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Event Build: The Prophet of Vivec

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    November 6, 2014

    ...Your fourfold duties are to: Faith, Family, Masters, and all that is good. Perform holy quests and bring luster to the Temple. Never transgress against your brothers or sisters, and never dishonor your house or your ancestors. Serve and protect the poor and weak, and honor your elders and clan -- Fellowship of the Temple

    The Prophet of Vivec, a former priest of the Tribunal Temple before the destruction of Vivec City, believes that the Triune Graces will return and that he alone has been anointed by Vivec to spread the word. Regarding the astounding regenerative speed of his magicka to be proof of Vivec’s blessing, The Prophet must head to Solstheim and put an end to the lies of the New Temple once and for all…


    The Build

    Race: Dunmer

    Standing Stone: The Apprentice (Advanced)

    Major Skills: Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, One Handed and Restoration

    Minor Skills: Archery and Sneak

    Shouts: Elemental Fury

    Blessing: Boethiah (Advanced)

    Equipment: Temple Priest Robes, Shrouded Shoes, Shrouded Handwraps, St Jiub’s Locket, the Gauldur Amulet, Various Fortify Restoration Rings and Circlets

    Weapons: Unenchanted Ebony Mace, Crossbow


    The Prophet of Vivec uses a skillset adapted from the Morrowind book Fellowship of the Temple, a handbook for all would be Temple Priests. Using Alchemy for potions and poisons; Alteration for armour and paralysis; Conjuration to summon Ancestor Guardians; One Handed for mace-smiting; and healing, controlling undead and warding with Restoration represent these prized skills.

    In addition to this, we wanted to reflect the darker nature of Vivec and the relationship with his Anticipation, Mephala. Using Archery, Sneak, and poisons to represent that more sinister aspect, the Prophet of Vivec always has the option of a more subtle approach to combat.

    Level 55 Perk Spread

    Alteration: Armored only in his faith as described in Fellowship of the Temple, the Oakflesh series of spells represents the Prophet’s divine protection. In addition, paralysis spells make for excellent close-quarters crowd control in melee combat. The other support spells of light and detection fulfill the role of the missing Mysticism skill. Key perks here are Mage Armor and Stability.



    Conjuration: The Dunmer people have a very strong connection with their ancestors and can call upon them for aid in times of need. The Soul Cairn spells of Conjure Boneman, Mistaman and Wrathman are the Prophet of Vivec’s ancestor guardians. There are no atronachs or raising the dead here. The Bound Bow spell is a good way leveling this skill until those summons are acquired. Key perks are Apprentice to Expert and Dark Souls.



    One Handed: Nothing is more satisfying than wading into the fray with a mace in one hand and a powerful ward in the other while smiting foes left and right. Augmented by a potion of ALMSIVI Grace and a Blessing of Boethiah (optionally upgraded with Fortify Restoration potions), the unenchanted mace additionally buffed by Elemental Fury is the instrument of the holy word. All chosen perks in the spread are key here.



    Restoration: What would a priest be without this skill? Healing, turning and burning undead, and warding are gifts straight from the Tribunal. Melee combat is where this build’s focus on wards and magicka regeneration will be the most evident as the magnitude and armor rating of a ward is buffed by the alchemical arts. Key perks here are Regeneration and Ward Absorb, while Avoid Death is Skyrim’s equivalent of ALMSIVI Intervention.



    Alchemy: A skill straight out of the Fellowship of the Temple handbook for initiates, Alchemy is the core of this build. Focusing on potions that buff and poisons to debilitate, the Fortify Restoration potion became this builds go-to potion. By using this elixir in differing magnitudes, we boosted the magnitude (and weakness) of the Apprentice Stone to give The Prophet of Vivec a near godlike magicka regeneration. All perks chosen in the spread are the key perks of this skill.



    Archery: Crossbows suited both the undead-hunting priest and the subtler, darker associations of Vivec and Mephala to such an extent that this skill went from being unperked to a huge contributor to our game. With the Apprentice Stone’s weakness to magic and the lack of summons to aid in combat, early gameplay would have been much harder without ranged sneak attacks. Until the crossbow is acquired, Bound Bow is an ideal substitute. The Key perk is Power Shot for the stagger.


    Sneak: Along with Archery, this skill is very important during the early game until the Soul Cairn summon spells are obtained. Not only does it fit the undead-stalking cleric theme but also the subtler and sinister traits associated with Vivec and Mephala. Sneak is buffed by the Muffle enchantment of the Shrouded Shoes and the Backstab damage boosted by the Shrouded Handwraps. Key perks are Stealth and Deadly Aim.


    Poet, Priest, and Prophet

    The primary focus of this build is on magicka regeneration provided by the Apprentice Stone. This huge magicka regen boost (optionally fortified by Restoration potions) allows Ward spells to be used in the off hand to negate that hefty weakness to magicka. This allows the Prophet to wade into melee to smite evil with a heavy mace and Elemental Fury safe in the knowledge that a ward spell will be available as soon as it is needed. The added protection of Alteration Flesh spells and the AR boost from wards make melee combat not only viable but great fun too. When facing undead, the full range of Restoration spells can be brought to bear.

    By using the Fortify Restoration trick to upgrade the magnitude of the Apprentice Stone’s magicka regeneration boost and it’s weakness to magic is highly recommended. In fact, now I am so used to having magicka whenever I want it I’ll find it hard to go back to normal. A ward, similarly fortified by a potion of ALMSIVI Grace, will ensure that no magic will ever touch you and physical damage will be greatly reduced. The Armor Rating that wards offer can be boosted to great heights with Restoration potions, giving shields a run for their money. Boethiah’s Blessing similarly fortified will grant extra power to your One Handed attacks.

    “Only a righteous Dunmer, bound by blood to hearth and kin, bound by oath and service to the Temple, can call upon the spirits of the Dunmer dead” -- Blasphemous Revenants.

    We limited Conjuration spells to just the Soul Cairn summons to represent ancestor spirits and stay true to the role of a Dunmer Priest. These three ancestor guardians are each useful for different situations but the presence of one on the battlefield further enhances the viability of melee. Give thanks to these brave warriors for they continue to serve the Temple even in death, a testament to their faith in ALMSIVI.

    As a fair amount of time passes before acquiring these spells, the use of Sneak and Archery comes into play more frequently during the early levels. This fits the twofold themes of crossbow-toting, undead-hunting priest and Dunmeri Prophet of the god of sex and murder while allowing a group to be softened before engaging in melee. Whether it's a righteous battle or a poison-tipped dart in the back, your responsibility is to further the One True Temple and Three True Gods.


    Potions & Poisons

    ALMSIVI Grace: Fortify Health / Fortify One Handed / Fortify Restoration (+25%)

    Small Pearl, Hanging Moss, Yellow Mountain Flower

    Finally, a build that uses one potion for everything! This blessed elixir boosts the power of our One Handed attacks, the AR of our Ward, the magnitudes of our Sun and Healing spells, and boosts the power of the Apprentice Stone and Boethiah's Blessing!


    Mephala's Muting Agent: Damage Magicka / Damage Magicka Regen

    Glow Dust, Hanging Moss

    Very useful against enemy casters, a bolt from the shadows laced with this poison will allow the Prophet to hang back with a ward while the mage exhausts his reserves before bringing the blunt-force trauma.


    Boethiah's Burden: Slow, Weakness to Poison, Damage Health

    Abacean Longfin, River Betty, Death Bell

    All of these ingredients can be found near the Apprentice Stone and work wonders on the tip of an arrow or dart against enemy warriors. This poison is particularly useful in that it stacks with itself to slow enemies to a crawl while damaging them further with each application.


    The Path of the Prophet

    Number one on the to-do list is on Solstheim. As soon as you're feeling up to it make your way to the fancy new "temple" in Raven Rock, creep into the dark corners of their rooms, and end the lives of the "Reclamation" priests. Their blood-stained attire will be perfect for your sermon on Vivec's inevitable return! After your inauguration help the Dunmeri refugees in any way you can. No side quest is too small if you're to rekindle the faith of your wayward followers. Clear the mine of draugr and find out where all those pesky ash spawn are coming from!

    Miraak is another big threat to the Dunmer refugees. They surely can't worship ALMSIVI if they're too wrapped up in this Miraak business. Play nice with Herma-Mora so your people can get back to their obligations to the Tribunal Temple.

    Dawnguard plays a big role for the Prophet of Vivec. It is his duty as a Temple Priest to end the suffering of the undead and prevent the vampires from blotting out the Sun. Not to mention all the perks that the job offers: Crossbows, Sun spells, Ancestral Conjurations, access to Yellow Mountain Flowers (arguably the best perk of all). This is also a huge middle finger to the Vigilants saying "Stendarr couldn't help you but Vivec can!" Bring on the worshippers!

    The Prophet of Vivec stands to gain quite a bit by destroying the Dark Brotherhood. The first is putting an end to a threat from future assassination attempts from the Reclamation Temple followers. You know how Dunmer are... With the Dark Brotherhood out of the way there is room to reinstate a proper Morag Tong in honor of Vivec and Mephala alike. The second benefit is a nifty pair of shoes and handwraps … don't underestimate them. Plus Temple Priests need money too so it's all around a good mission to take on and it definitely highlights that deep, dark, twisted nature that stirred in your mentor as well.

    Smiting undead is quintessential to the Dunmeri faith making draugr-infested tombs and Necromancer lairs a priority. The Gauldur Amulet is a great quest for the Prophet and offers a suitable amulet for all your smiting efforts, wear it like a badge of honor. The Wolf Queen quest is another full of said enemies awaiting their eternal rest. The undead should be a breeze with Sun spells boosted by Restoration potions. I recall walking into a tomb and downing two ALMSIVI Grace elixirs of ~100% magnitudes and 1-hit killing a Draugr Deathlord! Smite indeed.


    Concluding Notes

    Thanks for reading and hope you've enjoyed! The Prophet of Vivec was a collaboration between Phil and myself. Phil really made this build shine and did most of the groundwork and writeup so give that man a standing ovation!

    We'd both like to thank the hosts for holding the Celestials Event and a special thanks to Billy Mays who will be missed dearly.



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    November 6, 2014

    I fixed some things for you including the tags. Event builds don't go in the ranking systems, they have their special category .

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    November 6, 2014
    Ahem...proudly presenting our "Event" Build lol!
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    November 6, 2014
    I was fixing it while you fixed it lol
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    November 6, 2014

    Wow, this is a great build. Really interesting +1

  • November 6, 2014

    Guys I'm liking this build a lot. It might just be the fact that it's a cool Vivec build (and being well presented and written) but this build just seems really cool to me. I like the use of the Apprentice Stone with it and I really wish I had used it and I had thought about it but its a hard way to play. Anyway great work on the build and have a free +1 from me. 

  • November 6, 2014

    It's not a free +1, really though is it? I'm sure they put a lot of work into this build. I think they've earned our +1s.

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    November 6, 2014

    Cool! Great presentation and some interesting concepts in this one. An easy 'like' from me...

  • November 6, 2014
    Huh never really meant it that way but I guess it could come off that way, it's more of a personal thing I do.
  • November 6, 2014

    I was being pedantic don't worry about it.