow Time+Sprinting or Whirlwind Sprint to close the gap, and swiftly cut them down with the High-Frequency Blade. or Blade’s Sword


    The Augmented Agent slices through a foe like a knife through hot butter.


    • Always help people with their troubles, you are a good person at heart.

    • Use a Persuade or Intimidation option before drawing your blade against a foe.

    • While you can commit morally ambiguous actions, you do not randomly murder people in the streets, nor make a habit of stealing or trespassing.

    • You practice the katsujinken ("sword that gives life") and ssatsu tasho ("one life to save a thousand") philosophies, justifying that you use your blade, and kill, only to protect the innocent, society, and justice.


    Chidori Rakiri-The main technique of the Kaminari Kyofu Buredo style, the Augmented Agent focuses, drinking an herbal remedy, as time seems to slow down around him.

    (Block Attack+Quick Reflexes+Fortify Alteration potion+Slow TIme(1 word)


    Gōsutosuteppu-As the enemy strikes, the Augmented Agent seems to become a ghostly wind, before countering.

    (Quick Reflexes+Side Step+Move behind enemy+Fortify One-Handed potion+Power Attack)


    Īsariaru no burēdodansu-Becoming one with the wind, the Augmented Agent closes the gap between his foes, easily cutting them down.

    (Whirlwind Cloak+Become Ethereal+Sprint+Critical Charge)


    Kurimuzon Raitoningu: Geirufōsubureido-The most powerful technique of the Kaminari kyōfū burēdo style, the Augmented Agent takes on the aspect of a storm, his blade cutting through foes like a wind through flesh.

    (Dragon Aspect+Storm Call/Elemental Fury+Fortify One-Handed potion+Lightning Cloak+HFB (Storm Call) or Blade’s Sword (Elemental Fury)



    Due to the horrors he saw on the battlefield, and his wandering days as a sellsword, the Augmented Agent has developed a darker persona that comes out 7% of the time. Whereas in his regular self, he displays mercy, making his foe’s ends as painless as possible, his Jacob Ripper persona enjoys the slaughter, happily bloodening his blade, slaying any, innocent or guilty, in his way to get to his target, and slay them, bathed in crimson.

    “Pain, this is why I fight, this is my normal, my nature, Jacob is back!”

    How to activate:

    1. You must be below 50% health at the most, below 25% at the least.

    2. Flip a coin, if it lands on heads twice, assume the Augmented Agent persona, if tails twice, the Jacob Ripper persona

    3. Laugh Maniacally in real life

    4. Equip the Crimson Tide blade

    5. Swallow a Fortify One-Handed potion, then a Fortify Alteration potion (optional Philter of the Healer alongside Blessing and Amulet of Talos, with Dragon Aspect)

    6. Activate Dragon Aspect

    7. Activate Slow Time (1 word)

    8. Activate Dragonskin

    9. Activate Bones of the Earth

    10. Activate Secret of Strength

    11. Activate Bardic Knowledge

    12. Cast Whirlwind Cloak

    13. Drink a Potion of Blood

    14. Charge at your foes, and enjoy the slaughter.


    In this form, while the Augmented Agent might become near invincible, he also becomes more reckless, slaying left right, even citizens, the Augmented Agent basically enters a blood frenzy of imaginable proportions. I recommend using the favorites menu or hot-keys. Use this sparingly, my dear readers.

    Thank you for reading my fellow Skyrim Bloggers, I hope you have enjoyed my latest addition.

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    February 9, 2015


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    February 9, 2015

    dat even build tho

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    February 9, 2015
    Fixed. My surprise build will come out in a few days
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    February 9, 2015

    Speedy combat, tried and true. Nice job integrating the crossworlds theme, Chris. Nothing too innovative here in terms of gameplay mechanics, but innovation isn't always necessary for a build to be fun to play. These tactics make for a fast-paced playthrough, and I've always found that I gravitate toward builds like that personally.

    I feel you can improve the presentation in a few specific ways. First, there's no need for the entire thing to be italicized; save that for highlighting important things or for differentiating lore from mechanics. Also, the images are aligned oddly; it'd look nicer if you aligned them with the text blocks as a whole, rather than just at the beginning of the first line of each block. I've noticed this in your other builds too. Lastly, I had some trouble reading the second perk spread in places.

    There's a solid foundation here, but you could polish it up a bit more.

    Also, just FYI, there's no apostrophe in "Blades Sword" -- it's a sword made in the Blades fashion, not a sword belonging to a specific Blade.

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    February 9, 2015
    Thanks Teccam, as for the formatting of images, Ning screwed it up, as usual for. Nnumbuh of us. My last build, the images were as you said aligned like with the. HTML tips, I transferred it over, and it bungled it up
  • February 9, 2015

    Coolio Chris. I'm pretty sure I gave some feedback to you earlier but I'll give a fresh view. As someone who has no knowledge of the source material I like the general feel of the build and I'm assuming it fits the theme well. The combat seems fun and I like the Roleplay/backstory/all that, it's a little more fleshed out then some of your other builds and is something that really makes this shine. +1 from me Chris, this seems like fun and I'll try and fit it in my playlist but for now on to reading the next build. 

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    February 9, 2015
    Thanks Boro, have funny. I just love being zippy in this build. Beware of the Ripper, your neighbors and family might worry if you start laughing maniacally at random.
  • February 9, 2015

    No problem, a little bit of a funny nickname there Chris, nobody has ever called me Boro before.

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    February 9, 2015
    Oh, hah, wow. I must be tired. Well DB, consider yourself backup. Boromir (a bit of nickname for Borommakit, after a little auto correct). Now get to work being Sean Bean. First off, die in alsmot every rol you play