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Event Build: The Voidwalker

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    November 2, 2014

    The Void is endless, the void is darkness. In the void, Sithis rules with unquestionable authority. Anybody who questions Sithis' rule perishes in the depths of the void. They there face the torture of the Voidwalker. A once man who pledged his body and soul to Sithis. He is now a pawn sent out onto Nirn to preform a "cleansing". He kills because Sithis tells him too. He has no soul, just a body infused with the power of the void. He is The Voidwalker.

    Lore (Void):The Void (also called the Darkness) is the name applied to the dimensions outside of the known realms (e.g. AetheriusOblivion, and Mundus) of the Aurbis.[1][2][3][4] The brothers Anu and Padomay came from the Void, as well as Sithis, who originally caused change in the world.[2] According to the Dark Brotherhood, when Sithis wishes someone killed, their soul comes here after death.[5] Legends say that deities wishing to create a new plane of existence must initially create a space for it in the Void.[6] The "Nineteen Voids" is an unknown term which may be related to this dimension.[OOG 1]

    Race: Dunmer

    The Dunmer are the most aesthetically appealing to this build, and the also have some much needed bonuses to the skills.

    Standing Stone: Shadow Stone

    This stone fits the RP and the Gameplay the best. I allows you to almost "blend" into the shadows, and it helps you get out of those sticky situations.

    Leveling: 1/1/1 



    Major Skills:

    Sneak- This is the base of the build. Everything you do will be based on, can you sneak or can you not sneak. You want to take almost all the perks that increase damage and allow you to silently maneuver through dungeons. 

    1-Handed- Your main weapon(s) is a dagger and sword (I.E. Blade of Woe & Nightingale Blade). Take all the perks that increase your damage and help your dual wielding skills. You want to make your assassinations quick, don't let the target alert the others.

    Marksmanship- When you aren't in close quarters, this is your best friend. You are still very susceptible to large forces of enemies (especially on Legendary) so archery will allow you to take them out quickly before they even get close to you. Much like 1-Handed, take the damage perks so you can kill quickly.

    Minor Skills:

    Illusion- Much of your combat will consist of casting a few illusion spells before you attack. Frenzy and Fear are great for this build. Frenzy is great for killing in public because the others do the killing for you, and fear is great for 1 v. 1 combat.

    Light Armor- No matter how good your sneak skill is, there is always a chance that you will be seen. When that happens, you need defense. The light armor will allow you to stay mobile and silent, and still have enough protection to take a few hits.

    Lockpicking- Normally assassin builds don't use this skill, as many say that is un-necessary, but it is essential to me, because most of your targets won't just be standing in the wide open. They will be behind locked doors, or if you need to steal something it may be in a locked chest. Lockpicking is very, very important.

    Chestpiece: Guild Master Armor

    Boots: Nightingale Boots

    Gloves: Nightingale Gloves

    Helm: Nightingale Helmet

    Sword/Dagger: Blade of Woe & Nightingale Sword

    Bow: Nightingale Bow

    Mass Fear- Shadow Stone, Mass Fear Spell, Nightingale Strife

    Cast the Shadow stone to sneak into the middle of a large group, cast mass fear spell, so they all hide in terror, then cast Nightingale Strife to kill them all.



    Embrace the Void- Shadow Stone, Detect life shout

    Cast the Shadow stone to slip away into the void, then use detect life to track down your targets


    Sanguine Vampiris, otherwise known as Vampire. This part of the build is completely optional. I chose to embrace the darkness and join Harkon in his attempt to control the sun. The reason I did is because it enhanced my skills so much. I could see in the dark, turn into a beast when I was surrounded, and my sneak & illusion skills where greatly enhanced.

    Some may not want to do this because it could interfere with the RP aspect. A vampire does not die, his soul is pledged to Molag Bol. But the Voidwalker does not have a soul, he is just a body filled with the essence of Sithis. Meaning that he can not be corrupted with the Daedric Lord's power.

    However, in the end it is up to you on whether you want to embrace the power of the night, or slay the creatures of the night in the name of Sithis.




    There are three different ways that you can kill your enemies:

    1. Illusion (Fear/Frenzy):

    This tactic is your most basic tactic that you will use. Almost every time that you are about to go into battle you will cast a fear or frenzy spell. Those will allow you time to attack others who are distracted or attack the one who you used the spell on. This tactic opens up the next two tactics.

    2. Assassinate:

    This is the standard style of assassination. Sneak around and slowly kill them. It is pretty basic, you can use a bow to kill from afar or get up close and slit their throat with your dagger. Use this tactic only when there is a few people who are not right next to each other. Otherwise you will be found.

    3. Charge in:

    This tactic is very scarcely used because you will not have a high amount of health, and your armor won't have a high rating. The few times that you will ever do this is right after a frenzy or fear spell (see tactic 1). You could never take on a large group of people with your armor and health, but after casting a few spells to take the attention away from you, you should be able to kill most if not all the enemies.

    The Voidwalker is prepared to take on any foe out there. Whether that be undead, bandits, dragons, vampires, humanoids, creatures, and any other enemy out there. You will use your speed and the shadows to help you win any fight, most of your enemies are slower and bigger than you, meaning that getting to small and hard to reach places is a great way to avoid being hit by your target, but, if your target happens to have a ranged attack, meaning that they can still hit you when you are in your hard to reach spot, you will have to use your speed to dodge the attacks. Side-Step arrows, hid behind cover from spells, etc. You are faster than any thing out there, so use that speed to your advantage.

    Dragons are your biggest challenge, they can deal loads of damage in one fire breath, meaning that cover is very important. Hide behind pillars or trees to block the incoming attack, and then shoot your arrows at it before it can lay another hit. You are basically playing hide-and-seek whenever you face a dragon.


    End Notes

    I want to thank the following 2 people:

    - Garthar Skaulderson for his amazing screenshots (once more)


    - Curse Never Dying for the great looking Perk/Equipment spreads


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    November 2, 2014

    cool build +1

    Also nice Self Advertising

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    November 2, 2014

    lol yep

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    November 2, 2014

    Pfft, I self advertise every build.

    Check them out >:3

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    November 2, 2014

    Nice one

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    November 2, 2014

    I like how you are using Illusion for Frenzy and Fear spells, but use your Shadowstone ability for invisibility. What kind of shouts are you using?

  • November 2, 2014
    Very nice Hrongmir. I like the way you went with the Shadow Stone and your backstory is very interesting and fits the build perfectly. Only thing I could say is that the Perk Spread and Equipment Spread are difficult to read and your special moves are set out a little oddly and it breaks up the flow (at least in my eyes it does.) But regardless this is really cool and you can have a free +1
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    November 2, 2014

    I call them the Silent shouts:

    Detect Life

    Throw Voice

    Become Etheral

    Whirlwind Sprint

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    November 2, 2014

    The Special moves is because Ning hates my guts. I had to re-write this because Ning messed everything up. This was the best I could get it.

    And I saw that with the perk/equipment spread, but if you want to enlarge them, open them up in a new tab and that should work

  • November 2, 2014
    Yeah fair enough Ning can be horrible to use sometimes (most of the time really) and its such a minor thing so eh whatever still looks good overall. That is true but I have this odd dislike of opening another tab when I'm reading something, I've seen other people complain as well so it's just something to keep in mind, though I have seen much smaller and more difficult to read ones so it's all good.