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Character Build: The Spinner of Valenwood

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    October 10, 2014

    So, after reading The Spinners and Valenwood by Vazgen, an amazing lore article, I was inspired to create a build based on these guys, a user of his Voice to meld reality to his willl, a fierce protector of nature, I proudly present to you all....

    FFitting Background Music (Breath of The Forest)


    The Spinners, we are they who guard the Ooze, the essence of Bosmeri creation, we are the guardians of the Wilderking, he chosen by Jephre to lead us. I am young, by both Man and Mer standards, newly anointed in the light of Auri-El’s sun. I was called, in a dream, by Jephre herself. She bade me travel to Skyrim, for a dark corruption has spread over the land. On my oath as a Spinner, I shall travel to the Frozen North.

    Drwy cynhesrwydd Jephre , ac golau Auri - El yn ,
    Natur Mai pob natur yn cael eu diogelu , o fewn fy ngolwg ,
    Pan calonnau yn cael eu pwyso , gan alar a gwae ,
    Bydded y fflora o Valenwood , repost eu gofid .

    Yr wyf yn cymryd fy adduned , fel Spinner o Valenwood

    (By Jephre’s warmth, and Auri-El’s light,

    May nature all nature be protected, within my sight,

    When hearts are weighed, by grief and gloom,

    May the flora of Valenwood, repost their doom.

    I take my vow, as a Spinner of Valenwood)


    Race: Bosmer, there are very few exceptions. You could play as another race’s member who worships Jephre, and became a Spinner, or maybe one who was mentored by one, but that’s stretching it, and, to my knowledge, has never happened.


    Standing Stone-The Mage to start with, for leveling purposes, then I alternated between the Lord and The Lady, having either 25% Magic Resistance and 50AR is handy, as is 25% Stamina and Health regen.


    Stat Placement-4/2/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina.


    Major Skills-Speech, Enchanting, Alchemy, Restoration


    Minor Skills-Conjuration, Illusion



    I decided to play the Spinner as a devout follower of Jephre. Using his Voice, his shaping abilities, and control over nature, to give harmless stones (Atronachs), life, he uses these to keep some enemies off his back, while he wields a dagger/Miraak’s in one hand, and a staff (Alternating between the Staff of Magnus and Miraak’s Staff for the end game), or spell in the other, this character whittles down the enemies health, then devouring them in accordance with the Meat Mandate. As soon as I left Helgen, I took up Faendel, and, if you have the mod, I equipped him with some Bosmer Armor, if you don’t, then I equipped some leather armor on him, then later used Chitin Armor for Faendel. Once you complete Dragon Rising, head straight to Markarth, and complete Taste of Death. I roleplayed that the Cult of Namira was actually mistaken, they were worshipping Jephre by devouring flesh, to get the ring of Namira. After that, you must do Way of the Voice, in order to access Dragonborn, where you can get Miraak’s stuff. Lay down a few bits of tentacly walls or Mora’s Agony to deter your enemies, giving you time to heal. Start out picking a few plants, and later on, after completing the College, only use already picked flora. Devour any dead enemies.



    download (5).jpgVisage of the Green (Stormcloak Officer Helmet)-The head of a bear blessed by Jephre, which you were told to slay as part of your initiation, now rests proudly on your head. Enchanted with Fortify Conjuration and Illusion


    Nature’s Protection-Gloves forged from the hide of a rogue bear, and iron shards, you have imbued the gloves with powerful woodland magic, and Auriel’s guidance. Stormcloak Officer/Forsworn Gauntlets enchanted with Fortify One Handed and Fortify Destruction (Lower destruction costs actually lowers the cost of using a staff) download (6).jpg


    download (7).jpgSpinner’s Robes-(Miraak’s Robes), the traditional robes of a Spinner, imbued with Jephre’s blessing, and ancient forest magics, these robes allow one to call forth nature to their aid.


    Predator’s Grace-Boots sewn from the hide of a Valenwood shadowcat, these boots allow one to walk about unnoticed, as if on download (8).jpgthe forest floor.

    Nature’s Fury-While many Spinners either take a martial pacifistic route, or use magic for combat, we are each required to carve a dagger from Basilisk bones, incase our magic fails and we must defend ourselves. Ebony Dagger enchanted with Absorb Health and Banish/Turn Dead.


    Of course, this isn’t the only set of gear. Later on in the playthrough, when my cocky young Spinner grew into a wiser individual, I RPed that, after discovering the Eye and gathering his items, Jephre called to him, stating that he, the least likely of those to be picked as a hero, was to be her mortal vessel. Dropping to his knees, he accepted, and thus became......



    download (11).jpg

    The reason I have not listed the skills yet is because the skillset is the same for both forms, albeit a bit stronger. Increase the strength of an enchantment with any crafted Fortify Enchanting Potions.


    What’s the same:

    Miraak’s Robes

    Miraak’s Staff

    Staff of Magnus

    Namira’s Ring



    What’s Different:


    download (13).jpgJephre’s Gaze-A helm forged from the hide of  slain Ash Hoppers, and dyed with Shadowcat blood, and blessed by Jephre. (Morag Tong Helmet enchanted with Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Magicka Regen)

    download (2).jpg

    Heart of the Ooze-An amulet of a Bone Hawk, an undead-looking bird. They are not native to Valenwood, but you managed to bring one down while out hunting once. Jephre blessed it with a tiny portion of the Ooze’s energy, increasing your abilities. (Bone Hawk Amulet enchanted with Healing Rate and Fortify Conjuration)

    images (1).jpg Miraak’s Sword-Each Spinner has the ability to project their thoughts into reality, with enough focus. While I may be no expert, projecting the vines of Nirn into an extending blade-whip allows me to defend myself if I run dry on Magicka.


     Hands of The Green-Hardened gloves fashioned from chitin, these gauntlets allow protection from physical blows, and increased combat prowess. (Morag Tong Gauntlets enchanted with Fortify One Handed and Magicka.)

    Forestwalker’s Soles-Boots crafted out of Dreugh scales and the fur of a sabrecat, these boots allow the wearer to run as fast as a Centaur. (Scaled Boots enchanted with Fortify Carry Weight and Stamina Regen)



    Level 30-60

    Level 30     Level 60

    -”Speech is a weakness among us Spinners, yet, the more we age, the more and more cryptic we become. Due to my relative youth, I am still comprehensible”

    -Kailion Vaile, Spinner.



    Salve of The Green-A restorative Salve that each Spinner is taught to make. (Blue Mountain Flower+Wheat+Butterfly Wing-Restore and Fortify Health)

    Wrath of Jephre-A crippling toxin forged from flesh, dead flora, and a little bit of Dreugh blood. (Imp Stool+Human Flesh+Canis Root-Damage Health/Lingering DH+Paralyze)


    Essence of Starlight-A light bluish colored elixir that is said to revitalize one’s magical abilities quickly. (Taproot+Dwarven Oil+Vampire Dust, Regenerate and Restore Magicka)

    Beast of Burden-A brew of natural herbs that slows one down, before causing their body to be wrecked by horrendous pain. (Skeever Tail+Histcarp+Falmer Ear Damage Stamina Regen+Damage Health)


    Main Quest-One evening, while you were sleeping in the shade of a great oak, a fell beast, a dragon, ancient, it’s soul dark as night, appeared. Jephre then appeared, stating you had been gifted the Dragonblood by Auriel, in order to combat his Firstborn, Alduin, in the frozen north of Skyrim.


    The College of Winterhold-While venturing towards Skyrim, you sensed a massive source of mystical energy, located close to the famed College of Winterhold, as well as heard rumors of an expedition a few members of the College are going to take to the source of the energy......


    Dawnguard-A servant of Molag Bal has sent his minions to attack defenseless citizens, and has plans to pervert Auriel’s sun, Jephre has tasked you with vanquishing him, and this group of Vampire hunters shall aid you.


    Dragonborn-Rumors have circulated of some dark influence over the island of Solstheim, you have decided to investigate.


    Laid to Rest-You have heard rumors of a man being convicted of burning his wife and child in their house in the Hold Capital of Morthal, you must prove this man guilty or innocent.


    Destroy the Dark Brotherhood-After being forced to subdue a malevolent orphanage caretaker, you have been contacted by agents of Sithis, they must be destroyed to protect the peace.


    The Blessings of Nature-A priestess of Kynareth ahs asked for your aid in saving the Gildergreen, a marvelous tree. Upon retrieving the blade, you hide it away, taking Maurice’s advice of taking a sapling to Danica.



    Defender of Nature-Never go out of your way to harm any flora or fauna, if possible, use Kyne’s Peace or Animal Allegiance. The only exception is Spriggans, who you see as fallen nature spirits, for they attack even innocent travelers, or hunters who must hunt to eat. If you are extreme enough, kill any poachers you come across.


    Words are Power-Whenever you discover a new Word, take a few seconds to meditate. Leave a flower at each word wall.

    Soft-Spoken-When possible, try to use the Persuade, or Bribe option if its impossible to use Persuasion, only use Intimidate if all else fails.


    Keep the Balance-Always try to remain either impartial, or, at most, on the side of light, never commit unnecessary bloodshed.

     Apparently, Spinners can use dead plants, as in plants already picked. For instance, if you find some deathbell in a store, you may take it, but do not pick it from the stem. Or, you if you have the quest Ingren gives you to find twenty deathbell, nightshade, and nirnroot, you must buy these or pick them up on a table/container, never pick them, for you would violate the Green Pact with Jephre. This character began as a cocky guy who followed Jephre, but not the Pact. After the College, he has become a wiser man, who now follows the Pact as closely as possible to honor Jephre.



    Horrors of the Green-Conjuring a nightmarish creature with your thoughts, you summon a barrage of fines to ensnare your enemies, while striking them with your dagger, coated in toxins. (Summon Seeker+Mora’s Agony+Miraak’s Staff+Nature’s Fury+Beat of Burden)


    Auriel’s Protection-Jephre wraps you in the ethereal winds, shielding you from harm, as Auriel’s sunfire damages all foes of unholy nature. (Circle of Protection+Stendarr’s Aura+Become Ethereal)


    Winds of the Sky-Cloaking himself in wind, the Spinner sends furious Cyclones at his foes, while his health is restored through elixirs. (Whirlwind Cloak+Cyclone+Salve of the Green+Healing Spell.)


    Vengeance of Jephre/Nature-Jephre channels her powers through her avatar, as his foes are laid to waste before his eyes. (Mora’s Agony+Staff of Miraak’s spray+Wrath of Jephre+Miraak’s Sword+Switch Staff of Miraak to Nature’s Fury+Storm Call (If outdoors, or Slow Time if Indoors)



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    October 10, 2014
    Pretty cool bosmer build! Popped up right after I logged in.
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    October 10, 2014
    So what is some good early game gear before you double enchant the stormcloak gear and obtain Miraaks staff and robes? You mention outfitting Faendal in Riverwood but not yourself... Just any robes and light armor gauntlets?
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    October 10, 2014

    Yeah, pretty much. I used the Novice Robes and leather Gauntlets and Boots, kind of like a light armored Vigilant of Stendarr.

  • October 10, 2014

    I read Vazgen´s lore article and this is not bad. You have dealt with that pretty nicely. But I feel it lacks the roleplay. I think that was the reason Vazgen did not make this build, because creating fitting roleplay is almost impossible. Yeah, you wrote down what quests to do, but for this character it lack that big "Why" and "How". Try give it some reason.

    Nevertheless, you will get my +1. I like it and mostly the effort. This must have been hard build to make and with some more roleplay, it will be much better. :)

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    October 10, 2014
    Right on! Yeah, I like this guy, might have to make him this weekend even though I ran through Helgen like 5 days ago :P
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    October 10, 2014

    I agree, I basically started this guy off as a cocky douche who ripped plants of their stems and demanded respect among the North, After becoming Archmage, I felt he had wisened, become a better man, only using plants already picked (IE from Alchemy shops and found laying about), and never rushing into danger unnecessarily. You may marry if you wish

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    October 10, 2014

    Good luck Jolly, post your progress on the build, or, if possible, make an LP :)

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    October 10, 2014
    Definitely will post some progress, I play on Xbox and my game capture broke, so no LP from me :(
  • October 10, 2014

    I do not know, but I feel that this guy should follow the Green Pact. You know, no picking plants, using only ingredients from animals. And as a spinner I would go for certain shouts, it would not be bad to write them up.

    It is just an advice.

    I really like how you have played with equipment, skills and special moves. For me it still lacks the roleplay, but I am not here to convince anyone of my personal preference. It is solid build.

    Just think about combining the lore and roleplay more.