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Character Build: The Daggerfall Chevalier

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    February 6, 2015

    *Utilisez Dawnguard and Dragonborn Content*

    *The formatting kind of screwed up on transer*

    With this build, I wanted to do an archer that didn’t use sneak, and could be mobile. I also wanted to get one more build up before Crossworlds. Instantly switching between bow and arrow combat, to punching someone in the face, tossing daggers through Telekinesis at my foes, then slashing them in a flurry of blades. I present.......

    Daggerfall Cavalier Leitmotif


    The Daggerfall Covenant Chevaliers

    The Chevaliers, expert marksmen, skilled with blades, these men and women are the first soldiers the Covenant sent into battle. Made up of members of the Lion Guard, they would often be sent out across both High Rock and Tamriel as a whole to train, increase the influence of the Daggerfall Covenant, and to slay threats to their homeland. Now that the Covenant has disbanded, they still guard both the royal families of High Rock, but still venture out of their homeland. With the heightened Forsworn activities, and the rumors of dragons throughout Skyrim, the current queen of Daggerfall, Queen Aurora Emeric, descendent of King Emeric, founder of the Covenant, has sent a number of agents into the frozen nation to the east, Skyrim.

    May Stendarr have mercy on you, for our blades and arrows shall not”-Lady-Commander Celia Sorick. 

    The Build Overview

    Race: While the Covenant is comprised of Bretons, Orcs, and Redguards, I primarily chose to play as a Breton, while they don’t necessarily get any real skill bonus, aside from Speech, Dragonskin and a 25% Magic Resistance aid in the survival of the build. Though Redguard has a few skill bonuses and Adrenaline Rush, good for dual wielding.

    Standing Stone: The Warrior or the Thief for leveling, then switch out to the Lord for extra defenses, magical and physical.


    • Shrouded/Blackguard’s Hood

    • Black Vampire Armor/Vampire Royal Armor

    • Penitus Oculatus Boots

    • Penitus Oculatus Bracers

    • Gold Ruby  Necklace

    • Gold Diamond Ring

    Major Skills: One-Handed, Archery, Enchanting

    Minor SkillsBlock, Speech.

    Stat Spread: We’ll want a solid 0/2/In magicka health and stamina. The only spells we’ll be using is Runes, and with the help of some Fortify Destruction enchantments and potions, we should be able to cast them. Stop perking health around 170, which makes this character, who doesn’t perk light armor, on his toes.



    With this character, especially with the later perks of Archery such as Quickdraw, the plan is to keep moving. Ping a few arrows off at foes, preferably poisoned, then keep moving. The ONLY time you should drop into sneak is to survey the area, with the help of Aura Whisper. You have to take a more tactical approach to combat. Unlike with spells, arrows can drop off and eventually do little damage at range (Thought that could be me mixing Skyrim up with something else), so enemies that are far away will take some repositioning.

    When push comes to shove, and you either run out of arrows, or are in close range, swap out for either dual or single wielding, and get to work. Another tactic is using throwing knives, more on that later. The Chevalier will carry four blades, two unenchanted, for Elemental Fury, and two enchanted with the use of Slow Time. Use any fitting poison at your disposal. If worse comes to worse, utilize either a crowd control shout such as Cyclone or Unrelenting Force, or a defensive Shout like Become Ethereal.

    Runes shall be used as traps, or with Ash Runes or Ice Runes to slow or stop enemies for a time, and getting some of the tougher foes out of the fight.

    Before enchanting, I recommend swallowing a Fortify Enchanting potion.


    Archery-Skilled with self-strung bows, the Chevaliers have been said, in the olden days, to have been able to fire five arrows with one motion.

    One Handed-Wielding a blade of spellforged steel, and a dagger sidearm, the Daggerfall Chevaliers rushes at foes, slicing them into ribbons.

    Enchanting-Alongside being my favorite crafting skill, the Lion Guard Chevaliers enhance their arms and armor with the powers of Magnus, Phynaster, Zenithar, and the other Breton gods. Where they go, their gods do too.

    Block-Without the aid of a shield, the Chevalier has trained to block with a single blade, or both (Thank you Swordmaster), to block any attack. 

    Speech-As primarily Bretons, the Chevalier know how to weave through courts and political intrigue, getting prices marked down for supplies, and gaining information with a small bit of money, the threat of a blade to the throat, or a kind smile and sweet words.


    A Chevalier about to strike a Daedric follower in Whiterun

    Arms and Armor, Potions and Poisons

    The Chevalier wields four blades, one an unenchanted silver sword, and the other being Valdr’s Lucky Dagger, the rest is as follows:

    Vigilance-A spellforged silver blade, gifted to this Chevalier on their initiation, it fells both the living, and the undead with ease. (Silver Sword enchanted with Chaos/Fire Damage and Banish

    Lion’s Fang-A sidearm weapon of each Chevalier, these daggers, forged by Dunmeri smiths allied with the Covenant, hold mystic power. (Ebony Dagger enchanted with Paralyze and Soul Trap)

    Aetherwoven Mail Armor-The Chevalierss wear darkened mail mixed with cloth that is said to be infused with the energies of Aetherius itself. (Black Vampire Armor/Markarth Guard Armor enchanted with Fortify Destruction and Healing Rate.)

    Templer’s Ancient Wristguards-The wristguards said to have been worn by the famed archer, Templer of The Gold Ribbon of Merit fame. (Penitus Oculatus Bracers enchanted with Fortify Archery and Fortify One-Handed/Unarmed.)

    Pridestriders-Like a mighty lion, the Daggerfall Chevalier can stay on the move longer than most. (Penitus Oculatus Boots enchanted with Fortify Stamina Regen and Resist Fire/Muffle.)

    Shrouded Hood/Cowl-A dark hood each Chevalier wears to partially conceal their true identities.

    Liegeman’s Oath-Each Chevalier becomes a liegeman/liegewoman to the current ruler of High Rock, placing a drop of blood into the crystal as a sign of fealty. (Gold Ruby Ring enchanted with Fortify Destruction and Fortify Archery/Resist Magic (Shield of Solitude)

    Beacon of Hope-In the darkest days, such as Molag Bal’s or Mehrunes Dagon’s attempted conquests of Nirn, the Chevaliers of Daggerfall have been beacons of hope in the darkness. (Gold Diamond Ring enchanted with Fortify Destruction/Alchemy and Fortify Block)

    Y’ffre’s Arc-Sturdy bows blessed by Y’ffre, worshipped by both Bosmer, Aldmer and Bretons, its wood hums with mystic energy. (Imperial Bow enchanted with Absorb Health and Fear)

    Brews: While the Chevalier may not be well versed in the craft of Alchemy, each knows how to create two tonics, one debilitating, the other helpful.

    Gas Bomb-A mixture of noxious fumes and sleep powder, this vial allows the Daggerfall Chevaliers to take down foes with ease. (Paralysis and Lingering Damage Health. Canis Root+Imp Stool+Mora Tapinella)

    Phynaster’s Bounty-A healing tonic, said to have been made by Phynaster in his days of wandering, it rejuvenates the drinker, and strengthens them. (Small Pearl+Hanging Moss+Yellow/Blue Mountain Flower, Fortify One-Handed, Fortify Health, and Fortify Restoration)

    Roleplay/Recommended Quests

     The Daggerfall Chevalier will spend his early days out of Helgen (Or start as member of the Companions if you have the Alternate Start-Live Another Life mod), doing various good deeds, primarily for Bretons. As a Dragonborn blessed by Akatosh, you will follow your destiny and slay Alduin, aid the righteous (If a bit extreme) Dawnguard wipe out Harkon, and then free the citizens of Solstheim from Miraak’s grasp. With this build, whenever i came across a beggar, I would hand them a Septim or two. Always position your slain enemies, if you find them worthy, in a peaceful position, weapon ontop of them or resting at their side. As a supporter of the Empire, but not the Thalmor, I suggest joining the Imperial side of the CIvil War.

    When you get to level twenty, I decided to kill Silus after reforging the Razor, then stowing it away in a chest in my home, never letting it see the light of dawn again, do the same with Spellbrealer, Volendrung, and during Waking Nightmares, choose to destroy the staff. You may steal with this character, but don’t make it a habit. Aid the Skaal of Thirsk reclaim their mead hall. You’ll want to do the Companions questline, then stop after you finish Proving Honour. Destroy the Dark Brotherhood at all costs, vile assassins. Aid Valdr for his lucky dagger.

    When given the option, choose to talk or bribe your way out of trouble, less you slay an innocent man.

    Special Moves and Abilities

    Crippling Blow-Tossing a Gas Bomb at a foe, knocking them to the floor, the Daggerfall Chevalier rushes forward, slamming his fist into the enemy’s face or stomach. (Y’ffre’s Arc+Gas Bomb+Marked for Death+Punch) 

    Arrow Storm-Quicker than the mind can process, the Daggerfall Chevalier nocks and launches several venom tipped arrows at once. (Ranger+Quick Shot+Eagle Eye/Slow Time+Damage Health Poison)

    Shattering Blades-Downing an elixir, the Chevalier’s blades becoming brief flashes of steel, before his foes are nothing but ribbons. (Phynaster’s Bounty+Elemental Fury+Valdr’s Lucky Dagger (Left hand), Unenchanted Silver Sword/Vigilance (Right hand)+Damage Health Poison)

    Magnus’ Protection-Magnus wraps the Chevalier in a protective aura, as the Chevalier lays down a trap, and springs away, firing arrows. (Become Ethereal+Ethereal Spirit+Shock/Fire Rune+Reposition)

    Wind Blast-The Chevalier of Daggerfall presses a rune on his wrist, sending out a wind blast from his gauntlet, knocking his foes aside. Downing a healing elixir, he quickly ducks behind cover, planning.

    (Cyclone+Phynaster’s Bounty+Run behind cover+Poison blades)

    File:Savage Shot (large).jpgThrowing Knife-Weighing a blade in his hand, the Chevalier hurls the blade at a weak point on his foe. (Marked for Death+Telekinesis+Dagger)


    Quicker than he can finish his drink, the Chevalier uses Shattering Blades on Abbadon the Purifier

    Recommended Mods

    Breton Knight Armor-That awesome looking armor (The mask didn’t look so cool on my character, that kicked off this build, located in the Wreck of the Pride of Tel Vos

    Master The Space Time Continuum-What allowed me to reach truly super enhanced speeds with bows, and get some cool kill cams.

    Thanks to Golden Fool for the Perk Spread, as always

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    February 6, 2015
    Really cool build definitely deserves a like, but I do want to know a bit about his back story.
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    February 6, 2015
    I'll write one in the story corner
  • February 6, 2015
    Hey Chris I might have missed it, but where's the stuff about throwing weapons, you mentioned it but you never mentioned it in the build. I think the build is interesting and is pretty fun seeming. I'd like to just mention that it seems like you've got a lot of pictures in this build, I get wanting to buff up the text a little but you have a tonne of pics and it breaks it up a little to much. Still that is just a personal opinion and I do like the build and you have my +1.
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    February 6, 2015
    Oh, crud, I can't believe I forgot that, I'll add it in later today
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    February 6, 2015
    I've been working on a telekinesis build as well... how are you doing it without perking Alteration? That stuff burns right through my magicka xD
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    February 6, 2015
    Found Fortify. Alteration gear and potions
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    February 7, 2015

    How do Fortify Alteration potions affect Telekinesis anyway? Normally they just effect duration but Telekinesis is a concentration spell.

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    February 7, 2015
    Spell cost, still, I use the spell quickly, which I shall type into the build
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