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Character Build: The Revolutionary

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    November 14, 2014

    (Utilizes Dawnguard and Dragonborn content)

    Well guys, with the dawn of AC: Unity around the corner (For we Americans), or with it already released, I took inspiration from it and, I realized, very few of my characters ever joined the Stormcloaks, so I came up with one character who uses the shadows and the open field as his killing grounds, and does it in style. I proudly present.....


    Revolutionary Music



    Northpoint, seven years after the Great War. The city is in chaos. The people are revolting against the corrupt Lord of Norhpoint, your father, a minor noble, and mother, a mage, the leaders of the rebellion. The revolution is successful, but your father was slain by the Captain of the Watch, your mother by poison. You were taken in by your uncle, who you discovered was a member for a group of assassins and freedom fighters known simply, as The Order, alongside your parents. Devoting yourself to training, you quickly rose through the ranks. Upon hearing of another revolution dawning in Skyrim, you headed east, to free a land from tyranny......


    Race: Breton. Let’s see, increased Magic Resistance, Dragonskin, and, to top it off Espionage has also proven to be one of their strong suits; Breton double agents, assassins, and spies have turned the tide of wars throughout recorded history.-UESP.


    Standing Stone: The Lord-Extra magicka resistance and extra AR, oh yes.


    Stat Ratio: 1/2/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. This character utilizes Flesh Spells to offset the limited armor rating, especially, yes, without (much crafting), in fact, no crafting skills are taken at ALL. Yup, a 99% no crafting build from me, the only use of enchanting was for renaming items.

    Major Skills: One Handed, Sneak, Alteration/Light Armor, Pickpocket


    Minor Skills: Lockpicking, Archery, Block


    Shouts: Aura Whisper,  Become Ethereal, Slow Time, Unrelenting Force, Cyclone, Whirlwind Sprint, Ice Form, Bend Will



    What I found surprising was that so few assassin based characters utilized Lockpicking and Pickpocket, these skills were amazing and getting to, and taking out my targets.


    Now, you may see Sneak and Archery and think “Oh God, not another sneak archer!” Worry not readers, sneak was primarily used to locate a good location to attack from, and archery was mainly used in order to kick off a fight, wherein I would soften them up with bolts (or arrows, if you do not possess Dawnguard), from afar, then switch to melee after throwing up a Flesh spell.


    Dragons, with the use of Dragonskin, were easier, due to absorbing 50% of spells, and negating 50-75% with Breton Blood, the Lord Stone, and Agent of Mara. With bandits and other mortal enemies, it was best to 1.) Take out archers, 2.) Pickpocket poisons if possible, 3.) Poison ranged weapon, 4.) Find vantage point, and 5.) Let the fun begin, hopefully with an exploding bolt.


    With undead, fire bolts, and the usage of oil and fire pots dealt with them in a jiffy, especially with vampires and their hatred of flames. Slow Time is useful when doing this.


    With any enemies, the usage of careful blocking, dodging, and bashing, I was able to survive without a shield. I utilized a glitch popularized in Soneca’s Swordmaster where I was able to block with dual-wielding weapons, using the offhand for a dagger.




    Assassin’s Longcoat-The Revolutionary wears a dark longcoat for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The Order dons robes to both signify their membership, and blend in. Unhooded Thalmor Robes or Black Vampire Armor enchanted with Fortify Alteration/Fortify Health Regen.


    Rebel Boots-Padded boots the Revolutionary wears for both protection, and for silent footfalls. (Nightingale Boots, best gotten at level 35+)


    Revolutionary’s Gloves-Leather gloves containing a device that allows a thin blade to slide out with a flick of the wrist. (Nightingale Gloves, level 35+)


    Order Signet Ring-A ring signifying the wearer is a member of the Order. It is also used to activate the hidden blades with a slight movement. (Gold Emerald Ring enchanted with Fortfiy One Handed.)


    (Character’s Last Name) Hope-A family relic of the Revolutionary, said to give the wearer hope when there is none, and protection from flames. (Gold Ruhy Necklace enchanted with Resist Fire)

    Remembrance-Your father’s old arming sword, spellsmithed by your mother, and used in remembrance of their sacrifices. (Silver Sword enchanted with Chaos)


    Hidden Blades-Twin, thin blades hidden in the gauntlets of the Revolutionary. (Dual Skyforge Daggers enchanted with Paralyze on one, and Fiery Soul Trap on the other)


    Freedom-The Lord of Norhtpoint discovered Dwemer schematics for a crossbow that, loaded with blasting power, released a flaming bolt, your father stole one, and your uncle passed it on to you. (Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow enchanted with Absorb Health/Fire Damage)


    Shadowy Hood-A dark, beaked, identity concealing hood that has become a trademark of the Order. (Guild Master’s Hood)

    Sword of Atherius-One of the relics of the Elnofey, it is a blade said to wield tremendous Dawn magics. (Silver Sword enchanted with Chaos, and Absorb Health/Banish)


                                         The two sets of the Revolutionary's Gear                                                  




    *After Level 64, I took on all but one perk (Soul SIphoner) in Enchanting to create the Sword of Aetherius, then re-speced or Legendaried the skill*


    Main Quest-The Dragons bring death and destruction to Nirn, upon discovery of your Dragonborn nature, you do what you can to end this threat.

    Dawnguard-A member of the Temple Knights, and a Vampire Lord, Harkon, has sent his minions out to terrorize the people of Skyrim, he must fall to your blades.

    Dragonborn-Once a proud member of the Order, Miraak defected to the Temple Knights, and now seeks to eliminate the freedom of Solstheim, he must be brought down.

    Thieves Guild-The Thieves of Tamriel have always been allies of the Order, bringing them back to strength could prove a boon to the Assassins.

    The Dark Brotherhood-The Skyrim chapter of the Order has fallen into disarray, having been warped into a sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood a hundred years ago, you must eliminate this taint and bring them back to their lost glory, and slay the Temple Knights hidden in the Empire, like Mede.

    The Companions-The Order has often allied themselves with various mercenary groups, and the Companions allow you a source of income.

    Missing in Action-An informant of the Assassins, Thorald Grey-Mane, has been captured by the Thalmor, their ambassador, Elenwen, and the head interrogator of Northwatch Keep,

    The Forsworn Conspiracy/No One Escapes Cidnha Mine-You are to locate the Forsworn king Madanach, and discern whether he should live or die, and whether he can be an asset.

    Lost to the Ages-A fraction of Aetherius, a powerful resource left over by the vanished Ehlnofey, has been discovered. It must not fall into the hands of the Temple Knights!

    Stormcloaks-The people of Skyrim wish to break away from an Empire ruled by the Temple Knights, liberty you shall aid them in achieving.



    • You wish to gain the trust of Skyrim’s people, so be cordial to them, and help them when possible.

    • Live by the Order’s Creed: Stay your blades from the Innocent, Hide always in plain sight, and Never Compromise the Order.

    • Always try and find alternate routes into a target’s location, only use the front door if you have no other option.

    • With Hearthfire, I suggest marrying someone such as Mjoll, get two kids, and build the Armory, the Storage Room/Alchemy Lab, and Bedrooms, congrats, you have an Order headquarters.


    Ambush-Using his Sense to detect any enemies in the area, the Revolutionary locates a good vantage point. Dipping his bolt into a vial of tonic, he fires at the enemy, causing the vial to shatter in a burst of heat.

    Aura Whisper+Sneak Roll+Damage Health Poison+Exploding Steel/Dwarven Bolt

    Smoke Screen-Dropping a smoke pellet which knocks the opponents back, the Revolutionary either takes this time to strike, or to escape.

    Unrelenting Force/Cyclone+Poisoned Blades or Unrelenting Force+Cyclone+Stealth Warrior+Sneak Roll.


    Flash Freeze-Tossing down a vial containing a freezing liquid, the Revolutionary slips in a toxin into their skin, then retreating, shooting off bolts from Freedom.

    (Ice Form+Damage Health/Health Regen Poison (Pickpocket if possible)+Sneak Roll away+Freedom+Exploding Fire Bolts)


    Revolution-With a rallying speech, the Revolutionary makes many of his foes, his allies. Moving through his enemies, he watches as they being to riot, slipping through the survivors, picking them off.

    (Bend Will (2 Words)+Frenzy Poisoned Bolts/Blades+Fortify One-Handed Potion+Damage Health Poison blades)

    Mods: Duelist Longcoat, Hidden Blade FX, Two Rapiers, Sneak Tools

    Thanks to HeroicXCV for the vid


    Thanks to Alice for the Perkspread, and to you for reading.



    “Justice fonctionne dans les rivières pourpres”

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    November 14, 2014

    I dig, Chris. A screenshot of the armor combo would be nice, but it sounds pretty epic.

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    November 14, 2014
    Great build and incredible choice for music! +1
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    November 14, 2014
    Great idea Boro, since I'm home, I'll get to it.
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    November 14, 2014

    I have added two screenshots of the armor combos, modded and unmodded

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    November 14, 2014

    And thanks 

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    November 16, 2014

    Man Chris this build is flawless! As an Assassins Creed fan I instantly fell in love with the build, and I'm playing it right now, and in my opinion this build deserves at least Examplar. One question, I don't have Dragon born so what enchantment would you use for the sword of this build? And of course, 1+ from me:-) 

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    November 16, 2014
    For The Sword if Aetherius, I'd say Shock, as for Remembrance, fire damage or Absorb Health)
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    November 16, 2014
    Also, if you wish, keep us updated on your progress, as a number of builder players are want to do, on the build page.
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    November 16, 2014

    Alright thanks man! And as I forgot to mention before, this build has been a blast playing so far. Top notch work.