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Character Build: The White Walker

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    January 7, 2015

    *Utilizes Dawnguard and Dragonborn*

    Well, interestingly enough, apparently Raidriar and I both had a similar idea for a build, and I had no idea until I happened to browse his page. Well, without further ado, I present to you my rendition of....


     White Walker Theme Song



    “Many scholars of the 4th Era believe that our Atmoran ancestors left Atmora due to civil unrest  and the approaching frost, they weren’t wrong. What they don’t mention is why they left. 1E 225, a farming village was found completely frozen over, the residents brutally mutilated. That was when they came, known in Old Atmoran as Hwit Wealcan, or White Walkers. Riding atop undead horses, these pale humanoid beings brought forth winter’s cold and death, their minions were golems of ice, and thir raised wights. With arms and armor crafted of spellforged ice, they brought a winter that lasted years, but were eventually driven back to the north by Ysgrammor’s forefathers. Though, rumors have been circulating of pale men with icey armor on the coast of Solstheim and the frozen glaciers north of Winterhold. May Shor protect us if the Walkers have returned.....”

     -Harkin Wolf-Blade, Folklore of Atmora.


    The White Walker is a shieldmage, a berserker, and a commander in one build. Wielding a Stahlrim Greatsword, and wearing a Stahlrim Shield and Armor, the White Walker merely appears to be a spire of ice or a small glacier from afar, before he surges in, greatsword in one. Frost magic does not deter this beast, but fire is his greatest weakness.


    Race: Nord Vampire. The increased Frost Resistance makes the character basically immune to frost magic. Sadly, it also makes you undead, which White Walkers are not, they are “An Inhuman form of life”, which vampires are, but still. The increased weakness to fire amps up the challenge in combat. Aswell as the boosts to Light Armor and Two Handed.

    Appearance: Tall, muscular, pale Nord, lightest color eyes possible, white hair with matching beard. Unless you have RaceMenu, I recommend giving your character the skull facepaint, and making it white/light blue, make your character scarred.

    Standing Stone: Mage or Warrior to start with, then switch to the Lord Stone (Extra AR and Magicka Resistance), and the Ritual Stone (Aetherial Crown).

    Stat Spread: 4/2/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina, until Magicka hits 420, Health reaches about 570 or so,  then dump the rest into Stamina.

    Major Skills: Two Handed, Enchanting, Conjuration, Destruction

    Minor Skills: Light Armor, Restoration, Illusion (Unperked)

    Equipment: Aetherial Crown, Silver and Sapphire Circlet, Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy, Stahlrim Light Armor, Stahlrim Light Boots, Stahlrim Light Gauntlets, Stahlrim Shield, Stahlrim Greatsword.

    Recommended Quests: Main Quest, Volkihar, Dragonborn, Wolf Queen Awakened/Man who Cried Wolf, College of Winterhold, Unearthed,  A New Source of Stahlrim, The Chief of Thirsk, The Taste of Death

    Shouts: Marked for Death, Soul Tear, Cyclone, Slow Time, Frost Breath, Ice Form, Become Ethereal.



    Props to Golden Fool for the Perk Spread


    Two-Handed-The White Walkers wielded titanic blades of reflective ice, infused with dark magics.

    Enchanting-The White Walkers, according to the few surviving accounts of their attacks, fused their unholy magic with the souls of their slain enemies, binding them into their weapons and armor.

    Conjuration: According to those accounts, the White Walkers raised the fallen, conjured golems of ice and packed snow, and rode on undead horses.

    Destruction: Those demons of the cold were said to have the ability to control the winds of winter themselves, and have minor control over storm magics.

    Light Armor-The Hwit Wealcan have been mentioned in legend and song, to wear armor of magically smithed crystal and ice, acting as camouflage.

    Restoration: A few accounts of the White Walkers have stated they had been seen surviving what, to mortal men and mer, would be fatal wounds.

    Illusion-The very presence of one of these beings was said to make even the most bravehearted warrior tremble in fear, or cause entire armies to attack each other in a fit of panic and mania.



    The White Walker initiates combat through three forms.


    The Shieldmage-Equipping a frost spell in one hand and a Stahlrim shield in the other (Or glass shield if you do not have DLC), the White Walker “turtles” through enemy attacks, blasting them with frost magics to drain their stamina, and slow them down. This is best used against melee attackers, and or Fire based dragons, who are weak to frost magic.


    2015-01-04_00003.jpgThe Berzerker-Wrapping himself in a cloak of frost or wind (Whirlwind Cloak), the White Walker charges at his foes, greatsword in hand. This is best used against long ranged archers or mages, or against fleeing enemies.


    2015-01-04_00004.jpg The Dread Commander-This is where the White Walker takes charge. Mounted or on foot, the White Walker controls the battlefield. If there are no nearby corpses to raise, make some. Raising his fallen foes with the Ritual Stone and conjuring Frost Atronachs, he will cast Frenzy and Fear spells on his enemies, and charge into them like a glacier on speed.


    Niflheim-A legendary greatsword, said to have been wielded by a mighty warrior-king of the White Walkers, Fimbulvetr, or “Awful/Great Winter” in the Atmoran tongue. (Stahlrim Greatsword enchanted with Frost Damage and Absorb Health/Paralysis)


     Cuirass of the Blizzard-King-A cuirass said to be a part of the ceremonial armor of the first known “Blizzard-King” of the White Walkers, Jotun Heim, the trim  is said to be made of human hair, (Stahlrim Light Armor enchanted with Fortify Healing Rate and Fortify Conjuration)


      Snowtrodders of The Frost-Hardened boots of a spell infused ice known as Stahlrim, these boots allowed the White Walkers to run for leagues, and protected them from stormy weather. (Fortify Stamina Regen and Resist Shock)


    Crown of Winter-A natural crown forged of silver and stahlrim, this crown was said to be worn by the leader of the White Walkers. (Silver and Sapphire circlet enchanted with Fortify Destruction and Magicka)


    Hands of the Northern Winter-Gauntlets as cold as the grave and as hard as a glacier, these gauntlets have been said to increase the strength of the wearer ten fold. (Stahlrim Light Gauntlets enchanted with Fortify Two-Handed and Fortify Block)


    Heart of Niflheim-An icy cold necklace, said to hum with an unnatural energy, and those mortals who have worn it have heard voices, their language sounding like cracking ice. (Silver and Sapphire Necklace enchanted with Fortify Conjuration and Two Handed/Destruction)


    Bulwark of the Chill-A circular slice of Stahlrim with a crude steel frame, this shield has been said to be unbreakable. (Stahlrim Shield enchanted with Fortify Shock and Fortify Magicka (Shield of Solitude version)


    Namira’s Ring-Atmoran fables and songs tell tales of White Walkers who would eat the dead, or children left abandoned during their raids.

    cooltext1868145337 (1).png

    •        Never help humans or mer with their problems unless it furthers your own goals. Kill them if possible after you are done with their job, unless they can provide further service, like training or a merchant.

    • Stay away from fires, your body heats up to high levels when near it.

    • You prefer the cold, so I chose to live in the tundra regions in northern Skyrim, or in Solstheim, like the Skaal Village.

    • Eat any foes, then raise them, and eat Human Flesh, Human Hearts, Daedra Hearts, and Briarhearts.

    cooltext1868152714.png Hand of the Frost-The White Walker raises minions from the grave, their boides leaking cold air. He lets out his rage, causing his enemies to fight amongst themselves. Time slows down as his minions explode in an icey barrage.

    (Raise Corpses+Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy+Fury spell+Slow Time+Frost Rune)

    Icy Tomb-Freezing his enemies in ice, the White Walker surrounds the nearby area with a creeping chill, before bringing his blade crashing down on them.


    (Ice Form+Wall of Frost+Scroll of Paralysis/Paralyze+Niflheim)


    Cold Possession-The White Walker reaches out, temporarily taking control of one of his wights, then, once it falls, returning to the world of the physical, with a cold reception.

    (Raise undead+Become Ethereal+Ahzidal’s RIng of Necromancy+Dual Casted Ice Storm+Frost Cloak)

    The Long Night-The sky darkens as a cold befalls the land. A freezing wind blows back the foes of the White Walker, as his army arises. He becomes a living avatar of winter.

    (Auriel’s Bow+Bloodcursed  Arrows+Frost Cloak/Whirlwind+Cyclone+North Wind+Ritual Stone+Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy.) ` Hope you all enjoyed this build guys, more to come in the future.

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    January 7, 2015
    Hey, nice build overall ! Are you aware that a build with the exact same name has been released like a week ago ?
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    January 7, 2015

    I know, Raid and I commented on it, and he was fine with it having the same name

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    January 7, 2015
    Nice work, Chris, if perhaps a few too many "has been said"s.
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    January 7, 2015
    Alright then :) Just wanted to prevent you from running into trouble :D Have my upvote for this Build
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    January 7, 2015

    Thanks Boro, and yeah, I might have did that a few too many times, heh. 

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    January 8, 2015
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    January 8, 2015
    I like how this turned out Chris! We both went for some similar tactics but they are definitely their own builds. How effective is Shieldmage mode, considering you haven't perked Block? +1
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    January 8, 2015
    Why does this build only have 9 likes? Its solid and well written.
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    January 8, 2015

    Probably because of it having the same name as another build that was released recently and so people are overlooking it thinking that its the same build when it isn't. I myself am guilty of this and I made the perk spread knowing the name of the build... sorry 'bout that Chris.