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Character Build: The Last of the Dwemer

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    October 29, 2014


    The Last of the Dwemer is a fun way to become a dwarf in Skyrim. From Centurion steam attacks, to exploding Dwemer bolts, this build packs in all the awesomeness of the Dwemer into one character build. Without further ado, welcome to my first build.

    WARNING: This build heavily relies on DLCs. You have been warned.

    The Last of The Dwemer



    It is the War of the Crag, Skyrim. You are Nchark, a Dwemer soldier entering battle. Leading your troops valiantly, you beat the Falmer into submission, ending the battle. As you turn to rally your troops, a dying Falmer mystic casts her dying curse upon you. Suddenly, you lose consciousness, feeling the strain on your body as you spiral through the twists of time.

    You wake up on snowy ground, feeling disorientated and strangely, lost. As if you are missing something. A group of strange men surround you, accusing you of helping some "Stormcloaks" you try to fight, and thats when you realize it. You are missing your skills, your combat prowess, and your armor. You are quickly subdued, and sentenced to death in a place called "Helgen".


    Race: Dwemer, duh! Bosmer with a beard looks pretty much like a Dwemer to me, and any other race would be breaking the roleplay.

    Stats: 1:1:1

    Stone: Warrior at first. then use the lord for some extra physical and magical resistance.

    Major Skills: One-Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Archery

    Minor Skills: Restoration, Smithing,Enchanting

    Weapons: Dwarven/Dragonbone Sword, Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow,Zephyr

    Armor: Dwarven,Visage of Mzund

    Shield: Aetherial/Spellbreaker Really up to you here but if you choose Spellbreaker, go for the Staff to summon Dwarven spiders/spheres.


    You have been stripped of your legendary skills, now you must regain them in this strange new world.

    One-Handed: Classic sword and board combat, with your follower to back you up.

    Heavy Armor: Goes hand in hand with Smithing to make full use of your newly recreated Dwarven armor.

    Block: Use this skill to make full use of your shield, which you have trained in using defensively,hence not taking the disarming and damaging perks.

    Smithing: We use this skill to recreate/improve our Dwarven armor, and create our legendary Dragonbone sword.

    Restoration: This skill is used primarily to heal after battle but Dawnguard adds some cool tricks that we can use to kick some Draugr booty.

    Archery: Our only ranged offense against non-undead enemies, this skill can prove to be invaluable for those situations where you are far away from your enemy and want to get a good sneak attack to wound a tough enemy or kill a weaker one. I like frost bolts because they slow enemies down so I can switch between weapons before they can catch up.

    Enchanting: Just used to enchant our armor. I only took Enchanter and Insightful Enchanter, although you can take the entire tree if you wish.


    Visage of Mzund

    Centurions Armor (Dwarven Armor) Fortify Restoration

    Hands of Mzund (Dwarven Gauntlets) Fortify Archery

    Boots of the Dwemer (Dwarven Boots) Fortify One-Handed

    Blade of Kagrenac (Dwarven/Dragonbone Sword) Drain Health

    Fury of the Dwemer (Enchanced Dwarven Crossbow) Drain Health

    Perk Spread found here. just click the perks, no description or anything there.


    This character utilizes some shouts, but not many.Dragon Aspect for larger, more powerful enemies,Unrelenting Force for CC, frost/fire breath for damage. I recommend getting Dragonborn Frost from the Black Books on Solstheim to give Frost Breath a freezing effect.


    Sword and board combat for melee, using your shield to send your enemy to Oblivion for a short period of time(Aetherial Shield) or to stop the spells of mages in their tracks(Spellbreaker). Don't forget about your steam attack from the Visage of Mzund, as it can really help you in a tight spot. Ranged combat gets a little more exciting. use frost bolts to slow your enemies down so you can keep shooting or switch to your sword and shield to wreck havoc on their faces.

    Special Moves


    Turn Undead + Frost Bolts + Vampires Bane

    Purge the vicinity of undead,destroying them with the power of the sun.

    "Skyrim Belongs to the Dwarves!"

    Dragon Aspect + Fire bolts + Fire Breath

    Use fire, the weakness of these infernal Nords, to send them to Sovngarde.

    Roleplay Notes

    Remember at first that you are new to this time, not knowing what is happening. I went as a good guy until I found my first Dwarven ruin. Then, my guy kind of snapped. Making a promise to return his people to Tamriel, he set out for revenge against the species of Tamriel, constantly searching for a way to return his people to their home.

    One thing I did was gave my follower full Falmer armor, to imitate having a Falmer slave. It was pretty cool seeing my mindless slave launch into battle as a Falmer. Remember they if they die, you can just get another. The Dwemer did not get attached to their Falmer slaves.


    Main Quest: There has to be a world for our people to live in right?

    Dawnguard:Side with the Dawnguard to get kewl Dwmeer crossbows.

    Dragonborn: explore the Dwarven ruins, main quest optional. Also get your helmet here, the Visage of Mzund.

    Pretty much any quest related to the Dwemer would fit this character.

    Final Notes

    I had a lot of fun making this build, and I hope you guys have as much fun playing it. Keep in mind this is my first build, constructive criticism welcome.I'd like to thank Ponty's Tinkerer for the idea for this build, and of course thank everyone who reads it!


  • October 29, 2014

    Okay this is very good for a first build, but there's a problem or two. In your Special Moves section, the purge special move uses Frost Bolts, to "purge" the undead. Wouldn't fire bolts be more thematic for that? Also, you've done your tags wrong. You have to do (with the quotation marks) "Character Build: Blacksmith", "Character Build: Juggernaut" etc.

    Anyway, great work, +1

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    October 29, 2014

    Thank you for the info on tags, i really had no idea about them. About the frost bolts, the point is to get them running away slowly so you can hit them with Vampires Bane/Sun Fire when they can do nothing to stop you.

    Thanks for the like by the way.

  • October 29, 2014

    Oh I see.

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    October 29, 2014

    This is rather good for a first build, but just one thing undead aren't really affected all that much by frost magics you'd be better off using either fire bolts or lightning bolts for your crossbow buddy  anyway good look with your build my friend. +1

  • October 29, 2014

    Look at the comment above. He literally just explained this.

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    October 29, 2014

    Very well done for the build. One question; have you tested Unfanthomable Depths? I thought it was established that it gives bonus to all armor except dwarven. A bug and the opposite of what was intented, but thats Bethesda for you.

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    November 4, 2014

    I actually did not know that, thank you for telling me.

    Yeah, sometimes Skyrim seems to just be bug,bugs and more bugs.

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    November 4, 2014
    Lose the emoticons please! Other then thy, looks solid!